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Thread: World Cup 2018
21/06/2018 03:20:32
Posted by Devcon1 on 20/06/2018 06:54:44:

Tom, with all due respect I'd suggest you move your post and rather unnecessary sweeping comments to the "fed up" thread.

I don't dispute there are some "thugs" that attach themselves to football but a bit of balanced perspective required methinks.

I've been going to football for the best part of 50 years and have only witnessed one incident in that time.

My dad was an Accident & Emergency Doctor all his working life and saved more lives than I'll ever know, he was a football man through and through. I don't recall him setting out on a Saturday with his fellow "louts" to injure members of the public, me neither thinking about it.

I'd love to be able to afford to be in Russia now, despite the doommongers predicting "fan wars" reports suggest a brilliant atmosphere and welcome by friendly, welcoming normal Russian people.

Enough said I hope.

Come on England

Nothing "sweeping" about it Dev, you're dad obviously was a normal following gent.

As for a balanced perspective? There are organised gangs that from whatever country or walk of life that use this "game" to promote and facilitate violence, no, it's not really about teams... more about country's and underlying religious immaturity.

You see my post as an attack on the good genuine fans? Why? Many are peaceful I'm not stupid.

But don't try to offload your ... you're or yooor ( grammar hey?) idealic family values to a post that i feel needed to be said.

Oh on that note, cheers BEB for moving my original post to the thread that those who deny the violence, but just want to brush a feather up a rhinos bits.

Oh, p.s.... did you see the video of a car who's occupants were just trying to drive down a Plymouth road? They had to try to gently push through a gang of drunken yobs! They were blocking the road, one jumped on the bonnet of the car, must have been very intimidating for those inside..... the driver cleared the group and braked to deposit the lout on the road and off of their vehicle, for what? Louts that use football as an excuse to disregard common sense.......

Sweeping enough for you?

Edited By Tom Thomas on 21/06/2018 03:28:57

Thread: Fed Up!
20/06/2018 03:16:30

Organised louts after trouble..... police man hours ...... those who feel that they are a part of " the team" so much so that they are willing to injure those who do not follow " they're team" vulnerable members of the general public are left wide open to crime because all the police officers are trying to keep two " teams fans apart or else it's a riot".."

Yes..... what's not to like....

Edited By Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 20/06/2018 09:37:03

Thread: New Drone Laws from 30/5/2018
07/06/2018 03:29:04

O.k, I have my Radian ready to launch.... I'm in a farmers field..... I launch..... when do I stop climbing? Without telemetry I don't know just how high I am!

This whole mess is ridiculous, I can't nor will I bow to this utter nonsense.

01/06/2018 03:56:53

Under qualified,bored or personal gain..... .. this is my take on the whole thing.

It cannot be policed, in high security areas then yes it's policed.... and rightly so, but for the average joe just trying to "have fun" which is a phrase so lost these days

I don't think it's too much to worry about.

Thread: 2 Stroke deadstick issues
31/05/2018 03:25:57
Posted by Alan Hilton on 21/05/2018 19:04:23:

Hi Russ

Not read the whole thread so please excuse repeats .Check out all carb O rings especially the one between the carb body and the crank case



Thread: Windows 10 personal preferences
30/05/2018 03:45:41
Posted by Tom Sharp 2 on 29/05/2018 23:48:29:

My laptop on Windows 10 is constantly being updated in small bursts. No big updates for a while now, am I missing out?

Yes tom, the new update brings ( amongst other benefits) a coffee or tea warmer, a free valet for your car ( maximum 2 cars) .

also a great addition is the slipper compare! Just pop you're feet onto the keyboard and it will advise you on your next slipper purchase! .

A little known secret that only those in the know..... um.... know....? Is that windows has set up a customer service base on mars!

so that explains the poor customer service, once you report a problem...... you're future ancestors will be able to receive the fix email. cheeky

Thread: Blackhorse Heinkel He 111
29/05/2018 03:14:32
Posted by Janos Deak on 11/05/2017 12:32:38:

Hello Guys,

I am about to order one of these birds. I need some info please:

- what is the diameter of the OEM spinner?

- what would be the wheel size if I want to go close to scale?

- 2x600W motors with 10x6x3 props will be enough? What do you think?



Was this chaps questions answered?

Thread: Servos, Code 4 De Luxe AS-322 Any good?
27/05/2018 21:15:22

Weren't they the ones supplied for the deagostini spitfire?

Thread: New model
22/05/2018 03:12:14

Pylon mounted power systems are so dated.

I managed to put an electric motor and prop on a Bird of Time, it can be done on anything.

just ask the amazingly talented leccy types here what set up best suits your needs.

As for cox? Nowadays ..... if you can keep it quiet and have fun? Then I think it's best.

Thread: P51 forced landing Duxford 2017
20/05/2018 03:33:33

Full size is really not comparable when dealing with models.

The dynamics are similar but come on it's like comparing a jacknifing truck to a troubled indoor model.

Yes wheels up is best but obvious?

you can't compare a full size aircraft in difficulty to a model I don't care what you say.

Both fly, both have the laws of physics to contend with, but models are feather weight compared to the full size and as such are so much simpler.... ( not to mention the mortality rates) wink

We naturally connect our hobby to full size aviation as it's in our blood. And we know that 80 percent of our hobby mirrors full size, but please? Trying to compare full size dynamics in emergency situations? To our light weight Models? I don't see it.

Thread: Royal Wedding No Fly Zone
19/05/2018 02:58:25

The royal what? ..... yawn ..dont know

Thread: Radio systems
19/05/2018 02:55:50

Glenn, search this site, make sure you have a few days off work. wink

Thread: Electric Cars.
12/05/2018 05:34:09
Posted by Nigel R on 10/05/2018 15:36:08:

" the biggest step that could be taken to save the planet, is to have policies that reduce human populations."

The sticky part is getting people to agree with you, assuming you've managed to have a balanced discussion about about population level.

And let's not mention the Catholics.

please? Lock up this thread.

Thread: Show Off Your WOTs!
23/04/2018 00:20:43

Mine from 3 years ago.


Thread: Seagull Dual Ace Laser Build
11/04/2018 03:59:24

Children died in that incident... gets me when children are involved in any life limiting situation.

11/04/2018 03:45:25
Posted by Paul Marsh on 24/02/2018 12:16:34:

I have a C160 Transall and one engine quit on take-off, no-where to go and kept full power and full rudder to clear the hedge, cut the throttle as it flick-rolled, but leveled off and landed heavy in the field - the only damage was a bend wing tube and one wheel came off.

Twins are a great way to expand your skills - it would be boring if everything was easy. Engine-outs have killed full-size pilots, so not restricted to models. This is a classic ca

Edited By Paul Marsh on 24/02/2018 12:17:01

Paul, posting a vid of death and comparing it to our hobby? A "classic case" ?  Non comparable.......

Edited By Tom Thomas on 11/04/2018 03:48:12

Thread: The 2018 Transmitter Survey!
10/04/2018 03:44:03

I think it's just a generalised poll and a bit of fun wink 2 it's not going to influence the market trends lads is it? cool

Thread: Swift 82
09/04/2018 03:53:05

Looks amazing, great job yes

Thread: Instruction Manuals How Useful?
08/04/2018 03:56:28

I once worked for a guy with a Phd in control engineering. He must have been profoundly dyslexic because his written work was unbelievably awful and I used to proof/edit it for him. How on earth he wrote his doctoral thesis I can't imagine. He must have had a lot of help. He still justified his doctorate however.

I hope I've misunderstood?

Thread: The plane that saved Britain
01/04/2018 03:43:55

Predicting thread lock

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