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Thread: Middle Phase AGAIN
20/07/2019 20:30:49


the metal gear micro servos are Mr RC M-1502

I seem to have three FUTABA FY 401 Gyros and three Naze 32 flight controllers

are these good to have bits and bobs?



20/07/2019 20:21:19

p7200008.jpgp7200007.jpgp7200006.jpgOUT of MUMS LOFT


20/07/2019 20:19:57


20/07/2019 20:12:56

Well the MP arrived today sadly it is not a well built model so a bit of work to do on her before I can take her out flying

GOTA HOOK though and I do have a bungy and a dog hook

and it came with some spare solarfilm

and a two channel ACOMS AP-227 27 MHz set

Not that is any good for anything I think

What size rubber bands (how do i work out the correct size) do i need to hold on the wing

How does the Horizontal stabiliser fit on?

The elevator and rudder hinges and just a thin sheet of plastic the elevator hinges have a lot of spring back for sure the hinge is not free flowing should I worry about that and fit low friction pined hinges

I have a whole load of Futaba servos and think I will put two of them in for the rudder and the elevator as there are servo bearers in the fuselage

BUT I also have a who load of micro servos lots of EMAX digital ones and some Tower pro 99 servos as well are they good and strong enough to handle the rudder and elevator loads Or should i just throw in two Futaba ones that fit the servo bearings that are in the model

THEN I have lots of FUTABA FP S-148's and FP S-128's a few others as well two S3001's one S3003 one S9001 and one S3050 which seems to be metal geared can someone please tell me what are the differences between all these various FUTABA servo models I also have a few metal geared micro servos. Cant ATM remember the make and model



20/07/2019 19:48:59
Posted by Wookman on 19/07/2019 21:59:38:

You have an interesting cache of stuff to sort through there.

Re Middlephase. Separate aileron servos. No flaps. Program both ailerons up and bit of elevator to compensate any pitching as airbrakes/spoilers.

Surely Shirley I would want them to go down popping them up a bit would I suspect increase the speed of the glider unless they went up a fair distance almost to the end of their normal throws then I would have little aileron authority I suspect.

IF i put ailerons and flaps on the wing I could couple them for ailerons and separate them when I wanted flaps and could set up crow if the flaps did not slow down the approach a lot

However flaps seems to work well here landing between two model killing fences



19/07/2019 20:53:54
Posted by Trevor on 18/07/2019 19:20:32:

David, As far as I know there are no plans - the model was built from a set of printed instructions.

The wing section is the same on both versions so you can convert your wing by cutting out the ailerons and taking away the dihedral.

The Middle Phase is a good general purpose sloper but definitely not a thermal soarer - bungee launching is unlikely to be a rewarding experience! Equally I don’t think it’s a good candidate for electrification.

Sorry if this sounds negative but if you convert the wing as described I’m sure you’ll enjoy it off the slopes.


Edited By Trevor on 18/07/2019 19:21:29

thanks I should have asked the seller to cut the wings as the shipping was ridiculous being over 1200mm

I have been flying since I was 16 with a BIG break in the middle. I was a BIG Chris Foss fan and I flew a few CF designs including a Hi(gh) Phase which from memory was six feet or more wingspan or was that a Centi Phase or a Phase Lift I had and built a number of CF designs including these three designs.

Mom has just died recently and I empted the loft and have about 20+ old kits some part built most unbuilt even one of my fave lets go flying quickly planes, a Marionville Models Caledonian kit unstarted and two built Caledonians that need a bit of work to get flying again.

The Bungy was just to get some relaxing air time without going to a nearby slope rather than buying or building a DLG

Also there is a lot of my step dads planes and radios even my old Skyleader 27 set but a number of 2.4 sets and dozens of servos and things even two/four foamy E gliders an ASW28, a Radian Pro AND TWO unstarted Phoneix 2000's a number of nice looking kits/ Even a Graupner Cirrus 99% complete which just needs the wings covered and radio installed a Veron Vortex, a Cirrus 75, a WIK Kestrel, a Supernova, lots of wings and things some built some veneer covered foam ones two labelled for the Kestrel even a Red Arrows Hawk kit and a CF WOT thing kit. and masses of tools and things, even a six foot cork covered building surface.

I think eBay calls

That raises another question previously I used nylon to cover wings (there is even some of that) what is the best modern tough wing covering now for the Cirrus. There is a heat gun but no iron.

IF I mod the Middle Phase to non dihedral should I go for four wing servos and have ailerons and flaps?

thanks in anticipation


18/07/2019 16:11:30

I just bought a pre built but never flown Middle Phase on ebay sadly shipping was silly expensive

It was the Primary Trainer version

So a few things I am looking for

ONE is a set of plans

TWO is can I get a set of wings for the Advanced Trainer version

THREE is I am probably initially going to flat field this and maybe use a bungy to get it up there.

BUT then I am thinking of modding the front end and converting it to electric ANY ideas of what size motor and prop I should put in this OR should I just spend loadsofdosh and get a Phase 5 e



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