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Thread: Lidl 8 foamie glider - Great for RC conversion - my full video here
04/07/2019 12:34:07

Finally put together my full build blog, which shows the conversion from zero to power from beginning to end! Step by step. Last minute change, having fitted a bigger motor I'll have to move the lipo midway in the fusi between the main spar to get a CoG. It's either that or add 30 grms to the tail, and I hate adding weight to a model! And I extended the ailerons a little. The changes will be in part 2 along with the maiden!

Thread: Not my best ever flight test - or repairing foam board models!
19/04/2019 12:01:34

Thanks for the advice chaps.


Might try the underarm?

I'm thinking this might be an answer?

Very little weight or drag, though won't work well on grass.



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19/04/2019 00:37:03

Hi Dwain, I tried the left hand throw so that my right hand is still on the right joystock, ie elevons. But I'm rubbish at throwing with my left. I have sometimes had success with a right hand throw, (it's easier with bigger slow floaty models) and then quickly go to the right stick with right hand. But mostly the model has hit the deck before I get control sad

I have in the past put small undercarriages on some throw models like the Westwings Pinto. And the Mini Skywalker. But then of course you need a good smooth take off runway.

I'll persevere , and thanks Josip!

18/04/2019 16:59:53

My latest F22 Mini Raptor flight test. Probably better titled can you fix it! It was very windy , plus hand launching which I hate. Back together now . An amazing foam board repair. I even surprised myself!

Thread: My Mighty Mini F22 Raptor Quick Build video - and lessons learned!
06/04/2019 11:08:36

My first go at building a foam board model. The FlightTest F22 Mighty Mini Raptor. And a couple of mistakes I made. It did fly but was underpowered. Still needs work to fly well. Looks a bit battered too! And another motor is on the way. But they are cheap to buy and build and fun to fly.

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Thread: Good looking EPP F22 Raptor - Unboxing with Flight Test
02/03/2019 10:41:10

Hi all,

My review of this very low price F22 (just £21 from Banggood at the moment, I see one ebay seller asking £40 plus?) Easy to assemble , just glue in two fins. . Complete with tx and batteries are easy to find. Something to chuck in the car.

It's very durable! I nosed dived it in a couple of times before I managed (kind of) to get control. My flight test the following day was more successful.  Needs a bit of trimming.  I put a slight down bend in the elevator part of the tail and that helped stop the tendency for it to climb and stall.

Not a model for a windy day as I discovered. It is what they'd call a park flyer, weighs less than 50 grms, but I managed to lose it over a fence into someones garden.


And yes, I know I was too close to fence, but I was trying to keep it upwind of me. A strong gust caught me and before I knew it it was downwind. As I say it weighs less than a cigarette packet or I wouldn't have flown it in that park!


I think it looks great in the air, hence a little sound effect fun at the end of the video smiley

Here's the Banggood link

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Thread: WL Toys v911S micro helicopter unboxed, plus a few tweaks!
28/01/2019 20:07:14

The WLToys 911s is down to £24 now at Banggood and that includes a TX. It's lively but if you make the mods I show on my YouTube video above it's not so hard to fly. I'm new to 'proper' helis and haven't broken mine yet! Banggood link **LINK** my unboxing is on the link. And the chopper mods are on my channel. A lot of fun for £24

Thread: Suggestions for camera system please?
28/11/2018 21:06:33
Posted by Martyn K on 28/11/2018 13:05:10:

Apologies BM. That wasn't clear to me..

No worries Martyn, it really annoys me too angrywhen I see people obviously disregarding CAA regs and drone code regs on Facebook groups. It just takes a few idiots to ruin things for everyone.

28/11/2018 11:58:12
Posted by Martyn K on 28/11/2018 11:42:52:

If this video was taken in September 2018 then at 3000ft above take off height then that flight was illegal.. IMHO that is reckless and you are jeopardising all the hard work that the BMFA has carried out to gain us the height restriction exemptions..


Edited By Martyn K on 28/11/2018 11:43:54


As I was flying a paramotor and not a drone or rc model, it was not illegal! wink


My post does say 'I was hand holding the camera' too. I thought pretty clear that it wasn't a model flight. I do know the drone code and CAA regs and I'm pilot rated as a paraglider pilot so amongst other things have studied air law wink I was flying VFR and there is no restricted airspace at that location.


