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Thread: Future balsa supplies in UK
24/09/2020 14:07:05
Posted by Nigel R on 24/09/2020 13:06:33:

Exactly. Foamboard is brilliant stuff. As a demographic, we've been quite slow to adopt it.

For wood fans, the stuff sold in Hobbycraft is about the weight and strength of 3/32 balsa, but 1/3 of the cost by unit area. Providing you dress the edges with some thin timber, time its covered, you'd never know it was there.

Edited By Nigel R on 24/09/2020 13:10:38

.....and when the Chinese decide to buy out foam board producers and their suppliers for their own needs?

I use foam and other materials in my builds without any qualms at all, blue foam is now unavailable to us as uneconomic so white foam has made a comeback but for how long, what next?  

Edited By Doc Marten on 24/09/2020 14:13:15

Thread: Pulse Jet World record control line speed.
24/09/2020 11:14:30


The new record is stated by the BMFA headline as 293.3 KPH (182.2 MPH), Ken Morrissey has a flight recorded at 212 MPH and Dick Hart at 215 MPH with Barton visitors regularly recording flights over 200MPH?

Does this mean the new record is lower than the 'scrubbed' records or is there an error in the release?

Edited By Doc Marten on 24/09/2020 11:18:25

Thread: Getting Hard To Buy Lipo's
23/09/2020 12:13:47

Shall we tie this in with the "Shortage of Balsa" thread? thinking

Thread: JB Weld
23/09/2020 12:08:16
Posted by Barrie Lever on 23/09/2020 11:03:09:


I think coning in that application probably is not the best way to apply JB weld.

You should try and surround the nut with high shoulders, however there is a surprising amount of torque required to hold a Nyloc in position and I would say that is towards the limit of what can be achieved by bonding.

Was it on engine bolts?


No Barrie, it was a fastening to hold down the wing fixing panel. I think you're correct that the cone wasn't the best the best method and a nyloc does indeed need a surprising effort to tighten, that's the nature of their function and was my reason for using JB.

I'll give it another crack of the whip before I decide to turn my nose up at it, the overwhelming majority say it's a good product, the video shows it to be superior to other DIY products and your confirming this sways me to think it's worth trying again.

23/09/2020 10:56:41
Posted by Barrie Lever on 23/09/2020 10:00:59:


So your problem was that you had very easy break out of small components? is that correct?




In hindsight the nut was being held in place by quite a thin wall of epoxy surrounding it, I had 'coned' the JB from the bearer to the top of the nyloc nut, the idea being to encapsulate it to prevent it from turning as the function of it is to act as a fastener at the front of the panel which holds the wings in place, the rear being held by dowels into the fuselage.

23/09/2020 09:25:38
Posted by Barrie Lever on 22/09/2020 23:10:00:


You seemed to be getting poor bonds with JB weld and somewhere I think you said that you were degreasing the parts.

As you know I have used many different epoxies over the years and JB weld is one of the best, as a starter what did you use to degrease the parts with?


I use either meths or Acetone to degrease, celly if none of those are available but that is rare.

Thread: Future balsa supplies in UK
22/09/2020 19:45:52
Posted by Peter Christy on 22/09/2020 07:56:27:

This isn't the first time this has happened! Those of us of "a certain age" will probably remember the last balsa shortage - back in the 70s IIRC!

Back then, it was blamed on a new generation of massive oil tankers which required balsa for "insulation" of the tanks. I've no idea if that was fact or fiction!

I do know that it was followed by a sharp rise in the cost (and drop in the quality!) of balsa!

In the last seven years (since I retired!) I've built a few models from plans, mostly 5-footers and designs from the 60s. I was staggered by the cost of the wood alone! Were it not for the satisfaction factor of flying something I've built myself, I would stick to ARTFs, which are much cheaper than building your own!

If only most of them weren't so fragile and UGLY....!!!



....but were the major balsa suppliers and plantations being bought up wholesale by a corrupt and sinister Communist government which had already bought up a major chunk of global industries to expand their huge and rapidly expanding economy, giving them a frightening and unhealthy influence on global policy and economics or did they just buy the available stocks leaving the scraps for the rest of us until they'd finished kitting out the tankers?

Thread: JB Weld
22/09/2020 10:50:32
Posted by Barrie Lever on 22/09/2020 10:42:22


I am really surprised that you have had poor results with JB weld as I find it a very good product, can we discuss in more detail?


Fire away Barrie.

Thread: Future balsa supplies in UK
21/09/2020 20:12:56
Posted by Engine Doctor on 21/09/2020 19:40:49

The bigger worry I feel is that now that china is the biggest maker of virtually everything and killed off production around the world with their subsidised manufacture and postage they can demand what ever price they want for their products , and they will . a nutshell.

Thread: JB Weld
21/09/2020 19:01:49
Posted by Ben B on 21/09/2020 18:19:27:
Posted by Doc Marten on 21/09/2020 10:48:03:

I stopped using JB Weld not long ago. I was recommended to use it for a minor motorbike repair to the sensor magnet for the speedo, it fell apart. I tried again fairly recently for fixing a captive nut to the end of a ply engine mount, the nut came away. I was really disappointed by it.


What prep did you do on the nut? I epoxied together aliminium once- it ended up as a strong bond but only if surface was prepared first. Without it, it was useless.

In honesty there was none apart from degreasing it, I was relying on it being encapsulated totally by the JB Weld.

