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Thread: Depth Perception.
29/09/2018 20:36:53

I used to teach people to fly from a short strip with a 5 foot hedge on the approach. One novice had depth perception problems and would either hit he hedge or arrive to high.

I cut out a full size plywood side view of a trainer painted it white and placed it just to the pilot side of the approach on the hedge. This helped a lot.

Thread: Fuel proofer for petrol?
29/09/2018 20:23:37

For an engine bay I would use epoxy resin. Warm it uo so it flows nicely.

For petrol proofing a rattle can finish they do a clear cote specifically for motorcycle fuel tanks. I had good results with this over a rattle can finish.

Thread: wing tubes
19/09/2018 20:59:59

Nothing wrong with ali outer tubes but the lighter firerglass tubes will do just fine. They are just a way of transferring the load to the wing structure from the heavier inner ali tube.

If I was building it I would use the lighter glass tubes, after all lighter models fly better.

Thread: Mini / Midi servos
13/09/2018 03:52:45

I have used Ripmax SD 200s in a variety of applications with no problems. 6 v is no problem don't know about 74 v

Thread: What would be a good first Balsa build
31/08/2018 20:11:00

Everybody should have a Phil Kraft Ugly Stick in their fleet. Easy to build and flies much better than it looks. Also hard to screw up.

It now comes in a variety of sizes so pick one and go for it.


An Astro Hog is another possibility. [ Reduced dihedral variant ]


Thread: Eureka moments
21/08/2018 22:22:43

Magnetic knife holder fitted under the shelf above the building board

Extractor fan with flex hose to remove nasty fumes.

Post It notes for mixing epoxy

Adjustable reading light mounted above building board.

21/08/2018 22:22:37

Magnetic knife holder fitted under the shelf above the building board

Extractor fan with flex hose to remove nasty fumes.

Post It notes for mixing epoxy

Adjustable reading light mounted above building board.

Thread: Wing joiners/tubes
19/08/2018 21:43:43

I would be using a carbon fiber tube rather than brass, wire or 1/16th ply.

More details needed before I could recommend a size

Thread: Any recommendations...fiction
19/08/2018 21:27:46

Dies the Fire by Sterling is good. It is the first of a series, the first 3 or 4 are excellent.

Bitten by Kelly Armstrong much better than most of the werewolf genre.

Thread: Panic bipe servo advice
18/08/2018 23:18:45

Anything from a Ripmax SD200 up will do on the ailerons.

Get something with a bit of extra grunt on the rudder if you want to knife edge. Digital is better too. I think I used a Futaba 3152 on mine.

Thread: Stolen airliner
13/08/2018 16:00:41

I am impressed with the aircraft staying together.

I often wondered if an airliner would stay together through those sort of manouvres.

After all a pilot managed to break the fin off an Airbus 300 in level flight just with the rudder pedals.

Thread: OS 120 E four stroke Engine
10/08/2018 23:26:57

Saito 125s are available of the shelf AFAIK.

Not cheap though but quality rarely is.

Thread: Scale resources - Pensacola Naval Aviation museum
18/07/2018 20:14:55

I visited some years back. It is amazing. I particularly liked the section from the aircraft carrier island that included some of the pilot briefing and readiness rooms.

Thread: Flea Fli RCME July issue free plan
17/07/2018 21:05:12

I built a Flea Fly from the original free plan back in the late 60s. Built as per plan with a Veco 19 rc it flew very well and would do OK flying the full aerobatic schedule of the day.

It had Kraft RC gear with their small servos. I built it light.. Today a Magnum 15 would fly it nicely.

I flew the snot out it for years and have fond memories.

Thread: expo for beginners yes or no ?
04/07/2018 00:15:41

I have taught a few people to fly and don't ever remember resorting to expo. A properly set up trainer does not need it and IMHO it is better if there is an obvious effect on the plane if the stick is moved otherwise the beginner is tempted to jam the stick right over if he thinks nothing is happening.

Flying pattern I use expo on elevator rudder and ailerons as I can be smoother especially when applying corrections. I will have 2 or 3 rates settings with different expo. Learned a lot about this sort of set up from a top us classic pattern guy he told me that this was the way to go to look smooth. Almost as good as transmitter tray and extra long sticks.

I am also a 3D hooligan and have expo on elevator and ailerons . Usually about 40 % If I have overpowered the model I might play around with altering the throttle response low down using the pitch curve option

Thread: Covering models with GRP.
26/06/2018 21:43:01

Over the years I have tried brushes credit cards and blotting with toilet paper. Results were OK but getting a good finish meant lots of work and lots of care to avoid lifting or dragging the cloth.

Then I tried using small foam rollers. I found this to be both easier and quicker as there was no tendancy to drag the cloth. It was also easy to control the amount of resin applied.

BUT BEWARE not all foams are suitable some dissolve in the resin. Not good.

So try a roller you won't go back to brushes or credit cards.

Thread: Hi Nitro Glow Fuel
24/06/2018 00:58:46
Posted by Jon - Laser Engines on 14/06/2018 11:00:58:


Im in full agreement with ED about castor. Its day is done in modern engines and with a decent synthetic 10% oil is likely to be more than enough. My 21 size nitro car engine runs 16% nitro and 10% oil. Its doing nearly 40,000rpm flat out so if 10% oil is enough for that its enough for anything!

I would disagree with 10% being sufficient for aero use. It is OK in cars because they never run at full throttle for more than a second or two.

15 % was my SWAG for minimum and as I was nostalgic about the smell of caster added 2% for luck and also in the belief that it might provide some last ditch lube in case of a lean run.

I used to run a OS 15 CVA on 25% nitro straight out of the box for 12th scale combat.

I also used the MVVS 20 with the mini pipe. These would not run out of the box on 25% requiring a head shim to lower the compression ratio.

I never went beyond 35% nitro but was told that beyond 40 % you needed to add 2 to 3 % of nitrobenzene to get the nitromethane to mix. NB I was also told that there were considerable health risks associated with nitrobenzene.

This mix came from Bill Wisniewski who knew a thing or two about going fast.

The fuel I have been using is as follows: 15% castor oil, 5% polyoxide oil (which is available from outboard boat racing shops), 10% nitro-benzine, 55% nitro-methane, 15% methanol. This should be mixed at least one week before using and stored in dark bottles.

It worked really well in a Eta 29 in a class B team racer.

Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
21/06/2018 23:05:10

Mystampe 024.jpg Stampe

21/06/2018 22:57:55

Loved my President Stampe in Penquin livery. A proper build and I am glad I bought a 120 fs for it instead of the ST 90 I had planned to use. Low passes with the motor burbling away were great.

It was great to do proper scale like take offs getting the tw off first and a gentle climb out.

Slow rolls were a treat and I loved the side slip approach with fully crossed controls.

I will add a pic when I work out how to do that.

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