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Thread: My last foam board build before the balsa journey
10/01/2019 22:27:57
Posted by gliggsy on 10/01/2019 22:07:01:
Built one a month or so ago, flies like a pussycat on a 2200 3 cell, really floats but very capable aerobatics motor mount could do with beefing up, think your coat hanger idea won't stand up, too soft, 2.5mm piano wire would be good

After building the landing gear I thought as much and added a cross member.But still can't see it lasting.Same with the motor added a few struts.


10/01/2019 21:31:18
Posted by Dad_flyer on 10/01/2019 20:45:18:
Does the spray paint stick directly to the foamboard, or do you need to do some prep first?

A bit of a rub down with a fine grade. The Hafords brand car undercoat went on great one coat 18" away and no reaction with the foam.I have read the propellants disperse if kept a reasonable distance away.The top coat was a cheap brand that would have taken 3 cans to get a nice finish.Buy cheap pay twice as they say.The black on the cowling and rudder was again a different brand, this adhered very well and doesnt' peel or chip. I have covered most of the yellow area's with tape as it does chip off easily.On a previous build a laquer top coat seemed to prevent this.Lesson learned for me cheap paint is cheap for a reason.

10/01/2019 20:33:44

part 2.

A 1200kv motor was given me from a fella up the road.He appears too buy BNF foamies , destroys them and buys another.This has given me a bag of servo's and motors to scavenge from.

Finished the build with some pound shop spray paint and the poor mans Monokote (clear packing tape) Decent quality spray paint would have doubled the build costs.

So for around £30 minus RX the build was done.The landing gear being fashioned from a wire coat hanger and some ebay wheels.The plans do include a template for foam wheels.I did make these but honestly couldn't see them being anything less than useless.



For the RX the FrSky S6R this has the built in gyro and 6 flight modes.Like all FrSky products a few hours updating and flashing and loading of scripts was necessary.Seems daft that a RX aimed at beginners is so complicated to set up.If the Tarnis was new kit to me and I hadn't the experience with flight controllers .I would have found this a real pain for a first RX.The upside if the S6R being it's flexability it can go from fully stabilsed through to a stright six CH number with a few options in between.



When I get the hang of this I promise I'm going down the traditional path.The cheap build has left enough in the kitty for a Balsa build in the spring.

No maiden yet, but hopefully this weekend weather permitting of course.

10/01/2019 20:24:43


Well I still feel a little more flying experience is needed before committing to a traditional wood build.So a progression from flying wings I thought a four channel decent sized foam with landing gear will make a good stepping stone.

Purchasing a foam high wing was an option but not really my idea of fun.So the most technical foam build for me to date(still easy ish) was undertaken.

The flitetest Edge free plans in tiled PDF format and a build video from here.

Spec 40" wing span, 1200KV motor 4S 1800mah 9x4 prob A.U.W around 2lb with battery.

Lots of selotape and lining up of the tiled plans covering four sheets of FT foam board costing £10.


The FT foam builds really are progressing from the  early models.The weak points for me being the control surface edges.To reinforce the edges a small V cut was made and BBQ skewers glued in the groove.A balsa edge would have been preferable but as the thread tittle says.I'm not kitted up for balsa yet.    


Edited By Bob Smitham on 10/01/2019 20:28:09

Thread: 3D starter plane
29/12/2018 02:29:09

I'm just finishing this freeplan foam number from Flitetest 40" wing span,1000kv+ motor.So similar pec too the Hummer but looking at just under 2lb AUW with a 1800mah 4s. Cost or 4x foam sheets £10 and £4 in spray paint 1x £1 packet of stanley blades from the pound shop . Not most elegant build ,but I am fairly new to foam scratch builds.With my limited experience I don't envisage this plane lasting long.And seeing as the Hummer is £30 maybe I shouldn't have bothered.laugh



15/12/2018 22:15:45
Posted by conrad taggart on 15/12/2018 20:10:01:

I use them and Hobby King a fair bit, but when it comes to receivers etc. I actually found these guys just as cheap or cheaper and they are based in the UK. Dead quick too - 2 day turnaround when opting for their second class postal service with signing !


I'm with you on Hobby RC .Excellent prices and service.His FrSky range matches Bangood.

