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Thread: Repairing a 3D Angel "Jigsaw"
13/11/2019 19:15:14

Final flattening of sides, checking fitting of wing mounting before covering the repaired sides. Canopy and cowl repairs and fittings next.


12/11/2019 22:16:52

After glassing the repair area both sides, they are sanded to begin to flatten, then low spots filled with epoxy /glass balloons mixed runny. Covered with Solartex backing to allow squeegeeing flattish. Sanding when set.


Work begins on repairing the replacement canopy.

I'm wondering what glue the factory uses to stick acetate to the ply framework. It is very effective. The acetate cracks and ply breaks but they never separate. Research suggests it may be Loctite 401, a high quality cyano type so I've ordered some.

Thread: Help! Twisted wing
12/11/2019 12:39:49

This is the upper twisted wing before heating. The ruler is on the tip rib at the one end of the wing and the black rod is on the tip rib at the other end. The difference in incidence is the angle of twist. The far wing tip has wash in and the near tip wash out.


I've now changed the wash in tip to be the se as the wash out tip.

Maybe both neutral would be better and to do that I'll have to heat both wing tips. I'll see how it settles first.

12/11/2019 11:30:50

Yes both sides done thanks.

12/11/2019 10:22:01

Thanks for all the helpful advice.

Yes, the wing has l. e. sheeting top only.

I thought there's nothing to lose in heat treatment first.

I measured and there is 5 deg washin on one tip and 5 deg wash out on the other. So I held the washin tip with a twist to match the 5 deg washout and held it in front of my hot air gun set at 150 deg c. Until all the diagonal wrinkles pulled out to smooth. Now both tips have 5 deg wash out. I will see how long this holds.

I also need to check what happens when connected to the flat lower wing.

11/11/2019 10:31:23

I have acquired a 48 inch DB Cirrus Moth.

Nicely made and finished with sprayed polyester wing coverings.

The wing with the ailerons is true, but the upper wing with no ailerons has a warped left wing half. The twist is tracing edge high, which I think is wash out, which is excessive, about 10 degrees. If the right half was the same maybe this would be OK, but the right half is true, no washout. I can hold the wing and twist it true, wrinkling the covering severely. If I could fix down the right half flat and twist the left flat whilst heating, would this get the twist out or will it just return. With the dihedral, it is not easy to pin down the whole wing. Any ideas? Might it be better to uncover the left side and somehow untwist the structure then recover?

Thread: Repairing a 3D Angel "Jigsaw"
08/11/2019 16:08:11

Final bits of the jigsaw glued in. Several had to be made from scrap.


Repair area on first side covered in lightweight fibreglass with epoxy. When the sides are both covered they will be filled and flattened.


Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
07/11/2019 20:19:49

Thanks Jon. I will see if my local outlet has bs008 o rings. I will try harder next time. My 150 has to be cleaned next.

Thread: Repairing a 3D Angel "Jigsaw"
07/11/2019 16:47:39

Having removed some covering for repairs, the new covering will need support strips where the joins come.


I've acquired a reasonable canopy to replace the original which is not really usable. It's the alternative colour scheme but I can work around it. Still needs a few repairs.

It came with a spare wing set in need of some repairs.

07/11/2019 10:03:40

Yes the cowl is not too bad. It must have taken a side swipe which took off the whole front and strained the wings and several fuselage formers.

The canopy however is poor. I may be able to get the shape from it and design something.

When the original owner comes maybe he'll tell the story of the crash. Something to do with gyro settings I think.

07/11/2019 08:00:52


How it started

06/11/2019 18:01:52

The plate fitted over FG cloth and resin


The wing joiner tube wrapped in FG cloth which spans the ply plates, hopefully this will be strong enough to take the wing stresses.


The front motor plate being FG coated. Screw holes temporarily plugged with bits of nylon screw, which will be drilled out when the resin is set. The cloth here is the wing joiner bandage type.


Beginning to work on finishing the fuse front sides.

Having put in all the bits, I've covered with lightweight cloth and resin to consolidate before more filling etc.


06/11/2019 17:28:35

Next challenge...


The internal panel that supports the battery, rx etc does not look strong following the front end / wing root damage.


So my plan is to fibreglass over the area, followed by an additional panel and link these to the wing joiner tube..


After making a card pattern here is the 0.8mm ply panel being fitted. Fibreglass and resin will be placed then the ply bonded on top with more resin. This should compensate for the missing bits in the original plate.

The front bulkhead that mounts the motor will need similar treatment as the crash stress has caused some splintering of the top ply of the motor mount.

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
06/11/2019 17:09:36

Hi Jon,

I need some advice on reassembling my Laser 75 please.

I got a new replacement front end with crank and bearings which spin nicely. (thanks to Graham who found one in his spares box).

I need to know the timing settings. Do the cam timing dots point to each other at tdc, or point at the cam followers at tdc, or what?

Secondly the o rings on the ends of the push rod tubes are hard, so probably need replacing. Are they 7mm diameter or what?

Thirdly, the spray bar in the Carb. Does the fuel venturi slot point downwards, upwards, front or back?

I know I should have seen these points during dismantling, but hopefully you can put me right please.

Thanks Phil

05/11/2019 13:07:51

Jon, Thanks for the advice. Having got the bearings clean they seem free enough, so I will rebuild and do a test run before deciding what to do next.

Thread: Repairing a 3D Angel "Jigsaw"
05/11/2019 09:12:22

Yes electric models are good for repairing as no oil contaminates, however I've found these artfs use poor quality ply and balsa that splinter and crack easily. If this had had a glow engine, all the ply components would be delaminated by now.

Yes the cowl and canopy will also need extensive repairs. To buy new ones would cost more than the entire project so far so I'd like to persevere.

04/11/2019 22:14:24

The engine mount box assembled and glued into place





Thread: Thin section hardwoods?
04/11/2019 15:07:13

Does anyone know where to buy esoteric wood strips such as 1.5mm Square cedar, bamboo etc for the smaller scale models?

Thread: Repairing a 3D Angel "Jigsaw"
03/11/2019 14:53:05

Thanks that encourages me that maybe it will fly again after all the puzzles are solved.

Next stage is to get the engine mounting box to a point where it can be reattached.


The top panel and one side are mostly missing and I think I need to establish a square structure first so my plan is to attach additional panels from 0.8 ply. There is room inside the cowl area.


So I've measured and guessed and drawn them on card.

Then fretted them from ply. Although one side and bottom are OK I'm inclined to cover those too to keep a kind of balance in the stresses.


Top and one side glued and clamped. The other side will go on at the same time as attaching to the fuselage front I hope.

It's quite interesting problem solving.

You also get an insight into where these artfs are a bit deficient, even though they are technologically very clever.

There are places where joints didn't have enough glue.

And places where its hard to imagine having the equivalent of a 50 size glow motor hanging off bits of 0.8mm ply.

02/11/2019 23:39:04

Thank you. I did consider glassing over the repaired area. I don't want to remove the covering from the rear half, so I will have to have a step where the glass cloth starts.

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