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Thread: Veneer lifting problems
15/10/2019 16:40:26
Posted by Nightflyer on 15/10/2019 13:03:55:

I have found that where the veneer has split or lifted that using copydex gives a stronger bond than PVA. This was advice I was given back in the early 80's when making and repairing foam wings, and has worked for me all these years when necessary. I always use dome weights to help hold the veneer down for a day or so to ensure a strong reliable bond.

With regard to finishing the wing I would opt for using glass cloth and epoxy resin rather than dope and nylon as if the wood is old it is likely to have more open pores allowing dope through to attack the foam.

I use masking tape in the absence of weights and a water based wood treatment with talc to seal the wing if I intend to dope over foam.

15/10/2019 16:37:23

I've used new veneer cut in to match large areas and reglued lifting veneer cracks as a means of repair, with both I've used Copydex and an iron when it's dry to finish.

It works well.

Thread: Ammo Box for Lipos ??
14/10/2019 21:25:24
Posted by Peter Miller on 14/10/2019 21:02:04:

Yes, but how about several Lipos?

I reckon if a load went up all together it may force the lid or seal but with explosive force?

No, I doubt it very much.

14/10/2019 20:13:19

Not the old 'without holes it'll become a bomb' warnings again. An ammo box will contain a burning lipo without any ventilation.

Thread: Flair Models - a question
24/09/2019 22:02:51

When I contacted Dean he told me that he was winding down the company as he could not run it how he wanted to and that there are no plans to restart the kits.

Thread: Defibrillator?
16/09/2019 21:39:17

A defib will give you audible instructions as to how to carry out CPR when it's activated so you are not completely helpless whilst waiting for assistance. They are 'intelligent' in the way that they will only administer a shock if they detect a heart in fibrillation.

Will it be hooked up to a permanent charge or will it be stand alone?

Thread: Alternative servo linkage
11/09/2019 22:56:10

RDS is way the scale guys do it. It takes up no more space than the thickness of the servo and is a direct drive system so delivers plenty of torque, it has to be set up accurately though, with the bend right on the hinge line.

Edited By Doc Marten on 11/09/2019 22:56:41

Thread: Southern Model Show 2019
10/09/2019 16:56:01
Posted by Rich too on 09/09/2019 18:11:02:

pps and I picked up two brand new Rotoflow fuel tanks for £10 each! One was 40oz for my Sbach, and the other 14 oz.

Edited By Rich too on 09/09/2019 18:16:59

I saw those, they are quite intriguing, what are the benefits over a clunk tank.

The same stand was selling Excel model blades for 99p a tube, the guy who sells the tools on the open air stand is always worth a look as is the second hand parts stall and the bring n buy. I even ventured over to the model boats to listen to the submarine talk.

Oh.....and a few gallons of Southern glow fuel.

Edited By Doc Marten on 10/09/2019 16:57:07

08/09/2019 21:57:28

Model of the show for me was the Moki powered Yak, it ticked all the boxes.

Thread: Aldi
06/09/2019 22:59:40

It has two.

One for the belt and one for the disc.

05/09/2019 22:46:55

What do you mean by a table? One can easily be made to suit.

Thread: Broken servo arm screw
26/08/2019 13:09:01
Posted by Martin Harris on 25/08/2019 14:44:50:

Left handed drills are available (no, I'm not joking but I'm not sure if they would be easily available at servo screw sizes) primarily for just this sort of job. As you've discovered, a combination of heat and vibration from drilling can often loosen a sheared stud or bolt and the left hand rotation can spin out the broken fastener.

They are available and a very useful addition to a tool kit, especially if you do your own mechanics but they're hard to come by, I'm not sure if they go down small enough for servo screws though. Filing the face flat, punching it and using a burr in reverse could be an option.

Thread: Brian Winch
25/08/2019 11:01:27

Absolutely gutted!!

Brian was one of the modelling institutions, he was there when I started the hobby, active when I left and still part of it when I came back to it, his knowledge was encyclopaedic, his wit and humour was typically Oz, his advice was solid and articles actutely readable, to be honest he was my principle reason for buying RCM&E.

He will be sorely missed, my sincere condolences to the 'Wizards' family.


Edited By Doc Marten on 25/08/2019 11:01:57

Thread: Hands free mobile calls
24/08/2019 10:52:06

We have many laws that can't be policed but that are still passed so that there is specific legislation to use when a perpetrator is actually caught and taken to court to provide a framework for prosecution and guidelines for sentencing, not having enough bobbies on the beat isn't a reason for not passing legislation.

Edited By Doc Marten on 24/08/2019 10:54:40

23/08/2019 21:10:32
Posted by Martin Harris on 22/08/2019 23:58:23

Would it be any more logical that a retired or off duty police trained driver would be prosecuted for telling his wife that he was going to be home late? Or that a racing driver in a high performance car is not allowed to drive faster than a 17 year old driver of a barely roadworthy Corsa who had passed his test earlier that week?

The implication that was made is that an emergency vehicle should also be covered under any such ban as they are also distracted by conversation and info being relayed, it's not a logical comparison however as emergency service drivers have additional and constantly assessed training to exempt them from any such ban.

Edited By Doc Marten on 23/08/2019 21:11:26

22/08/2019 23:04:54
Posted by Erfolg on 22/08/2019 22:35:32:.

.........The extreme and most intrusive situation that is typical is the police operation, where conversations under extreme pressure with multiple distractions are ever present. Ban hands free, then logically the police force logically must be prevented in entering into any conservation or interaction whilst driving...……..

That's not a logical comparison as emergency service drivers are trained and assessed in running commentary driving at high speed, members of the public are not.

Edited By Doc Marten on 22/08/2019 23:09:20

22/08/2019 10:51:45

I agree with Cuban.

If you are going to legislate against hands free use based on distraction then the same points should be used for carrying children in the back seats, having an argument with your passenger or listening to a heated debate on the radio.

Thread: Hospitalised, my own fault - but ?
19/08/2019 16:08:15

What was the reaction at the hospital when you told them how you'd received the injury?

Thread: Electric Cars.
14/08/2019 12:17:25

What's going on here?


Thread: Single servo ailerons
13/08/2019 21:03:34
Posted by Bob Cotsford on 13/08/2019 15:25:24:
Posted by Simon Chaddock on 13/08/2019 13:55:39:

….........With modern light weight but powerful servos it is much simpler to use a servo for each aileron and then use the transmitter functions to control the aileron travel, end stops and differential action. Most Tx will have a differential function already available.


Simon, for a new build I'd maybe agree about twin servos if the wings had been cut for twin servos but this is a completed model...…...

As this has been touched on, if anybody has a model with a single servo operating both ailerons but wish to change to a two servo setup, the way I've done it is to use a pair of mini servos side-by-side in the central wing cutout, their combined width is only just greater than a single standard servo, you can then make up a set o custom push rods to run to the aileron arms and set up using the benefits of a two servo method



Edited By Doc Marten on 13/08/2019 21:27:02

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