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Thread: CRRC 26cc - Plane suggestions
09/06/2019 18:24:52


I'm always weary that some of my models turn out a little overweight wink however your point is well taken. I don't have much experience in the Gas sector so I don't have such a good gauge of power for these types of motors compared to Diesel or Glow. Thanks for the input.


That's good to hear, like anyone I assume I enjoy a plane with plenty of power to get me out of sticky situations! That Glassair looks lovely, I'm sure it's lots of fun to fly. Thanks again.

09/06/2019 15:18:46


That most certainly is interesting! Always liked the idea of a Pilatus PC6, I'm sure it'd be quite versatile. I'll have to look further into that.


That Yak looks fantastic, what is the power like with the CRRC? As Chris said earlier they aren't considered to be too powerful I hear.

08/06/2019 14:45:36


Thanks for the info, I'll have a poke around and see if I can find some interesting models for a 120 size 4 stroke. I've got a few different sizes of props around the 17x8 mark and will experiment and see which one gives the best noiseower ratio!


The WOT 4 XL is an obvious choice that I hadn't considered! I'll look more into one, I was not necessarily looking for a blown up trainer, but we all know how versatile the WOT 4 can be. If it had enough grunt I could imagine it becoming a nice tow plane. Thanks.


I've always liked the idea of a space walker, and with Seagull's usual quality I'm sure it'd be brilliant. Thanks for the suggestion.

08/06/2019 08:07:36

Hi there,

Having recently come into possession of a CRRC 26cc motor, I’ve been thinking of models to put it in. Having searched the web for a short period of time I’ve come across plenty of interesting 30cc size and 20cc sized models, but I see that 26cc is an awkward size. Seeing as I do not have a lot of experience with Gas engines and model matching for them, I was hoping that I could get some good suggestions for a suitable model from all you knowledgeable people out there.

Thanks a lot,


Thread: OS Max 60 - spray bar and needle valve replacement
16/05/2019 16:20:10

I'd just like to specify that this is an OS Max-H 60 in question, similar to the model below:

I'm not sure where to get a replacement for something that old other than spares and repairs on eBay. Maybe someone knows something else that will fit?

os max-h 60.jpg

Thread: Ben Buckle Mini Super - Build
12/05/2019 16:05:09

Quite right Steve! Had it up for the second time today and after a healthy prime it starts straight away! I am happy to report that the model flies nicely, it certainly has a lot of Poke with the Irvine.

Ray, thanks for the tip, I have noticed some quantities of black stuff flying out the exhaust. I will make some compression adjustments next time I fly it. Forgot to bring alan keys to adjust the compression as you may remember there are two grub screws that hold it in place.

Solly, it is a wonderful engine... It makes me wonder why people don't fly diesels any more. It starts easier than some of my glow engines and runs just as well. I haven't seen what price the 20 sells on for but I watched an Irvine 40 diesel go on eBay for £150+. I think i'll wear this one out rather than selling it. It's almost a collectors item with how rare it is!

Thank you everyone who contributed to this thread, when building other models sometimes I look on the internet for guidance. I wanted this thread to be a reference for anyone building the Mini Super to look at and see someone else's idea of how to construct it and then improve upon it. I'm glad it's checked of the list and with this turn of nice weather I hope it will have lots of miles put on it over the summer.

Thank you all,


04/05/2019 18:16:32

Well, I finally got around to finishing the Mini Super. Everything is in and is all working. I'm hoping to maiden it soon if the weather holds up hot.

Here are two pictures of the Irvine 20's first run in the model. (It really is a brilliant little motor, it starts easier than some of my glow engines.)



09/04/2019 21:45:45

I can’t wait to be crouching by my model flicking that motor over endlessly while everyone else is flying laugh

09/04/2019 18:13:31

Well, it's been a while...

I've been doing bits and bobs on the Mini Super on and off since my last posting, it's now at the point where I've covered it, hinged the control surfaces, made the pushrods and added the appropriate mountings for the elevator. It's been covered in the left overs from my Arising Star which needed a recovering at the start of 2019. Now before the maiden I'm just waiting for some bits and bobs to arrive from eBay to complete the model.




Thread: Tony B's replica
13/03/2019 20:55:05

Looks ace so far Tony, really good work.


Thread: Acrowot ARTF thrust angle
13/03/2019 20:45:10

Hi Bob,

My acrowot flies on a ripmax Quantum 55 II motor and has no thrust line problems at all. The angle that comes on the firewall is just right for what you'll want. If you're using those standoffs that come with the 'Electric conversion kit' then you shouldn't have any issues with getting the motor mount parallel with the firewall. If for whatever reason you there are thrust line issues, perhaps if you're using a different prop size and motor combination then you can simply stick some washers on the ends of the standoffs to angle the motor in the direction that it needs.

Good luck on the maiden, they fly like they're on rails!


Thread: New Drone/Aerodrome Regulations - Is your club at risk?
13/03/2019 20:35:41

We're already on an active airfield at Langar so I don't expect much to change for us hopefully...

Thread: YAD (Yet Another Drone) and its idiot
23/02/2019 07:41:15

It's a real shame that there are people who ruin the hobby for the rest of us! There are those who mis-use drones but there are also people who use them correctly and safely. I agree with supertigrefan that both fixed wing and drone pilots have mis-used drones and planes, perhaps the media tends to focus more on drones because there are very few designated places to fly them. Fixed wing pilots tend to fly at model clubs which are obviously safe to fly at whereas drone pilots don't really have the same facilities. Perhaps if there were more drone clubs then we wouldn't hear about them as much?

I'm not sure but it would be a shame for anything else to happen on the drone side of the hobby which makes it more difficult for the average user to operate them.

Thread: Seagull Models - Arising Star Refit
22/02/2019 18:23:35


I've done all the little annoying bits necessary for the model to fly and have added a few windows. Not sure how I feel about the front one just yet but I'll probably leave it. Thats it for this one then, weather dependant I'll give it some flights on Sunday.




Edited By Luccaaa on 22/02/2019 18:23:55

22/02/2019 12:49:02

Right so I've mounted the engine, sorted the fuel tank, covered and hinged the control surfaces and put it together to pose for a photo... and to check the balance. Only things left to do now is install a receiver and add some windows and detailing. Can anyone think of a good registration for this one?laugh



21/02/2019 22:49:00

Hi i12fly,

Once I’ve gotten the engine in I’ll take your advice and sort out the models stance on the ground. I’m not sure if I’ll end up reinforcing the landing gear just yet, we have a rather rough runway at my model club, full of pot holes and the like so I think I’d prefer the landing gear to bend than to transfer that stress to the model. I’ll have to see if I can force it into a spin somehow when it’s flying, must be possible smiley

Thread: Ebay sellers...
21/02/2019 21:26:48

Right so here is a photo of the gorgeous "1930s style racer" that the Ebay seller has listed next to an actual 1930s Brown B2... I don't think that the Ebay model quite captures the elegance of it.


1930s style racer.jpg

Thread: Seagull Models - Arising Star Refit
21/02/2019 18:10:22

Well that's me done for today, perhaps it was an unrealistic goal for it to be all done today! I'm pretty much there with the covering, all I have to do now is the control surfaces. Fingers crossed I'll have it done by tomorrow...




21/02/2019 16:34:16

Hi Dwain,

Yep, wings are orange too. I'm covering them at the moment and I shall put some pictures up when I've got them sorted - glad you approve smiley

21/02/2019 16:33:22

Hi Nigel,

At first glance it does indeed look like a ply and liteply infrastructure and some balsa sheeting in areas.

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