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Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Jet Provost & Folland Gnat
04/06/2020 05:10:39

Nice flying shots John and useful info on the control throws. Is everyone landing the Gnat dead stick?

02/06/2020 19:58:21

Finished the Gnat, my 3S version came out at 22ozs but I need to add some sort of battery tray so it will creep slightly over Tony's designs weight. I fitted the wing in two halves as recommended by others, the build I found very straightforward using the laser cut kit by the covering was a challenge! I also fitted two servos for the elevators as I couldn't get a satisfactory linkage with one servo. Hatch is retained by magnets but not a huge amount of grip so I may need to add another (more weight)! Not sure when I will maiden this as my usual flying space is a bit too rough and as a predominantly glider guider I think it's going to test my nerves! Anyway, here she is:




12/05/2020 09:13:25

A little late to the party but I've been building my Gnat on and off over the last couple of months in conjunction with following this thread and picking up some hints and tips.


I'll be finishing this in the yellow colour scheme, the only difficulty will be in sourcing the graphics. I've fitted magnets to the battery hatch and will shortly be cutting out the fan access hatch to allow me to connect the esc before tack gluing back in place. Looks like I'll be on target with the weight and hope she flies ok on my Zippy 25C 2200 pack.

I'm mostly only flying gliders so I'm expecting this to be an interesting experience!

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
10/05/2020 10:06:55

The Sunderland looks great, beautifully finished.

06/05/2020 11:54:07

Breguet Fauvette 905 scale 1:5 from the Mike Trew plan:







Edited By Stephen Belshaw on 06/05/2020 11:54:51

Thread: building boards and plastic over plans ?
01/05/2020 18:42:44

Plasterboard makes a good building board, takes pins, flat and true and cheap as chips. I buy it in 2M x 600mm size.

I have bought the "plan protector" stuff from SLEC and Sarik, very cheap.

Thread: Crow braking
30/04/2020 18:54:32

Thanks Dick, the Heron had her maiden flight today and flew beautifully - very pleased with it.

No issues getting out as I'm in Hungary!

29/04/2020 21:49:30

Well, a mea culpa moment from me after Dickw had pointed me in the direction of Mike Shellims rc-soar website.

I decided to download one of his templates and have a look at it to see if it was workable for me. Whilst the programming Mike has done is way beyond what I could have managed the implementation from the users point of view is very straightforward and comes complete with a very well written step by step guide.

A few hours work in setting up the transmitter and model saw me with a full house set up on the Heron and a much better understanding of how openTx works. Very pleased with it and can thoroughly recommend.

28/04/2020 19:52:07

Thank you Bob, I'll pore over your set up with my Tx to hand but it seems that Flight Mode is the way to do this.

28/04/2020 18:01:25

Thanks for the replies. Dickw, I have looked at Mike Shellims site before and whilst his stuff is very good it is overly complicated for me. Andrew, yes that is what I was trying to do, crow braking on LS but I can't mix the aileron and flaps together to give me what I want. The ele mix is no problem and I often mix in spoilers on the aileron channel but I can't seem to figure this one out. There seems to be a conflict between the flaps as currently set up on SA to give me speed/thermal setting and trying to mix them in with the ailerons all together on the slider.

I have my Tx configured as two aileron channels, two flap channels.

28/04/2020 16:52:28

I want to set up crow braking on my Multiplex Heron, I have set the basics up for the model using the model wizard. I selected the flap option and have these set on switch A to give me reflex and thermal setting - each around 3mm of flap travel.

I have had numerous attempts at mixing in crow utilising the LS to give me "Off, 50% flap and full flap with up ailerons. I have successfully mixed the aileron in, but whatever I try for the flaps interferes with the settings on SA. It seems I can't have both??

I've now deleted all my attempts and reverted back to a basic set-up but I really need the crow setting as my flying field is tight for landings.

