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Thread: fav model of all time
29/06/2018 18:14:50

We really are a diverse bunch. for all the choices, I don't think there is one duplicate.

The pics are great, if I can sus how to upload I'll put a few up.........albeit, somewhat dated!!

28/06/2018 23:46:01

it's like desert island discs with one tune lol

28/06/2018 23:27:42

just thought I'd post this for a bit of fun........of all the models you've had since you started modelling if you could only have one of them what would it be.? (doesn't matter what category, could be f/f, c/l, r/c etc ....anything goes)

I'll kick things off by saying mine is Irvine 53 powered hanger 9 Aresti

Thread: Unexplained crash
25/06/2018 13:53:24

Update Time,

3 flights not a glitch all worked fine, One I've had a few more outings I'll put it down to outgoing servo

24/06/2018 10:07:46

Thing is we may never know the exact cause. If today goes ok I'll probably continue to test until happy all's ok and bin the old flight set........I appreciate I could be throwing good kit out but for the sake of peace of mind I'll just need to live with it.

if I get a repeat, it's Tx off to get checked and if that doesn't solve it it's a load of 35 MHz stuff in the bin and move to 2.4

PS fail safe set to kill throttle only and freq changed to 75. I'll post the result

Thanks again to all for taking the time to respond

24/06/2018 07:15:27

Hi Dennis,

no glider pilots anywhere near, the nearest suitable hills are miles away. I've flown on 76 for 15years plus without as much as a glitch.

Hi Onetenor

I'm fairly sure the root cause was down to the failing servo. I'm struggling to see how frequency could effect the outcome.....for the amount of heat and current generated could potentially cause random Rx function.

all of that said, it's test time this afternoon with a new switch, battery ( power cycled and timed a few times)and a known good flight pack in an old ( bit tatty but structurally sound) airframe, fingers crossed

23/06/2018 12:09:17

I'l try and answer all 3 in the one go


we're just a small club with about 20 members. I believe there is a club scanner about and am hoping we can use it this weekend. When the incidents happened there were only 2 of us at the site and the other members gear whilst not switched on is on 84, mine is 76


Haven't checked the buddy switch, but good call, will give it a try


Thanks for the info, I'll give it a go

22/06/2018 21:08:06

I'm not sure of the physical arial connections, but I've tried aerial up and Arial down range checking. I checked aerial up at twice the distance of the crash with not a glitch......and that included the use of mobile phones for coms to ensure signal given and reaction were good......all performed perfectly. The only thing I haven't tried is range test aerial up with engine running.

At this stage my thinking is

1. the elevator servo that failed shortly after the incident

2. tx fault

3. interference

I've tried everything I can think of and can't get the fault to re occur or system failure. It's test time on Sunday afternoon so fingers crossed and praying for cause 1

but in the mean time happy to consider all suggestions

22/06/2018 20:23:39

Thanks, I wasn't aware of that.

22/06/2018 19:28:35

Quick Question,

In preparation for Sunday's test, I'm in the process of dotting i's and crossing the t's. I have an old and somewhat tatty precedent fun fly airframe. with a known good set of gear fitted plus new battery and switch. Everything has been checked out static several times. One question is what sort of range should I get with the arial removed from the tx ( futaba 12z on 35mhz)

19/06/2018 14:55:01


I've Just checked the flight pack voltage (Futaba battery checker) and its still showing 6.3v. with regard to the f/s if the throttle is open at all it closes on Tx power off all other servo's remain static. Upon power up they give a very quick & very small glitch, nothing that'd raise any concern.

I've got an old precedent fun-fly airframe which I'm thinking of kitting out with a known good flight set & see what happens......of there's any grief I'd need to consider looking at interference or Tx issue.

