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Thread: RCM&E May 2019 issue chat
13/04/2019 05:31:25

Oh that's lovely Tim! You have an excellent eye for good and tasteful colour schemes. By how much did you extend the moment?

And I am eyeing up the plan for the Civillian's getting nearer to the top of the build pile...

Thread: BMFA Classifieds Registration
12/04/2019 20:11:22

I wouldn't mind but there's a lovely Blanik on there I am quite keen on.

Actually that is a lie, I would still mind.

12/04/2019 20:10:16

I called them earlier today, and was told that the person responsible for registrations is in ireland, doing some talks, and to email him again with "urgent" in the subject line. still no reply.

It's a bit pants, really.

Thread: Chilli Breeze from Sarik Plan, Electric Conversion.
12/04/2019 18:47:34

I really should have spent more time thinking about the cowl, rather than deciding "Oh I'll sort that when I get to it: I'll just make one up and slap it on." I'll be mucking about with it this evening then..

I mean I have started one but it's a bag of pants, frankly, so I shall start from scratch.

Anyway, as you can see, the motor has been test fitted, and fits nicely, giving an initial balance point in the right ballpark with a 4s 2200. I will be running an 11x5 which according to ecalc gives a current draw of 49amps at 640w - that should do I think.












I have to say, Mr Delacole really knows how to make a good looking aeroplane. This thing looks like she is screeching along at 150 mph just sitting on the bench.


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Thread: BMFA Classifieds Registration
11/04/2019 18:33:24

Evening all *stretches knees, thereby establishing I am of a certain age*

Has anyone else had difficulty registering for the classifieds?

I can get into the membership bit - where you join the BMFA and it tell, you that you are a country member ( leaves out joke) but I cannot log into either the section or the classifieds - I did send a registration request but have had to send a reminder because I recieved no answer.

I am sure they have a lot on their plate but I wonder ( bearing in mind the non linear approach that the website takes ) if I am doing something wrong. I have included my membership number, name and postcode as requested.

Thread: Disposing of modelling goods?
05/04/2019 18:01:28

I think an auction / sale must be the standard procedure ( unless specified in the member's will )

I have to say the idea of a built and covered airframe ( or any of the other things that we accumulate in a life of building and flying ) going into the skip horrifies me.

Thread: Chilli Breeze from Sarik Plan, Electric Conversion.
04/04/2019 18:20:08

Hi KC, Thanks - that sounds like the sort of thing I need to be doing. I will do it on my next build ( which will be starting soon, I think)

I did exactly as you described with the UC wires and now have an aeroplane with an undercart, and covering.



All the hinges are made from covering film, giving easy movement and a good seal around them.

The hatch is finished too - the magnets are currently waiting for their epoxy to cure. All that remains is mounting the motor - using the Chinese mount I got from ebay for a couple of quid: and putting together a cowling for it, slapping on a propeller, hooking up the controls and programming the radio.


It won't be ready for tomorrow though. ( But probably will by Sunday )

Oh and I made some transfers for the trim scheme:


Thread: What's your do everything model, or do you have one of everything?
03/04/2019 14:45:52

Afternoon all. Having spent some excellent afternoons out with the folks from the club down the field, it occurred to me that some types fly one thing and keep doing it: one kind of aeroplane - the sort of flyer that either dedicates their abilities to one airframe and getting to know it well and to wring it out, and then there is the other sort: ( broadly speaking) they have Fun Flies, scale jobs, helis, gliders, waterplanes and qu*ds.

Even those of us with a need to try everything twice, ( you know, to make sure) have favourites - perhaps an old model you've had since Phil smith was in shorts, or one you love so much you keep on rebuilding after every crash or just re buying after every session ending with airframe all over a field/car/bystander.

So what's your favourite, your Weapon of choice, so to speak?

I ask for two reasons: One: I am nosy and two: I am currently flying a foamy while I get some models made and was considering what to get started with after I finish the Chilli Breeze and deacon on my building board.