Thread: Vampire EDF
19/04/2020 22:44:26

Lovely job. I'm also a fan of the "golden era" jets, many happy memories of seeing them in action at Hucknall Aerodrome.

Thread: Difference between these two motors
26/02/2020 14:10:31
Posted by Shaun Walsh on 26/02/2020 13:36:47:

or there is this.


Yes, very good value for money, I have one in another airframe and rather than buy another I was trying to use my newish but redundant 4-Max motor.

With a 4S battery and 9x5 prop I can get close to max watts from the motor, some vertical climb and a half decent performance, albeit probably not rocket ship. A sort of hot warmliner, which will do for me!

EVO final.jpeg

Edited By Stephen Belshaw on 26/02/2020 14:11:08

26/02/2020 09:22:35

Thanks Frank, when I put the figures in for the Topmodel recommended motor/ESC/prop it comes out at a staggering 700W but e-calc saying everything is overloaded:

screenshot 2020-02-26 at 10.16.04.jpeg

This would give power to weight ratio of around 200W per pound!

26/02/2020 08:25:28

I'm thinking of buying this 1.7M hotliner from TopmodelCZ Link

Topmodel recommend this motor which is rated at 1130Kv max power 570W. However at €90 I think it's expensive!

I have this 4-Max motor recently acquired from George, this is rated at 1105Kv and 450W max power and which was half the price of the above motor, obviously I would prefer to use what I already have.

I asked Topmodel if the 4-Max would suit the airframe and they replied that "whilst it would work it the flight performance would not be very dynamic due to the low power". I'm slightly puzzled because on paper (at least to my untrained eyes) they look similar specs.

However having run the 4-Max in a not dissimilar airframe I was underwhelmed with the performance, running on a 3S 2200 LiPo and a 9x6 prop I got around 300W on the watt meter.

Running the figures for the Topmodel airframe and the 4-Max motor through e-calc the best I can achieve is 320W with a 12x8 prop and a 3s 3000mAh LiPo, Topmodel recommend a 13x8 prop but e-calc doesn't like that combination. Either way this is hugely below the theoretical maximum of 450W.

screenshot 2020-02-26 at 09.22.26.jpeg

What am I missing here?

Thread: Am I getting to complicated?
30/10/2019 17:17:59

I'm glad I'm not the only one who struggles with the black art of motor/battery/prop matching!

After trying to match a selection of props and batteries to various motors on various models I decided to buy a wattmeter and based my "calculations" loosely on the 100 watts per pound formula, give or take depending on the type of aircraft. A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing and I felt I wasn't getting the best results, so decided to "invest" in eCalc in order to save on stockpiling redundant props. I too then found a big discerpancy between my wattmeter and eCalc, the wattmeter always reading much higher.

So I'm back to where I started - that it's a black art .................

Thread: Göppingen Gö-1 Wolf
06/10/2019 11:07:16

This is the Chris Williams plan I think? The magazine article had build article and pictures as I recall if you can acces this (digital subscriber), failing that an email to Chris would probably get you that info - I did that for one of his other designs and he kindly supplied a whole raft of photos and build instructions.

Thread: Not enough power?
06/10/2019 05:43:41

Thanks all, some very good advice. I will look to swap the props, I'm using the 8 x 4's as they are all I have - as I'm predominantly a glider guider I don't have a stock of these things!


Would there be any advantage in running the two motors in opposite rotation to each other, I understand it is often done on twins?

Edited By Stephen Belshaw on 06/10/2019 05:45:59

05/10/2019 19:41:25

Connected a three cell 2200 LiPo, wow, what a difference!

Now putting out 314 watts and pulling 28 amps with the 8 x 4 props (14 amps per motor so still within safety margins)?

I'm guessing the TwinStar would fly quite nicely on half throttle, if so, what would be my approx. duration?

Edited By Stephen Belshaw on 05/10/2019 19:43:25

05/10/2019 17:18:02

Ok, I can plug a 3S in, would the 8 x 4 props not be suitable?

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