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Thread: SIG Kadet LT-40 Build - My first proper build!
24/07/2019 07:56:10

Morning all,

David - thank you for the information, and my leisure task of the day is to research the models mentioned.

Nigel - I was on the verge of abandoning the thread last night - not the build, just the thread - it is not what I intended it to be so, after a nights rest, I have decided to not continue with it.

All - thank you all for your comments, information and time. It has helped a lot.

23/07/2019 18:21:47
Posted by Don Fry on 23/07/2019 17:42:49:

"...And crack this one, you can crack another one..."

Thanks Don.

I am already liking the look of this Here.

23/07/2019 16:42:00

Well thanks for all of the comments and suggestions. Its been a quite a lively debate! I don't think changing the plan is beyond my scope of time or expertise. It isn't unaffordable either. I think it would be quite interesting to build it with twin servos.

At the moment I still haven't decided which way I am going to go. Yes, it is my first build but I am not phased by the thought of doing it. I am almost at the stage where I will have both wings build. After that the wings are joined and then the Instruction Book have the Ailerons as the next steps. I could leave this and start the fuselage - until I am certain which way I want to go.

22/07/2019 19:36:06

Hi Percy - The torque rods are brass sleeved however, it looks like the end of the rod just goes into a hole drilled into the aileron. No sleeve. Note that the fixed part of the trailing edge needs to be cut for the rod.

If I offer up a servo into the wing, on the premise that I was going to go off piste, it does fit. I would need to get another servo and some other bits but that is no real hardship. Given it's my first build should I just go for the twin servo make it up as you go along? Would I just connect the servos together electrically and have on push and one pull? Y electric cable cable?


Edited By Nu Me 1 on 22/07/2019 19:36:37

22/07/2019 18:49:38

Thanks Don.

Not being ready for talking about Torque Rods yet wink I did a little more on the left wing.

Only one delivery today; the number 3 handle to go with the number 10 blades I have brought.

I am a lot happier, so far, with this wing build. Using the off cut to gauge the depth SHOULD mean that less sanding flush will be required.

I have a number of items at various stages in the postal system.

Hopefully more tomorrow. Thanks for all of the advice and critique.

22/07/2019 16:04:36

Thanks Don. The ailerons are operated by a bent wire that goes through a groove in a yet to be glued piece of wood fitted to the trailing edge. The ailerons themselves have a hole drilled in them to put the end of one end of the wire and are asymmetrical - I believe.

22/07/2019 14:00:48

Interesting? The Instruction Book shows them in the position

Percy - The ailerons need to be part fitted and part dry fitted before covering I have ordered the Iron.

22/07/2019 13:03:12

Thanks Percy thumbs up

Right wind trimmed and initial sanding completed. The ailerons are fitted after the wings are joined together.

A good clear down. Level check and ready for the left wing.

Left wing started. I have placed the drawing with more space on the wing joining area. When I set the dihedral angle on the right wing the space I had left on the left side was a little tight.

When sanding the completed wing there were a couple of high sports on joins. I have got a couple of the off cuts from the right wing spars.....


..and and will use them as top of wing shear depth gauges.

20/07/2019 22:10:38

Thanks for the comments.

Percy - Yep, the ailerons are still to be attached on the trailing edge. The kit comes with the bandage to join the wings.

Peter - It must be painful to watch someone butcher something you have designed. I just need to slow down a little and understand before I glue.

Well so far it has been a mixed bag. I am enjoying the building but making silly mistakes. A few lessons learnt today - and thanks for all of the suggestions. The board is working very well. and the covering is a very thin dust sheet, normally used for covering things while painting. I am cutting strips off it so the multipack will last for the whole build - easily!

Day 1 over and nothing I am aware of has stopped play too much. I am thinking of adding an additional sheet to the top leading edge of each wing. It will help the tape stick when I join the wings.

20/07/2019 19:00:27

Thanks Percy thumbs up

Well, with a little more glue, some reading and time the wing started to look complete.

Luckily, while I was in Wickes this morning I picked up a couple of clamps too.

Right wing is now assembled. The clamp is to weigh the wing down while the glue dries. I have gone around a lot of rib and spar joints with some Aliphatic resin..

The supplied dihedral jig to set rib one is not very precise. The angled side is more slope than flat - or at least it appears so. Time will tell if the angle I have set is correct.

20/07/2019 14:25:02

Thanks for the comments guys. I am not worries about people offering critique, This is a warts and all thread that people may find informative and entertaining in the future.

Started the build and in the first 2 glues realised that one of them was wrong blush. Managed to separate them with the help of a sharp blade and no lasting damage done. The first few pieces go down.

I struggled to see how some pieces went together. There appeared to be gaps and the drawing showed what looked like strengthening blocks. Looking through the Instruction Book again, a few pages in I could see what was supposed to go where and why. The gaps were to fit the pieces to connect the wings together later in the build. Shown dry fitted in the picture.

Sorted the parts and started to fit the ribs. Then realised that I should be fitting the spars as I go. Fitted the spars.

There is a fair amount of trimming, sanding and cutting to get things as flush a possible. A couple of, almost sticky finger moments but now I think that things are as per the plan.

Although I have read through the Instruction Book, I would have done better reading half a dozen pages in more depth as well - so I would have got a better understanding of what was going to fit where, and why.

20/07/2019 11:34:04

Thanks for the comments guys.

Having spent last night reading the Instruction Book, and missing Midsomer Murders frown I spent some time marking up the ply parts and separating them from the waste. Ordered a number 3 scalpel handle.

Where to build occupied my mind last night too. Suggestions and comments in the thread at the foremost, I checked stock at Wickes.

