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Thread: Hammer F3 build (another another) - glider newbie
21/08/2019 13:07:43

Thanks for links Denis ... will checkout.

Had this dremmel router attachment 25yrs forgotten  about  in back of a drawer. Brilliant for routing out foam. The number of times I should have used this but gouged away at stuff in the past.


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20/08/2019 12:18:00


first cuts ... knocked up a little tool out of a lolly pop and a 10A blade for cutting out e inserts. Had to shave 10A a little to fit rearmost position. Using Gorilla glue.


20/08/2019 10:56:10

Hello Trevor

thanks for the feedback.

Q12) I've seen on some threads where people have queried the actual position of the wing (LE as a reference point) versus incidence and effect on flight characteristics. The lower wing section and the moulded wing mount of fuse seem to match spot on with the LE of wings at lip of mount. Any feedback or experience on that score?



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20/08/2019 09:58:46


Q1) I've carefully tidied up the hinge line to open it out 1/16 of an inch underside. I'm getting 70degrees of down on Flaps and Ailerons and about 15degrees up on both ... without too much force having to be applied. Is at sufficient?

Q2) I'm using KST DS 135MG slim servos for ailerons and flaps. The servo leads aren't long enough. What's the usual form in glider world ... get the solder iron out and splice extensions. The foam channel in wing isn't big enough for a regular extension leads and their sockets.

Q3) I've seen wings using Deans connectors ... anyone got any advice. Being lazy, can check that out myself.

Q4) In the picture of the servo ... is there any advantage to having the servo arm further away from the hinge line or closer. Just thinking of the mechanical movement versus the geometry of the supplied servo horn in same pic.

Q5) How do you fix in place that kind of horn ... new to me. Is it a kind of fit and melt or glue thing?

Q6) I'm using Spektrum DX8 Tx. I'm thinking it should be possible to set up V-tail and CrowBraking? Probably going to revert back to Futaba at some point next year or the year after.

Q7) I'm going through a 'let's glass everything' phase ... mainly to skill up on glass/spray paint finishes. I'll have a decent amount of Oracolor left over, from a current project, for a nice paint scheme. So was thinking of glassing wings in lightweight cloth, SP113, peel ply and 2K Oracolor. Hopefully should keep weight down by only Using Paint on tips and LE. Is this a really stupid thing to do given that I read a lot about how Hammers love ballast!

Q8) If I did loose my bottle on the glassing option ...and go with a straight varnish ... what's recommended in the U.K.

Q9) Anyone 'modded' a Hammer for aerotow and is that a stupid idea full stop

Q10) The supplied snakes look a bit awkward re termination. I'd just use a Z bend at the tail end but look a bit flimsy up front for soldering a regular 2mm threaded coupler. Any ideas?

Q11) Am I OK to ask more questions






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19/08/2019 18:12:30


managed to knock off a couple of projects ... an original Obelix and a new version one.

Time to start the Hammer. What with being a slope newbie I'll have lots of stupid questions.

Having researched the available Hammer threads I've now totally confused myself.



Thread: Irvine 36 - tuned pipe
15/08/2019 14:08:57


Lol .. I guess what I'm saying is ... not really bothered per se but if anyone has an Irvine 36 pipe and manifold sitting in a parts box, in the back of a drawer under a cupboard in he shed ... and they know they aren't going to use it again ... I'll have it off them for £20.



15/08/2019 14:03:55


understand what your saying but the Irvine 36 setup was apparently fit and forget and optimised for the Irvine 36 specifically. I guess you'd still get differences depending on fuel or prop ... but I'm guessing it's pretty close to being optimum per se ... what with being designed for that motor?

The Weston Mini pipes aren't going to be as close.

Its no big deal ... it's not like it hasn't got enough grunt ... just would prefer the Irvine specific setup because of my OCD :0

15/08/2019 11:47:39


thanks for the feedback ... it was really the Irvine tuned pipe system specifically for the Irvine 36 I was after. It's kind of fit and forget. Would have just rounded it out nicely.

How must adjustment and faffing on are the alternatives as mentioned?



14/08/2019 21:59:06


finished a very long term glassed 2K finished profile mini Loaded Dice. Flies great with an Irvine 36. Wouldn't mind sticking an Irvine 36 tuned pipe system on it. Anyone got one they are willing to sell on for a sensible price?






