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Thread: Aliphatic glues
15/06/2019 20:13:21

Gorilla white wood glue is also sandable and reasonably priced.

Thread: Kings Lynn Model Shop
13/06/2019 18:30:56

Anything can be done, but when technology fails and you are running a company single handed a bit of understanding wouldn't go amiss.

Thread: Dambusters Raid
13/06/2019 18:26:09

A degree of the damage would have been psychological, a gift to Hitler saying that we have the genius and ability to strike at targets deep in Germany virtually at will.

13/06/2019 18:09:25
Posted by J D 8 on 13/06/2019 13:38:01:

The upkeep bomb did look like an oil drum.

At my local airfield there is on display an inert Highball bomb. A smaller version of upkeep that was for use against anchored ships but never used in combat.

The highball was a smaller 'bouncing bomb' as you say, fitted to Mosquitos (618 Sqn?) for the anti shipping role, it was never used as it had a tendency to deflect on anything above a mirror calm surface, something which the boffins couldn't correct.

Thread: Kings Lynn Model Shop
13/06/2019 17:57:23
Posted by FilmBuff on 13/06/2019 17:46:07:

My view is that small specialist retail and good comms / customer service are not mutually exclusive.

To survive, model retailers need to be able to do both.

That's a bit too black and white.

Having read the comments above from the 2 retailers shouldn't a degree of tolerance be given to the smaller retaliers?

Thread: Hi All
13/06/2019 13:05:51

Excellent, another traditional builder, you prefer electric or IC?

Thread: Commons Science and Technology Committee Enquiry on Drones
13/06/2019 12:53:22

All this debate and technicalities about projected registrations, income and operator cover could be mostly solved if the fee was more palatable.

More would be willing to register, there would be less for the BMFA to negotiate, the government could use some healthy propaganda to show they are dealing with the perceived threat and the CAA,, DoT and EASA could all stop blaming eachother for the dilema that's been created...........It still wouldn't clear us from the lower airspace for more lucrative ventures though.

Thread: Hi All
13/06/2019 12:38:02

Hi Mark,

What's your modelling background and interests?

Thread: Kings Lynn Model Shop
13/06/2019 12:31:29

We could help out our model shops by voluntarily offering part time help, that would enable them to build up a reputation, followed by a customer base and the finance to then take on permanent staff to carry on.

Thread: Dambusters Raid
13/06/2019 10:26:07
Posted by J D 8 on 13/06/2019 10:08:09:

In the 60's plastic model maker Revill brought their 1/72nd Dambuster Lancaster out when the Upkeep bomb came off the secret list. I made one and the bomb was nothing like the one's in Dambuster film as when the film was made in the 50's they just had to guess what it looked like.

I built one also, the one I built had a bomb that looked like an oil drum, not sure if it was Revel though.

13/06/2019 09:51:51

Very brave, determined and skillful men who gave their lives for our future.

Thread: TV Licence petition
12/06/2019 21:16:12
Posted by Martin Dilly 1 on 12/06/2019 20:56:00:
Posted by SR 71 on 12/06/2019 17:01:20:

Well I would sooner pay for our old people to watch tv

Than I would pay for all the foreigners that are here getting free treatment on the NHS, helping overcrowd our hospitals

At the risk of assisting the drift of this thread a bit, could I perhaps mention "all the foreigners" that actually make the NHS work. A personal observation here; a year or so ago I had to have a canula put into a vein, and mine are apparently hard to locate. It took eight tries, two in each arm and two into the back of each hand before finally a passing Greek cardiologist managed to find a vein. Prior to that I'd been jabbed by a Pole, a German, an Irish girl, a Spaniard, two Phillipinas and one English nurse. I'm personally delighted that foreigners are crowding the NHS, as it looks as if the British aren't prepared to do the work.

Reverting to the thread topic a bit, I too used to work for the BBC and as a camerman saw no signs of high salaries amng my colleagues, more's the pity.


If you live and work here you are entitled to use our services, that's something any fair minded person would agree with. I'm confident that the comment wasn't aimed at them, rather the non contributing non residents that have taken advantage of the 'NHS Tourism' that has been exploited.

