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Thread: Acro Wot build advice
09/06/2018 19:33:34

Hi All,

So last update on the build - thank you all for all the help, has been really appreciated. Last few photos of the build:

Wings completed - really pleased with how the servo seating came out:


Fuse all covered:


Battery box completed:


Cover - it has 2 3mm carbon rods to secure at the top and I have added a canopy lock on the front to stop it coming out mid flight.


Sorry missed a few steps, but here she is done, just need to add some stickers. Hopefully maiden tomorrow.




Cheers again all. smiley

27/05/2018 12:24:42

Hey all,

So a little more done on the Acro.

First making up the filler for the gap between the fuse and wing, I'm using Microballoons and Finishing resin:


Mix up some resin and then add Microballoons until its like peanut butter:


Really easy to apply, light and very easy to sand:

I initially tried using cling film, but found this introduced too many crinkles into the resin, so did again with wax, although no photo of that, but he's the cling film one:


Next onto some covering - the area is cleaned/prepped and vacuumed to within an inch of its life:


First all white on the bottom:


I wanted a very simple design and I am using Monokote Metallic red and Jet white, have to say first time I've used Monokote and very impressed with it so far. First I make a template using Wax paper and pin strip:


Folded the wax paper in half along the centre line and copied the pin strip on the back:


Then I used the other part of the template to ensure the lines match up and cut the Red Monokote, I used Black 3mm pin striping to make everything very clean:


Unfortunately I completely forgot to round the leading edges, so I may be taking off the covering and re-doing. I know its not going to make any difference to the flight characteristics, but I will definitely notice it.

Next onto the wing - I did the edges first in red as this will copy the same design as the tailplane and then covered the bottom all in which:


Then same again with creating a template for the top. really happy with how its come out:


Test fit to see how's it starting to come together:


right I'm off to go and fly something as the weather is looking alright if a little windy..Cheers All

Edited By Neil Collett on 27/05/2018 12:27:09

15/05/2018 06:02:22

Hey Redex,

Would love to see a photo of how you did the top hatch, also of your build if you're up for posting a couple of photos..

I have pretty much the exact same power train setup as you, do you know how many amps you are drawing using that prop?


Edited By Neil Collett on 15/05/2018 06:02:40

14/05/2018 14:12:03

Ok got some more done.

Installed the Sullivan snakes, really like these so far. I have stuck on the bottom panel already.


OK so starting the sanding of the top parts.




img_20180514_135739.jpgThank goodness for Perma grit tools, made the job easy.

Tailplane all ready to be covered with edges beveled. But next need to start cutting the canopy, not really looking forward to this.

Also got to start thinking of colour scheme.


09/05/2018 08:01:55

Ok, so haven't had much time to do more on the Acro, but a quick update.

All hinging now completed, just need to bevel the edges.

Quick test fit


No servo tray included in the kit, so had to make one up. Also Battery box is starting to come together, and front hatch now cut for battery access.  I doubled up in the firewall which should hopefully be strong enough.


Hopefully can get more done now.

Edited By Neil Collett on 09/05/2018 08:03:51

28/04/2018 08:12:39

Hi Chris,

Yes I do agree that if a company helps with setup, to go and buy from elsewhere is pretty low. I've already bought most my gear from 4-Maxx, but I was made redundant a couple of months ago (hopefully will be back in work soon), and need to save where possible. I've just purchased the motor from 4-MAXX, so looking forward to that arriving, as need to see where it's going to mount, so I know how much room I have to cut away for the battery to slide in.


Edited By Neil Collett on 28/04/2018 08:16:43

27/04/2018 20:51:50

HI All,

I'm having difficulty deciding which Electric motor I should buy, I spoken to the guys at 4-maxx and they recommended the PO-5055-595 but at £61 plus postage its expensive compared to the Turnigy G60 500KV, which at £43 including postage seems good value, although a number of reviews have commented on the magnets coming loose.

Does anyone have any good recommendations or should I be spending the extra at 4-maxx.

Wasn't sure if I can add links to the websites here, so thought best to leave them out.


25/04/2018 17:44:33

Thanks Ken, An easy life it is then.

Edited By Neil Collett on 25/04/2018 17:47:11

25/04/2018 17:22:26

OK, so I have run into a small problem. I ended up glueing a dowel along the entire length of the elevator, I also glued in the metal u piece, the dowel was an after thought when reading the update bulletins and realised I may need to add strength here .

I have already cut the hinge slots in the dowel. Pic:


But now the metal pin now overhangs at the far end, which gets in the way of the rudder.