This morning I popped to Wickes and brought a few bits. This should give me the opportunity to work on or off my workbench. Level in hand, and after a little packing, the table is level.

Tested for pin penetration too.

Missing a set of pins I contemplated starting the fuselage first rather than the wing - as suggested by the Instruction Book. I didn't need to worry as the missing pins were sent to me by the supplier and have arrived this morning. I have to say what an excellent service from SMC!

Taped the plan and covering to the bench and I am now ready to build.

Edited By Nu Me 1 on 20/07/2019 11:34:59

19/07/2019 16:45:48

Thanks Gents.

Don - I haven't had glue training yet so everything is still in bags.

Percy - Thanks. I have a couple of levels and some very thin plastic dust sheeting to cover the plans.

Piers - Haha, do you honestly think it was that tidy on Monday! I did think about getting the plans copied. There is a local printer who can do it for me.

ASH - Ooooooh yesssss. I did think plastic spinners would be better for my fingers but I will look for ali ones at some point. As for colour, the pictures tend to show white, I was thinking yellow but after looking at some models at the flying club on Tuesday, I am now thinking a transparent yellow - like the old dope and tissue colour/effect. Not sure yet though.

Next issue is that I appear to have ordered a number 4 scalpel handle and number 10 blades. I thought I had ordered a number 3.Luckily I have something else that cuts while I order the right parts.

On a positive note, the missing model pins are being sent out to me.

19/07/2019 14:59:20

Thanks Ash!

I guess I should start the thread........

This morning the cupboard was, almost, bare....

A while later the postman called and....

First negative point, I had ordered 2 sets of pins but only one was in the pack. I have emailed the company.

Like a naughty schoolboy with a mucky mag, I opened the main box....

Well, rub me down with BMFA News, it looks amazing!

Putting the hardware to one side, one of the reasons I chose this model is that a lot of hardware comes with it, I noticed the thickness of the landing gear. I had a quick squeeze of the tyres (as you do) and a look at the tank.

The servos were in the workshop already but it seemed a shame not to photograph them.

While I was at it I took a peek at the engine. What a beauty!

My initial reactions are that the kit is huge. I had held back from getting some cork or plasterboard because I wanted to see how large the plans were (approx 125 x 92 cm). This would then dictate whether it was built on the bench or on a separate table. I will have a look at the Instruction Book and decide.

At this point I decided that it was all too exciting for me so I picked up the Instruction Book and went into the house for a brew.

Next step - find a pencil to mark up the parts.

19/07/2019 12:57:56

Thanks for all of the replies.

Don - I have acetone handy but we all know that being stuff to something is going to happen anyway!

Nigel - I have cyano, aliphatic and PVA, so all set; well I will be if the kit had been delivered already. As per my reply to Don, I have the acetone handy........

Thanks all.

19/07/2019 10:35:24

Hi David,

In the Beginners section I have detailed where I am with the non build stuff but thanks for the comment.

BMFA - joined.

Insurance Cert - got,

Flying club - joining, can't be done until the second Tuesday of a Month but they are expecting me.

Flying club - Had discussions with a future instructor including Buddy boxes etc.

Planes to use - the club has 3 trainers.

19/07/2019 08:53:12

Those that may have read, or contributed, to my threads in the newbie and beginner sections will know that I am a novice in both kit building and have never flown a RC plane. This sets me up nicely for an open forum build!

Going off half cocked, as I often do, I picked the kit for a number of reasons, the main one's being that; included some additional hardware and; it is a trainer.

I am not sure where this thread is going to end up, part of me has a few pictures in a few months time (remember I can't fly yet either) taking it up on its maiden flight and the other part knows that Guy Fawkes night is only a few months away now.

The kit is due to arrive later today so more later.

Thanks for reading!

Thread: Newbie with some starter trainer plane balsa IC questions please.
19/07/2019 07:49:22

Well good news last night, I received an email saying my kit and engine was on its way. The postman has been working very hard trying to keep up with all of the smallish deliveries. I still have a lot of bits to get but they are all in the plan.

I popped over to the local club on Tuesday and spent a good hour there chatting to some of the guys. I may have to wait a short while for some tuition as there are a number of people learning at the moment. I have arranged to keep attending the ground in case there is an earlier opportunity.

The club has a number of trainers and mode 2 seems to be the way forward there.

A new thread on a warts and all build will be started this morning in the correct - I hope - section.


15/07/2019 16:57:12

Nigel - a copper crush washer, so time to be delicate. I think the carb comes with a OS #6.

Doc - thanks thumbs up

15/07/2019 10:45:56

Morning all.

Denis - should I cancel my order for a 3/4" drive, 900mm long breaker bar? Good point, well made and thanks. I am guessing the heads are ally with a steel thread on the glow plug? I have seen too many stripped threads due to overtightening on bikes - and obviously, the very small scale compounds this. At least new heads are available at £16, most of the stuff I am used to stopped being manufactured in the early 1980's. .

No update from the kit supplier yet to say that it has been dispatched - it does say the engine is on supplier order and they will dispatch everything together. I am looking forward to popping into on of the flying sites tomorrow to meet some of the guys and finalise an instructor and buddy lessons. I had a few emails back and forth with the local club membership guy yesterday. As well as organising tomorrow, and providing one of the instructors don't mind the look of me too much, all I need to do is turn up at the next meeting with some paperwork and some cash and I can join. I joined the BMFA yesterday and paid for membership for the rest of the year - so another thing ticked off.

I am thinking of starting a build thread - warts and all for the Kadett. I would need to dig out one of my workshop cameras to get a few pics along the way.

Thanks all.

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