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Thread: Chris Reid Foss-like Mignon
24/04/2019 13:25:48

Oh and Andrew - VERY nice sir How does she fly?

24/04/2019 13:23:25

I know this is a really old thread but just in case anyone does a search on the Mignon, it's not a hard model to build even without a set of cut parts. It's a very economical design from the viewpoints of both materials and effort and goes together very nicely - despite my ability to snatch total balls ups from the jaws of triumphant artistry.

I hope to have mine finished and flying in a couple of weeks.



Thread: Chilli Breeze from Sarik Plan, Electric Conversion.
24/04/2019 13:04:30

I have to wonder If I was using ecalc properly ( or more likely reading the results correctly) : clearly a rethink was in order so I went back in and input the info again, here is what I got for 4s battery my motor esc and an 11x5.5:

Battery: 23.24c

Min Flight time 2.2min

Mixed flight time: 4.7 min

Motor Max Current 51.12A

Power 675 W

So yes, this is an issue

Recalculating at a 10x6 gives:

Battery: 19.13c

Min Flight Time: 2.7min

Mixed Flight Time: 5.3mins

Motor Max Current: 42.09

Power: 576w.


Looks like a re prop is in order Sincere thanks for the comments folks.

In other news, here is the fuselage repair: It's 1/64th ply either side on the outside of the fus. The repair was done in the jig to make sure everything stayed straight and the cracked sections knitted back together very well ( surprisingly so) before adding the doublers. dscf0014.jpg


A new mount has been fabricated from fly ( 6 and 3mm) and will be going in as soon as I can get the time to do it ( today, I hope ) and then the recovering job will finish it off.





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22/04/2019 18:22:39

Thanks everyone: I really appreciate the observations and encouragement. I have started the repairs - so far the fus is fixed, straight and strengthened, and I have begun a new engine mount from ply. New screws have been ordered from the rather good site along with a bunch of other stuff which will clearly become useful.

I think David's analysis seems to be the most accurate from the evidence before me - either way, I amticipate it being back in the air by the end of the week.

Cheers again folks.

19/04/2019 19:41:26

Well, that could have been better...

First though, thanks Nigel and Piers - Good info I will certainly take on board - both prop and battery wise. And thanks for the kinds words.

She flew - very well, at first. A friend shot some video which as soon as I get I will post as it shows the take off and, loosely put, the landing. Off she went like a bat out of hell and she certainly likes rudder input in turns so a proper pilot's model in that she does as she is told, no more, no less - very neutral but very responsive. I love her.

Sadly she started dropping apparent power and the motor got noisier, and something clearly wasn't right, so I called Landing and got her into wind and shut the throttle ALMOST completely, wanting to fly her in rather than cut and glide. This resulted in the propeller standing still. I was so surprised by this I lost concentration and orientation and steered her into the ground.

Damage to the motor, motor mount, and fuselage cracked where it meets the wing root. None of this is terminal, but I was baffled by the motor actually stopping dead, or rather the prop doing so. Off to the car to take stock and I noticed that the motor was actually entirely unsupported by the mount, all four screws being missing.

Now then, being no fule, as Molesworth would say, I had secured the mounting bolts into the motor's threads with threadlock, so this is baffling. as for why the motor was noisy and losing power then stopping I can only conclude that it was rattling around inside the mount - observe the damage to the motor at the front and the point where the can and , er, front bit almost join. More tellingly have a look at the root of the prop shaft: it's got melted alloy on it. Then have a look at the front of the mount: the motor has clearly filed a slot in it because the mounting screws were gone, and the finish of the mount is severely heat damaged near the hole for the shaft.

No wonder she started staggering. On the video you can hear a sound on take off that sounds a lot like a prop strike - although the prop is fine, strangely, so I am not sure at the moment whether that is significant. 

The only reason I can thing of for the screws coming out is that they were of the countersunk variety, where no countersink exists on the mount - could this prove a problem? The threads in the motor are all fine, so the screws very very definitely left the mount before the aeroplane dumped itself on the grass.

Oh all electronics are fine and battery looks ok too.


Anyway : here's the plan: fix fuselage and install 1/64 doublers over cracks, new mount ( but I will make it from ply and buy new mounting bolts with no countersink ) and recover.



Motor mount - note the jigsawing from the propshaft hole up and to starboard.



Port fuse side cracking and breakage - it'll go back together fine and I will be adding a 1/64th doubler on the outside from just forward of the wing root back to about halfway down the moment arm ( added wight, but not much )



The motor - note the swarf from the mount around the base of the propshaft - it seems to be welded there.



So, onward and upwards.

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17/04/2019 16:19:44

Ah, a Chilli Veteran! If this one flies to expectations I shall probably build another - it's one of the best looking aero-planes around for my money. it got as far as the field before I had trouble with the radio not binding / dropping the binding so first flight ( weather looking good ) will be Friday. ( RX problem fixed thanks to youtube. I think )

Thread: BMFA Classifieds Registration
16/04/2019 21:01:33

Martin: I would email Andy at the membership address on the website: he seems to have his head screwed on and he fixed my issue which was pretty much identical.

Thread: looking for a Testors 8000 049 Engine
16/04/2019 20:45:25

They were indeed ace. I rfemember getting mine home, mounting it to my freshly finished Mini Robot, filling it, hooking up the glow clip and giving it one flick after following the instructions re the needle valve.

