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Thread: Make a vac forming setup
09/04/2020 22:11:03


I was planning on using 3D moods too. But was wondering how a PLA mold would hold up to the heat of the hot plastic?



06/04/2020 21:41:33


can anyone's point me at any RCME mag, or any other articles/threads etc on making say a 12" x 12" vac forming setup. Mainly for canopies, spinners etc.



Thread: Model shops - Edinburgh
09/02/2020 18:35:30

Haha ... I know where you mean now. I was an IT contractor before going permie and worked at the Gyle for a good few years on and off. That's how I know of Marionville models which was just off the Gyle. I used to stay at a B&B around Cameron Toll and ride to and from work on my cycle ... often with detours all around Edinburgh.

I know the city quite well but forget all the names. Especially the bars etc.  Worked Glasgow quite a bit. Both quite different in any number of ways!

Edited By MikeQ on 09/02/2020 18:36:48

Thread: Hammer F3 build (another another) - glider newbie
09/02/2020 14:12:03


making slow progress on this one but hopefully should pick up now I've got other projects out of the way. Looking at rolling my own ballast tube as I have carbon cloth and skinning resin.

How much ballast makes sens on a model like this? Never used it before apart from a couple of chunks of lead bolted internally in my Obelixs when really windy. I'm guessing 250g-750g but that's a total punt based on reading various threads. My calculations show that a 22mm diameter copper tube at 24 cm long would give around 1kg of ballast. I intend to fill the copper pipe with molten lead and cut into sensible sized chunks.

Next question ... what's the best way to mount the tube along the length of the fuselage. Seems a bit 'lightweight' to just epoxy it to the floor of the fuselage ... but maybe that's OK? I'm guessing the tube will need to be longer at the front to reach the slide on nose section where I can load the 'spacers' and slugs as needed.



PS pic shows one I didn't get too far with before working out I'd made an ar@e of calculating the length 




Edited By MikeQ on 09/02/2020 14:15:52

Thread: Model shops - Edinburgh
08/02/2020 18:28:53

Lol ... Northampton. Unfortunately, not even Leeds qualifies for the North. And Manchester and Scouseland are positively on the tropics. I'm afraid Thirsk is the border ... maybe even the A66.

Think ill I'll give the model shop at the meadows a miss thanks

08/02/2020 18:11:37

Lol ... look ... the North of England doesn't start until Thirsk and the North East is north of that.

Ask you lass for a look at her map book

08/02/2020 16:11:18

Yeah ... leeds is de facto my local model shop now and I live in Sunderland!

lol ... that is indeed some detour. Needless to say must be your wife reads the map on day trips out

03/02/2020 11:18:13


yep ... Marionville rings a bell. It was just off the motorway so easy enough to dodge into. Must be 5 or 6 years maybe since I was there. Maybe more.

Never mind ... thanks for getting back.



03/02/2020 11:01:23

Got to make a trip and drive past Edinburgh on the way to Dundee for work ... great. There used to be a model shop just north of the Gyle that was easy enough to dodge into. I like to see if I can pick up decent balsa in my travels. Is it still there? Can't see it on Google maps. Can't remember what it was called. Anywhere similar close by or is this another LMS down the drain?



Edited By MikeQ on 03/02/2020 11:01:43

Edited By MikeQ on 03/02/2020 11:02:02

Thread: Throttle for Mills .75?
23/01/2020 13:23:17

Hello Thomas

just mailed you ... let me know if doesn't get through ... for some reason my address gets bounced now and then.



22/01/2020 15:56:33

Couple of what?

22/01/2020 12:33:15

I was thinking of a PAW RC carb and making an adapter out of a bolt. Anyone know the thread size for the Irvine 0.75cc carb assy ... where it screws in to side of crankcase. My motors are buried deep in models in the rafters ... sorry to be lazy.


19/01/2020 13:55:38


i know it's an old thread and a long shot but ... do you chaps know if anyone can supply RC carbs suitable for Irvine Mills .75cc. I've got a couple on Indian Mills 1.3cc and they work great in a KK Rover and a Veron Deacon.

Want to use my Irvine Mills in a RC converted Mercury Tiger Moth.



Edited By MikeQ on 19/01/2020 13:56:34

Edited By MikeQ on 19/01/2020 13:57:00

Thread: Hammer F3 build (another another) - glider newbie
02/01/2020 21:34:01


That's for the info MikeC. Just coming back to the Hammer after I got distracted on another project. I had planned to cover in glass and spray. However, I'm now thinking of just varnishing and spraying the tips etc. What product would you guys recommend by way of varnish. Some kind of 2K floor polish?

Bit non-plused on the ballast tube as well.  I've seen some good threads covering this so will probably just copy same.

Any help appreciated.



Edited By MikeQ on 02/01/2020 21:35:02

Thread: Who uses blue or pink foam?
10/11/2019 08:40:23

Bummer ... it's allowing me to go all the way through checkout including P&P to the point of confirming order.

Guess you can't believe anything on the net sad

Not sure how much I need right now but probably a sheet of say 1.2mx0.6mx75 or 100mm. It's for making a fuselage plug on a project that won't kick off for a good few months. Was just 'stocking up' per se.

Are you the same Alan that asked LezScurfield of Novos fame about slope sites around Seaham. I replied to him as I'm in the Novos and live down Ryhope way. We might have met at one of he Novos meetings when I asked about joining  the Wear Valley gliders club?




Edited By MikeQ on 10/11/2019 08:41:17

10/11/2019 06:43:42

Hello Alan

did you manage to get hold of any blue foam in the end. I'm still looking for future projects. I'm still looking at ... ... as being the most likely.

5 sheets at 75mm X 1.2m X 0.6m for around £135 might be more than I need. If there is anyone in NE who fancies splitting an order then I'm up for it.



Thread: Venturi
20/10/2019 08:53:09


woukd a 3D printed PLA or ABS venturi stand up to the temperatures around that part of the engine. Say on a 40 sized motor. This is an open venturi ( FF/CL) as opposed to an RC carb assembly.



Thread: A sticky glassing problem!
05/10/2019 07:18:55

Quick question ... is SP113 still available? Used it in the past but ripmax don't seem to list it and coming up short on google.

dont like the EzeCote/PloyC stuff as in my experience, even if left a long time (months) to harden it goes kind of rubbery and clogs the paper when wet sanding with Wet&Dry.



Thread: Irvine 36 - carb - cam screw
12/09/2019 13:20:28

Hi Don

got the cam screw in post. PM me the cost or I can PayPal you the price of a French pint!



Thread: Hammer F3 build (another another) - glider newbie
06/09/2019 12:14:16


making some headway on the CrowBraking and all that ...

Also, couple more questions.

Re Q2 earlier. I've just dismantled the connectors and inserted the pins ... pin to pin as a sliding fit. Then heatshrink. So it's a mechanical join as you would normally do with extensions I guess. Any opinions if this is a bad idea.

No experience of he kind of forces on the control surfaces for a model like this. Are regular 2mm threaded pushrods OK. Z bend one end and M2 Clecis other.



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