Had it have been a drone flight it would have indeed been very stupid and reckless!


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28/11/2018 11:23:56

I know in the past my other personal flying videos have gone down well on here, here's one from late summer. (I have a motor now!) This time the SJCam SJ7 Star action camera. I was hand holding the camera, so a bit shakey at times! 3,000 feet asl. Great views. smiley

Thread: Hawkeye Firefly Micro FPV Camera and TX - Unboxing and Using
28/11/2018 11:07:34

Another test I've made the last couple of weeks. Micro FPV camera and tx combination from Hawkeye Firefly. Good lightweight camera. 8 gms. tx 2 gms. Switchable output 25 - 200 mW. 25 mW is UK max.

Haven't tried it in flight yet as too wet and windy but I hope to soon.

Thread: Suggestions for camera system please?
28/11/2018 11:02:27

I don't know how big your quad is but I have tried various cameras on my drone. Currently favourite is a Firefly 7S camera on my much modified Bayangtoys X21. (There's no way I'm going to shell out hundreds of pounds for a Mavic Pro!( I also added a motorised gimbal.

Firefly Q6 also has great quality 1080 video. It's smaller and lighter than a 7s. Similar size to a Mobius. Cheaper still.  Matecam X1  and GitUp Git2 are also excellent. There's aerial video from them on my channel too.

I tested all of these cameras are on my YouTube channel, plus there's a lot more aerial video too.

Costs? x21 probably £130 nowadays. 2 gps. Good position hold. RTH . failsafe etc. Firefly 7s will also do FPV. £60 And gimbal was £30 (though I ended up paying duty on it face 8

Here's one of my aerial vids.

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Thread: A look at the Dr.X mini quad from ThiEYE
28/11/2018 10:48:14

Unboxing and a short test flight of the new mini quad from ThiEYE who are better known for action cameras. Quite a clever little quad and very stable for a small drone. Barometric sensor holds altitude well and an optical flow sensor looks at the ground and maintains horizontal position surprisingly well.

It records 1080 30 fps to an onboard microcard. (not supplied) . Quality was OK but not stunning. and it streams FPV to your smart phone. You need a smart phone as control is by wifi.

I'm not a great fan of phone app wifi control, much prefer a proper controller but it was a fun gadget and would be good to slip into the car or suitcase for a holiday. You can buy an optional external charger and spare batteries. Flight time about 8 minutes. About £60 with voucher code or Black Friday deals.


Edited By Bonzo Moon on 28/11/2018 10:50:22

Thread: WL Toys v911S micro helicopter unboxed, plus a few tweaks!
15/09/2018 14:28:06

Thanks Mark. Yes, it seems a great little heli for the money.

Re the advice, unfortunately you couldn't get the right angle on the servo lever to just unhook it and put on the other hole! I'd have done it had it been possible.

And as far as rates goes, the manual is next to useless, top right is gyro debugging, top left has no effect at all on rates as far as I can tell. Normally changing rates on a model has an obvious effect on how lively it is?

It's controllable now and I can fly it indoors without crashing! It was very very twitchy before. Certainly appears to be durable , I pranged a few times early flights, but always make sure I kill the throttle if I see it coming. That's the secret. I have some little choppers (the easy fly type) that have survived a few years at my hands now!

It's trimmed well now, climbs vertically when you open the throttle but there is still quite a large null zone and once in the air it needs tweaking to keep it from drifiting some direction. And it's not that it always drifts in the same direction or I'd have trimmed it out more. Maybe the gyro isn't that precise, or the engineering.  wink   But for £30, with tx included,  you don't expect precision engineering!

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11/09/2018 17:52:44

Unboxing the v911s. Budget price heli, around £30 including transmitter on my link. It was a bit twitchy (as another reviewer described it) but after a few tweaks I can fly this indoors now. Tweaks are on the 2nd video. A bit nerve wracking to do as you could damage the chopper if heavy handed! So do them carefully at your own risk!

Banggood link with more details.



Edited By Pete B - Moderator on 11/09/2018 18:15:54

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