Thread: Chilli Breeze from Sarik Plan, Electric Conversion.
29/03/2019 18:44:11

Thanks Nigel. Oh yes I am a total Jig convert - I wish I'd had one about 40 years ago!

I put in the undercart doublers/mounts yesterday and modded the hatch so that you can get it on and off without gouging bits out of it, and installed the battery shelf so I guess it's time to start covering.

Jobs left:



Hinging control surfaces ( film hinges )

Mounting motor/ESC/RX

Making cowl

bending and mounting UC

Setting up controls.

I wonder if I can get it done by next Friday? ( Fridays are good at our patch - just enough folks to be sociable but not enough to pack the skies with models. )


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Thread: Supermarine Swift: All sheet pusher prop.
28/03/2019 11:21:15

Afternoon all. I blame Tony Nijuis and Nigel Hawes for this. I've always wanted a small pusher Swift, having very much enjoyed Nigels Hunter back in the day and eventually decided that if it was going to happen then I was going to have to do it myself - it's not a particularly popular subject and there are plenty more out there for others to design ( and I am keenly awaiting TN's Phantom and possible Jet Provost, as well as having his Lightning on my To build List)

Anyway, off I went and found a 4 view, blew it up to 25inch wingspan and 31 and change long for all sheet construction with a pusher on the back.

I am keeping the surfaces and proportions scale with the largest departure being a hand launch rail along the bottom near the CG.

wing will be 3/8 sheet, the rest a mix of sizes with triangular stock to allow for a lot of planing and sanding. Power a 3s pack and similar but slightly more powerful to the set up in the TN lightning.

I need to go off and do some more poking at batteries, motors and props, and work out weights/loadings. 

here are a couple of the very preliminary sketches, done straight over the three views.









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Thread: Chilli Breeze from Sarik Plan, Electric Conversion.
28/03/2019 11:05:41

Progress! I am at the point where the radio is going to HAVE to go in. ( It's my least favourite part of any build, So I am doing two things: Thinking about another build and gritting my teeth, installation of fuselage servos begins soon. )

So yes, empennage fitted, with the aid ( again ) of the SLEC jig - checking the datums very carefully against the jig and the tail surfaces. ( The tail plane was supported either side by blocks and the whole lot stuck in the jig. )


( you can't see the levelling blocks, they are under the tp ) I didn't build a fin post, as per plan, ( Although it would have helped with getting everything straight, but there you go) but epoxied a fin post and subsequently the fin to the tail and the fin support along with reinforcement - it will hold. And it's straight. Tail alignment was checked with measurements from tail tips to nose centreline, as well as checking against the gridmarks on the jig with a set square.

I sheeted the top of the fus and the rear bottom also using the jig just in case anything pulled out of line whilst drying.

Then I made a bit of a mistake: I cut the battery hatch but, er, yes, I made both cuts vertical at 90 degrees to the thrustline, which means of course that getting the thing on and off is a proper pain, so that's been fixed: it's now at 45 degrees at the rear.

There is a ply tongue in front and there will be magnets holding down the rear.





Oh and the aileron servos are in and the wing joint glassed.

Next is installing the UC mounts ( for a torsion rod setup ) and the battery shelf, getting the tail servos in and mounting the motor and ESC.

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Thread: What's your rate limiting step?
23/03/2019 11:38:50

Bruce: It's NOT just you laugh

I LOVE sanding and carving to shape. ( Another thing I used to hate ) 

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22/03/2019 10:12:19

Morning all!

Having returned to the fold with three projects on the go ( Japp, Chilli Breeze and a Cardinal ) it occurs to me that I now dread different parts of the build to the ones I used to. Building wings - specifically cutting ribs) used to be my least favourite part of the build whereas now it's installing the radio. I have no idea why, it's not that hard, it's just fiddly.

What is it that forms the bump in your road to the finish, and why?

Do you have a pile of airframes all finished up to the point that you hate?