But I do use Bangood for all sorts of other bits and peices.

"II wonder if you'll still think the same when local jobs are just a distant memory and our last remaining industries have fallen to cheaper, Chinese competition?"

SuperTiger if you can point me too a British manufacturer of servos,motors, connectors,props,flight controllers and cables I would support them. But I'm not sure any UK RC electronics companies exist ?

Thread: The 2018 Transmitter Survey!
07/12/2018 01:39:29

Lot's of advice in those reply's thanks for the input.Hiya Pat I'll fill in the blanks. At the moment fixed wing wise a few hours on a 800mm wing.Now flying wings are very popular with quad flyers as their first foray in the fixed wing world.Why I'm not sure.Maybe just a fashion or more likley a spare multi rotor motor and ESC will power most one meter and below wings.So with a foam wing costing from £5 home built , too around £50 for a fancy model it's a cheap and easy way to give it a try.The down side being if the COG isn't perfect they are a hand full for a beginner.Prior too my wing I did try a few flights on a Bixler a much better option for a new flyer IMO.Cruising at 40kph and hitting 110kph at times with the 800mm wing on a 2204 motor was more stressfull than fun for the first half dozen flights.At the moment a home made foam board plank around 800mm is taking the knocks.When I'm proficient with this model.I have just finished a 1200mm V tial with a 1250kv motor and 5000mha batt.AUW around 2lb.From other flyers who have followed similar path I'm told the larger model will be more akin to the Bixler and easier to handle..My next step is a laser cut kit trainer.I'd like too see how balsa builds are engineered before attempting a scratch build direct from plan.Sorry for derailing thread.

04/12/2018 18:01:40
Posted by Steve J on 04/12/2018 10:11:48:

Posted by Bob Smitham on 03/12/2018 19:00:11:

Entering this side of the hobby from the multi rotor/Foam side of the hobby(4 years in).


Would any qualified trainer be using a Taranis for buddy boxing.

If you have been flying for four years, why would you need a buddy box?


Hiya Steave.

Am I being over cautious perhaps? Just a little worried with the jump from a 2lb AUW foam all in £60 build up to the 6lb months in building balsa at least double the cost model.

After the time and money invested I would be a bag of nerves with a heavy ic powered plane.

03/12/2018 21:07:48

Hiya Julian.

The worry is based on arithmetic.Only 17% of forum members,most club members(I may be being presumptuous).

A limited amount of trainers per club made me think a Frsky system may be a stumbling block with compatibility on the buddy box front.

Anyone wanting too construct and fly a traditional build coming from the multirotor, fixedwing, FPV non BNF ,DIY drone world.Would in roughly 50% of cases be using Frsky. Again not a scientific study but based on using non scale/balsa build forums for a few years. In the world of multirotor and fixed wing FPV and open source flight controllers.The Taranis does appear to be a standard.

The FPV racing crowd with no need for 16 channels are now being targeted with the "lite" model that is a PS4 games console controller in looks and ergonomics.The younger flyers appear to be buying them by the bucket load.

03/12/2018 19:00:11
Posted by conrad taggart on 08/11/2018 16:53:19:
Posted by Ron Gray on 09/04/2018 18:50:33:

The problem with this survey is that it doesn't really show trends. A survey of all those who have bought a new Tx over the last year would give a better indication of where 'we' are going.

Agree, plus if it took first time buyers or beginners into account it would give you a good indication of where things are going to be in the longer term. Suspect FRSKY would do rather well here

Entering this side of the hobby from the multi rotor/Foam side of the hobby(4 years in).I would agree with your point.If this poll was conducted on any other forum that wasn't a traditional build based forum.The results would put FrSky and especially the Taranis at I'd say a conservative 50%.This doesn't take in to account the new budget FrSky models that appear(not a scientific study)to be eating away at the Spectrum share of the market.

It worries me a little in looking for a club to join.Would any qualified trainer be using a Taranis for buddy boxing.

Thread: Taranis limiting servo travel
30/11/2018 19:36:42

hiya Stephen.I have been using a Taranis from scratch for 3 years my first and only TX.Every model I have set up requires googling .Admittedly theses models were F/C equipped quads quads and flying wings.I'm currently going for the pure RX planks too improve my flying skiils. This clip from painless360's channel describes the method for Flap position.As far as I know the same princile applies for all servo travel.Painless360's channel is wonderfully presented and very clear.He covers most Taranis basics.

