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Thread: Banded on undercarriage
02/04/2019 13:25:17

I agree with Mike, only use 2 bolts as thin as you think you'll get away with. the thinking is, should you have a heavy landing the bolts will snap, use heavier bolts and you'll rip the mounting plate out. It's a bit of a catch 22, but easier to replace nylon bolts than rebuild the bottom of the fuselage. Good luck with whatever you decide

Thread: Does your club prohibit the use of after-market receivers?
22/03/2019 13:35:00

Common sense should really be allowed to prevail here. We all have a duty of care to ensure our models are as safe as they reasonably can be. that sad the challenge is common sense sometimes just isn't that common.

20/03/2019 20:31:42

having just scanned through all the posts in this thread, interesting to note that there hasn't been a single post in favour of matching Tx/Rx ...............says it all I think.

20/03/2019 14:40:12

Our club doesn't I'm pleased to say.

The thing is, how many 'cheap receiver' incidents were actually a receiver fault and not down to quality of installation, pilot error, cheap switches, -ve lead corrosion etc., in addition when you factor in how a lot of these so called incidents have a tendency to grow arms & far do you go, perhaps ban all batteries, switches and servo's that don't match the tx brand.

Ive used fasst Orange & Corona Rx's with a Futaba Tx with no issues. (ic & petrol powered models)

For me personally, if such a rule was introduced I'd have to seriously consider moving club

Thread: If you only had one engine to use, which one would it be.
11/03/2019 19:53:35

For me it's the Irvine 53 mk2 in a heartbeat. Bags of power and they all perform without fault

Thread: Ebay sellers...
21/02/2019 20:51:32

I wonder if he's got a Trojan Wing on a Bullet Fuselage somewhere............It certainly gave me a good laugh

Thread: Tachometer recommendation
14/02/2019 12:03:44

Hi Phil,

Thanks for the offer, I've decided to go with the Turnigy one as I don't need the current checking as I'm all Glow & Petrol

13/02/2019 15:49:52


I'm looking for a reasonable tachometer. Never having used one Any recommendations and also anything I should avoid.


Thread: Turbo Raven Plans
12/02/2019 15:35:43


This is just an inkling of an idea for the moment. I have a notion to build a Turbo Raven. Ideally about 80" span and suitable for 1.80 fs.

I don't mind scaling up or down plans to get the size I'm after. I just wondered if anybody knows if there are any plans out there that'd suit. I've done some general searching on Google, Outerzone & Aerofred but no joy as yet.

Any suggestions gratefully received


Thread: Catastrophe!
11/02/2019 21:09:58

Glad you found the fault. Your deep fried potatoes comment made me laugh out loud.

Happy Flying

Thread: Doubler mistake
07/02/2019 14:37:41

Made me smile for exactly the same reason, but I would say 3 types of modellers,

Those that haven't yet, but will,

Those that have and did build the spare fuselage

Those that did build the spare fuselage and we're glad they did because it was needed 6 months later !!!!!!

Happy building

Thread: Fuel Tubing
04/02/2019 17:58:37

Hi Chris,

Try giving Iain a call at IAD Model Designs



Thread: Futaba Orange fasst rx aerial installation
04/02/2019 17:54:33

Thanks Chris, i never thought about the metal bits, I'll put them at 90degrees to each other but as far apart as I can get them.

All I need now is something done about the weather!!!


04/02/2019 15:34:36


Thanks for your responses. The orange Rx has 2 aerials approx 6'' long with the last 11/2'' insulated transparently. I was going to put the aerials inside a couple of off cuts of control snakes, but I like the bendy straw idea and think I might just go with that instead.

Thanks Again


Thread: Catastrophe!
04/02/2019 14:06:51

That's the trouble with forums sometimes. Don't get me wrong excellent help and assistance, but sometimes the factual statistics differ wildly from the anecdotal story's.

Thread: Futaba Orange fasst rx aerial installation
04/02/2019 14:01:04


This might be a bit of a daft question. Having recently converted from 35mhz to 2.4 I was wondering what the correct Rx aerial routing is. I've purchased an orange 8 channel fasst Rx. I understand the aerials need to be at right angles to each other. My question is, does this have to be the full length at 90degrees or can the aerials run parallel and just the bared wire sections at the end be at 90degrees.

Also when range testing what is considered a decent acceptable range?

No problems with, bind, mode or failsafe all appears ok

Thanks in advance


30/01/2019 20:27:46

For what it's worth, having bought many things off eBay over the years I decided to try selling. I found the whole thing fairly straight forward item sold and I shipped with My Hermes, Printed label and delivery note, 10kg parcel, Drop off, at collection point of my choosing, on Sunday afternoon. 2-3 working day delivery, tracked, signed for and insured for £100. all for the princely sum of £8.90, item delivered this morning (wed)

Thread: Weston Glow Fuel
28/01/2019 14:35:44

I agree with above. I took the plunge with Weston 10% about 6 months ago. Bought 4 galls and have used about 2.5 galls of it. mainly through an Irvine 53 and an SC46 with a few tanks through an ASP1.80fs and had no problems at all. In short I think it's great fuel and a really good price........local shop is selling MT Irvine sport at nearly twice the price of Weston

Thread: Model vs Trees
24/01/2019 19:07:07

Hi Chris,

What happened is the $64,000 question. Rx check in depron airframe sounds like a good idea. It's the not knowing what caused it that drives me daft. Thing is if it was a bad connection simply unplugging and plugging it back in could be enough to clear the fault.

When it happened to me the second time I had a bit of a strop and cut all the cables off (mainly to remove the temptation of reuse) and threw the whole lot in the bin in disgust

As you've probably guessed it still annoys me to this day

24/01/2019 16:18:15

Hi Chris,

To be honest this is probably one of the worst things to happen as in all likelihood unless it's something really obvious you will never be a 100% sure and it'll take a bit of time to rebuild confidence in your radio gear. Personally I'd scrap everything in the plane Rx, switch, leads, battery and servo's.

That said if curiosity gets the better of you I'd be inclined to check all connections, switch and battery lead for -ve lead corrosion.

I had a similar issue where a model just stuffed in for no apparent reason, diagnosed a faulty switch, used the gear with a new switch in another airframe and promptly stuffed that in as well. I concluded the original switch whilst definitely faulty may have been damaged in the crash and wasn't the root cause. I put all the sevo's on a tester and let them cycle and after a couple of minutes the elevator servo got very hot and failed........full flight pack got binned.

Good luck with whatever you decide

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