Edited By Doc Marten on 21/09/2020 19:30:06

21/09/2020 17:41:39
Posted by Rob Ashley on 21/09/2020 17:00:21:

Ah, you may have exceeded the temp limits which might be why it fell apart.. I use the higher temperature version on my exhausts and all seems fine for me.

Strange we have had two polar opposite experiences.

Ahha! I didn't know there was a high temp version. yes

21/09/2020 11:49:16
Posted by Rob Ashley on 21/09/2020 11:30:24:

Did you heat the nut with a flame?

Yes I did, it was some way from the component but the arm was aluminium alloy so heat transfer was rapid and high.

Thread: Future balsa supplies in UK
21/09/2020 11:38:57

@Graham Davies 3:

This is an issue for us on this forum because it is what we focus on, that's the whole point of a specialist forum, the perspective is far bigger though and intertwined into our daily lives so unless we wake up and smell the coffee we will regret that we just stood back and let it all happen.


Edited By Doc Marten on 21/09/2020 11:41:05

Thread: Unblocking Aerosol Nozzles
21/09/2020 11:21:35

Might be a bit of a dumb question but do you have an airbrush/gun?

If so, pierce the can and decant it to use in that.

Thread: JB Weld
21/09/2020 11:09:48
Posted by Rob Ashley on 21/09/2020 10:56:54:

Hi Doc,

Very interesting post. I built an aluminium exhaust system for a glow engine that is held together entirely with JB weld. It has held firm for about 7 yrs so far and is much quieter than the 'off the shelf' ones. I have recommended JB weld to others for such purposes, although I have not used in on wood at all.


That's another thing, I also used it to fix a steel anti-vibe component to an ally suspension arm, that held for a while until I heated a nut on the arm ........the component fell off!

It held onto the wood fine, it was the nut that came away!

Edited By Doc Marten on 21/09/2020 11:10:51

21/09/2020 10:48:03

I stopped using JB Weld not long ago. I was recommended to use it for a minor motorbike repair to the sensor magnet for the speedo, it fell apart. I tried again fairly recently for fixing a captive nut to the end of a ply engine mount, the nut came away. I was really disappointed by it.

Thread: Future balsa supplies in UK
21/09/2020 10:12:39
Posted by Alan Gorham_ on 20/09/2020 20:41:25:

If the loss of the supply of raw material to the UK model building community is not a potential reason to panic then I'm not sure what is. At risk of repeating myself: both SLEC and Balsa Cabin are low on stock and have no alternative supply.

If they cease to be viable as balsa suppliers that could well mean the loss of all the ancillary components they supply such as engine mounts, control horns and linkages, hinges etc. The list is huge.

The UK used to have Solarbo (readers of a certain age will remember that name) and one of their great claims was that they owned their own balsa plantation. Thus while building from plans was so popular, then the UK had security of supply.

Eventually that disappeared as building declined in popularity and modellers are now at the end of a queue for balsa. It cant be a coincidence that SLEC say they were trying to buy their wood supplier for the last few years. They must have had concerns about future supplies.

I've been building models and buying sheets of balsa for nearly 40 years and I really, truly do not want to give that up so perhaps you can see why some if us are not relaxed about this news.

For me, you've pretty much nailed it here Alan, UK model suppliers and associated industries have been decimated by the influence of the rapid and massive expansion of the Chinese economy of the past decade at least and I'll put my hand up and say that I was part of the problem because I supported it, when China wants something, it gets it, regardless of the detriment to the rest of the world, it's the poker player that just keeps pushing up the bet until the other players fold. When it wanted Copper the price rose massively almost overnight, companies went bust and people lost their jobs, same with Steel, they buy the industries and when they are done with them just close the doors and lob the keys into the lake.

The complacent, 'wait and see' attitude is ineffective with global giants, it actually works to their advantage, the ONLY way to make them listen is through your wallet, make a stand, suffer in the short term for the sake of the long term, supply feeds demand. 150% increases on balsa could deter newcomers and be the final straw for current modellers wavering on leaving, Balsa will now be in short supply just when we finally see a revival of traditional builds, the legs will well and truly be cut off that with increased prices and limited supplies of poor quality balsa.  We watched this happen in the model engine industry and look where we are now. How much longer will we accept parts of the hobby being monopolised unopposed? Last year modellers were up in arms about a £16 charge on their hobby that was reduced to something grudgingly acceptable, if we had just sat back to wait and see the full cost would've been implemented and more modellers may have left. . It can't be allowed to carry on unopposed. Copper and Steel yesterday, Balsa today, what tomorrow?

I'm another under the impression that SLEC were the owners of their own plantation in PNG? I also read on here that they supplied the wind turbine industry. 


Edited By Doc Marten on 21/09/2020 10:39:35

20/09/2020 19:04:46

If this doesn't change attitudes within the hobby then extinction will be sooner than later.

Thread: Graupner Repair/Servicing in UK
19/09/2020 18:08:54

Email Sussex Model Centre (SMC) to see if they can help out, they do in house repairs but may be able to point you in the right direction if not able repair your Tx.

Thread: Small self tappers
18/09/2020 18:21:34
Posted by David H on 18/09/2020 18:16:19:


Sorry - this item is currently unavailable

Sign of the times matey

They'll be in stock and delivered before the Hong Kong based item even makes it to Europe.....matey

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