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Thread: Scaling up
04/09/2019 17:43:18

Thanks kc. I think I'll work off the std Chilli Wind sizes as a base



04/09/2019 15:54:33

Hi kc,

Thanks for the info. I have a vague recollection about a modified Chilli Wind. I have a notion the wing remained unchanged. That said I've put an Irvine 53 up front and am really pleased with the performance. in all likely hood I'll be looking to scale this up by about 1.4

If you have a copy of the magazine article I wouldn't mind a read



04/09/2019 13:33:48

Hi Chris

Welcome back from the dark side, I'm afraid those wiggly amp motors just don't do it for me.

I've got retracts and in the std size and they're very much part of the scale up plan. ( like to see a sports model with wheels up) That said I was wondering whether to add flaps to the upscale version. also under consideration is foam wing vs built up

04/09/2019 12:40:14

Hi Chris,

Ive an ASP 1.80 fs that's been residing in an oily rag for far to long.

It used to haul an old 72" flair spitfire in a most unspitfire like unlimited vertical manner, given that I'm hopeing it'll give me a decent performance with an 80" span if I'm careful with the weight.

Your twin looks like quite an interesting project, would love to hear how it goes .......... pretty fast to ballistic would be my guess.

04/09/2019 11:14:02

Having recently built Mike Delacole's ( hope the spellings correct) Chilli Wind and being really pleased with it I'm giving serious thought of scaling it up from 58" span to around 80" (about 1.4) and have a couple of questions.

The original has 2degrees right thrust - should I keep this as is or drop it to 0 degrees ?

Will the upscaled version retain the same flight characteristics of the standard size?



Thread: Well this could get interesting
04/09/2019 10:53:51

Would that solution not work for the drone pilots as well.........

Thread: Shortage of 35% (100cc) aerobatic kits in the U.K.
03/09/2019 20:26:58

Hi Adrian,

OK Balsa & lite ply bashing ........... same amount of parts in the 100cc as the 50cc only difference is size ........... and I'm sure I've heard an expression somewhere that size doesn't matter .......

Happy hunting, I hope you're successful in your quest



03/09/2019 19:19:55

Time for plans and some serious balsa bashing methinks ;0)

03/09/2019 18:38:08

Hi Adrian,

It's the joys of difficult times I'm afraid. A lot of shops/suppliers ( not just model shops) simply can't afford to have horrendous amounts of money tied up in hi value stock. In recent times there has been a shift towards, you order from shop and they order from manufacturer. In theory this is ok, the problem is when supply lead times are too long or inconsistent or the manufacturer doesn't have enough orders to warrant a production.

Its a real pain especially when like me you're impatient and want it next day

Thread: Stearman wing plans
02/09/2019 08:24:24

Hi Phil,

On some printers there is also a poster option. I've printed a couple of plans out this way and found you can have a slight matching discrepancy when assembling the pages. Some of this is down to the printer registration tolerance 1-1.5mm is not uncommon. To keep this effect to a minimum make sure the paper is well fanned out and airiated before it's loaded into the printer and also ensure the paper feeder side guides are as tight as you can get them without restricting paper feed.



Thread: Covering advice please
01/09/2019 09:13:58


I've never had any problem with sticking, the only thing I did notice was occasionally you may get a little excess adhesive at a seam, but that's easy fixed with a quick wipe of acetone ........... Mind you I have to put up with funny looks from my wife as I disappear to the shed with her nail varnish remover !!!!


Thanks, I just can't get into those wiggly amp things

31/08/2019 21:17:55

Forgot to add to above post

chilli wind 3.jpg

31/08/2019 21:16:38

Chilli wind covered with a mixture of HK film & Profilm (oracover), Oracover is a bit heavier than the HK covering but at £3 a metre for HK vs £10 a metre for Oracover it's HK for me all day long.

Blue deck and red trim is Oracover, White & Blue/White check is HK

chilli wind 1.jpg

Thread: When you think you're to experienced to make a simple mistake, you're not!
26/08/2019 16:39:50

I think that's called a senior moment ........... I've been prone to a couple of them myself lol

Thread: Wot 4 xl so it's a OS 91 surpass or DLE 20 petrol......Thoughts and advice needed
24/08/2019 13:05:04

It really does come down to what you fancy.

A fs like an ASP 1.80, (same crankcase size as 1.20) sounds great, quieter than petrol, but will drink fuel ( I shoehorned one into a flair christen eagle and it gave me unlimited vertical)

Petrol such as Dle 20 or 30 will be great on power, will cause more vibration, be louder, but cheaper to run and use much less fuel

for me, if noise isn't a problem go petrol, if it is glow fs


Thread: What have I bought today?...
23/08/2019 13:34:14

I inherited one of these (hi Boy) many moons ago and it was well past its first flushes of youth at that point. From what I remember although it was heavy, Flew well, particularly good in the wind. The only vice I can remember was it was very easy to pull it off the ground to early and it'd immediately flick onto its back and land (I say land, it was more of a rekitting excecise)

That said, if taken off at the correct speed it flew well and just to concur with the above, the Enya35 will be fine

Happy Flying


Thread: Hands free mobile calls
22/08/2019 10:24:50

I disagree,

If you're unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident and it can be proved you were not giving 100% concentration to your driving you leave yourself open to a charge of careless driving.

  • You take a hands free call from an irate customer
  • Any call with bad news
  • distracted by kids bickering in back seat
  • in discussion with passenger(s)
  • lighting a cigarette
  • eating
  • rubbernecking

This list is only a few examples. That said I don't think specific legislation is required to cover it.

I used to be the typical business travelling chap, doing lots of motorway miles and taking calls. Now when I get in the car the phone is switched off. Bottom line for me is I don't want to be the guy who gets in the car and ends up in jail because I was on the phone and had an accident

Thread: ZDZ & DLE oil mix
21/08/2019 13:45:58

Thanks Steve, what brand of oil do you use


21/08/2019 12:06:44

I have a ZDZ 40 which has had some usage and a nib DLE 30

ZDZ reccomend a 40:1 mix and DLE recommend a 30:1 mix. I'll give the DLE a couple of hours on the 30:1 mix for running in. I don't want to be running around with two different petrol mixes. Would I cause any damage if I used a good quality oil and changed the DLE mix to 40:1 or ran both engines on a 35:1 mix

Thread: Difficulty finding a previous thread
20/08/2019 18:20:43

Hi Ken,

the first time I tried it, it didn't work then I realised the spell checker on the iPad split tailwheel into tail wheel and the addition of the space caused it to fail.n

Either that or the gremlins have been in,

At least your sorted now



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