Edited By MikeQ on 14/08/2019 21:59:48

Thread: Another AB Canberra
01/07/2019 22:39:20


Your model looks great ... hope mine turns out half as nice. Nearly ready to start, just need to finsih the rebuild of my Obelix plus I found some foam in the loft, just enough Obechi from a past life, and the plans for the original Obelix. So I rolled out the old foam cutter and knocked up a foam veneeered original version.

Once I get thse two out of the way, I'll start on the Canberra and the Hammer 2.4! Photos also show some 3D printed servo mounting blocks. I'll use them on the Canberra. Cost approximately 2,500 quid per pair per servo @ 10 x pairs ... or the price of putting my son through uni to do a MEng Mechanical Engineering degree. Got to be some pay back!








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Thread: Who uses blue or pink foam?
13/06/2019 06:58:08


is this what your after ...



Thread: Another AB Canberra
08/06/2019 09:23:16

Hello all

posted a couple of replies but they haven't appeared.  

Your primed Canberra looks pretty good.  I'm aiming for glass finish at the moment but may well change my mind if I don't pluck up the courage.  Finding out about PeelPly was a big help on my learning to glass/spray finish journey.  Just received a bunch of Savox 255MG servos I plan to use.

I'm far from expert at glassing and have been trying to get round to master it for 20yrs.

Will update soon.



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Thread: F3-RES
08/06/2019 08:18:24


ive built a Fresh RES kit available from hyperflight. German laser cut kit. Went together very nicely. Just getting to grips with this glider guiding malarkey after years of RC power and free flight comp stuff.


Edited By MikeQ on 08/06/2019 08:19:19

Thread: Mills 75 setting up throttle
08/06/2019 07:41:37


i bought an 'RC' Indian Mills .75cc and 1.3cc from Engines Unlimited (Bipin) years ago. Both throttle very well for small diesels but as mentioned above, you'll not get the same response as from a glow motor.

Mills 1.3cc is currently in a Veron Deacon RC conversion.

Mills .75cc is in a Rover RC conversion

Both great models for a bit of relaxed flying.



PS I've also got a Mills 3.2cc RC that sounds like a motor bike from the 1940s when it's popping away. Noypt sure if this was some kind of 'Indian Special' but got it from EU also. Throttles great too.

Thread: Another AB Canberra
29/05/2019 19:47:25


feel free to chip in whenever ... I’ll not go into too much detail as you guys have already nailed it really.

Ive got an Obelix to get out if the way and then I’ll start the Canberra and the Blejyck Hammer at the same time ... just to make things easy!



22/05/2019 19:22:21


just about to start on an Andy Blackburn Canberra. Bought the short kit from Sarik.

Re the carbon rod wing joiners. Any issues using K&S Ali tube as the outer. The sliding fit is pretty good on some of the rod I've got.



PS hoping to slightly mod the kit into a B-57 looks likey

Thinking about a glass finish.

Edited By MikeQ on 22/05/2019 19:23:19

Thread: OS No8 plugs
21/05/2019 15:06:01


thanks for replies ... got plenty plugs. Was just wondering as it's holding up the order I have with them.

Just that they are saying tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. Think I'll just cancel that part of order.



21/05/2019 07:42:30


is there some kind of worldwide shortage of OS No8 plugs. I've had some on order with a model shop for over 6 weeks. Not particularly bothered re the OS No8 but its holding up the whole order.

Apparently Ripmax have run out of No8 plugs!

Any ideas?



Thread: Router
06/05/2019 11:10:46


anyone know of any articles, threads etc on building/buying a hobby sized workshop router set up, mainly for balsa/ply bashing. Anyone got one, are they super useful or Used once in a blue moon.



Thread: Loaded Dice 40S - spray painting
04/05/2019 18:10:02


Agreed ... I've weighed it but lost my notes for now. It is a little higher wing loading than say the 46-60 sized pattern models I e had in the past ... but maybe only 5-7%, albeit on a smaller wing area. Even with a few ounces more it's should still be OK.

This is the first time I've fully glassed a model and 2K sprayed so it is very much a learning vehicle. Even if piles in first flight it's served its purpose. I reckon next time round I could achieve a better finish for a lighter finish. I'll update with weights etc later.



PS lol ... I'm used to weighing components on a 0.1g digital scale for FreeFlight competition duration models! I need a bigger set of scales!

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