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Thread: Lightwight foam cowl, Tissue with EZE Dope or thinned PVA?
04/07/2020 00:10:02

From Martin's original post, there is no particular worry about EZE dope distorting the cowl by shrinkage. In the EZE dope method you water shrink first, then seal with the EZE dope. It is water based, but has no special shrinking properties. I would imagine shrinkage would be similar to thinned PVA, and just from the water in both.

Thread: Prop advice please.....
29/06/2020 18:18:00

ECalc can be quite off - particularly if you want to match the limit of something as that is quite a tight target. However it should be pretty good on relative power / thrust / wasted power, as you change things.

29/06/2020 15:22:43

To squeeze a little more performance with your fixed input power, you could try a physically bigger motor, with higher maximum power, but prop it to the same power you are using now.

Bigger motors have less internal resistance, so less lost power at a given current. For example on one of my models I was using a 57g 2830 1350 KV with a 9x6 prop. 300W at 9500 rpm for a full 3s battery.

Same prop on a 109g 3536 1100kv gave 9400rpm with a partially discharged 3s (11.7v) and 276W.

Thread: Fokker DV111
19/06/2020 23:30:43

No hanging about there then DD. I think you have done two models while I have dithered about the covering for a wing.

Thread: FliteTest Legacy
17/06/2020 19:37:13

Quite a few more flights since lockdown. A lot of take off and landing practice. After the break I find I am very aware of its weight when in the air, and what might happen if it comes down surprise.

Thread: Leisure or standard car battery for charging lipo's
16/06/2020 15:31:16

I use neither, but a sealed stand-by type battery. 12v12Ah, as it happened to be pretty cheap per Ah and not too big to carry. It is not specified for very many amps, but enough for my 2200 and 3000 lipos so far.


Edited By Dad_flyer on 16/06/2020 15:34:12

Thread: Cambrian models 1/4 scale Cassutt Racer build thread
14/06/2020 23:31:20

I love that scheme.

Thread: 'Bitty' multi purpose micro glider
14/06/2020 23:29:26

Thank you both, I'll pass on to C_F.

Shame it is school and work tomorrow, the weather forecast perfect. Might be able to get to the field in the evening.

Yes DD, the double diamond would never notice the piggyback.

14/06/2020 22:23:15

Child_flyer has been reluctant to get out after lockdown, so it was lovely to get up to the park. Chucking a glider is as much work running up and down as when we use the same slope for sledging smiley

Flies very nicely, thank you for the design. The mother ship is going to be my foam board Flite test Legacy.

14/06/2020 16:10:52

Needed about 15g on the nose to balance sad

All up weight 112g, which compares to Richard's original of....

Where is the article?

Found it:119g

Well that's OK then, I thought it would be too heavy with some of my build decisions. laugh

14/06/2020 16:04:48

Pretty tight up front with a 1s 400 battery and full-size park fly receiver. I am glad that I made the hatch full length.


I also had to make a small hole in the former to give full servo movement.


If the wind dies down we can try throwing it down the slope in the park later.

14/06/2020 16:00:17

Finally managed to find a 1s battery and a way of connecting it to complete the build.


Ply horns and child_flyer wanted stitched hinges.

1s lipo with boost regulator, adjusted to 4.8v. the white wire goes to the voltage monitor in the RX.


My favourite electronic strain relief aid, hot melt glue.


It is easy to remove when you get it wrong - first attempt would not fit in the hatch so I had to move the wire positions.

Thread: Dangerous
10/06/2020 20:33:56

Indeed PJ. I think the lessons have been learnt.

Thread: Walnut Scale Mr Mulligan
10/06/2020 20:16:27

Planes don't go on the floor, they fly.  You just need to hand launch and then catch it at the end before it hits something cheeky

Edited By Dad_flyer on 10/06/2020 20:17:00

Thread: Dangerous
10/06/2020 20:02:52

We had the effect from something like this at the field last week. Pilot with two models. Flew one, then later went back to the flightline with the other. Opened the throttle... fortunately only a little and heard the yell from the pits and cut everything. The other model had started as well.

Lesson learned we hope, the other parts of model safety don't go away when you have 2.5GHz and model binding.

Thread: Cooling required?
10/06/2020 09:24:57

You don't want to wrap up anything as that will keep the heat in, but as Frank says a glider is not a big power model and does not need so much cooling.

I have a second hand ARTF E-Fair glider. There are basically no cooling inlet or outlet holes designed and everything is pretty close fit in a glider. I am not a good thermal hunter, so the motor runs a lot, but nothing gets hot as it is not a high power system. In the end keep an eye on it for the first (short) flight. Is anything more than warm when it comes down?

Thread: Walnut Scale Mr Mulligan
06/06/2020 22:47:52

Thanks.That is much easier than the way I did it.

06/06/2020 19:42:37

DD that's a rapid tissue job on the wings!

How do you support it when drying, and how do you stop it sticking to the support?

Thread: Servo Advice
06/06/2020 12:51:49

It is very hard to know. I have not been in the hobby long, so I don't have much feel for what makes reliability. With small sport trainer models my performance requirements are not much and so cheaper servos really should be ok, but there is so much variability in quality and quality control.

I have decided to rely on personal reputation in the absence of anything better. George at 4-max is well respected here and has an informative web site. Being a UK company trading on that reputation he has as much incentive to sell me a good servo as I have to get a good servo in my model.

Thread: Mark’s Peggy Sue 2 Build
03/06/2020 23:35:37

That is a really sad thing to happen to a new model. Last summer we had an invisible whirlwind pass through the pits on a beautiful day. Models tossed every which way, but fortunately most avoided landing on something hard. The pilot who had his model in the air with his back to us did not really notice it at all and was rather surprised when he turned round after landing.

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