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Thread: Valdez Stol Record breaker build blog
17/05/2019 09:28:40

Thanks for the link, Tim

Thread: Lil Cub
17/05/2019 09:26:03

I will probably build mine straight from the plan, but it's definitely on the schedule to be built before the end of summer so I can fly it this year.

A Kit would be a brilliant idea and would get folks building it who perhaps might be uncertain about a full plan build.

Thread: Cambria Slingsby Eagle Restoration
17/05/2019 08:54:05

Peter: The model was described by Cambria as a "Semi scale slope soarer" it was based on the Eagle, but not particularly scale.


Old Geezer: Sprengbrook 2ch  27mhz Brown for me She really was a lovely model in the air wasn't she? Mine was also my first Solarfilm job. 

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Thread: Suitable caption?
14/05/2019 10:49:07

"DIE HUMAN! You control me no longer! I am a free glider"

Thread: Chilli Breeze from Sarik Plan, Electric Conversion.
13/05/2019 23:28:28

Hi folks, one last update on this from me: the CB is fully tested and trimmed and flies superbly now there was not a great deal to do really except adjust the aileron travel with some differential, ( up on both sides ) add a little weight to the tail and it was all sorted: Nigel - thanks very much for the guidelines I MAY put in longer landing gear as our field can get a little shaggy and the CB really is very low down, but - surprisingly to me, yesterday I found out that a hand launch is something she will climb very happily away from. The 10x6 certainly seems fine, but I will slap on a 10 x 7 for comparison and see if there is a bit more vertical with one, but the current prop pulls fine as is. Also now that I am happy with the flying qualities ( very happy) I will put a cowl on it and a number in the roundel on the stbd wing. .

Here is is yesterday after a lovely flying session: ( See what I mean about being REALLY low?) dscf0001 (3).jpg

Once again folks, thanks for all the help and encouragement - you all rock.

Thread: Cambria Slingsby Eagle Restoration
13/05/2019 23:13:24

That is LOVELY the model must be really getting on a bit - I had one in 1978 - my first RC model. really superb work there, well done.

Thread: What is this maneuver called?
07/05/2019 00:05:33

Thanks John, I just looked it up and it seems it can be done with just elevators and throttle (my memory is probably playing tricks on me )

07/05/2019 00:04:14

ELEVATOR!! Thank you . I definitely didn't mean the Harrier - I know what one of those is Thanks Nigel. Cheap battered but flyable foamy 3d model in hand, waiting for Wednesday ( we can only fly Wed, Fri and Sun at our site. )

Yes it does look a lot of fun to learn. I wonder if it's a bit like learning to snowboard after learning to ski? ( They look the same but in many cases you have to do exactly the opposite to get the same result. This means you eat a lot of snow, and thus in this case, bend a lot of foam. Or need lots of new trousers)

06/05/2019 22:08:05

Evening all, I have seen a wonderful aerobatic thing performed by a funfly model. It was this:

Aeroplane slows down into wind until pretty much stationary relative to ground, then ( I think ) all horizontal control surfaces go up and the aeroplane descends vertically whilst parallel to ground until surfaces re centr, engine opens up and it flies off.

Anyone know what this is called and how it's done?

Cheers All.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
05/05/2019 22:43:47

Oh and here's mine: a Chris Reid Mignon - slightly mucked about with,hence I might call it Minion instead

3s D2836/8 1100KV. A really quick build and nice and easy. Was going to give it some test flying today but I was unwell.

Free plan in RCM&E last year. I like building from free plans - it's a splendid reeducation after a long break away.


05/05/2019 22:35:45

I like those Rockets: a new one on me and lovely work all concerned.

05/05/2019 22:34:20

That Chilli Breeze is a stonker really very splendid work Ken!

Thread: Valdez Stol Record breaker build blog
03/05/2019 16:26:54

Well done for getting this far with a flooded house. All looking good so far. Will the hinges be available to purchase or the files to download? ( for a fee of course )

Thread: Durafly Hyper Bipe wanted
01/05/2019 18:49:18

Evening all, I am very keen on getting hold of a durafly Hyper Bipe - preferably in the North West ( Or in the box and postable ) anyone have one they want to sell?


Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Jet Provost & Folland Gnat
01/05/2019 15:30:54

Very cool: I don't know how you get time to eat. How does the lightning go with the fan? TSR 2 is an inspired idea too.

Thread: Chris Reid Foss-like Mignon
01/05/2019 14:57:39

Excellent!! Mine will be getting some air under it's wings on Friday, weather ( and completion ) permitting. I've mucked about with the wing tips because I like the look, and it didn't get a cowl, but I am still quite pleased



Thread: Chilli Breeze from Sarik Plan, Electric Conversion.
01/05/2019 14:51:01

Thanks for the enocuragement everyone - and KC - yes I just ordered one Nigel: Thanks so much - really useful info. weather permitting I'll be giving her some proper ironing out on Friday.

Adrian, yes...I do have a CW plan hereabouts ....

Thanks again folks - this place and therefore you lot are brilliant.

29/04/2019 00:19:14

Well today was surprisingly sunny and nice.

So I went flying. And didn't crash! The new motor mount is great - no signs of anything untoward, so I can make a cowling now. I only got one flight because I lost a wheel on landing and I didn't have any spare collets / star washers with me but I learned a few things and am very pleased with the outcome so far.

As for the flight and assessment thereof: I used a 10x6 prop and that seemed fine certainly enough for today: I may investigate more powerful possibilities later but I would like to fly a lot more first.

Still dragging the tail around a little on aileron turns, but I expected that - it's a pattern ship and requires flying rather than just steering, if you see what I mean. The differential has certainly helped and it's really rather graceful in the air. CG seemed a little forward as I ran out of up elevator on flare for landing but nothing terrible, I will try it 5 mm further back next time. Nice and responsive to all controls too.

Take off was long but then so was the grass - the moment it hit a short patch it was off, having cut a short swath across the longer stuff.

So yes, really, really pleased with it. First PROPER plan build since 2003, only my second aeroplane after an eight year ( or thereabouts ) break.

if I build a second - which is pretty likely though there is one thing I will ensure I do.

Yep, put the undercart on the wings.

27/04/2019 16:14:38

And we are back in business.

dscf0001 (2).jpg


Re covered, strengthened, new motor mount made of ply with cap head screws and threadlock.

Oh and I have dialled in some aileron differential.

All I need now is for Hurricane "Where do you think you are going with that model" to pack up and leave us with some nice weather.

Edited By Stuart Quinn-Harvie 1 on 27/04/2019 16:15:15

Thread: Unidentified Vintage Object
24/04/2019 13:58:03

Afternoon all.

Just recently I recieved a honking big pile of plans from a retiring modeller and came across this strangely appealing subject lurking within. However nowhere on it does it say what it is. It is folded and has staple holes in the right places for a free plan in a magazine but other than that has no indication as to what it might be.

According to the plan it has RET control,  but is also capable of free flight. The prototype was powered by a PAW 1.5cc but it says that  any good 1.5cc diesel or .10 glow will do the job. - anyone recognise it?





Edited By Stuart Quinn-Harvie 1 on 24/04/2019 13:59:35

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