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Thread: DX6i labelled DSMX only works with DSM2 rx - IS this correct?
24/04/2019 20:18:29


Quick Question, Are all DX6i's DSM2 and DSMX compatible? I have just got a replacement DX6i which has only the DSMX logo on, I seem to remember a debate somewhere about there being two versions of the DX6i, one which only did DSM2, and one that did both DSM2 and DSMX compatibility. - IS this true?, Is it possible to bind and have a working Orange RX R610V2 lite RX work with a DX6i labelled up as DSMX (Where the R610v2 is listed as DSM2 only)?

Its bound and all controls operate as I would expect!?

this is being installed in a small park flyer that I have built, (RCME Snap Dragon)

Thread: 300 sized brushed motors and 400 motors+gearboxes
07/04/2019 01:11:19

HI all, I have acquired a West Wings Toucan to build, and also have a mosquito to build. West Wing suggests either 300 sized motor for slow flying, or 400 size for fast flying, whereas the Mosquito calls for 2 x 400 size motor. Now I know there is an equivalent Quantum brushless motor for 400 size brushless, but is there actually a manufacturer/supplier of 300/400 sized brushed motors (for those that want to stick as close to the original plans?)

Thread: Snap Dragon
16/03/2019 00:24:02

Hi Richard,

Just in the throws of building your little Snap dragon from RCME plan... Lovely little build, It is going to be remembered as my work build that I built during my redundancy period! Quick Question though, what size spinner did you use?, I have just carved me cowl today, and looking at a spinner diameter of 35mm!..



Thread: The thread for your subscriber questions and queries **please do not start a new thread**
11/01/2019 18:55:30
Posted by Thomas Gooderham on 10/01/2019 23:18:26:

How long does it take to get the subscription gift? Two months now! and still nothing? Any ideas as to when I should start shouting?

By the way - To confirm I am a new subscriber!! Anyone wish to answer this??

10/01/2019 23:18:26

How long does it take to get the subscription gift? Two months now! and still nothing? Any ideas as to when I should start shouting?

Thread: Ben Buckle Mini Super build
17/12/2018 10:55:04
Posted by Robert Welford on 17/12/2018 10:52:13:

The wing tip is not attached flat on the building board, but should be attached after the wing panels are built.

The wing tip bits are aligned along a line between the leading edge and trailing edge. I believe the plan shows a cross-section of the wing tip showing this.

Remember to extend the LE beyond the tip rib as it is notched into the wing tip front component.

I hope this helps.

Yeah the BB plan isnt that clear! (The KK plan is clearer - and I have a copy of the KK version so have been also referring to this at the same time)

17/12/2018 10:53:26

Fantastic - Good to know my thoughts were heading in the right direction, as last night I was looking at this, thinking it was the logical way, My plan was going to be to glue the ribs whilst on the board (so I can get everything neat at right angles, then remove from the board to finish the rest of it.)

17/12/2018 10:38:51


I am in the middle of building my first build, and have the Fuse, and tail done mostly, (Engine mount to sort and cowl), however I decided to get on with the wings, Question is how is the joint (Circles and arrowed) made? Is it a case of the joint is pulled up once the rib joints are glued up (effectively no longer flat to the building board)? or is it the leading edge that completes the joint ?


Thread: Inexpensive lightweight GoPro type video camera?
10/12/2018 23:15:10

I got one of the following from Amazon


A Victure action camera, £39 on Amazon as a prime item (so next day delivery), I am really chuffed with it 60fps at 1080p, 70g weight though, I am looking at this for attaching to one of my planes to records some in flight footage (the plus is that can be used for taking video on the ground). It comes with a mirid of adapters to connect in various different ways such as Handle bar adapter, helmut adapter, clamp adapter, gimbal adapter.. I took some test video and can confirm good quality, also has the ability to connect to a phone app via wifi so you can remotely control the video.

Definitely a cheap option

Thread: First Balsa Build Ben Buckle Taylorcraft 48 or Mini Super 60 or a piper cub?
02/11/2018 21:20:06

Hi All...

So I am just about to start - sorted out a building board (MDF sheet covered on one side with Cork tiles) (Otherside will be used for drawing the plans for the loft conversion I Have to do on the house!)

One question though - looking at the Ben Buckle plans and instructions I have received it says for the wings to cut the root rib angle template and mount onto a piece of card or thin ply!? - To those with the ben buckle plan(or those in the know) Where is this? I can not see anything obvious!? - Help appreciated...

Thread: First Balsa Build - Glue Choices
02/10/2018 15:56:45

HI All,

So Finally my First Balsa build kit has turned up (BB Mini Super).

Thanks for all so far for their comments and input into a ideal first build (See my other thread)

So have been reading around about the different Glues to use in building this up.. It appears there are a few choices,

- Traditional wood glue

- Traditional Balsa Cement

- CA glue (+ Activator)

- Gorrilla glue (The stuff that can expand to a foam consistancy)

My question - What does everyone use? Why? What would be a good glue to use as a beginner?



Thread: First Balsa Build Ben Buckle Taylorcraft 48 or Mini Super 60 or a piper cub?
28/09/2018 13:32:56

Looks great - thanks for the inspiration, I guess I need to think of colours as well!

28/09/2018 11:48:07

So what would be the "Standard Kit" to have to build from a kit? I have some pins and some mini clamps (Other than glue - what is everyones preferred glue? - standard white wood glue?) What else should I have to hand?

28/09/2018 11:33:04

thanks for the sketch

that does help alot,

28/09/2018 10:11:33

Hi ..

Thanks for the information - I am going to be having it setup as Electric - so what would the equiv electric power be for OS 15?

Also is there some resource online that details the Aileron wing conversion? - a marked up standard wing for instance?

Anyway today I ordered the Mini super - so should receive it next week - let the fun begin, although can't start it until I have upgraded one of my 3D printers to dual material.

27/09/2018 16:15:28

Oo.. Don't suppose you have the details of the wing modification for flaps and ailerons? Because that would be an option I would like to go down eventually - I do like the colour

27/09/2018 13:41:32

Thank you Nigel - I think that has helped me decide

27/09/2018 13:32:05


Thanks for the message - So at the mo, I have a tiny 34inch hi wing electric foamie, a bixler 2 (sits around 56inch) and a 64inch highwing cessna.. I am looking for something around the 48inch mark as a step up towards the Cessna.

So my thoughts were that the Mini Super 60 would be a good middle size trainer (but would be limited in what can be done? - good for practicing landings - found the Cessna quite fast - Running 6S battery, as its a heavy plane)

What is tricky with the Taylor craft?

27/09/2018 12:46:15

So have now narrowed down my choice now , Want to go with building up a plane as a second trainer (and not too expensive), so want something 48inch wingspan sized, Electric and as a Kit... Was hoping to find a Piper Cub (but can't seem to find one right size), So have got my eye on either Taylor craft 48inch or the mini super 60...

Can someone tell me what each is like to fly/build? also which would be better?

Thread: What would be a good first Balsa build
17/09/2018 23:36:58

Ah... I have seen a guy at LHC shop making his own Foam sheet planes from plans!

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