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Thread: Hobbyking Skipper
21/10/2019 08:10:42

Went flying at the weekend and after all the rain we had recently the field was very wet and soft, first flight with the Riot and on landing the wheels just dug into the soft ground and it flipped over, so out came the Hummer for hand launching and no-roll landings. A couple of other members had brought along a Skipper XL and a small home brew amphibious model and had no problems. So I have ordered a Skipper but noted that the spinner was a stuck on foam thing, can anyone tell me the spinner diameter so that I can order a proper one?


Thread: Best budget lipo?
09/10/2019 16:28:08

I have a couple of these in 3Ah 3s format. The c rating is 15 but I have had no problems pulling 37 amps from them at WOT. No performance difference from the 2200 3s 45C graphenes I have.


Thread: Spot
28/09/2019 08:44:18

Has anyone seen the Black Mirror episode "Metalhead"?


Thread: A newbie trying to save some money
26/09/2019 15:00:04
Posted by kc on 26/09/2019 12:56:28:

Buying secondhand stuff from swopmeets or Ebay etc is for those who know enough about the equipment and not for beginners! The sort of bargains Paul mentioned are rare anyway.

It is common for clubs to find a newcomer has bought equip that is quite unsuitable and therefore wasted money. Often the models are too small - most clubs like 50 to 60 inch wingspan for visibility at height- or the radio is unsuitable for the clubs instructors to connect their buddy lead.

So the advice to visit a club and see what is required is correct. Ask whether the club can provide tuition, flys both glow and electric, are there better hours for electric, and what Mode the club teaches ( Mode 1 throttle right or Mode 2 throttle left ) Most equipment sold now is Mode 2 but some clubs are Mode 1. You don't want to learn one mode and then change to another. It's also not very handy to be a mode1 flyer in a Mode 2 club or vice versa. I am a Mode 1 flier in a Mode 2 club and it means nobody can grab my Tx if something happens ( dirt in eye, stung by a wasp or heart attack etc!) and be certain of saving the plane.

It is quite likely the club will suggest a Spektrum DX6 as a good start - beware the cheaper Spektrums which come complete with models but which don't have all the features you may want. Some clubs are mostly Spektrum, some mostly Futaba but are rarely Taranis. If you buy some unusual make you may need to buy a second transmitter to use for a buddy system as the instructor will probably use Spektrum or Futaba.

Edited By kc on 26/09/2019 12:59:01

All good advice, although I learned in the 1970s on mode 1then had a 40 year break and found that my local clubs now flew mainly mode 2. It was interesting unlearning and relearning how to fly. On a couple of occasions I found myself wondering why the model was heading groundwards when I was applying full up elevator 🤔

25/09/2019 21:09:57
Posted by Denis Watkins on 25/09/2019 21:00:58:


Don't spend any money

Until you visit a model flying club

Map and location on the BMFA web site

I will second that, buy nothing until you have visited a local club and asked lots of questions of several people. If you are lucky they may have a club trainer you can try a few flight on before you commit any hard cash.

Thread: Hobbyking Voltigeur
25/09/2019 15:17:57
Posted by Colin Carpenter on 22/09/2019 14:08:44:

Club mate had one of the first ! I took the maiden and had no problems until after 4 minutes all control was lost and it nosedived and broke into large pieces ! Examination showed no reason - everything worked still. Being a foamie he he repaired it ! Second flight ditto !!😨😨 A lot of discussion and web searching followed ! He changed the original ESC and bingo !! Been ok ever since !😇 So change the speedo straight away ! Colin

One of my club mates had a similar problem with two of his models. After much head scratching he worked out that the Deans connectors on both ESCs were not providing a secure connection. After replacing the connections everything worked OK. He said that he should have realised there was a problem as sometimes when he connected the battery and closed the hatch he would get 2 sets of Esc tones as the connector broke and remade contact.

Thread: Balsacraft Limbo Dancer IC
23/09/2019 17:15:52

SLEC sell the kit, it might be worth asking for their advice.

Thread: The thread for your subscriber questions and queries **please do not start a new thread**
23/09/2019 17:10:29

Hi David

As Ken refers to the "Archive" I think he may be talking about an electronic subscription.


Thread: New tail wheel required
18/09/2019 17:45:01

Which black horse model?

Thread: Design & Build Sport Twin
15/09/2019 14:30:27
Posted by cymaz on 15/09/2019 08:30:46:

With my multi engine planes, I have a set routine when running them up. I’ve tuned mine to be off peak by 4/500 rpm. They go a bit lean in flight and you don’t want to over stress them.

I start them up and check them one at a time. Stop the first one before starting the other. That way you can tell what’s going on. Then run them both up. I don’t want to get all my engines to run at the same rpm at WOT. I’ve been told that the thinking behind running the engines t the same rpm starts up a harmonic resonance with goes through the framework . There is a definite “wa woo wa woo w woo” sound if you get them exactly the same.

