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Thread: CAA ID number discussion
24/02/2020 14:52:48


If I remember correctly the CAA predicted 180,000 rc flers who needed to register. They are struggling with 60,000to 80000 presumed members who have applied. It would be interesting to see the grand total of flyers who have registered.

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
17/02/2020 14:15:29

I wonder if the CAA are having issues with the migration of BMFA FPV etc names to there new super computer system and also does it mean that our £9 starts in june instead of Jan, just a thought.

Thread: Model flying photos you're proud of
10/10/2019 11:26:30

Phill Noel design Lockheed Constellation support aircraft for Blue angels and model is still flying.

Photos by Chris Jones


connie landing.jpg

Thread: Latest CAA Update
05/09/2019 13:09:15


Just been reading this forum has anyone thought about with location tracking that the CAA/police could fine people (by post?) for infringing e.g height regulations or going out of a certain area because of the model being tracked? These settings could be set by a central control centre.

Just a thought.


02/09/2019 13:33:36

Hi just seen this on bbc website police have taken no action. its pretty obvious what rules have been broken.

See what happens after november.


Thread: Interesting reply from email to Richard Moriarty, CAA
07/08/2019 14:58:18

Yes I totally agree see what happens (hold back), chance to build those models you always wished for. But going on past history with the govermant and their computer systems I think they will be a delay in getting the system up and running.

07/08/2019 14:45:34


Thank you for the reply Alan thats made it clearer, if you are a owner and do not fly no need to register, but as soon you intend to fly say 6 months after you have finished the model you need to register the model and carry id number. My position I will be unable to fly over winter this year due to commitments so I do not need to worry about registration until I start flying again next year. Is this correct?

07/08/2019 14:29:52


I believe down here (kent) they are not police (but still not sure) I believe contracted by the police to operate the cameras, I need to look at it more closely, but what I have seen the vans look like police vans but have on the side something like 'road safety enforcement' and what I have heard run by civillians.

Edited By Peter Robinson 9 on 07/08/2019 14:31:39

07/08/2019 14:05:44

Hi peter

Thats the way I look at it, its the actual flight is were the offence or no offence lies. We could end up with a car load of models and been arrested for possession because they are not registered. Hmmm I will wait for more detail which I doubt will not happen and the authorities will not know what to do legally. I also will suspect that the enforcers will be a private company working on behalf of the caa and the police will have nothing to do with it, like traffic wardens and police speed traps all private companies.

07/08/2019 13:50:07


Must not dust any of my models, Looks like from the question Q501 that to fly you have be registered to comply with the rules(thats ok no problem with that) but sitting on the ground stationery un-registerd will this be allowed ? I cant see you been arrested for displaying a model. Maybe we need some more clarification .


07/08/2019 13:16:03

Hi Alan

Ok, Hmmm at what point are you breaking the law, for instance if you take a model upto the field but do not fly the model just to show the club but it is equipped to fly are you breaking the regulations, when the model becomes airbourne you need to register to be legal. Or is the case you have built a RTF uas so need to register. Just trying to figure out at what point you are breaking the rules. For instance at the club field if everyone is on the ground not flying and the CAA turn up are the rules being broken. I would think that in a court of law no-one has done anything wrong because they are not airbourne is just a collection of models. It might be a stupid question but it went through my mind.


07/08/2019 12:50:59

Hi Jeremy

ok thanks, just seems stupid to have a cut-off date. One more question, if you just build models for the pleasure and do not fly them do you still need to register, I am sure there will be a few modellers who do not fly but love building.


07/08/2019 11:42:11


Just a quick question it states The CAA will be launching an awareness-raising campaign to ensure that new and existing operators and remote pilots of small unmanned aircraft (SUAs) are aware of the requirement to register and take a competency test by 30 November 2019."

what happens to new people who want to take up flying from december onwards, why is there a cut-off date. I would of thought registering would be open all the time. Have I got this wrong?


Thread: Multiplex Dual Receivers
17/07/2019 19:32:36


i ordered a profi 12 last week through a model shop, so I knew I had to wait for them to order (no stock) .i rang Perkins yesterday they had no stock of any profi so they got in touch with multiplex and they told them that profi 9,12 are discontinued the only one which is available is the special edition. To pricey for me at over £1000. So I started to ring around up and down the country all the shops that said they had them in stock but none had one in fact the amount of shops I rang it looks like they is none in the country. Today I started looking at the sx16 elegance which is available without any problems from the suppliers and shops, having a think now what to do.


17/07/2019 14:18:48

Hi, I am looking at the royal sx16 now even though it a older set it seems to have the functions I want. The cockpit sx looks modern the switches are believe are not assignable. I do like flying with a neckstrap and pinching the sticks as oppose to thumbs. So the switches on the side are not what I need. The royal has 2 switches on the side but I can dis-regard them and put the switches on top. I checked out the Lindinger website no profi available but looks a good website.


17/07/2019 11:41:52


Thanks I will check it out.


17/07/2019 08:39:16

Hi Just another quick question why have multiplex stop making the profi tx's except the special edition? I am after a profi 12 cant find them any were, model shops keep saying they are in stock when in reality they have no stock. Really frustrating I will have to carry on using my 20 yr old 4000


17/07/2019 07:40:14


Thank you for the info greatly appreciated multiplex instructions tend not to be clear in what you can do in that kind of setup.


16/07/2019 09:30:39


Just a quick question if I want to double up on recievers and I am using a 9channel rx can I use a 7ch rx to increase diversity even though I using 9 channels for flight. Do I have to use two 9ch rx's for it to work?


Thread: Extending Receiver NiMH 6V pack leads
17/06/2019 08:35:30


For info, What I tend to do is not use the connector on ex leads cut the plug off (battery and ex lead)and solder directly to the lead on the battery to make one lead, or open the heatshrink and solder to the tags on the battery. Saves on connections.


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