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Thread: pop bottle cowls
16/12/2018 15:01:52

I have had success with both thick and thin.

Generally used 2 litre Pepsi [ burp] bottles.

Used on my 12 scale combat models.

Thread: Epoxy or Polyester Resin
08/12/2018 15:23:27

Using epoxy

Getting the right ratio is critical It may be different by weight or by volume. I have used graduated syringes and more recently electronic scales.

Understand the difference between laminating resin and finishing resin.

Do not thin it. If you want a runny consistancy warm the components before mixing.

The strength comes from the carbon fiber not the resin. Use just enough resin to fully wet out the tows.

Wear protective gloves.

Do not dry sand it NOT EVER.If you do you are likely to become sensitized and have severe allergic reactions to epoxy. Ask me how I know this.

Thread: Propellers for Mills .75
04/12/2018 16:24:28

My Mills 75s original and replicas always seemed happy on a 7 x 4 preferably a Master or Grey Graupner to reduce the chance of bending that vulnerable crankshaft.

As for centralising the prop I used a bit of silicone fuel tubing TOP TIP if the prop wont start on the fuel tubing cut a longer piece that will overhang the propshaft thread. Push the prop on and cut of the excess.

29/11/2018 15:42:09

It can actually simplify installation and set up in large models where you have multiple servos on the same flying surface.

and you have a nose wheel steer servo which needs to be deactivated when the gear is up.

and so on.

Thread: Building board
24/11/2018 17:53:38

Consider a slab of marble try a salvage yard for an old bit of bedroom furniture or a damaged piece of granite worktop. This will not warp unlike MDF or ply.

Glue on cork tiles and you are good to go.

That is what I did.

Thread: Low wingers,very twitchy,recommend expo.YES/NO
23/11/2018 15:33:32

Definitely get a more experienced club member to have a fly and see what they think. A slightly rearward CG can make it twitchy.

If they pass it as fit to fly then expo is one route to go down. On a Futaba I did not find it worth while to go for less than 30%.

Another thing to try is setting low rates elevator and aileron to 60% and try this at altitude. NB It is worth having a helper to move the switch while you concentrate on flying.

Thread: Prop Life?
18/11/2018 14:52:50

I was always led to understand that nylon props needed to be boiled before use then every few years.

Back in the days when I flew CL combat this was certainly true.

Thread: Fleet Control Systems
08/11/2018 16:02:07

If contemplating flying a 35 mhz Fleet unit in company it is a good idea to take the two adjacent pegs. I do not know if we just saw a few rogue sets but some did have a 'splattery' RF output.

Thread: Engine advice
06/11/2018 16:32:54

My 1/4 scale Stampe flew very nicely on an OS 120 Surpass 4 stroke. Take offs from our grass strip were scale like on half throttle. The only time I can remember using full throttle for long was when I made it knife edge.

Unless your Bucker Jungman is a real lardass a 180 4st should do the job just fine.

Thread: IC Models-Should we be worried?
05/11/2018 17:36:04

I have just w read the report on a RC flying competition with 128 entrants and a ladies class with 12 entrants. The overall winner was 15 and the ladies 11.

OK it was electric drone racing but there was lots of young interest there. They reminded me of the sort of people who used to fly control line combat in the 60s and 70s. You know the days when you got 128 entants by April every year.

Will todays drone racer still be flying drones in 10 years time ? Probably not. But we still have young RC flyers they just are not flying Junior 60s Jackdaws and Robots.

Thread: Binding wire for solder joints
01/11/2018 03:05:00

Boats should be wired with tinned copper wiring. If passing a chandlers drop in and check there off cuts box.

A foot of heavy battery cable should do a few carts

Thread: ABC pinch on new motor
28/10/2018 15:46:00

A hot air gun on the cylinder will make it easier to hand start.

As others have said it is really important to get them up to running temp ASAP. short bursts of full throttle and a few seconds of slow running. It is important to use a smaller than normal prop.

Thread: Some nice engines for sale
28/10/2018 15:33:18

Total pussy cat to hand start although a leather glove is always a wise precaution.

Thread: Building, when does it become too expensive to fly
24/10/2018 18:02:55

I wonder what the most expensive crash ever was.

The B 52 with 8 turbines built by Gordon Nicholls and crashed at the 2004 nats must be a candidate.

He certainly is not afraid to fly expensive stuff.

Thread: Did you start with ARTF and move to building from kits or vice versa?
22/10/2018 16:17:29

Started with KK 3 shillings and 9 pence kits over 60 years ago, I even got some of them to fly especially when I discovered Pirelli rubber.

For 40 years built almost all my stuff from plans.

It was only in the last 20 years that I started buying kits and the odd ARTF.but still built stuff from scratch.

Thread: High Start Beginner
10/10/2018 21:11:59

Oooh this thread brings back memories of summer evenings spent in a school playing field surrounded by factories and car parks. I had a fairly wussy bungee but it was enough to get my Flair Sunrise high enough that I could go sniffing for lift off the car parks and factory roofs. 30 minute flights were common place.

I learned a lot about milking the most from weak lift and how to fly as efficiently as possible.

Thread: Advice required on what to build next
07/10/2018 16:30:41

What about something from the Ben Buckle range.


Thread: Transmitter Stick Length and Tension
30/09/2018 20:50:19

I fly thumbs on end because a I learned that way 50+ years ago and because I am a 3 D loon who also flies combat.

Most of the great pattern flyers especially the continentals fly pinch with trays. If you want perfect 5 second slow rolls that is the way to go.

When I was flying pattern I was advised to swap to pinch and tray which I did and my scores improved but it always felt clumsy some how so I did go back to thumbs.

Thread: Depth Perception.
29/09/2018 20:36:53

I used to teach people to fly from a short strip with a 5 foot hedge on the approach. One novice had depth perception problems and would either hit he hedge or arrive to high.

I cut out a full size plywood side view of a trainer painted it white and placed it just to the pilot side of the approach on the hedge. This helped a lot.

Thread: Fuel proofer for petrol?
29/09/2018 20:23:37

For an engine bay I would use epoxy resin. Warm it uo so it flows nicely.

For petrol proofing a rattle can finish they do a clear cote specifically for motorcycle fuel tanks. I had good results with this over a rattle can finish.

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