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Thread: Chris Mass Build thread - Renaissance
28/07/2019 22:09:51

Hi Chris, on mine i have about 25mm rudder and elevator but have not measured it. The aelerons are a lot less about 15 mm. The windscreen was cut from a shirt box which is a thin plastic like really thin perspex. I played about with a paper template first then cut the plastic. To fix it i put small screws through the sides then shaped where it touches the fuselage with 3 small screws at an angle and just clipped the plastic behind them.

Thread: old nieuport 17 model
22/05/2019 15:34:18

Thanks guys, great information. This is actually further back than i thought. Leading edge of the lower wing will be the starting point then.

Thanks for your help.


22/05/2019 10:34:49

Hi all, i bought an old nieuport 17 model at an auction and decided to try and get it flying. i had to strip some old covering off and as a temporary measure i replaced it with what i had laying around until i get it flying properly. in the meantime would anyone know where the C of G is on a model like this? its about 1.1m wide, just under 1m long and is fitted with an electric motor, similar to a ripmax quantum 2 .40 equivalent. I tried a 14.4 4 cell battery but this seem too large and heavy so i was going to try an 11 volt 3 cell instead.

would the C of G be a point between the ends of the main spar but in the center of the wing? which would put it at a point near the back of the wing above the cockpit. it does have a sweep on the main wing.


Thread: Tony Oneilll Renaissance
14/05/2019 12:11:09

thanks Lindsay and Chris, yes well pleased it flies well and will be going up again tomorrow. Re the landing gear, i forgot to fit captive nuts, so the solution i tried was to drill a 5mm hole in the ply mount then tap it 6mm like a piece of metal. as its thick it took a thread no problem and i then used 6mm nylon bolts to fix the landing gear. worked a treat and the gear is solid and had no problem on our grass strip.

12/05/2019 13:33:57

Well first flight was a total success. Flew really well, stable in a slight breeze and with plenty of power for some simple manoeuvres (not by me) landed well and with a 5 min flight 75 % left in the battery. All in all very pleased 😀😀flybye.jpg

12/05/2019 08:41:43

Thanks matt. Looks about the same re battery, i have the esc a bit further back. Weather hear is warm and sunny with light wind. The motor mount may have made the difference i only needed a small amount on the tail. I must admit i was surprised at the power! Pulls like a train lol.

11/05/2019 18:41:39

Finished at last. There is a fly in at my club tomorrow i think i will get a more experienced flyer to take it up first. Has to add about 20grams to the tail as everything inside is as far back as i could go. May have to rethink this though. Added a stripe on top of the wing since this picture. Used a lemon stabilizer plus receiver which is working well. Plenty of power and the motor mount is solid. Good to go i think!finished.jpg

07/05/2019 14:11:58

Thanks matt. At the moment the esc is below the motor but not fixed. This week should see it finished then i can set that up properly. Behind the fire wall sounds good. I have a 14.4v battery around 4000ma so its a good weight. No added weight is my target to im hoping for the same.

07/05/2019 12:25:53

wing bottom.jpgGot a bit more done on the wings. Just the ailerons to fit and the wheels and that should be the finish. I will probably paint a stripe on the top of the wing for orientation.wing top.jpg

02/05/2019 15:24:09

hope all goes well matt

Thread: Chris Mass Build thread - Renaissance
02/05/2019 08:40:35

coming along nicely. i am doing the same with the under carriage but i forgot to fit the captive nuts! so will have to look at retro fit somehow.

Thread: Tony Oneilll Renaissance
02/05/2019 08:37:52

yes its the ripmax, 4s lipo with a 12 x 9 prop i think. the mount is solid so a test this weekend i think.

01/05/2019 08:47:07

wing fit2.jpgwing fit.jpgCouple of picturea of the wing fit. Still to add the trailing edge and ailerons and cover. The motor is also fitted.motor.jpg

27/04/2019 20:05:17

tail connections.jpgservos.jpgfuse after.jpgGot a bit more done on the fuselage, almost finished with this part. Installed the control gear and servos and then finished covering it. Only the motor and landing gear to go then finish the wings.fuse before.jpg

22/04/2019 20:59:11

wing2.jpgFinally got a start on the wing sheeting. Followed the instructions about the washout block and it seems to have worked. I decided not to do the curved pieces so just finished the sheeting square. Need to sand it all down now.wing1.jpg

17/04/2019 16:09:00

thanks matt, yes on closer inspection I had cut the main longerons a bit short. so when I fitted the plywood parts I built up the missing parts and filled in the gaps. it seems to be quite strong and is fitting on the plane properly. I have started to sheet the wings so ill post up a picture or two of that.



15/04/2019 11:16:15

Finished the tail fitting, the picture shows the fin fitted with block either side. I didnt have a suitable sized block so i laminated some 6 mm balsa to make 2, one for either side. I fitred a fin spacer then trimmed the blocks roughly to shape before glueing them in place. I removed the spacer at this point. When dry i shaped them and installed the fin. It went in great and is firmly attached. I also added another hinge below rhe elevator line.

tail block.jpg

11/04/2019 08:57:01

I covered both parts of rhe tail before i fixed them on, carefully removing the film. It fitted well and was strongly fixed. When i added the blocks at the sides i used a spacer to create a gap for the fin( pic to follow)

tail fixed.jpg

10/04/2019 18:38:36

Hi jim, the drawing above is the correct positioning of the centre line. I measured my wing and the centre is 40mm from the last rib almost perfect with the using lyndsay's picture will position everything correctly. Mine is not as bad as i though, it will fit and look ok.i took the line nearest the rib as the centre and as such cut the stringers short. So i added a bit in and may add some more to beef it up a bit, but it seems strong and the sheeting will help.


10/04/2019 11:57:59

Found out where i went a bit wrong with the centre of the wing. Back at the start of the build in the main thread there is a discussion about the centre line of the wing. I forgot about that! The dotted lines on the drawing are not the centre line its where the drawing stops. Its about 1.5cm past the dotted line.

Now i have figured that out i should be able to complet the wing.

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