I was expecting a fight, what I wasn't expecting was the thing to start first attempt in my bedroom. It took two minutes to get through the fuel while a 14 year old me hing onto the fuselage for dear life while the room filled up with exhaust.

It only occurred to me to close the needle afterwards, what with the imminent threat of that prop right in front of me. I learned a lot that day.

Thread: BMFA Classifieds Registration
16/04/2019 20:34:29

All fixed. A big thank you to Andy Symmons who went ahead and changed the password for me and forwarded me the necessary info to log in. Bizzarely the website wouldn't let me do it myself - I wonder if there is a security setting on my own machine making things difficult.

Either way I am now sorted and very happy with Mr Symmons' responses.

Thread: looking for a Testors 8000 049 Engine
16/04/2019 18:47:16

Evening all, anyone have one of the late seventies' Testors/McCoy 8000 glass engines?

It was a competitor to the Cox Babe Bee but I found it to be much n icer to use ( possibly just because it was the first engine I ever had from brand new but still)

it had a GRP reinfiorced nylon crank case so was interesting for that if nothing else. If anyone has one they want rid of for a reasonable fee, please drop me a PM, I'd like to go all retro with one and a Mini Robot.

Thread: BMFA Classifieds Registration
16/04/2019 17:51:55

Oh I have persisted. I am just venting. ( Basically sick of being fobbed off and Ignored. ) Sorry, I will come back and let you know if and when.

Thread: Chilli Breeze from Sarik Plan, Electric Conversion.
16/04/2019 17:40:26

Hi Adrian: do you know looking back I have not really much of an idea why I changed the undercart. Should I build another ( highly likely ) I will go with the proper arrangement. That's a lovely example you have there - what other versions have you built?

And thanks for the kind words, and I will let you know how it goes.

Hoping for an improvement in the weather here...

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
16/04/2019 15:54:08

I love that Chipmunk - a work of art! Some nice stuff here - especially the Hurricane and the Wot's Not is interesting too

Here's my new one: It's a Chilli Breeze by Mike Delacole - first published as a free plan in the June 94 edition of RCM and E. Unflown so far ( I only finished it the other night ) but hoping for a maiden either tomorrow or Friday.

Cowling will come along soon, but I want to see her fly soon - all up weight 3lb 11 oz including a 4s 2200mah lipo.





Oh, and she needs a racing number on the roundels.

Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Jet Provost & Folland Gnat
16/04/2019 15:46:25

No shortage of urge there Mr N, they look fantastic and fly beautifully. It's really good to see some classic UK Cold War jets getting the TN treatment. and nice to see availability of power systems getting such careful consideration.

Thread: Chilli Breeze from Sarik Plan, Electric Conversion.
16/04/2019 15:40:09

Oh yes: as I said, I am not a light builder - she has turned out at 3lb 11oz including a 4s 22mah Lipo - that said that's one ounce over the upper limit listed on the magazine article, so I am not going to give myself too hard a time of it

Edited By Stuart Quinn-Harvie 1 on 16/04/2019 15:40:34

16/04/2019 15:34:49

With the exception of a cowling, here she is.

Yes the covering job is terrible ( I've never been any good at covering and it's the first time I've picked up a covering iron since 2006 ) but everything moves in the right direction, nothing is going to fall off and it's been for it's first flight. Which didn't happen, because the weather at the field was filthy so we mowed it instead, BUT she got some admiring comments, which was nice.

I am hoping to video the first flight either tomorrow or on Friday, so stay tuned if you like ropy flying.


The build was largely trouble free - the only cock ups being of my own creation. I will reiterate though that I really do hate the Sandwich method for creating tapered wing ribs. I suppose i could get used to it but it really does seem more gyp than actually cutting each rib individually, if less gyp to draw out.

Thanks to the advice I have received here I am learning a lot about electric power systems and have learned about plan building too. I have really enjoyed the whole thing, and along with the cardinal I built at the same time, I have gone straight on to my next plan build.

So yes, thanks all for all the help - you rock  

I am very much looking forward to actually getting her in the air...













Edited By Stuart Quinn-Harvie 1 on 16/04/2019 15:35:27

Thread: BMFA Classifieds Registration
16/04/2019 15:14:53

Well I got a reply, and a password change email.

It doesn't work.

I'm getting annoyed.

Thread: Chilli Breeze from Sarik Plan, Electric Conversion.
16/04/2019 14:20:12

Hi Nigel, I am using a PROPDRIVE v2 3542 1000KV with 4s and a 60 amp ESC.

I am still deeply baffled by prop pitches and current draw and motor balance - the 11x5.5 according to ecalc gives a slightly higher power output and power/weight ratio for a very slightly reduced flight time - I am ok with that but would be interested to hear other views and more info ( still learning and always will be and you very clearly know your stuff )

Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Jet Provost & Folland Gnat
14/04/2019 19:32:00

Fantastic to see! and Inca yellow! Lovely change from the inevitable red Arrow scheme that I am sure a lot of Gnats will end up as ( mine, like my Provost will be grey / dayglo orange )

13/04/2019 16:40:59

More fantastic work, Mr N, I have a real thing for the JP. Looking forward to seeing the inlets on it. Like the Phantom, I am already deciding which colour scheme to do - dayglo will be involved.

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