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Thread: Need a good Lipo Charger
20/05/2018 11:10:36

I am a newb and been looking a chargers. I have been looking at vids on line and most seem to have the "4 button" style programme/menu. The iSDT chargers to me look the most modern regards menu screen. they have a lot of models so if one fits into your usage needs have a good look on the vids of them being used. I will go iSDT for sure.

Thread: Another banking scam
09/05/2018 18:57:25

I have calls from "BT INDIA" telling me my BT internet as been hi-jack,concidering I am with SKY! The last time I had time to spare so I kept them on the phone for 35 mins before I got bored stalling. called him some really choice names and he wasn't best pleased. They are really gullible when it comes to winding them up.

Thread: For sale
08/05/2018 19:23:06

sorry for delay Don, The maker is Victory Models, English company if I recall.

I bought a smaller kit first Italian make but the wood quality was very bad and the kit was very bulky,no very scale like.

This is a beginner kit BUT a whole diferent ball game.if anyone is interested I will take pictures of the contents. I have never removed the parts ,only the manual and plans.

It is not that complex but it would take to much off my time and the extra build area I do not table can only support so much.

08/05/2018 16:28:10

A Picture might help!!!!!

victory models lady nelson.jpg

08/05/2018 16:15:17

Selling this wooden ship kit I bought. It is made by Victory models and depicts The Lady Nelson.

I fancied building a ship but wanted a good kit for a beginner and good quality.This coat over £100,£135 if I recall .

But on opening the box and looking at the palns and manual I see I was over my depth,been in wardrobe too long.

£65 + shipping that you want

Thread: Wood galleon kit
08/05/2018 16:07:35

Thanks Don, I was not sure if "boat" is classed as a swear word here : )

I will bung it on then,someone might fancy a change.

08/05/2018 14:34:11

I bought a wooden galleon kit sum time ago, way out my league. Can I advertise here being a boat?

Thread: New TV Channel
05/05/2018 13:01:22

Its been on my SKY for ages,has good documentaries on lots of subjects.on my favs

Thread: JR Propo declare bankruptcy in Japan
07/04/2018 19:36:07

I loved JR radios until they went to the "plastic fantastic" robot style radios. never bought one since. With a bit of luck they might go back to a quality feel again.

Thread: Delivery Charges
15/03/2018 10:23:38
Posted by TartanMac on 14/03/2018 23:39:23:

If you buy from EU you don't get charged if it is outside of EU and above £15 you get charged with the VAT and the handling fee. Maybe the sender wrote a value on the box. Royal mail charge £8 plus the 20% for her majesty 's government. I would let them keep it and contact the seller. Did you buy lots of 2p items ?

The annoying thing here is, that the handling charge varies from courier company. I gavr up ordering from overseas due to this. I was once charged £14.80 handling from HK. and previous very similar order £3.40. both delivered by DHL. in my case`s there is no standard,which cant be right.

I have received a order before and royal mail left a card saying what costs are and for me to collect. so I could of refused to accept the item and lose it. A friend got a parcel from DHL with no costs at all,UNTIL several weeks later when he got a demand for costs. how would that work if the cost was crazy and he did not want or afford to pay?

it seems like it made hard on purpose

Thread: Push bikes might be safe
27/01/2018 14:24:57

There is a new van that runs on tap water ready to be released. it is waiting on the government to decide with colour dye to use for the water.

This special dye will cost £7 to dye 1 gallon of tap water. Any dye not bought from government is illegal.

Thread: What on earth are these ???
15/01/2018 10:34:26

expandable garden trellis?

Thread: Filler for balsa/woods
21/12/2017 09:04:25

I don't have much in the way of model shops nearby. I need a filler for balsa mainly. is there anything I can by from diy stores that will do the job?

Thread: Veron Fokker DVIII 46
15/12/2017 14:44:21

Very interesting thread Simon. I had a look because I am after finding something to build for the unexperienced. At first I thought I had found the kit until I see your issues. I realise "building" includes these issues and part of the hobby/enjoyment but don't these kits get built before they get released? Not everyone as the experience to fettle them.Another kit for me to avoid. Would love to find a good laser cut kit.

Thread: Flair Cub J3 self build kit
28/11/2017 12:31:39

Robert, It is the balsa built up wing kit. Second hand but box still sealed. Been told I can return it if not satisfied, so can not get fairer than that.

28/11/2017 12:00:27

Thanks, I will go with servo`s in each wing. wont be as clean looking perhaps but might make it easier build for me. I think my hardest part will be sorting out where to put removable hatch's and best way to mount the motor. Would it be best to utilise the engine bearers in standard position OR discard them and put new bulkhead in?

28/11/2017 10:45:04

Looking for a first build and there is not a great deal out there self build wise. After a search here Flair kits seem to be good and several blogs and tips here. Then found out Flair kits are no more! Anyhow just found a Cub J3 kit and bought it.

While waiting for it to delivered I have been looking for build blogs OR previous questions. I am going to use electric for power and will look into that later.What I would like to know is the following. When I read posts on these older kits with one servo for Aileron its advised to use a servo in each wing. The threads I have seen on this kit build all use the single servo method. Is there a reason for this? is this just a cosmetic choice OR does this type of model not suit servos in each wing?

Thread: Motor mounting
28/11/2017 10:36:00

Thanks for the info guys. My question was indeed mounting prop to shaft OR motor body. Probably the ONLY thing that is clear so far is the difference between inrunners and outrunners!!!! : )

27/11/2017 10:38:14

I have pretty well no experience with electric aircraft. I have been trying to find stuff out but it is very confusing at times. The latest thing I have seen is where the prop on a outrunner is mounted on the case/can and not the shaft. So in a way the motor is mounted "backwards" . why is this done and does it matter?

Thread: Flair Cub kit
21/11/2017 10:22:06

Thanks a lot for replys. The balsa bung method is a possibility. This might be off topic for here but added weight was mentioned. Only really had gliders till now and not serious at that so powered larger models is a first. Is a bit extra weight from adding sheeting to the side that noticeable ? I was thinking that a model of that size could just be "umphed" a bit with bigger motor etc BUT I know nothing on that subject.

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