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Thread: PFM are coming back
03/03/2019 13:20:33

Hi All.

I'd like to confirm that PB models are indeed intending to bring PFM range back from a near 30 year hiatus.

Be under no illusion - there is an awful lot of work to be done before anything see's the light of day as everything needs re-drawing, making, cutting or moulding.

I will be sad to see it go as it was part of my life when I was a child for a couple years before it all went wrong, but I just do not have the time nor space to put in to getting it going myself.

I do not envy the task Paul has taken on - I hope that the community can work with Paul to enjoy the models again that appears to have brought back a passion for those models.

Thread: PFM / Pat French Models
22/02/2019 09:29:24

Sorry, but I still have no private message from you via the forum on here.

I don't see how that quite constitutes being rude but there we go....

I will make attempts elsewhere....

21/02/2019 22:52:36

Sorry for the delay in getting back - been out of the country for a couple of weeks and life also got in the way...

So, this is a last ditch attempt to do something with what is left.

I've tried a few places but no interest, which I kind of expected.

I had to move it from the storage location so its now sat in my house.

I have I believe a full set of manual templates for all the models. I have no of the other tooling for wing cutting, glass or vacuum form moulding.

I have for most, a couple of sets of all the foam parts that would need to be copied.

I have various part cut kits.

I have most of the vacuum formed stuff that you can take moulds from.

Likewise, I have I think cowls you could again make moulds from.

Plans wise I don't have a complete set - some were lost many years ago.

It needs a custodian by the end of next week - March 1st.

I do not have the time that it needs putting in to it.

I really do not want to consign it to history again but will if I have to....

24/01/2019 23:03:11
Posted by Colin Leighfield on 24/01/2019 22:24:35:I thought Pat French’s planes (Economy Scale), were excellent. Easy to build and great flyers. I still have an unflown Team Special biplane that I hope to fly this year (I wrecked my first after about 20 years, the repairable wreck of a Giant Zlin that was brilliant with a Webra 91 and an another one unbuilt still in the box, waiting for the opportunity. There were also the Cranfield A1 and Tiger Moth Monoplane, I think both in two sizes and others. They were all highly thought of as I remember. I am interested.

Colin, I saw this pictures when I was doing some research over the weekend , and was heartened by what I saw of yours - I've seen the kits go for quite a bit of money on eBay.

Sorry you wrecked your Zlin!

Other models I remember included the Vampire, even the glass fibre trainers such as the commander I think it was- I believe there is still a dustbin bag of new fuselages in storage somewhere in the lockup that never got sold for the latter. All of the kits my dad made and sold had Aerotechnique labels on the boxes somewhere. They would also usually have a inch by 1/2 inch box end label. Kits back when Mike or anyone before wouldn't have this. Its taking time, but things are slowly coming back to me as its been many years since I've delved this far back.

I went through the photo's trying to find something for his order of service, and found a few pictures of the PFM stand after he took it on with my dad in it. I think it was at Sandown race course from what he said at the time, along with a very early Dave Hodgson picture eating an icecream.... has one of Dave's many display Cap 21 models in shot, along with Ken strapped in to his seat of the Cap 21 ready to have this brains mashed by Dave's flying. Not sure who took the pictures as I don't think I've got the negatives. I suspect it might have been his friend Bob.

24/01/2019 22:38:40
Posted by Jon Laughton on 24/01/2019 21:28:43:

This journey down the PFM memory lane is interesting however I’m wondering if the moderators need to look at this thread.

The OP invited people who might be interested in purchasing the IP to respond. I have done so through the forum and a pm without any response whatsoever so I suspect this is a possible phishing post for someone to use this forum to get some kind of market view....personally I find this discourteous and borderline offensive.

Over to the mods...

As already noted in my previous, as I type, yet another as yet un-moderated post, I don't have a PM from you - perhaps the mods would confirm this to calm your requirement for me being courteous and offending you?

Also, I have a full time job as noted, so perhaps I might have been implying it may take me a few days to get back, considering this wasn't the most urgent of items needing responding to while I assume the other moderated comments appear - not especially considering that today, as I type was the funeral itself.

The first post I can see came on here this morning. Perhaps if I take a picture with todays paper in front of the remains of the bits of PFM that I have such as some of the templates will put your wandering mind at rest?

Your lack of any respect to myself now forces me not to want to respond any further to any further communication from yourself..

To the others, sorry for going off on to a rant. I genuinely appreciate your comments.

Edited By Pete B - Moderator on 26/01/2019 10:28:03

24/01/2019 21:59:05
Posted by Jon Laughton on 24/01/2019 00:40:09:

Michael I sent you a private message through this forum...did you get it? If so please courteous and acknowledge that.

I'm afraid I do not have a private message showing up. I also have a demanding full time job, and contrary to the belief of my friends and family I don't always spend every waking hour on the interweb, especially this week while finishing and attending the funeral itself.

Thanks to all for most of the comments. Its nice to see the affection.

I know that most of the models did fly well, some extremely well, especially designed by Pat himself back in the day, although I never flew them myself. Having a quick read on these forums from back over the years, backs this up.

I remember David (Dave) Hodgson from when I was a child, who used to do the displays when my dad ran the business. He was active on these forums a few years back and would like to make contact with him, if possible.

Zlin, DH71, Cranfield (yes, there were two one of 55" I think as mentioned - I think the other was in the mid 70"'s - I'll have to dig out the 1987 price list for that one!), and a few others I “helped” make the kits for as kid. There were 8-10 kits available, with many others that hadn’t been produced since Mike Boardman sold the business back on.

Interesting to see the Firecracker mentioned. Was the next kit that was supposed to go back in to production at the time, but never happened. Some of these were big models at the time but alas things have got bigger. Except for the cowl of the Firecracker – the size of a small rubbish bin even now, and yes, I do have some. Would be much more difficult for me to do as it used a significant amount of foam components to make it up.

The kits listed in the posts I am familiar with in my ageing grey matter, and were produced by my dad through the late 80’s before it came to a premature end, and those, if any, I’d feel comfortable to try to do something with. They were the better sellers of the time.

In terms of laser cutting, I already have access to a cutter - I'm within the making community so its not all unknown territory to cut some bits. SLEC show an image of a Laserscript cutter, which I already have access to. CAD isn’t a problem to prep stuff for laser cutting. Interesting comment about the balsa and change to ply – the timber used in that wasn’t necessarily grown in the most responsible way at the time, and some probably isn’t even now.

The kit design and manufacturing techniques has progressed a lot over the years as well and understand that many of the designs could now be better or produced in a different way as the old school way of doing things won't be applicable now - unless of course there is a real demand within the modelling community.

I’ve never myself got in to fixed wing. I’ve messed with the odd multi rotor stuff – I don’t know who of the kit makers are still around, and like anything, I know many will have been taken over so thank you for the names given already. I’ve still got to go through it to see what is or isn’t salvageable as you can imagine after 30 odd years of being moved around, it almost certainly isn’t complete, and I don’t think my dad knew either. I know some of the tooling would need to be re-created as that has been lost as the original suppliers are no longer around. I believe of the later produced kits, there should be enough to get it going.

This is the dilemma - could I do the kits justice in terms of quality? A lot of time it would take to get it going, but not impossible. I wouldn’t be holding much stock – probably just one model at a time for a small batch. Certainly wouldn't be made in China, and you'd pay for it. ARTF as just wouldn't have the space.

I need to make a decision fairly quickly to keep it, or to move the whole lot on to someone who could do something with it.

Thanks again, and keep posting!

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