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Thread: Greg's Cap 20L 2018 Mass Build
23/04/2018 21:39:01

Glued a lot of bits and pieces over the weekend. Plus I got to fly both Sat and Sun.





21/04/2018 17:52:55

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the comments. You maidening your Cap20L inspires me to get mine done. I followed Peter’s suggestion on size and got a OS 32F that is barely used. Took some time to find one since they are out of production. I have an ASP 0.32 in my Oodalally and it idles and runs reliably but wouldn’t say it’s real powerful. I read where the OS 0.32 has more power and since I was still building I went for it. $60US. Right wing is mostly done now and same for fuse. Going to be getting after it this weekend!! I am planning on covering in the scale colors like at the start of my post. Don’t have silver covering but have the others. Need to order a muffler extension but have everything else. Glad to hear yours flies well. I can’t wait to get mine airborne. Did fly a Sig Somethin Extra this morning. Kinda cold and breezy but still fun. Any chance you can get some video of your Cap20L in flight?

Take care and thanks,


21/04/2018 00:03:10

Greetings Gents,

Finally getting on with my Cap20L build after moving and partly duplicating my build area at my fiancé's house. She was kind enough to let me setup shop on her very large dining table so I have a dedicated wing board, fuse board, cutting mat for simple trimming, and chairs around where I stack kit boxes and supplies. I also have a cutting / sanding area in the basement equipped with good lighting, a scroll saw, and an air cleaner built via My sensitivity to balsa dust has gotten so bad I pretty much have to wear a respirator (not just a dust mask shown) when I do any building or I get super congested and sick feeling. The air cleaner eliminates the dust after working in either area pretty quick so I don't have to wear the respirator for some of the assembly. More pic to come.


Thread: Paul's CAP 20 L build 2018 MB
29/01/2018 00:24:17

Hey Paul,

I’ve been looking for different Cap 20L color schemes and think you said you were going to do red, white, and blue. I ran across the following pics that you might find helpful if you wanted to go with a full scale scheme. I personally like the one one on top.

Enjoy - Greg


Thread: Greg's Cap 20L 2018 Mass Build
26/01/2018 23:57:31


Your Cap20L is sweet. Especially the canopy and cockpit. I need to learn how to detail those areas. Peter’s recent article on this is quite timely. I’m relatively new, as you can tell, but how does one scale one of these plans by 12%? Can I simply make a copy 12% larger and proceed as usual?

Thanks - Greg

26/01/2018 23:52:16

Thanks for the feedback gentleman. Someone noted that with the cost of servos it makes sense to put them in the wings. In my Oodallaly I put Hitec HS-225s in the wing. Any other suggestion for this size plane? I run a FrSky radio system so I can program any sort of differential or mix I want but I usually keep it simple and am learning to setup the plane correctly and adjust for any coupling during flight with sticks.

Thread: Greg’s Grumpy Tigercub
26/01/2018 23:42:42


Did you see my Cap20L build post. I’m not getting done as fast as you but almost have all the parts done.

Keep up the good work.


26/01/2018 23:40:11


Yes I repaired the GTC. The way it cartwheeled I was afraid to see the damage. Much to my surprise the only harm was one of the nacelles was loosened and a small tear in the covering. Totally my fault on the landing using too much rudder and elevator. I love the plane though. It flies well and responded to commands as expected. It gets a lot of looks amount all the ARF electric guys.

Looking forward to the Cap20L and the Balletina after that.

Take care,


Thread: A Peter Miller fan in USA
26/01/2018 23:32:30


Thanks for the note and suggestion on the U/C. That’s a sharp looking Ballerina. I have mine totallled kitted but am going to build it after I build a Cap20L as part of this years mass build where I have a post there. I learn so much from the fine builders on both Peter’s plan builders page and the mass build threads. Not so much on the construction proper but more on the details like the canopy and cockpit customization and covering schemes.

Keep up the nice work,


26/01/2018 23:25:29


That would be great if you would send me the other design articles. If not too much trouble could you send me the link for decals.

Thanks - Greg

Edited By Beth Ashby Moderator on 31/01/2018 10:48:12

Thread: Greg's Cap 20L 2018 Mass Build
23/01/2018 05:25:46

Other view and info:


This one spins the plane around if you hold and drag your pointer:


A wiki on Mudry Cap 20s


Last but not least: a full scale Cap 20L performing aerobatics: Something to aspire to


23/01/2018 05:08:50

Thinking ahead for all the stuff I need my mind goes to the color scheme I might go with. The pic that Caveman posted was the first I have seen of full scale plane Peter built the Cap 20L model after. Here is the only one I could find so I've been thinking of these colors.


23/01/2018 04:43:00


I've been slowly getting my kit together and surely wont be as fast as Paul getting it together. The few plan built planes I have made in the past were done as parts, fuse first, then wings, then hardware, etc. for this build I wanted to try and assemble all the pieces-parts for the build before starting the build. I read where this helps to not stall out if you are missing something and have to wait for a shipment or head off to a LHS. I'd be curious to here your thoughts on build as you go vs.make a complete kit then start. Not sure yet on the IC power plant and if I will install bell cranks or aileron servos. Here is what I have so far...


Thread: Paul's CAP 20 L build 2018 MB
22/01/2018 15:10:02


Your Cap20L build is looking right. I’m making my Cap20L kit at the moment and will post my own thread when I have something interesting to add, like the covering color scheme I have in mind. Jumping ahead, I’ve never made spats before so I’m looking forward to that challenge. Not really sure how one hollows out the wood for the wheels. Is that done before glueing on the 1/16” ply sides or after? Could someone (Peter?) add some detail to how that is done?


