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Thread: Winter project
21/09/2020 11:08:00

I am looking for a winter project. Making some progress learning to fly but slowly ! Currently using an Easystar foamy but want to build a balsa glider. I am thinking of a thermal glider of say 6 feet wingspan and as I fly from a field I need an electric motor.

Any recommendations ? I do have some building experience but I am looking at a kit and not plan build.


Thread: The thread for your subscriber questions and queries **please do not start a new thread**
05/09/2020 14:40:59

I have had difficulties he past few weeks with my DD not being actioned by my bank. However the payment has now gone through but I have not yet received the September issue of RCM+E. I appreciate there are general difficulties presently but can anyone tell me if that issue has been posted out yet. I am in the UK

Thread: So what's happened to the August issue?
30/07/2020 14:51:54

My August issue subscription has just arrived.

Thread: Simulator for sanwa vanguard 35mhz
13/07/2020 12:49:59

See my post earlier. I found York-Av on ebay and they were very helpful, putting up an individual buy it now for me in less than a week. Their phone number is 01904 693969

20/06/2020 09:26:46

I had a similar problem trying to use an old Futaba tx with the larger 6 pin din plug. I did try to solder a new one on but the pegs were far too small for DIY use. I managed to have a lead made specifically for £15 by a firm on Ebay. They are listed as York-av 24 Auster Road Clifton Moor York YO30 4XA.

6 pin din to mono jackplug. Din - Signal (red) to pin 2; connect pin 4 to pin 5. Black to earth on both. It has worked well.

More info on a post here 9/4/2020 'Simulator needed'

Thread: June 2020 RCM&E
20/05/2020 12:00:23

No sign of it yet.

Thread: Simulator Needed
14/05/2020 16:31:15

I have a result !! I tried to download Phoenix on to an older laptop and it was fine installed correctly. Not suitable for use however as the screen is cracked and the cursor wobbles !! Tried again on my current laptop and it still kept downloading to a VLC even with the app set to windows media player as the default.

I therefore removed the VLC program and it downloaded fine. I have played a bit but each flight has ended in a crash. The instructions with the model kit (Calder Craft Primary) show left hand control up and down for throttle and right hand up down elevator and side to side rudder. There is no aileron.

I may need to re enter the model details as so far I cannot get it to take off above about 3 feet high. There have been a spectacular number of crashes. As like many I am under lock down until at least end of June/ early July hopefully I will be a bit more experienced by then. !! Looks like having a simulator is a good idea.

13/05/2020 09:32:15

After a delay I have now managed to obtain a link from my Futaba to the Flyingtech system so I went to download the Phoenix program.

This took about 10 minutes to download which I thought was a bit long but when I went to open it I got a message saying 'VLC could not identify the audio or video code'.

What program do I need to make tis software work OK please.

Thread: Help needed with precise soldering
02/05/2020 09:32:54

Having followed the thread here about simulators recently I obtained one of the simulators from Flying Tech. Unfortunately as I seem to have an old Futaba r/c setup this has the large size din trainer socket whereas the kit includes only a mini din plug. I was advised how to wire up the din to jackplug lead and which contacts to use but I now have a problem.

The pins on the din plug are very small and close together and my skill with soldering does not extend to this level of accuracy. My soldering iron has a large tip and although I could of course buy a thin version - that will not resolve my lack of skill.

Does anyone know of a company that could make a bespoke lead. This is my first foray into r/c flying (good timing I know !) so I was hoping to use lock down to get at least some indication of what to do. Hopefully this could be done by email and by post.

Thread: Simulator Needed
30/04/2020 12:54:15

Thanks for all the help here, particularly Cymaz. I have now received curtesy of Ebay a large 6 pin din plug and mono jackplug. Unfortunately the contacts on the din are so small that soldering on to them is somewhat outside my abilities mainly due to sight (even using magnifying glass) and the size of the soldering iron. I guess I will have to find a company near me to undertake this. It will have to be by post as I am in the category who should not go outside. This may have wait until after lock down which kind of defeats the point of having the simulator now !

Thread: The thread for your subscriber questions and queries **please do not start a new thread**
25/04/2020 10:14:25

I have just tried to renew my subscription on line her but there was no option to pay by card - just by standing order.

Understandably the phone lines are only currently open Monday to Friday but does anyone know if it is possible to pay by card. Thanks

Thread: Simulator Needed
18/04/2020 11:16:54

Thanks Cymas Looks fairly straightforward subject to my practicing my soldering skills first. Hopefully Ebay to the rescue.

17/04/2020 12:57:54

I have also purchased the cables from Flying Tech. However I guess I must have a very old Futaba set (Skysport 4 ). This has a trainer 'din' socket but it is about 13 mm in diameter whereas the plug with the kit is only 8.9 mm dia. Is there an adaptor available or will I not be able to use this system. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thread: LI Po battery leads
13/04/2020 09:51:41

Thanks for the prompt reply here, the information is much appreciated. I need to join a club when we are all allowed out again.

13/04/2020 09:28:28

This is an old posting but I am interested in the comment about the first time of charging. I bought an Overlander s3 2200 Lipo just before the lock down so it has not yet been used or charged. I realise batteries can sit about in a shop or warehouse for some time before use but should I be looking to charge it from time to time. I do have a 'Battguard' to run it down after charging. I guess it is going to be summer time before I can use it for real in the model so will it be Ok to wait until then.

Thread: Simulator Needed
11/04/2020 19:25:14

Thanks That all looks much clearer. Since I seem to have a few free days at home coming up I will certainly wait for your review.

11/04/2020 15:52:17

Sorry to be dim but I am struggling to understand how these work. I had assumed that you connect the tx via the buddy socket with a cable to go into the usb port on the laptop. Looking at the images on Ebay the cables do not seem to include a usb male plug or does the dongle go in the laptop and a cable go from the tx to the dongle. I did see what looked like a jackplug in one of the dongles in a laptop. If someone has a photo of the set up I would appreciate seeing it please.

Thread: Transmitter battery
11/04/2020 09:33:05

My Futaba tx had the same older NiCad battery which only held a charge for a day or so. Not yet used in anger but I was looking forward to trying my model built over winter this spring. Being over 70 I am of course now house bound fir the foreseeable future.

I have bought a Fujitsu 200mAh blue NiMH which is the same size as before and I did check the actual battery. However I could not close the battery hatch cover as the wire from the battery came out of the top and was too tight. The problem was the small plastic squares in the moulding designed I guess for where individual batteries were used.. It w tricky to remove them but having done that the battery fitted fine and is A OK.

My timing here has been lousy - I chose to get back into modelling when the new regulations came into force and finished the model when we are in lock down. It may be some time before I will be able to join a club and learn to fly. I have enjoyed the building so far of course.

Thread: You get what you pay for !
10/04/2020 16:35:54

I have always believed that you get what you pay for and over the years I have found it to be true. Having received an email from Hobby King today I was looking at their website where I saw a new 'Turnigy' 9 channel tx and rx for £53.46. Am I missing something ?

Thread: Round The Pole Tipo Bipe
06/04/2020 12:55:07

Until a recent house move I still had my Harry Butler catalogue and a RTP balsa model, probably from the 70's. I too used parts from my Scalextric such as the hand controller. Flight was not particularly impressive ! Presumably a RTP would come under the same heading as control line and not be subject to the recent regulations.

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