Anyway, will you be signing the petition?

It's interesting that Labour dominated London is in the lower bracket of respondents.


Edited By Doc Marten on 12/06/2019 21:22:39

12/06/2019 20:09:43
Posted by Don Fry on 12/06/2019 19:59:59:

Who's planet are you living on. I've lived with a 15 to 20 percent pay cut for the past three years, I've no idea if France will kick me out. The list is depressing.

Clarifying what?

1. The UK part of Planet Earth

2. So have many of us INCLUDING the increase in the cost of living, dimished public services, new legislation and increase in crime that you as a non resident have not.

3. I am also affected by the uncertainty of EU residents in the UK.

So will you be signing it?

Edited By Doc Marten on 12/06/2019 20:12:14

12/06/2019 20:09:01



Edited By Doc Marten on 12/06/2019 20:09:58

12/06/2019 19:52:50


Just clarifying wink

Whether it's Honest Boris or Trust me Jezzer who become prime minister it's not going to have a great effect on your daily life.

You didn't post that reply without intent to provoke a rise though did you? I've just obliged.

I take it that your signature won't be gracing the petition then?




Edited By Doc Marten on 12/06/2019 20:26:31

12/06/2019 19:23:16
Posted by Don Fry on 12/06/2019 19:22:02:

Steady on lads, Honest Boris is coming to save us, assuming he has got out of bed.

I'm quite ashamed I consort with such views. Pity I fly aircraft.

I think the BBC is a bit Right wing. There you go.

Tin hat not needed. Nuclear fallout suit donned.

Don't you live in France?

12/06/2019 19:18:18
Posted by Tom Flynn 1 on 12/06/2019 18:50:20:

The NHS being the major victim, without going on about policing, special needs, libraries etc.

The NHS has £20.5 BILLION earmarked each year over the next 5 years!

12/06/2019 19:13:58

The BBC is supposed to be the public information channel, at one time it was, not anymore.

The BBC has a nice monopoly running with the licence fee, if I choose not to watch their channels, I still have to pay, even for the endless repeats, for the rest of my life unless I only watch DVD's or catchup TV. How is it right that if I watch and subscribe to Sky TV, only watching their productions and their live TV I STILL have to pay the BBC?

It was once the benchmark of broadcasting; informative, thought provoking, prepared to challenge and unbiased, sadly that institution died way back, 'Aunty' has lost her smile and tender but firm hand, the public respect has gone.

The soldier F trial was the final nail for me, something that has far reaching consequences in our legal system on par with 'Double jeopardy' and a chance to question the absolute injustice brought about by previous governments shady deals yet they chose to completely ignore it. There were 25K peaceful protesters march in protest of it and the same again the next week in London and around the country, but the smaller more confrontational anti Trump demonstrations were repeated over and over ad nauseum as was endlessly televised Extinction protesters. A complete day was allocated to reporting the Notre Dame fire, something which was of interest but has absolutely no impact at all on a huge percentage of the UK population.

Edited By Doc Marten on 12/06/2019 19:20:47

12/06/2019 16:41:27

Shouldn't the Beeb have been doing as the commercial stations do for funding rather than rely on the government if it was always on the cards?

Thread: Commons Science and Technology Committee Enquiry on Drones
12/06/2019 16:29:04
Posted by michael matthews 2 on 12/06/2019 14:08:17:

FWIW . The Dft. could not organise the change to railway timetables without messing it up. The Caa has decimated the Air Display scene, So now Model Flyers are next in line.

The figures plucked from the ether, how did they arrive at the amount of flyers concerned to come up with a cost of £16.50 when the very people that are likely to be the problem will not register anyway. So what will next years cost be, given that less fees will be collected.

Members of the BMFA are already well regulated and do not fly in built up areas as we need a take off and landing place. We have a good safety record, we are insured, we have a proficiency scheme in place, so what are we getting for the £16.50 ?

I only hope that the Caa have only paid a deposit on the software to run the scheme, as it will be very expensive to run given the likely reduction in people registering in the future.

I hope that common sense will prevail



You've not read these threads through have you Michael?

Edited By Doc Marten on 12/06/2019 16:29:56

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