I'm guessing there are 3 options to go for, First cut a notch out of the rudder, my favourable so far. Second shorten the front of the tail fin and move forward 3mm, or third cut the metal rod out, as i would of thought the dowel would be strong enough. Any thoughts?

Edited By Neil Collett on 25/04/2018 17:24:33

23/04/2018 17:35:57

No haven't glued the bottom panel yet, was thinking I might be able to create the supports and guide through once the covering was on, but will get in place and glue into position next.


23/04/2018 17:34:51

No haven't glued the bottom panel yet, was thinking I might be able to create the supports and guide through once the covering was on, but will get in place and glue into position next.


23/04/2018 14:05:22

Thanks Nigel will hold off until the tray is done.

Percy I am going to cover before attaching the tailplane. I have gone down the route of Sullivan snakes, and will try to if possible to finish installing after covering, will have to cut some square holes in the bottom to give access. I have enough to make a closed loop with Sullivan snakes, is it worth doing this?

Tail plane slot cut and test fit:


21/04/2018 18:56:33

Thanks percy for the Hinge Glue recommendation, definitely getting some of that, hated using epoxy before.

And Ken took your advice and used some lightweight filler and then covered with masking tape, made it simple and very happy with it.


I'm actually converting to electric, I'm waiting on a LiPo to arrive to measure and create a hatch in the bottom ply cover, really don't want to be taking off the wing every time.

Front holes drilled and about to glue in the wing retaining ply member, not sure whether to leave glueing in the dowels into the wing before or after covering!

img-20180421-wa0004.jpgthanks again all, your advice is really appreciated.

17/04/2018 19:48:04

Ok so got the top layer of glass completed - 1 question about filling the weave, do I need to add more resin, as in will this add more strength or can I use a lightweight filler to smooth out?


Starting on the tailplane next:


17/04/2018 12:29:08

Thanks Percy/Nigel for the advice, have left the front open until I can glue the wings together, just waiting for it to be a little warmer.

I've come into another problem, I'v managed to get a small twist in the airframe, it's about 1mm off, it was worse but managed to straighten a little when glueing the top balsa panel - pic:


I will try and pull out a little more when glueing the bottom panel on, but don't think it will move much now, as very stiff. Should I worry about it?


14/04/2018 19:20:41
Posted by Levanter on 14/04/2018 11:45:52:


Nail files and nail boards are perfect for opening up pinned hinge slots.


Yes love this idea, have already grabbed the wife's, I'm sure she wont mind

14/04/2018 19:19:34

Hi All,

so I'm about to glue the ply cover that holds the undercarriadge, top front balsa block and front wing attachment ply plate, this would mean once the wing is seated in the correct position, there is no way to mark where the wing dowels will be to drill into the LE of the wing, as no access to the front of the wing mount plate. Am I missing something obvious here?

I'm thinking of completing the wing then seating before any of the above steps, but could this introduce issues with slight warping from glueing in the panels thus creating a wing seating problem further down the road? I hope that makes sense.


14/04/2018 10:07:03

Many thanks for the advice Percy, I checked the tail end and lined up perfectly so lucky there I guess. I would like a building jig, going to have to do something heath robinson style on the work bench.

I do have the dupro hinge slotter and really didn't like it when I built my last model (challenger), just found it compressed the wood rather then making a slot, I may be doing something wrong.

13/04/2018 19:45:40

Ok so have done some more on the model, no thanks to the cold weather!

So sides just about done and ready to glue together:


I messed up a little with one of the fuselage spars and glued into the wrong place, (i'm sure the guys who have built one of these before will notice straight away) no massive problem, just had to file some down to allow the cot-pit deck to sit properly and then add another in the correct place.

Now glueing together - its very square so happy about that.


Also managed to get some hinging done - had to do it indoors, much to the disgust of the wife I'm really happy with them so far.


just a good old surgical knife and a ton of patience:


Don't love these hinges, find them too flimsy, I know they will hold fine, just like working with something a little more rigid and the metal ones are too expensive for this project.


1 Question on joining the wings (hopefully going to do next week when the weather is warmer) do you do one side first, wait for the first coat to dry and then add on the other side slightly overlapping at the leading edge?


10/04/2018 08:51:59
Posted by Jonathan M on 09/04/2018 22:19:18:
DX6 black or older DX6i? If the latter, then consider rechargeable Eneloop NiMh AA cells with a dedicated smart-charger from Component Shop.

Range check a minor hassle each time, but worth doing.

Acro Wot looks like its coming together smartly. 👌

Its the new DX6 - I can get a lipo pack from 4-max. Yes definitely going to be doing range checks from now on - have learnt my lesson.

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