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Thread: Any BT or similar engineers out there
08/01/2019 12:06:43
Oh I see you've had engineers visit. Did they say they weren't skilled. Not all engineers are skilled to work in underground network, basically all newer engineers and subcontractors. I've been on plenty of jobs where this was the case.
Thread: club drone ban
08/01/2019 07:36:26
I would see that move as being a bit of a traitor to be honest.
Thread: Any BT or similar engineers out there
08/01/2019 07:13:49
You are right it is a real shower of **** sometimes. I am a Openreach engineer currently. The issue can be a physical network issue like no spares from DP, faulty cables underground to the cabinet or some breakdown in comms between provider and Openreach. Basically until an engineer turns up and they tell you will never know. You won't get a straight answer until that happens. Sad but true.
Thread: Attention newbies !!!
24/09/2018 19:35:10
I still love my twin boom pusher plane and I'm looking to rebuild it entirely of correx. Fuse and rear stab are currently correx but really want the same durability with the wings. Made a few dummy sections to experiment and I reckon I've got a plan.
Thread: Battle of Britain: Model Squadron
19/09/2018 18:43:37
It's like anything really do a bit of research and it's not too complicated. I jumped straight into FPV, firstly because I suck at LOS flying and second because it's awesome and like a video game. You can buy a simple all in one camera/VTX that is nice and compact just need to power it from spare channel on RX or plug straight into lipo balance port. My system is all separate as I can run a better camera. As far as goggles box goggles are dirt cheap now.
14/09/2018 13:29:14
Tried putting it on with the missus she was having none of it. Had to watch on catch up. Was a good fun geek-a-thon.
Thread: What is it/
01/08/2018 19:01:50
I did speak to a HAM radio enthusiast recently and got onto this topic. He said high powered transmitters aren't good for you, and can cause cell damage in your body. Not sure how true that is, was an interesting conversation none the less. Maybe this has something to do with the 25mW limit.
Thread: Whoops!
27/07/2018 18:37:36
By the time we lost visual it was behind some trees and even a sprint wouldn't have got visual, my spotter/friend is certainly no sprinter. After that all was lost so I initiated failsafe as I knew it would bring it down quickly and hopefully not in the next patch of trees I saw in the goggles before the picture went. I wasn't even going to attempt to save the model. Its only a three channel so no rudder and it's by no stretch a glider, but it does get a bit of a lick on which got caught me out big style.
27/07/2018 11:16:36
Hands up I admit I made a mistake and paid for it. I normally stay within a few hundred metres of my location and always within visual sight. I was caught out big time and you don't realise just how much ground you can cover in such a short space of time. Which is why I fly where I do to be honest.
27/07/2018 11:05:16
Don't worry I had a friend there too but he lost visual in the sun and things happened really quick, too quick to grab control etc. Like I said lessons were learnt for sure. It was a huge open deserted area of heathland also.
27/07/2018 10:19:36


Well that one lasted long, lol! This was the result of me getting disorientated and basically heading the wrong way and ultimately losing VTX signal. I was buddying my 8 year old at the time and I always say to him don't lose sight of where we are on the ground, so what did I do, IDIOT!. The only smart thing I did was as soon as I lost picture I turned TX off to hit failsafe. Funnily enough I'd set failsafe earlier same day to basically power off and turn slightly. But being a bank and yank this basically just initiated a death spiral and It went in hard even snapped the 8mm carbon spar! still it didn't run away. It ended up about 1km away and I managed to locate it using google maps and straight away I could see where I went wrong as the lay of the land looks remarkably similar in two places. I also replaced my lost model alarm the same day which helped loads when I got close. I was recording flight using a cheap and nasty SQ12 mini cam which unfortunately I lost, would've made a good video that. Lessons were learnt and luckily it will only cost me a new spar and a bit of foam board, I'll be back!




Edited By Mark Woodroffe on 27/07/2018 10:22:36

Thread: Cheapo scratchbuild
25/07/2018 18:52:30
Biplane pusher well that's a bit different for sure. I'll definitely look into that one, cheers Chris.
25/07/2018 17:50:56
So true David. Thing is while I like this a lot and it fits what I do just can't but think onto next project, I got the bug, BAD!😁
25/07/2018 16:24:00
Just a bit of willing and a bit of time all it takes really. Cheers
25/07/2018 13:57:51
Was easy to build lots of info out there YouTube is great for tutorials.
Being practically minded helps too. Oh and measure twice cut once!😀
25/07/2018 13:46:19
Thanks Nigel. Wingspan is 1m, nose to tail is 750mm, wingchord is 180mm. Wings are made from foam board from Hobbycraft, fuse and tail section are correx courtesy of a local estate agent, booms and wing spar are carbon fibre tube from eBay. I didn't follow a plan as such just went with what looked proportional if you see what I mean.
25/07/2018 13:28:54

Just thought I'd share a pic of what I'm currently flying. I'm still under a year into the hobby and went the route of self taught which went ok(ish) but did up up with my first plane(an AXN floater) in two pieces. My main goal was FPV but while easier than LOS still resulted in breakages nearly every time I flew. In the end I decided to build my own. I used loads of design cues from various sources but now in its second incarnation I've ended up with this and its TOUGH. While it certainly aint pretty it flies great. Now proximity FPV is what I do most of the time and I'm loving it, Just wanted to show you don't need to break the bank to have fun.

twin boom.jpg

Thread: new to flying
23/07/2018 19:20:08
You can teach yourself with a good simulator I taught myself. Am I as good if someone with experience had taught me, definitely not. I proved that only other day to my cost.On the plus side I like building my planes good job really.

Edited By Mark Woodroffe on 23/07/2018 19:22:04

Thread: suggestions on throw launch plane for flying on rough grass pasture land
18/07/2018 18:39:21
Why not make something. Way more rewarding flying something you made. Doesn't have to be scale made from balsa etc. My scratch build with folded foam board wings, correx fuse, carbon spar and twin booms was so tough. I smacked trees, cartwheeled and still came back for more. Only a full on fast nose in to concrete damaged the wing beyond repair. Only cost me ?5 for some more foam board.
Thread: expo for beginners yes or no ?
04/07/2018 12:13:56
I taught myself to fly(badly) and when I started I didn't even know what it was so everything was set to default 100% rates 0% expo. But that was a very doctile leccy glider. Now my current plane is a different beast so sensitive without expo and reduced rates. It's totally dependent on the plane.
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