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Thread: Stabilisation
21/10/2018 12:27:32

Not very pleased.

Aircraft started to behave very oddly, not as before. Difficult to gain control as to what seemed to be resisting my commands, whatever mode, including manual mode.

Examination revealed that the multi-connector from the RX to the unit, had slipped. It's flimsy and doesn't secure very well.

Nearly lost control. If I bother to refit, this connector will be secured bound with tape

Thread: Which lathe
14/10/2018 21:33:08

I've had 4 lathes (and 1 CNC Mill).

I'm getting smaller as time goes on.

I've a TAIG/Peatol. Useless, and not man enough for other than clock making, and even then, it's pretty crude.

Confined to a shelf.

I've currently a Warco lathe, the digital read outs. It's my 3rd. Warco have been one of the better importers, ensuring that their quality is reasonable for the price point, and back up of suitable tooling.

They have quite a rnage. I'm sure that you'd find something suitable there.

Thread: Stabilisation
08/09/2018 12:37:25

"But they will not throttle up."


Just as I do with full size, alt controlled with throttle

Posted by Denis Watkins on 07/09/2018 20:17:39:

Used properly, stabilisation is fine Robin, but don't forget that they will maintain straight and level

But they will not throttle up.

Maintain speed as normal, and any crosswind will be taken care of too

Thread: Battle of Britain: Model Squadron
07/09/2018 19:32:40


Thread: Stabilisation
07/09/2018 19:29:26

Interesting, Denis.

Having tested approach in 2D, which is 'maintain straight and level', I'll attempt approach in 3D, "maintain attitude", with plenty sky under the wings.

Once familiarised with behaviour, I may put it into a Stuka, which has much more mass and inertia than my Multiplex Funman.

06/09/2018 12:18:19

Another test yesterday. Now trims reset and level attitude. 3D feels very odd, 2D very effective as soon as sticks centred, but even with gain up max, buffeting not really countered.

Test touch and go's: with 2D engaged, set up on heading for approach, and use throttle for height control. Seemed very effective. Repeated with unit disengaged, just as good. So not conclusive.

Not sure about this as yet, but persevere, as it's really a 'get out of trouble' for more tricky scale stuff rather than a simple trainer.

Thread: Battle Of Britain Model Squadron On Ch 4
03/09/2018 12:22:35

So that's where all the FMS Stuka's disappeared to the weekend I was after one.

Thread: Stabilisation
01/09/2018 12:45:54

Well, set it up, test flight yesterday afternoon. Fascinating characteristics in each od Mode 2D and 3D. Rock solid approaches. Much more progressive experimentation to come.

Excellent investment, and thank to the advice on here

29/08/2018 11:51:10

Arrived yesterday.

Pretty comprehensive and I'll not rush setting it up

23/08/2018 12:58:26

Pretty sure it's OK, as he'd also got a further 8 channel expansion module, and he sounded OK

Posted by Steve J on 23/08/2018 12:27:48:

Posted by Robin Mosedale 1 on 23/08/2018 12:24:10:

Also picked up a 9 channel Spektrum receiver second hand

Be very careful with second hand Spektrum receivers. There are a lot of counterfeits around.


23/08/2018 12:24:10

Thank you all.

I've ordered an Eagletree Guardian from Hobbyking. I'll test it out on a stable trainer after spending time making sure that I understand how to set it up and the modes.

Also picked up a 9 channel Spektrum receiver second hand, so when satisfied, migrate the Gaurdian to another plane, and the 9 channel gives me headroom for future growth.

Excellent help all.


20/08/2018 19:37:51

Interesting, hadn't considered Multiplex

Posted by Percy Verance on 20/08/2018 19:27:41:

Another vote here for the Multiplex G3 yes I think it's cheaper than the Eagle job mentioned earlier. I paid £40 odd quid for mine about 18 months back. Probably a bit more now.

Tom. I wonder why the pilot didn't simply switch the stabiliser out and fly away from the tree? That's assuming the unit he was using was on/off switchable from the tx? The Mpx G3 certainly is......

Edited By Percy Verance on 20/08/2018 19:31:13

20/08/2018 19:35:42

The Hobbyking unit: Eagletree Guardian as in discussion here?

>Posted by Nik Harrison on 20/08/2018 18:43:03:

I went for the separate gyro route having run out of channels on the AS3X. First tried the HobbyKing unit but that failed on me on the first flight. Second went for the Multiplex Multigyro G3 unit. More expensive and you have to work through the poor german/english translation but it does work. Had no problems flying and landings are lovely. The Rx I'm using is the Spektrum AR8000 in a Nijhuis A400. I did have the advantage of space in the fuse though. Definitely recommend the Multiple unit.

20/08/2018 19:33:19

Well, Tom, I can do that, even in full size, if I set heading hold, it'll do just that.

No doubt the modes were too complicated for this flyer.

Posted by Tom Sharp 2 on 20/08/2018 17:40:29:

I saw a plane recently fitted with the full stabilization gubbins, it flew determinedly into the tallest tree around, despite the efforts of the pilot to divert it.

20/08/2018 13:08:51


Well, this looks like it's this one.

The things that tipped me were:-

1. It states clearly what it is capable of

2. It clearly shows the connection set up

3. The documentation is easily found, comprehensive, clear and unambiguous.

4. It does stabilization, attitude lock and much more

I'm going to give this a trial and may become the standard if successful

Fabulous responses all.

Many thanks


Posted by Jason Inskip on 18/08/2018 19:24:41:

I would second an eagletree guardian. Separate unit, very customizable, much more effective that the Lemon stabiliser+, and it will allow dual aileron and aileron differential.

Free shipping to the uk from hobbyking EU warehouse at the moment:

Edited By Jason Inskip on 18/08/2018 19:25:21

18/08/2018 18:23:04

The modes are comprehensive, probably more than anyone really needs, but attitude hold/wing levelling appeals for nice locked approach/finals

Posted by Denis Watkins on 18/08/2018 15:54:09:

Posted by Robin Mosedale 1 on 18/08/2018 13:16:01:

Anyone come across these:-

HOBBYEAGLE A3 Super 3 6-Axis Gyro & Flight Controller Stabilizer Half Set Program Card for RC Airplane Drone UAV


What are you looking for in the above Robin?

For fixed wing, there are cheaper and simpler options

18/08/2018 18:21:12

This confused me Mike until I realised that they only work with FRSKY tx's.

See the opening post

Posted by Mike Blandford on 18/08/2018 14:38:08:

For FrSky, the S6R and S8R stabilising receivers are only a couple of pounds more than the X6R and X8R. You may configure them with the stabilising function turned off, so I reckon you might as well always get them.

They may be configured from the Tx (assuming you are using ersky9x or openTx).


18/08/2018 18:18:08

Thanks Kim, that's what I thought

Posted by Kim Taylor on 18/08/2018 12:40:28:

You can do differential aileron and flaperon / spoileron with the Lemon Stab+, but you must not select 'auto level' with these features enabled, apparently.

I've got a couple of these receivers and (for me) they work well enough as rate gyro's but (again, for me) not so well in auto level, so I just don't use auto level.


18/08/2018 18:17:32
Posted by cymaz on 18/08/2018 05:43:02:

This looks more than interesting

I have one of THESE as separate from the Rx . Works well

18/08/2018 13:16:01

Anyone come across these:-

HOBBYEAGLE A3 Super 3 6-Axis Gyro & Flight Controller Stabilizer Half Set Program Card for RC Airplane Drone UAV


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