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Thread: Peter Delaney Sportstar
04/10/2019 22:14:41

Sorry it should say Simon Delaney

04/10/2019 22:06:05

This is a 74 inch 1.20 aerobat designed by Peter Delaney. Can anyone help find the plan please?

Thread: Guess the fault
04/10/2019 19:32:41

My 2 pen'orth...

I too have rx voltage telemetry. If I wiggle all 5 servos on the bench, the rx voltage falls dramatically when using 4.8 volt nimh. 6 volt packs seem better. I think this caused my Flair Cub with its 2700mah 4.8 volt nimh, to enter a fatal spiral a few weeks back. If any servo stalls or binds, this leads to a brown out. You won't detect this on your tx and an alarm might not help. I am now thinking of Lipo or Life with voltage regulation when using 4 or more servos and big models.

Thread: Solar Film Iron
04/10/2019 19:24:29

Or from a warm iron with a bit of meths on a cloth.

Thread: Help please with enlargment of pdf plans
03/10/2019 21:11:41

The lower wing seat in the fuselage has a chord of 11 inch or 280mm. That is the critical measurement. The finished wingspan for the lower wing should be 70 inch and the upper wing 72 inch. But a slightly less wingspan might be OK.

03/10/2019 20:38:48

Thanks for the offer Kevin. Pm sent

03/10/2019 17:37:15

Yes that makes sense mathematically, but I was sitting alongside when the lady put in 112% for the print.

03/10/2019 17:30:17

Thanks yes that helps.

The download was from Outerzone.

I will get a 103.8% print of one wing and check it is the right span and chord, before getting the other sheets done.

My other problem is to modify the cabane mounting system to suit the new wing.

The strange thing is that the original tail roughly matches the 112% plan one.

03/10/2019 17:00:21


03/10/2019 16:51:51

I have downloaded the Sterling 64inch Stearman plans.

I wish to enlarge this to give a 72 inch wingspan. Why? Because I have a Great Planes Stearman fuselage that once had 72 inch wings, but now has no wings. I have / am repairing the fuse and tail.

So... I worked out 72/64x100 % = 112%.. The print shop produced this and.... Wingspan is 78 inch.

Now I plan eventually to build the 78 inch from scratch, but in the meantime I need to get a 72 inch span wing plan. Can some expert please explain the required calculation for the enlargement. In a way the span is less important than the chord, which wi need to be 11 inch, but my 12% enlargment produced a chord of 12.5 inch.

Thread: Flair pulsar Biplane?
18/09/2019 21:28:25

OK thanks I shall be careful with my cg.

I was thinking of a 46 power or electric equivalent.

Thread: Irvine 61 new bearings
18/09/2019 21:26:18

Thanks all for the contributions.

After considering all the above, I put the crankcase /shaft/prop driver assembly in the oven at 135 deg c for 20 mins, then holding the crankcase in a glove, lightly tapped the driver all round with the further edge against a mallet. Then, having previously locked two nuts right on the end of the threaded stub shaft, a sharp but not hard tap with a small pin hammer with hardwood interposed and the crankshaft popped out through the driver and front bearing, to b extracted through the rear with big rear bearing attached.

Getting the front bearing out was easy with a drift and light tap.

However the rear bearing is locked tight on the crankshaft. I've left this soaking in plus gas overnight as I thi k it is gummed castor gluing the bearing on. If all else fails I may have to open the bearing outer then work on the inner.

Thread: Flair pulsar Biplane?
17/09/2019 22:44:00

I have one to renovate. Seemed to be a popular aerobat in its day. Fibreglass fuse must have beeb innovative and expensive.

I wondered if any builder or flyer of the Pulsar has any tips or info to guide this project, eg engines, modd, electrification etc?

Thread: Irvine 61 new bearings
17/09/2019 22:39:12

I have done many new bearings jobs and know most of the techniques but this Irvine 61 Sport (plain colour not red) has me temporarily baffled as the prop driver does not want to come off, to allow the crankshaft to move out through the rear crankcase.

Is it just a friction fit, so that warming the whole unit and a light tap on the front dislodge it, or is it keyed in some way?

Advice or possibly a scan of the engines parts diagram would be gratefully received if anyone can help.

Thread: Grumpy tiger cub plans?
08/09/2019 08:31:58

Pm sent

07/09/2019 21:52:58

That's very kind of you. Thanks Peter. Any idea how much scaling is required to go from twin 15s to twin 40s?

07/09/2019 19:56:15

Could anyone please email me a pdf of this plan? I'd like to scale it up for twin 40 equivalent electric motors.

Thread: Stearman wing plans
02/09/2019 19:19:23

Thanks all. I found a local print shop and they are printing the Sterling plans forme with 12 % enlargment to give, I hope, the needed 72 inch span. I won't be putting a gyro in this one.

02/09/2019 01:30:34

Thank you for the replies.

The demise of said Great Planes Pt17 Stearman was not painful for me, as I bought the remains after a crash occurred when another modeller's Stearman flew into trees. This was as a result of a 3 axis gyro rx detaching from its location, causing the model to get disorientated. Sadly I did not get the written off wings, one of which remained in the tree when the fuse fell out. I can easily repair and recover the fuse and tail, but have to do the wings from scratch. I like a challenge and have always liked the PT17 type. I also have a spare Laser 150 to re home.

I have found the Outer zone plans and downloaded them.

Can anyone advise how to print the pdf file such that it prints actual size on multiple A4 sheets? Mine wants to reduce the 3 large pages to 3 very small A4 sheets.

01/09/2019 17:49:29

I ha e a Great Planes 90 - 120 Boeing Stearman in need of new upper and lower wings. Can anyone help point me in the direction of a plan? Preferably 72 inch span but I can scale from any size.

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