Thread: Avro Shackleton Mk3 PH3
24/11/2018 19:23:30

Build's like this Tony are the reason I aspire to step from simple foam board builds and quads.All so the reason I always end up here on this forum and marvel at the skills on show .These type of projects inspire and amaze me.

Thread: How do all
23/11/2018 19:06:32

Lot's of advice too take in fella's.I thank you for your input it's much appreciated .I realise I am entering the hobby from a totally different direction than most builders on here(pardon for asumptions).Flight controllers with built in modes for limiting roll and pitch plus the ability for "passthrough" no aid options.The god send of RTH and Loiter modes when the ineviable (oh which way am I pointing) moment happens.Full telemertry back to the Taranis giving me speed,Amps,voltage,heigt,distance from home and all the rest .I intend to use foam builds with the benifitts of less time and most importantly cash winkto develop my(analogue|) flying skills before commiting too a more complex cash and time consuming wood builds.

Is the 2019 lasercut kit version of group build beyound me? I have no intention of flying the bugger untill I have got too grips with my electric foam numbers.It's more of a getting too grips with wood RC construction.Coupled with following the build threads of the experienced forum members.

Don't be shy I'm a thick skinned middle aged git .A verbal slapping for an apprentice is no bad thing.I won't be sulking off just yet.

21/11/2018 15:17:52

Thanks for all the suggestions.

I'm not planning of flying a balsa build until I have got to grips with my budget foam options.It's more of a long term take my time project for when I'm proficient .After using an entire roll of gaffa tape on a learning too launch a£40 800mm foam wing.Then wedging it high in a tree after only 3 hours or so flight time.I have printed and cut a tiled plan from Flietest.This is intended to be my basher.If I crumple the nose or wing simply cut another out.I also have a 1200mm mini Talon V tail near enough completed as my next step from my little Foam board numbers.A few pics of the story so far.image3.jpeg

A little fast at first but RC desk pilot helped me manage my first few hours flying.Sadly wedged it high in a tree.When I returned with a friends fishing pole it was gone.


This is the Talon.I'm not risking flying this untill I have mastered this little fella below the FT goblin.It's using an old multi 2400 motor and the foam board cost £5 .Next foam build I will be choosing a high wing with a few more channels.

Still getting too grips with the forum, if you stand on your head you will get an idea.


20/11/2018 21:47:58

Eyeup Kev

.Though from't better side ut Pennines cocker

I must admit a Cub doesn't fill me with enthusiasm for a build.I know all with experience say it's the go to model.But I can knock a foam board 44" cub with landing gear for around £20.But from reading the forum the step up in weight when going from foam-blasa/gas would be like starting over from scratch.I will check out the Citabrias thanks.

Unless a sub 50" Fieseler Storch lasr cut kit is found .Now I could sink my teeth in a build like that.

20/11/2018 18:18:59

Thank's for the welcome chaps.

Very encouraging .Yes tea and enthusiasm will conquer all.But is a Sopworth Camel laser cut kit a good choice/ I realise a 1/6 scale Spitfire is beyound me at this stage.But a gas powered bi plane is a sirens call.Or maybe wait for the 2019 group build and stick to electric. I do enjoy jumping in at the deep end,.Build fly crash repeat is my airbourne experience as off now.Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;



20/11/2018 00:22:50

Just saying hello after joining.I do appear too allways end up here when browsing.It started three years ago with a multi rotor build with my then 12 year old son.He soon went back too his games console and I carried on.I'm from an electronics background and the technology in the multirotor world facinated me.This has lead to me crashing a few home built foam board flying wings on a run of six nearby football pitches.All cheap low skilled fun , far more fun than the quads.Which have now lost motors for fixed wing projects.My next steps in the hobby are joining a club learning to fly and my first balsa build.Im currently absorbing as much as possible from you fellas on here.Admittedly it's a tad intimidating reading through the build threads.Lot's of new skills required . But I have a shed, patience and a sports direct mug for tea.



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