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Thread: Oodalally - Build Log
14/07/2020 10:05:06

Thanks Geoff

13/07/2020 12:28:27


I have a couple of pdf plans that I wish to trace and laser cut. I noticed you mention at the beginning of this post that you use inkscape for this purpose.

Can I ask how do you import the pdf and trace it ?

Thread: Geoff's Jet Provost - Build Log
02/03/2020 12:55:07

I found this video on YouTube .... gives a live demo of the effects of thrust tube taper ....


01/03/2020 14:29:25

Thanks for the input Philip.

That was the first thing I tried before taking the fan out to bench test .... not much improvement at all.

With my bench setup I had the equivalent of an unlimited cheat hole and it was the thrust tube that was causing the loss of thrust.

In hindsight I should have bought the FMS unit .... although at the time there wasn't a 4s version available to purchase and the powerfun appeared to be more powerful than the 3s FMS version that was available.

I may purchase an FMS unit and do some bench testing with my existing airframe before going too far though !!

01/03/2020 12:45:59

Looks great.

I built one a few months ago and it too came in on the heavy side ... about 800g inc 2200 mah.

I used the powerfun 50mm fan running on 4s ... should have given given around 765g thrust which I think would have been ok I feel.

However, when I measured the thrust coming out the rear end of the provost I was only getting around 370g thrust. That's why it wouldn't fly

I removed the fan and tested it on the bench and was getting near to the 765g.

I then added a thrust tube of the same dimensions as in the provost and the thrust went down to around 400g on the bench.

Fitting a constant 50mm tube brought the thrust back up to near the 765g mark.

I am currently finishing off my home made CNC router but once done I plan to revisit the provost and re-designing it around a constant 50mm tube. Hopefully it will still look like a provost

Thread: Cheap Chinese Laser Cutter
19/02/2020 20:38:45

Hi all

I have finished building a 5W laser cutter which is a hybrid between the FlyinFlynn and Geoff Gardiner machines (thanks to you both for your input as I don't think I would have been able to complete it without your help)

I am more than happy with the results for cutting balsa but not so impressed with ply so I have almost finished making a CNC router with a 500W spindle motor.

What type of cutter should I use for cutting up to 6 mm birch plywood ?

29/01/2020 19:37:58

I'm getting good results with this one .... gone down by £10 since I bought it


I'm just getting to grips with the focusing, feed rate, power and air assist but cuts through 3mm soft balsa in 2 passes.

Once I've fully sorted it I'll post some videos etc.

14/01/2020 12:43:00


thank you for your answer (comprehensive as always ) There is a small switch on the laser controller which dims the laser for setup purposes. I have been switching that on and off.

Thread: Home Made CNC/Laser Cutter
14/01/2020 12:39:17

thanks Geoff I'll give that a try

13/01/2020 13:41:13

Hi Geoff

I purchased the same 5W laser module as yourself. I have tested it by manually switching from full power to setup mode and all seems ok.

Can I ask how you connected it to your CNC shield etc ?

Thread: Cheap Chinese Laser Cutter
13/01/2020 13:26:48


thank you. I have A4988 stepper drivers. I have fitted jumpers to all 3 pairs of pins on both x and y (I am not using z at the moment) and changed the steps per mm to 80 ..... everything is now OK

I produced my first test square on cardboard by running the program and manually turning the laser on and off at the corners etc. I haven't figured out how to get the cnc shield talking to the laser yet (my laser is this one **LINK** 

12/01/2020 18:29:48

Thanks Andy

Do I have to set the micro stepping as well ?

12/01/2020 16:01:55

Hi FlyinFlynn

I have designed and built a cantilever type laser cutter similar to yours.

I am using an arduino, cnc shield and 5W laser the same as Geoff Gardiner used in his build.

For software I am using Inkscape (with the laser extension) to create the gcode and Universal Gcode sender to control the steppers and laser.

I haven't turned on the laser yet (too scared lol) but have been playing around with carriage movement, homing etc and noticed that the carriage doesn't seem to be moving the correct distance. I've obviously not set the steps/mm correctly.

I noticed in your previous post .... "The 80 steps per mm is correct if you are using a 1.8 degree per step motor set to x16 and a 20 tooth gt2 pulley

360/1.8 * 16/40 = 80 degrees per motor revolution/degrees per step * microsteps/ mm per pulley revolution"

I am using the motor and belt combination above but could you shed some light on how to set the microstepping to x16 ?

Thread: A different kind of build.
12/12/2019 10:29:54

I have decided to go ahead and build a cantilevered laser cutter along similar lines to this thread.

I have purchased all the mechanical parts and adapted the design to suit my 3d printer which has a max bed size of 120mm cube.

Do you think this laser would be suitable for cutting up to 3mm birch ply

Any advice would be much appreciated

Thread: Home Made CNC/Laser Cutter
05/12/2019 18:12:29


thank you. I wasn't sure if the tolerance of the shaft would be good enough for the bearings.

05/12/2019 17:42:36

Hi Geoff

I'm having trouble finding 12mm rod and lead screws in 1000 mm lengths. Where did you get yours from? I'm assuming china but didn't really want to wait too long for delivery.

22/11/2019 18:16:04

thanks for the detailed reply. That's made my mind up .... definitely going to go for it. I've had a go at Inkscape and it's very similar to the CAD package I used at work before I retired (Creo by PTC) so quite easy to use.

22/11/2019 12:40:11


I am seriously thinking of building a laser cutter along similar lines to yours. Just a couple of questions before I get too excited by the prospect:

1. Do you need programming knowledge or does the software do it all ?

2. Are you using Nema 17 steppers or something larger ?

3. Do you think this laser would cut 3mm birch ply **LINK** ?

thanks in advance

Thread: Tony Nijhuis Harvard - Build Log
14/10/2019 19:57:29

Looks great. If mine turns out half as good I'll be well chuffed.

All the wood and electrical stuff has arrived just waiting for the plans ....

BTW what prop have you decided on ?

08/10/2019 21:15:33

I would like to do a build log but will see how it goes

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