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Thread: Horizon Hobby not Responding
28/01/2020 12:22:53
Posted by PatMc on 28/01/2020 12:14:22:
Posted by Shaun Walsh on 28/01/2020 11:44:54:

I presume you paid using a card. Contact the card provider and request a chargeback for the cost of the model on the basis that you were sent faulty goods. That should prompt HH to contact you so you can arrange return.

I think that only applies if you paid by credit (not debit) card & you haven't paid off the full amount owing.

An alternative might be to use the terms of the Distance Selling Act. Info from Which? here.

I am pretty sure it apples to both debit and credit cards and is regardless of whether you have paid all of the credit card amount off. However I think it applies to transactions over £100.

28/01/2020 11:44:54

I presume you paid using a card. Contact the card provider and request a chargeback for the cost of the model on the basis that you were sent faulty goods. That should prompt HH to contact you so you can arrange return.

Thread: Problems with Spektrum receiver ar6600t
21/01/2020 13:36:46

From the instructions:



The AR6600T/AR6270T receivers must be bound to the transmitter before they will operate. Binding is the process of teaching the receiver the specific code of the transmitter so it will only connect to that specific transmitter.

1. Connect the remote receiver (6600T only) and any telemetry sensors to the main receiver.

2. Push and hold the bind button on the receiver while powering up the receiver. Release the Bind button once the orange LED starts to flash continuously, indicating that the receiver is in bind mode. Tip: It is still possible to use a bind blug in the BIND/BATT port if desired.

3. Put your transmitter in bind mode.

4. The bind process is complete when the orange LED on the receiver is solid.


If the batteries and ESCs you have used are known to be good and you don't get any light illuminated when you follow the instructions then return the receiver for replacement.

Edited By Shaun Walsh on 21/01/2020 13:37:26

Thread: Max Thrust Riot - Upgrades
03/01/2020 09:49:26
Posted by Keith Miles 2 on 02/01/2020 21:53:59:


One could certainly speculate regarding the prop change and I was thinking along similar lines to you!

I think, as you suggest, that it might, in fairness to Century, and before making a final judgement, to drop another line to them to report my more recent findings and, indeed, to see if the motor performance figures I’m getting are, at least, what they would expect.

I think I might, therefore, put a temporary hold on buying any 4S batteries especially as, after considerable research, only an Overlander 2900 currently seems to meet all of my requirements without too much further fuselage modification and these cost between 36 and 40 quid each! It would be more financially sensible to replace the motor and ESC, if that is where the problem lies.

Unfortunately, in view of the weather outlook I am unlikely to get a chance to check out any other Riots for a while!

No need to get your coat yet.

This week, I are mostly staying indoors because it’s more a case of “freezio” than “brilliant!”.


The PO-3541-1070 motor from 4-Max is a straight swap for the standard Riot motor, even uses the same mounting plate. On a 12x6 epc prop it draws almost 40 amps from a 3S Lipo and gives a very noticeable increase in power. I upgraded the ESC to 50 amps to be on the safe side.

Thread: wont start
22/12/2019 17:37:54

What receiver is it? Is it the Spektrum AR620 which I believe has an input marked BATT but the input you need for throttle is marked 1.The BATT input is for the connection of an external BEC (not an ESC) and supplies power and everything but the throttle will work, attach the ESC  lead to 1 and you should get the throttle function to work too.

Edited By Shaun Walsh on 22/12/2019 17:38:36

Edited By Shaun Walsh on 22/12/2019 17:53:25

Edited By Shaun Walsh on 22/12/2019 17:53:55

Edited By Shaun Walsh on 22/12/2019 17:54:07

Edited By Shaun Walsh on 22/12/2019 17:54:45

Thread: Orchestra on your patch
18/12/2019 17:57:43
Posted by john stones 1 on 18/12/2019 17:14:27:

Hawkwind..In search of space.

If you could persuade Hawkwind to play at the field you could take the silencers off all the IC engines as nobody would hear them above their music. Went to see them once in Southend, was at the back with my fingers in my ears and was still partially deaf for three days after.

18/12/2019 06:23:17

OK it's not an orchestral work but how about "Crash and Burn" by Savage Garden.

Possibly follow it with "Lets go fly a kite" from Mary Poppins?

Thread: Got deep pockets, EXPENSIVE r/c DC3 !!!!
14/12/2019 19:57:42

Damn it, I was about to bid and saw "item cannot be posted to you".

Guess I will have to buy a new car instead 😂

Thread: Buying LiPo`s
11/12/2019 19:02:43

If you want 3S 2200 mah lipos then hobbyking have their Rhino brand for under £7 from the UK warehouse, they have had some good reviews. I have a dozen hobbyking graphine batteries for a couple of years and they are still good. The nanotech batteries seem to have a poor reputation but I think hobbyking have brought out a mark 2 version, don't know how good they are.

Thread: Max Thrust Riot - Upgrades
03/12/2019 16:14:11

Strangely enough, mine was just fine "straight out of the box" apart from the battery box design. Was I just lucky?

01/12/2019 15:09:32
Posted by SCRCS on 01/12/2019 14:39:05:

Is it possible to use a watthour meter to check if a servo is drawing excess current because it is binding or is the current resolution too big on a watthour meter to register. Not sure what a typical servo current is but watthour meters seem to have a minimum resolution of 10 mA.

Edited By SCRCS on 01/12/2019 14:39:31

You might be better off with a dedicated servo power analyser.

01/12/2019 13:48:33

I haven't had any problems with the esc over the last 12 months flying and the stock motor draws 27 amps with an apc 12x6. Yes, changing the esc and the motor are both very easy.

Thread: Christmas Excess
30/11/2019 18:44:47

1st December tomorrow, time to put the sprouts on for Christmas dinner

Thread: Max Thrust Riot - Upgrades
30/11/2019 07:12:22

I have a MK1 Riot and the battery bay is probably the worst feature of the model. In order to fit a decent sized battery I had to cut away the base of the bay and attach a velcro strap to the ply former underneath. The other problem is with the hatch, after some use the side catches crack and break. To strengthen them I epoxied a length of thin piano wire along the sides of the hatch on the inside to act as a torque rod, this seems to work well.

The riot responds well to a power system upgrade too, I swapped out the original motor with one from 4-Max which puts out about 400 watts which enables a vertical climb out on take off although enthusiastic use of the power does reduce flight time of course. To be on the safe side I also upgraded the ESC to 50 Amps.

Thread: Getting my head around electric motors ??
27/11/2019 11:22:45

You probably need something like this, 755 watts 1250Kv


Thread: A new caption competition - winner declared!
27/11/2019 11:09:39

Please don't take a fence.

27/11/2019 11:06:46

And this is the club's re-kitting machine.

27/11/2019 11:04:49

Get orf my land!

Thread: Spektrum DX9 Crow Programming Query
14/11/2019 23:13:45

Can you not just reverse the throttle function in the settings?

Thread: How much does an RC hot air balloon weigh?
05/11/2019 18:39:00

This does raise an interesting point.

If I am not flying my model plane the regulations don't apply.

If I am flying my plane how do I know what it "weighs".

As soon as I land and can weigh it the regulations cease to apply.

An interesting conundrum.

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