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Thread: Build your own telemetry sensors.
03/04/2020 14:10:10

Hello Chris

Just updating you. I have ordered some ACS758 100u (unidirectional) sensors.

In the meantime I have run the software on a Arduino Nano (5v), having change were 3.3v was expected.

Instead of using a current sensor I wired three 6k resistors in series across the 5v supply.

I then applied the voltages obtained from this resistance ladder, to pin 4 on the Arduino.

Results were :

0v 0A, 1.68v 31.3A, 3.35v 68.5A, 5.03v 106A.

This looks very encouraging and I hope when the sensors arrive, in a week or so, that all will be well and I can do some final calibration.

Thanks again for this project


31/03/2020 12:29:51

Hi Chris

Well spotted.

I do have the wrong ASC758. You advised 100u and I have 100b (unidirectional).

Looking back in the thread Mike Blandford on 18/5/19 shows " define RESISTOR_TO_GROUND_FOR_CURRENT,"

and "define RESISOR_TO_CURRENT_SENSOR," both as 0.

I had entered 2700 and 10000 here.

Correcting this has given me a current reading of 0 but no change when throttle increased.

Taking A3 down to GRD via a 10k did not alter the reading.

I will go through the config files again making the alterations you recommend, but also some ASC758 lcb100u sensors and make a breadboard circuit to check individual components.

30/03/2020 17:31:28

Hi Chris

Lots of spare time now to try and get a current sensor working. As I remarked before I had downloaded a latter version of openXsensor, but had difficulty finding the correct settings us most of this thread was concerning the earlier software. I have now downloaded the earlier software and found how to set up VFAS for pin A7.

The voltage at A3 is 1.648 which I have entered in the config. Cant manage to paste a screen but the results are.


3: Cur 230.1A

4: Cells 11.1V

5: Cel1 3.70V

6: Cel2 3.74V

7: Cel3 3.61V

8: VFAS 11.14V

I wonder if I have a hardware problem. I have used one of your PCBs and wired up as you recommend, but left out the resistors for cell4 and used 10k and 2.7K for the voltage divider R2,R3.

Wont give up yet.



25/03/2020 11:16:57

Hello Chris

Thanks for your help.

At present the line

define MVOLT_AT_ZERO_AMP is set to 362.

I probably used your example as a starting point.

I will check and report back


27/09/2019 12:49:14

Hello. Sorry to be a bit tardy replying to your post. Due to health problems and other distractions I have put the project to one side for now.

I do have a working variometer and a voltage/current sensor using your supplied pcb give accurate cell readings but the standby current is reported to be about 130 A, with no VFAS detection.

I am using the latest sketch that has only config.h. not configbasic and configadvanced.

In config.h about line 130 there is define VFAS_SOURCE ADS_VOLT_6.

Suspect this line should be changed to VFAS_SOURCE VOLT_6

I don't like to give up so will continue when energy reserves return.

Thread: Watts Inside feature April 2019
06/09/2019 15:52:35

Hello Jon

Part 2 of the article inspired me to get a B03 and the multi-protocol module from Banggood.

I assume this is the correct module, but the B03 is not listed as an option .Does John Stennard have this information please?

I agree that the TX supplied is too small and difficult to use smoothly.

Thanks for any information you are able to obtain


Thread: Build your own telemetry sensors.
10/08/2019 14:22:57

I was compiling for a 168 board in error for a 328.

Now all OK.

Have tested my first sensor and can report getting good cell voltages.

encouraged to proceed.

02/08/2019 10:05:01

Thank you so much Chris. The zip file downloaded perfectly and compiles without errors.

I do get a warning that the global variables use 92% of dynamic memory and stability problems may occur.

However I presume that once I have edited the sketch for the sensors I am using, ie just current and voltage at first,

that the memory issue will be resolved.

Thanks again for you help and I hope that my experience may help others who may be having problems.



01/08/2019 08:50:20

Thanks Chris. Will give it a go.


31/07/2019 16:17:57


Mike Blandfird may have a good point. I have downloaded the IDE ( Arduino 1.8.9 ) from Windows store

Is this OK?

I note, Chris, that you say to compile the original sketch. I have been unable to find the sketch to download.

From your post 14/4/19 were the link "here" is given, I left click on openxsensor and find a lot of files.

I downloaded oXs_config_basic_h and oXs_ config_advanced_h as advised in the magazine article.

Then pasted into a new sketch file. Even before changes unable to compile.

Hopefully it will be clear to you were I am going wrong. Incidentally the sketch for the servo tester compiles OK

and the unit works as expected.

Mike Hadaway

31/07/2019 10:05:37

Hi Chris

When compiling the sketch I get an error regarding <Arduino.h>. The error report is.

Arduino: 1.8.9 (Windows Store (Windows 10), Board: "Arduino Pro or Pro Mini, ATmega328P (3.3V, 8 MHz)"

In file included from C:\Users\oxfor\AppData\Local\Temp\arduino_modified_sketch_368203\sketch_may30a.ino:369:0:

C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\ArduinoLLC.ArduinoIDE_1.8.21.0_x86__mdqgnx93n4wtt\hardware\arduino\avr\cores\arduino/Arduino.h:153:16: error: conflicting declaration of 'void setup()' with 'C' linkage

void setup(void);


C:\Users\oxfor\AppData\Local\Temp\arduino_modified_sketch_368203\sketch_may30a.ino:1:6: note: previous declaration with 'C++' linkage

void setup() {


In file included from C:\Users\oxfor\AppData\Local\Temp\arduino_modified_sketch_368203\sketch_may30a.ino:369:0:

C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\ArduinoLLC.ArduinoIDE_1.8.21.0_x86__mdqgnx93n4wtt\hardware\arduino\avr\cores\arduino/Arduino.h:154:15: error: conflicting declaration of 'void loop()' with 'C' linkage

void loop(void);


C:\Users\oxfor\AppData\Local\Temp\arduino_modified_sketch_368203\sketch_may30a.ino:133:6: note: previous declaration with 'C++' linkage

void loop() {


exit status 1
Error compiling for board Arduino Pro or Pro Mini.

08/07/2019 10:40:55

Hello Chris.

I have been following this series with interest since the article in the magazine.

Its still a bit of a mystery to me, but I would like to purchase a few of your project boards and have a go.

I understand that you can supply them for £2 + £1 p&p and paypal is accepted.

I would wish to bye three please.

Mike Hadaway

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