Thread: What would be a good Watt Meter to buy?
22/03/2019 03:19:46

I didn't realise that so many answers had been posted! Thanks folks I appreciate all the advice and suggestions.

Thread: Gone,but not forgotten kit mfg
15/03/2019 17:29:58

Oh I need to show this to Tim! Lovely! What spec are you flying her at?

15/03/2019 16:07:30

One of my best pals still has his Morley 47G - with floats completely unflown. It's hanging from his bedroom ceiling. Lovely piece of work, and looks much more "modelly": that is to say that HE made more of it, than modern helis. Lovely piece of kit: it's even got a very early mechanical gyro. He is rated on full size helis ( and pretty much everything else ) but was always JUST too nervous to fly this one.

Thread: Keil Kraft Outlaw
12/03/2019 16:43:29

Sales unit at Coppull?

Thread: Chilli Breeze from Sarik Plan, Electric Conversion.
11/03/2019 17:25:48

Afternoon folks, as you will no doubt have noticed my building speed rivals a glacier's progress, but progress there has been.

First of all thanks for the UC advice, chaps.  

The wings are together, waiting to be glassed at the joint, and servo installation, the tail and control surfaces cut out and, in the case of the tailplane, assembled.

The big progress is the fuselage. I never, ever seem to get a fuselage right. I used a SLEC jig for the first time on this one, and at least all the datum points line up. ( Please ignore the scruffy cut outs - I am quite ashamed of some of the build standard on this but it shouldn't affect the flying qualities aside from a little extra weight)

Seriously, cutting identical fuselage sides seems completely beyond me, but of course now I have had a brainwave: I should tack glue the balsa sheets together then use a suitably supported knife to cut them both at the same time...( I have a foam board cutter that would do this job well) Oh well, if it turns out too bad I can always make another - as I say though, the datum points are all correct and the tail, wings and thrustlines will all be correct ( if I get it right, that is, they are all ok at the moment. )




Oh yeah, my favourite mug shot:



Stack shot : ( Doesn't everyone do this? )



Being me, I obviously drilled the firewall holes after installing the firewall, because I am an idiot. That said, I can attest that the thing is in there to stay, and it's all nice and smooth ( with prescribed right thrust ) now thanks to messrs Dremel and Permagrit.

I have decided to put the battery hatch in the top near the nose,and here you see the spruce longeron doublers ready to take the hatch ( Which I will figure out in my somewhat Doctor Who - like fashion of "what's around and how can I make it work?" ) The doublers for the torsion leg UC will be going in tonight.





As you can see I went with a full doubler as per plan - I decided that if the battery hatch is going in the nose it should be as tough as possible.

I am not a light builder, I am afraid.



I have been planning the radio installation and reckon that the ESC will go under the battery shelf ( just behind the FW ) and the two tail servos in the location suggested on the plan.

The colour scheme will mimic, ( gently) the white and red of the late sixties Lotus racing cars.

Also you may have noticed a Cardinal fuselage next to the Chilli - that's a parallel build and will be a "puttering around to relax" model for after Chilli sessions.

Finally, does anyone know anything about the Chilli sauce? I saw it in a couple of old ( around 2003 ish ) RCM7E mags a while ago and wondered if it was ever published as a plan, or if anyone knew anything about it. ( There were pictures, but absolutely nothing in the collumns )


Anyway, cheers folks. More as it happens.


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Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Sabre & MiG15 RCM&E 2018 Special
09/03/2019 01:14:34

Tony, if you have any Johnson's Kleer ( or equivalent ) kicking about the house ( It's a floor polish / protectant ) dip your canopy in it and leave to dry / drain on a kitchen towel. check first with an offcut from the backing sheet first just in case Sarik use some kind of ammonia/witchcraft based plastic or coating though.

I build a lot of plastic models and it's a standard trick with slightly rough canopies. ( the stuff also makes a fantastic clear coat for plastic models, I must try it on a flying one one of these days)

Thread: Berliner
02/03/2019 15:02:24

That's fantastic Bernd: making others happy with our hobby is a wonderful thing

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