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Thread: Plug Problem?
27/11/2018 18:07:16

I have just had a look inside the plug with a strong magnifier (no battery connected). From the point where the heating filament is 'welded' to the face of the plug thread to two coil turns inside, the heating element is an 'orange' copper colour. The rest of it as far as I can see as it disappears down into the plug is bright silver. All of my other 'old' plugs are bright silver from one end of the filament to the other.

27/11/2018 08:17:11

That sounds like a good recommendation. I will have a look at that. Thank you.

27/11/2018 08:07:49

In the previous few days the engine ran perfectly. This time wouldn't run at all without the battery connected. It must be the platinum coating problem I would think. Although if was that I would have thought that the deterioration would have been gradual.

Anyway, for the price of a new glow plug I am not really going to devote any more time to it and just put it down to experience. Odd though...…..

26/11/2018 21:07:54

I suppose you are right. I must have been lucky as I have never had one fail on me ever. Perhaps this is the first one.

26/11/2018 20:46:54

Hi Denis, Martin, and Engine Doctor,

Thank you all for your valued replies. I think you are all correct in your assumption that the platinum coating is suspect. I can think of no other explanation. It physically looks perfect and glows as you would expect attached to a 1.24v battery. It's really strange as it's only about 3 weeks old and has probably run for about an hour or so. It was purchased on-line from a very reputable supplier. I purchased an Enya 3 because of their excellent reputation.

26/11/2018 19:21:01

Went for a flight today and it nearly never happened. My aircraft is fitted with an Enya 15-III glow engine. This engine is ultra reliable and has several flights in the last 3 weeks. I changed the tank recently and in the last few days have successfully ran 2 tanks of fuel through the engine to get the timing duration of the new tank. Anyway, today after starting the engine, the engine quit after removing the glow plug battery. I tried running it for different durations (up to a minute or so) and at different throttle openings but it quit instantly every time I removed the battery. I purchased the glow plug (Enya 3) new about 3 weeks ago and it has been perfect. I sorted an old glow plug out from my little store I carry and the engine ran perfectly. This was followed by a very successful flight. I am really puzzled. I have inspected the plug under a magnifier and also attached a battery and it seems perfect. It just doesn't work in the engine. Any thoughts?

Thread: Prop Life?
20/11/2018 20:32:54

Hi Ray,

Thanks for posting those. Incredible pictures and a lesson to be learnt there.

19/11/2018 12:48:00

Hi Alan,

I fully agree. It goes without saying that all precautions should be taken around a spinning propeller. Nothing in this world is perfect. Even a brand new one could be flawed in some way.

19/11/2018 12:38:46

Copy of 'Safety Instructions/Warning Sheet' from Master Airscrew website.

See last paragraph:-


19/11/2018 08:48:40

Thank you for all your input. There seems to be endless theories on this. Some true and some not so I suppose.

For me, I have never seen any propeller fail in normal use. Only as a result of an unscheduled arrival or by personal abuse.

18/11/2018 20:26:07

There's probably a lot of truth in that....

18/11/2018 19:18:24

Hi Don,

Thanks for your post. I always have the greatest respect for props, and if they are in any way suspect then they are binned.

I can fully understand a manufacturer putting a time limit on it's products. After all they wouldn't want anyone filing a lawsuit against them for an injury caused by a 10 year old prop that had suffered years of abuse.

Makes sense.

18/11/2018 19:09:11

Dear Bob, Dave, Denis, John, brokenenglish, JD8, and Geoff,

Thank you all for your positive replies and the contents of all your posts noted. Most of my props have had very little use (some a bit more). They have all been use with IC engines and when not in use stored in a dark garage attached to my house.

I think from what has been said, I will continue to use them as required. I do understand their safety leaflet. I suppose that if I were manufacturing them, my suggestion would be similar.

Thanks to you all.

18/11/2018 10:58:07

Hi All,

I have just purchased a Mater Airscrew GF Series propeller. With it was a 'safely instructions' leaflet which stated that a propeller should not be used if over 3 years old. This is a new one on me as I have collected a number of Master Airscrew and APC prop's over the years which look perfect and have never had any mishaps.

(I run IC engines only)

Are these now all bin fodder?

Your thoughts please?


Thread: Adding Oil
28/10/2018 14:22:23

No problem. I now know what I want to do. Thanks to you all.

28/10/2018 12:38:36

I know that a gallon of castor based fuel would not cost me a lot and had considered it. But I don't really want to throw the 4 litres I have away if it's perfectly useable. I'm not at all tight or penny-pinching, but I just thought that with a little more oil it would be good to go. Thanks for you posting.

28/10/2018 09:16:14


Thanks for your posting which I find interesting.

From what I've read, and from what I'm reading from the posts, the engines designed years ago were made from different materials to what they are currently and require different sorts of lubricants to keep them healthy. There seems to be lots of strong opinions out there that seem to contradict each other so it's difficult to decipher which way the pendulum swings. I think there is probably a lot of truth in both sides of the argument for different reasons. But I think that I have enough information now to know what I want to do.


28/10/2018 08:06:19

My goodness. I do seem to have opened a can of worms here. I'd no idea that I would receive so many replies (which is good) from what I thought was a simple question. It is what the forum is about though, so I thank you all for your experiences and your valuable information.

27/10/2018 21:42:56

Hi Pete,

Thanks for the post. I am very much okay with the mechanics of engines but very weak on fuel preparations. I know all about castor varnish from all my other engines. I am only going by manufacturers recommendations which I thought was a good place to start. Your experience with purely synthetics is valuable and might be a consideration for me in the future. Thank you for that.

27/10/2018 21:01:07

Thank you for that. I have just ordered a litre from Wheelspin Models a few moments ago but thank you anyway.

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