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Thread: SC52 2stroke issue.
01/01/2019 11:53:09

For what it's worth I believe the best thing to do is stop trying to fix an incorrect installation and start from scratch.

Take the engine out and bench mount it, set the tank up to the correct height and try setting it up. If that works it tells you the fault is with the engine/tank installation/set up

If it won't bench run, then you've got an engine issue to resolve

At the moment it's as if your looking for a solution to resolve the issue which doesn't involve taking the engine out...... the trouble is, you need to take the unit out to rule out a lot of potential issues

I'd also give serious consideration to re installing the engine in the correct orientation 180 degrees from current, Another option may be invert the engine

Good Luck

Thread: Boomerang didn't come back
28/12/2018 10:49:36

You're welcome,

I meant to add, when doing the glass work, use slow curing epoxy and warm it up to just above room'll go very thin.....makes it easier to soak into the glass cloth. also when you squeegee it through the polythene it gets rid of excess epoxy and after it has dried when you peel off the polythene you'll get a very smooth glass like finish which will be almost invisible under the covering.

A few years back I had the misfortune to find a fence post with my Maricardo the fuselage snapped at the wing Le and Te.....I glued the three bits back together, Glassed over the repair areas and it's still flying today

Thread: SC52 2stroke issue.
27/12/2018 21:53:14

Check the tank to make sure the clunk hasn't travelled forward and kinked the tubing.

it sounds as if it may be to lean or drawing air. if you open the throttle wide and do a few choke turns can you see the fuel being drawn through the pipe?

if you prime and choke it until its slobberingly rich do you get the 'bump' when you turn the prop over with the glow start on?

Thread: Boomerang didn't come back
27/12/2018 19:05:00

Firstly, sympathies.....I think we've all experienced similar. I have a simple formula which has been reasonably successful.

1 ensure you recover every bit of wood no matter how small

2 carefully remove engine/tank throttle pushrod

3 peel covering back 2-3inches on the good bit of fuselage

5 carfully piece together the front end like a jigsaw ensuring it is straight ......use cyano

6 apply epoxy and glass cloth from 3 inches behind the break to as far forward as required (use a stiff polythene to cover this and squeegee out the excess epoxy......once dry this can be peeled off)

7 apply covering and off you go

You'll most likely find it'll be stronger than it was pre accident.

Good Luck

Thread: Recommended First Balsa Kit
27/12/2018 10:20:37

Might be worth a wee look at one of the outlets that supply a plan and wood pack options, quite often you can get a magazine build log too. Alternately if you haven't already have a look at outerzone or aerofred websites as there are literally thousands of plans on there you can browse/download/purchase

Good luck with whatever you decide on.

Thread: Model shops / web sites having sales over Christmas
27/12/2018 10:11:29

IMHO it all comes down to choice and what folks like........all that's changed is where we get it from. The model industry is no different from any other retail outlet. Do you get in the car, take a 2 hour round trip, have a browse round the shop and don't see what you like.......or do you pick up the iPad have a 10 minute browse find what you a check round the forums to check opinion on your choice........then make your purchase all in less time than it takes for the kettle to boil ( yes I have a very slow kettle lol)

That is the same challenge every high st retail outlet faces today. and isn't unique to model shops

In fact I honestly believe it's not a new I was typing this an example of from my control line days has just sprung to mind. We used to get through a fair amount of PAW spray bar assemblies ( joys of control line combat) and the only supplier was in Glasgow city centre which involved a 30 minute train ride or latterly it was a fair a,out of pleading to use dads credit card and order from A southern retail outlet ......train fare saved and parts delivered in time for Saturday flying spot.......methods may have differed with time and technology but the principle is the same as it is today.

25/12/2018 15:11:15


Whilst I'm first to say a bargain is most welcome and yes our model shops are having a very tough time. I appreciate the sentiment behind this thread is to communicate the sales to fellow flyers. In doing this we are effectively providing free advertising for the shops and reducing the opportunity for the funding of this site, which could have the knock on effect of having our advertising paying customers getting upset and taking their business elsewhere.

If I was a major fee paying advertiser on this site and found my competitors getting what is effectively free advertising I wouldn't be best please

A thought worth pondering methinks

Thread: 6EXAP Question.
24/12/2018 08:32:53

I'd say go for it. I did exactly the same after a 12 year layoff. I picked up a futaba 12z brand new in box with 3 G3 2048 receivers with programmable frequency for pennies. I previously had a ff9 which is still in use now. thing is, should you feel the need to convert to 2.4 it's also relatively inexpensive

Thread: cutting foam
21/12/2018 22:02:20


Thanks to all who took the time to respond. Your input great fully received. The PC PSU has been binned as it was struggling to cut 30" sections at full power and no dimmer switch.

I've tried various different wires and have settled for 0.5 dia nichrome. I'm on the look out for a suitable transformer I can use. In the meantime I found 15vdc tv/PC screen supply which I'd prefer to be a tad hotter, but I'm getting decent results just by slowing the cut down

Thread: IC and Electric
18/12/2018 23:11:39

While I don't have a difinative answer, I've had the same experience changing an ic power plant, either 2st to 4st or even going from a 2st 60 to a 2st 90 guess would be Nigel may have the answer Prop dia/pitch and increase decrease of torque could be where the answer lies and the electric vs ic element has no bearing........other than the fact wiggly amps aren't as heavy as glow fuel.

Thread: cutting foam
18/12/2018 23:02:26

Ive just been messing about with a home made foam cutter powered with a PC PSU controlled with a dimmer switch. I've tried various types of cutting wire from 0.27 - 0.6 nichrome wire ti lay straight control line wire. ideally I'm looking to cut a 30" span section.

Has anybody else tried this and if so what wire/PSU did you use

Thread: Hangar 9 P47 repair
10/12/2018 16:58:09

As above, Dremel a good sized slot and try a flat blade. worst case if you damage the retract lug a washer can always fix that out for you.......good luck.......would be good to know how you get on

Thread: Another returnee to aeromodeling
07/12/2018 22:53:04

Welcome Back ............our hobby is in dire need of balsa bashing ic'ers..........the foam leccy mob are taking over!!!!!

Thread: Ebay sellers...
07/12/2018 22:48:47

I've asked him for a video of it running............

Thread: NGH 9CC running in
30/11/2018 01:04:51

To get back to the original question of slow pick up, if your idle setting is a little rich, it'll idle ok, but when you whack it open it'll take a second or two to burn off the excess fuel as the revs increase. I agree with above, if you adjust the idle, small increments at a time

Thread: which is cheaper,IC or ELECTRIC?
30/11/2018 00:58:15

It's all about choice, as technology advances the choice of propulsion units increase. when James Watt invented the steam engine, they couldn't imagine the ic engine, let alone electric units

Thread: Ebay sellers...
25/11/2018 11:55:00

Perfect working order as a paperweight in a nuclear power station ........perhaps!!!!!

(one mans junk is another mans tat)

Thread: Best First Three Point Undercarriage
23/11/2018 22:46:41

Apologies I just re-read your post, and took it as converting tail dragger to trike .......senior moment.

Only trike model I've had to date is a Gangster 63........ excellent plane but not sure if Mick Reeves is still making them

23/11/2018 22:42:10

All I'd say is keep it as low as you can but maintain prop ground clearence and ensure model sits level with the ground........that said, why do you want to change it

Thread: Ebay sellers...
23/11/2018 22:36:33

Just looking at his other items.........and its given me an idea.........I think I'll advertise a window for glass and no frame.........but absolutely stunning view.........collection only as its too big to post.........any takers?

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