To All,

Thanks for all your contributions, certainly a lot to consider. If I find anything other than the "hot" servo I'll post it

On a separate note - how do I post a picture or create an album on here

19/06/2018 12:36:26

the failsafe was not set, and on default. if I switch the tx off first the throttle closes, nothing else moves. I can't tell how the throttle servo was at the best of my knowledge it went in at full chat and the fuselage is mangled all the way back to the win t/e

the model has a 2 piece wing which attaches to the fuselage sides and a joining tube. The wings ripped two lumps out of the fuselage spilling the radio gear and the section from wing l/e to firewall is just mush

my initial feeling was to throw the whole lot in the bin bag, but as I was gathering the bits common sense kicked in. Admittedly I did look at the carb and the trottle was closed, but I suspect this was due to the crash as opposed to servo action

having found a servo meltdown post crash is a possible cause but I'm not 100% convinced, it could also be tx fault or external interference and it's how to eliminate these that's concerning me

19/06/2018 11:04:09

Hi Don,

the bits will most likely have a future date with the bin........the only thing stopping me at the minute is the desire to get to the root cause.

19/06/2018 11:00:12


yes, rudder and elevator were HiTec servo's

19/06/2018 10:58:39

all thoughts welcome.

the week prior it did a very similar thing and I thought id taken off prematurely and tip stalled. after repair a week later and being very mindful of last weekI kept it on the ground and got max speed before taking off and also kept the rate of climb at a low angle (about 20 degrees)

this time it came off the ground as if on rails, recommended engine is 40-45 2s, I had an Irvine 53 on an 11x6 so no lack of power. I was approaching the point where I was thinking about making a gentle 90 degree left turn. Before any control input was given model was on its back and contact was made with terra happened in a blink no time to react

18/06/2018 22:39:18

I'm hoping that's it, but I'll keep testing for a bit to make sure............I've got time on my hands to put my home run jigsaw together )

18/06/2018 22:27:41

Hi Martin, separate channels, no y lead.

Further update, after plugging everything in on the bench, all worked fine. left it all switched on and did 5 minute interval quick stick wiggle checks, first couple went ok then the elevator servo was unresponsive, I picked the servo up and the base was absolutely roasting. hasty power off ensued servo in the bin. nothing's glitches remaining servos working fine, continuing to test

18/06/2018 21:51:36

I've been flying at this site for over a year with no issues. no glider clubs anywhere near.

if I switch the tx off nothing moves on the plane, I also unscrewed the Ariel and walked out of range.....nothing glitched. got a couple of little buzzes but no real control surface movement when I screwed the Ariel back in. Had the model under observation by a colleague as I did the walking

I haven't flown anything else since this happened as I don't want to risk it.

I have an old precedent fun fly airframe which I'm thinking of knitting out with a good known receiver, servo, battery comb to see what safe will be set

if it goes ok then it'll be process of elimination. just for info switch and aileron extension cables are in the bin as a precautionary measure. I'm tempted to toss the whole suspect set, but it's really irking me not knowing the cause

thanks again to all that contributed, if I ever find out I'll post the details

18/06/2018 19:23:41

Hi Paul,

I'm inclined to agree with you, if for no other reason than to rule it out

18/06/2018 19:11:22

Gents, thanks again for your input.

I've tried to summarise all points raised

What I can add is there was no radio interference from the field, as there were only two of us present at the time and the other Tx while on 35mhz is on 84, mine is on 76.

battery pack was fully charged and good a prior power cycle ensured 2hrs plus at a 1amp load.(6v 2500mah)

the switch was new

the receiver was new, first time in a plane Pcm 2048

the reason for full left up aileron and full right down was battery disconnected on input from stick

the plane was only about 10ft up when it flicked, no time to react (or even add an expletive or two) and no other input given other than a very slight amount of up elevator to maintain a 20degree climb angle

absolutely no sign of servo glitches or buzz

range check carried out engine stopped, post crash range check carried out from pilot stance to crash site approx 100-150 yards tx ariel fully extended Rx Ariel run from Rx through top of fus to fin

cannot simulate anything untoward, tried wiggling all plugs connections......not a peep

individual aileron servos on separate channels 4 & 5 ( colour coded extension leads ......impossible to mix or plug in wrong Rx slot) left hand aileron fully up and right hand fully down

I'm completely stumped

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