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Thread: C rating on Lipo's
23/03/2019 15:41:53

Depends on the current draw of the motor and the ampere hour rating of the battery.

I fly using 3s lipos. My 2200 lipos are rated at 45c continuous which means that in theory they can supply 99 amps without going above their rating. My 3000 lipos are rated at 15c continuous which means they can supply 45 amps continuous, less than half the figure for the 2200s.

In practice there is no performance difference between the two because the motor they power draws a maximum of 25 amps, well within the rating both batteries.

So multiply the ampere hour rating of the battery by its c rating, If the figure you get is greater than the current actually drawn by the EDF then all is well and the bigger the margin the less strain on the battery.

Thread: Bills Kits Mirage 2000
26/02/2019 18:50:16

If you have a nearby hill you could forget the motor and PSS it smiley

26/02/2019 18:48:58
Posted by Steve Balaam on 26/02/2019 18:37:51:

Hi Guys

Many thanks for your responses, much appreciated.

I have discounted the EDF option, it would need a 90mm size unit and I would have to cut some large cheater holes to get sufficient air in.

The Turnigy motor looks promising, I have considered putting the motor in the nose which may lead to problems getting the CG correct but may be a solution.

My thoughts at the moment are to leave the fixed undercarriage off the plane and bungy launch and belly land the plane, if I can source some pusher folding props of the correct diameter perhaps that may be the way to go.

Pusher folding props are like hen's teeth, not only do you have to find blades with pusher orientation (or reverse the motor) but you have to stop the blades crossing when stationary which means that they don't open out when the motor restarts and can cause severe vibration. I've been trying to find a suitable folding pusher for a glider power pod project and will have to make my own or used a fixed pusher.

Bungey or catapult launching sounds a sensible alternative to an undercarriage

26/02/2019 18:26:07
Posted by Denis Watkins on 26/02/2019 18:11:42:

It is a pusher Shaun, which can be difficult to source, and drops some power

Your motor suggestion would do it BTW

It is not impossible, it is just stacking up problems, and with a delta too.

Let's see where Steve gets to.

Edited By Denis Watkins on 26/02/2019 18:13:47

Use a tractor prop reverse the motor rotation and use threadlock on the prop nut?

26/02/2019 18:05:49
Posted by Denis Watkins on 26/02/2019 17:59:15:
Posted by Shaun Walsh on 26/02/2019 16:47:01:

I'm no expert but how about something like this?


Running on a 6s should give you around 13k rpm and 150 watts/Lb if my calcs are correct.

Agree that 10" a bit small for a model that large but if it worked with a 60 nitro it might be worth a go.

Edited By Shaun Walsh on 26/02/2019 16:52:56

That's my problem Shaun

No Way would a .60 glow motor survive a 10" prop, and such a waste

Even a .46 with a 10" would get you banned from flying

3 or 4 blade 10" prop?

26/02/2019 16:47:01

I'm no expert but how about something like this?


Running on a 6s should give you around 13k rpm and 150 watts/Lb if my calcs are correct.

Agree that 10" a bit small for a model that large but if it worked with a 60 nitro it might be worth a go.

Edited By Shaun Walsh on 26/02/2019 16:52:56

Thread: Lipo advice
21/02/2019 12:14:53

As long as the C rating multiplied by the ampere hour capacity of the battery comfortably exceeds the current rating of the ESC/motor then you should be OK

For example I use Turnigy Graphene batteries, a 3s 2200 65c gives me 5 minutes flying, a 3s 3000 15c gives me 7 minutes pulling a max of around 25 amps. They both end up approximately the same temperature at the end (barely warm) and are both the same size/weight. However if I was to try to fly something requiring more than 45 amps the 2200 battery would be fine, the 3000 probably not so good.

Regarding chargers, don't forget to decide whether you want a mains or low voltage charger run off separate mains power supply or car battery or one that will run off either power supply.

I use this **LINK** and it has been very good.

Thread: Electric setup advice
05/02/2019 10:37:28
Yes we were made of sterner and oilier stuff and spoke loudly so we could be heard above the noise of a 2 stroke 60 with a venturi exhaust 😳
Thread: Eternally optimistic
26/01/2019 09:21:23

Not sure if this is OTT optimism or a bad case of fat fingers when setting up the advert.