I thought I read (in your Cap 21 build thread?) you tested having no lead balance and it was fine. Prob can’t hurt but my hinges are always stiff enough that I’m not sure I’d get an accurate read.

Thanks, Greg

Thread: A Peter Miller fan in USA
16/01/2018 02:35:05


You are good. You must have noticed the number on the wing as your? I any case here are my replica pics. One noting the name of the famous designer. smiley

I saw your design school article. Good stuff. How many articles do we have to look forward to?

BTW: I have started my Cap20L for the 2018 Mass Build and will make a post on that page. As always, I appreciate any comments or help along the way,




Thread: GTC by Levanter
02/01/2018 18:18:32

Thanks for the additional info on your templates. Your regular bandsaw blade can handle 1mm aluminum no problem? I take it you cut the balsa parts with a razor knife against the template and avoid having to sand to a line like I have to with paper templates. Especially helpful for ribs that are the same or have minor differences such as a notch for the dihedral brace. Got it. Thanks again.

02/01/2018 14:58:27


I’ve only used copied paper plans as my templates so I’m curious how you do that? What thickness aluminum do you use for your templates, how do you cut it, and how do you get it to match the plan. Can you cut it to the line using tin snips or is there s lot filing involved? How do you cut inside corners say like the slot of R1 where the wing dowel goes? Maybe it’s easier than I think?

Thanks - Greg

Thread: 2018 Mass Build Sign up Thread
02/01/2018 00:00:45

I’ve built a couple of other Peter Miller planes so I will join the 2018 Mass Build and get along with a Cap 20L. Build pictures to follow. - Greg

Thread: A Peter Miller fan in USA
01/01/2018 23:57:12

Greetings fellow Peter Miller plan builders,

I’ve been a silent observer (stalker?) on this site for a couple years now but thought it’s time to say hello and thanks to Peter Miller for his design work and inspiration. I posted a thread about my Grumpy Tigercub (GTC) on the 2018 Mass Build Thread so sorry if I’m being a little redundant here. First I would just like to say thanks to Peter who’s designs and building methods have inspired me to take on my first plan built models. Having only been in the hobby for 4 years I have found your build articles, postings here, and your books to be both informative and concise. Some of you might find it amusing that being in the hobby for a relatively short length of time that I would choose the GTC as my first plan build. I had flown some aerobatic sport planes before launching into the GTC but none with tapered wings or twin powered. It’s been great fun learning and my PM planes get a lot of notice at the flying fields here. Similarly, the PM planes many of you have built and posted pictures of are also inspiring. I really enjoy your creative color schemes, modifications, scaled up versions etc. I’m currently making the kit for a Cap 20L as part of the 2018 Mass Build and after that going to build a Ballerina which will be powered by a nib OS Surpass 40. Keep up the excellent works gents and I Iook forward to seeing more inspiring models in 2018 and beyond on this Peter Miller build forum. I will post a couple pictures here and more in the future now that l’ve out from undercover. Peter you’ll have to excuse me for copying you covering schemes I’m just not very creative that way. Do note I gave due credit on the Oodallaly with “Designed by: Peter Miller”on left side of fusalage. - Greg


Edited By Greg Cavey on 01/01/2018 23:57:53

Thread: Greg’s Grumpy Tigercub
01/01/2018 20:32:40

ed8bf427-bc7a-4d69-b6f0-0d3419af9c1d.jpegJan. 1 and my Grumpy Tigercub is all done. What is taking the 2018 mass builders so long? Just Kidding. I actually built my Tigercub a couple years ago and wanted to share pictures and my experince here to maybe inspire those thinking of building one. I’ve only been flying for 4 years here in the United States and the Tigercub was my first plan built plane after building a Carl Goldberg Tiger 2 kit and restoring a couple planes given to me. The Tigercub was ummm “challenging” as a first plan built project but in the end I have a great flying and awesome looking airplane.since I’m in USA my Tigercub has two Magnum 0.15 XLS engines and a Great Planes GPMQ2130 canopy but is otherwise built per instructions. Sorry Peter for copying your color scheme since I’m not too original that way. Actually it isn’t quite a copy as you will notice the top of the airlerons are black. Let’s just say it’s a good idea to double check the orientation of parts before covering.... In my small flying group we have an expert pilot that often gets the duty of maiden flights in case something is amiss and so I / we get to watch the model fly first without the stress. The Tigercub was beautiful in flight and loved the sound of the twin engines buzzing in unison. He loved the way it flys and said it’s a “hoot” to fly as he put it through its aerobatic exercises. Flew great for him but had an engine quit when I took it up. Everything was fine until Ingave it too much elevator and rudder near touch down and tip stalled it and did a cartwheel on the runway. I was relieved to find only minor damage attesting to the strength of Peter’s design. Nothing wrong with the model it just showed my lack of experience with a tapered wing plane. In summary I think anyone contemplating building this plane should go for it, you won’t be disappointed. I also built Peter’s Oodallaly since it shares the wing with the Tigercub and I cut two sets of wing parts at once. It is also a great flying plane, very fast and aerobatic. I am planning to build his Cap20L for the 2018 mass build so stay tuned. Best wishes in 2018 - Greg ae9c1757-3744-4aa6-8c9b-9be88a4b154d.jpeg41b2c424-2eee-4dc1-8d61-e5b232273bcb.jpeg

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