Be very careful about avoiding getting any dirt into the fuel lines and tanks. I never put my fill tube on the ground and always hang it up in the start box after filling.

Always have an escape plan rehearsed just in case one engine quits. Other than that .......good luck and a great buildyes

The noise you can hear are beats caused when the two engines are running at almost the same speed but not quite, the smaller the difference in speed the lower the beat frequency until it disappears when the engines are at exactly the same speed.

Thread: Indoor model anybody?
13/09/2019 15:29:48
Posted by brokenenglish on 13/09/2019 14:27:24:

Trevor, or anyone(!), are these small helicopters excessively difficult for an average fixed wing pilot who's never touched a heli, or not?
Is there a reasonable chance of success without destroying it?

Looking at the link, I rather fancy flying one of those in my garden.

They require a slightly different skill set but not too difficult. When I was learning I bent a few minor parts by flying into things but they are fairly robust. You can pick up used blade helicopters on ebay or buy a new blade 70 for £75. I find that collective pitch helicopters require a bit more skill to fly well.

13/09/2019 10:52:23

The club I fly with uses a small church hall in the winter. We fly mainly small quads and helicopters. The only fixed wing models that can cope with the limited space are Horizon's Vapor and similar ultra light models. I think bangood can supply a selection of kits that may be suitable.

Thread: Design & Build Dornier Do 24
08/09/2019 20:50:58
Posted by McG 6969 on 08/09/2019 18:53:43:

I swear I've not been lazy, Robert. angel

I'm afraid I went back to an other of my hobbies being acrylic canvas painting. As I got an invitation for an exhibition at the end of 2018, I did spend my spring (& summer) at handling brushes and paint tubes...

And, yes Vicky is basicly built. Wing and tailplanes are ready to cover, the fuse needs its servos & pushrods positioned, battery hatch and floor to be added, etc... as they say > "80% ready, just 60% to go"...

I'm about to start the restoration of a crashed vintage Graupner glider now, but the Vicky will be next in line fore the winter months...



What Graupner glider are you restoring?

Thread: Greetings for a noob
31/08/2019 12:53:44

If you intend to fly it after you have built it find a local club, there is bound to be someone who will give you one to one tuition on building and covering.

Thread: Petrol Newbie
26/08/2019 13:27:17

No expert on petrol engines in model aircraft but it might be useful to know what type of radio equipment (2.4 GHz or 35 MHz) and the make/type of the ignition system, is it CDI etc?

Thread: A short tutorial in electric motor timing required!
26/08/2019 12:52:58

Have a look at this rather long post it may have some useful info.

Does the Esc have an auto setting?

26/08/2019 11:31:46

Which motor is it exactly?

Thread: What WOT 4 (ARTF electric)?
25/08/2019 07:40:40
Posted by jeffrey cottrell on 23/08/2019 19:43:27:

Hi Old Geezer

Thanks for the idea of Pegasus. They certainly do have quite a range, but nothing really floated my boat. especially when you look at how many they actually have in stock.
Did phone them to clarify something, and ended up having a long chat with a very helpful guy. He had a different take on why Ripmax has no stock. Sounded plausible to me.
Anyway, no help to me, guess I'll have to hold my nose and get a Riot.
Ho hum.
Being a 'glass half full' kind of guy I did see one advantage.
The Riot shares most parts with the Ruckus, which means I can buy one, airframe only, and transfer the gear from that rubbish Ruckus lying dead in my shed.
CenturyUK have an E-Bay site, so they can do me the airframe post free.
Turns a £159 mistake into a 'mere' £100 one.
That's my excuse anyway.
Meanwhile, had a look at the Wasp. see your point, definitely Gangster'ish.
Instead, wonder if you might have looked at one of these:
So much prettier, imho.
Certainly when I get a build area sorted, a Mini Kosmo is going on the list:
That's a real model.


I can recommend the Riot, have been flying one for about a year now and it has had a few heavy landings and visited two trees with only minor damage, it's pretty robust. The only niggle I have is that the battery box is pretty small, I had to cut away the bottom to fit a 3S 2200 in and the plastic clips either side of the hatch break easily, I reinforced them with thin piano wire epoxied behind them to act as torque rods.

Recently re-motored with a 4-Max 3541-1070 giving it about 400 watts it will climb vertically .

Thread: Hands free mobile calls
23/08/2019 14:44:42

My wife once asked me why I didn't talk to her when we were in the car, I replied that I was concentrating on driving. Thank god she believed me 😂

22/08/2019 17:02:09

There was a recent case were someone was found not guilty of using a handheld mobile phone because they were neither texting nor making a phone call.

You can use a handheld mobile phone if you are parked with the engine off and handbrake on.

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