I'll have 2 at that price smiley

Thread: FHSS flavours
17/01/2019 12:51:37

I thought that might be the case, never mind.

Thanks for the quick reply.

17/01/2019 10:11:53

I purchased at pocket money prices an Axion Excell 200 micro helicopter which was great to learn on. I also purchased an Axion Polykarpov for indoor/calm outdoor use again for peanuts. The transmitter for both is an Axion AX-4CT which says it uses FHSS technology.

Now the question is are all flavours of FHSS the same? Will the Axion transmitter work with other manufacturers' FHSS receivers?


Edited By Shaun Walsh on 17/01/2019 10:12:33

Thread: Best Heating Option For Your Hobby Shed
13/12/2018 09:55:19

Best heating option for hobby shed? Large single malt, but don't expect what you build to fly straight!

Thread: CDI interference?
09/12/2018 16:35:16
Does the CDI unit have any form of interference suppression built in, could it be failing after a few minutes use and then reverting to normal operation when the engine is turned off? From experience with car CDI units they put out a lot of voltage and produce a fat spark but can also produce a lot of radio interference.
Thread: Voltage sensor
08/12/2018 14:46:00
I presume SLA means sealed lead acid battery.
Thread: Aerostar 40 amp speed controller
18/11/2018 19:36:27
Bought a slowpoke in the hobbyking sale, it went together OK despite the instructions 🤔
Bound OK to a spektrum transmitter /receiver but when you throttle up the first thing that happens is that the motor pulses, increase the throttle a bit more and the motor idles steadily and increasing the throttle more gives progressively more power. Can anyone tell me why the motor pulses with the first increase in throttle?
Thread: BT internet email
16/11/2018 15:12:28
Posted by Stearman65 on 16/11/2018 15:00:27:

I've just received a BT Black Friday offer for a Superfast Fibre Upgrade Free with Free Smart Hub. We live in an apartment & as far as I know there is no fibre connection to our building. BT did dig a trench across our car park entrance last year & connected the next building along the road, Any one know how difficult or expensive to get fibre into our building. There are 45 apartments.?

AFAIK BT's fibre offering is FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) not FTTP (fibre to the premises) so the fibre cable goes to the green box somewhere close to the house (in my case about 100 yards away) and the last leg is completed on the legacy copper phone wire. If you live close to the cabinet you can get good speeds without the need to lay a fibre into the apartment. In my case I get 50 Mb/sec down and 12 Mb/sec up consistently

16/11/2018 08:26:29

I have been with BT for some time with, so far (kiss of death alert!), no issues. I use Firefox and Yahoo mail on BT's 50 Mb/sec FTTC and have not seen a problem. I actually get 51 Mb/sec down and 12 Mb/sec up which is fine for my needs.

A year or so ago BT had an offer on which was cheaper than I was paying at the time so I called them up and said if they gave me the deal I would sign up for another contract period as the previous one had expired. They were happy to do so, when this contract expires I will do the same again.

The other advantage of using BT is that there is no argument between BT and the ISP about where the source of any problems lie, if there is a problem it's down to BT to fix as it's all their system.

Thread: lipo battery charger
14/11/2018 13:56:47
I started with a cheap hobbyking accucell s60 charger, it still works ok but the fan became a bit noisy so I bought a JP Radiant duplex II from Steve Webb, very versatile and seems well made.

Edited By Shaun Walsh on 14/11/2018 13:57:13

Edited By Shaun Walsh on 14/11/2018 14:12:18

Thread: Civil Engineering advice needed
14/11/2018 13:28:15
We had a similar problem in our previous house.
It was sorted when the police removed the body that the previous owner had covered with the patio.
Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
20/10/2018 07:21:45
Posted by Daithi O Buitigh on 19/10/2018 22:26:31:

Actually John it's not that uncommon. I used to clean the tip of an iron by flicking my fingertip over it (it was just a learned knack).

Anyone who has used soldering irons on a daily basis can do that - the trick is in knowing HOW to do it

Alternatively, see the quote from the film "Lawrence of Arabia" below

Potter: [trying to copy Lawrence's snuffing a match with his fingers] Oooh! It damn well hurts.
Lawrence: Certainly it hurts.
Potter: Well, what's the trick then?
Lawrence: The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts.

Edited By Shaun Walsh on 20/10/2018 07:55:35

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