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Thread: Lap top Computers
29/09/2020 15:10:10


Don't fall into the trap of 'looking down the wrong end of the telescope'. The starting point for buying a computer is;

* What am I going to use it for? (e.g. application software to be run, peripherals to be connected).
* How am I going to work? (e.g. where is it to be located, do I expect to move it).

Choice of device type comes after.

Form factors exist beyond desktop, laptop, tablet, e.g. small that mount on the back of a monitor.

If you have a home network (even if only the 'hub' supplied by your ISP) you should be able to move files between devices without need of physical media.

Thread: ARUP
28/09/2020 13:27:14

I am on the Sarik Hobbies mailing list. They have sent multiple promotions featuring this model in the last few weeks. (You may not be the only person in the country building one).

Thread: Best interference free 2.4 tx under ?350?
26/09/2020 13:50:34
Posted by Brian Cooper on 25/09/2020 12:27:53:
Posted by Martin_K on 25/09/2020 06:35:50:
Posted by Brian Cooper on 25/09/2020 01:57:54:

It was landed with no damage, and we reversed the ailerons back......

What exactly was changed? A logic setting configured in a software interface? Something controlled via physical switches?

Multiplex: Two channels changed their direction. Presumably something got into the computer settings and gave it a kick. As luck(?) would have it, it was the two aileron channels (one channel on each aileron) which changed. . On future flights, it might just as easily be any other channels...... who knows..!!? . . However, in the great lottery which has presented itself, it is kind-of good fun wondering how many channels will still be working in the correct sense when the model lands. smile o


I shall stick with my tried, proven and utterly reliable Spektrum DSMX equipment. yes


Edited By Brian Cooper on 25/09/2020 12:30:16

I just stumbled across a similarly baffling control issue with a Spektrum DX18. I infer due to an internal short circuit in the TX.

I assume Spektrum paid the service agent (Logic RC) to fix it.

25/09/2020 06:35:50
Posted by Brian Cooper on 25/09/2020 01:57:54:

It was landed with no damage, and we reversed the ailerons back......

What exactly was changed? A logic setting configured in a software interface? Something controlled via physical switches?

Thread: Ofcom trace interference to a lightbulb
24/09/2020 15:29:44

The photo in the Ofcom article, linked below, looks like an incandescent bulb. Interesting as they have not been legally for sale in the UK or EU for many years.

Possibly it is a reproduction "Mazda" (General Electric brand) bulb.

The interference from these was known about 70 years ago.

Thread: Hollein introduction glider
23/09/2020 22:26:42
Posted by James Humphreys 1 on 23/09/2020 20:19:29:

So ive found where they are supposed to be they seem to be a wing/fuselage holder

my question is should this be attached are they needed

I built a Höllein Innovation. It has a similar arrangement for positively locating the leading edge of the wing with the part "Flächendübel" - wing anchor.

Are you contemplating using only the lip on top of the fuselage to hold the leading edge of the wing down? I doubt that would stop the wing from rotating away from square so I think yes, they are needed.

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
23/09/2020 15:38:26

My possible explanations for the the reference to no 'specialist hardware on-board the drone';

They are assuming electronic conspicuity devices will be mandatory on all new drones so it will not be specialist hardware.

You have to be a registered user of the UTM system and request permission to take off before you fly.

We need more details than come in a press release.

Thread: Richmond Park, new flying restrictions
21/09/2020 20:14:39
Posted by Ben B on 11/09/2020 16:00:13:

............. I've e-mailed them asking for clarity.

Ben, I'm assuming you've had no reply?

I Emailed Richmond Park myself 9 days ago, specifically about electric launch gliders and a reference document for the rules. Having had no acknowledgement I phoned to confirm receipt of the Email which I got. It had been 'forwarded to Park Managers' and I should 'expect a reply by the end of the week'. That time has gone.

This afternoon as I walked to the field I met one of the regulars on his way out. He had been on site when the police visited. He asked them about motor models a few inches more than 1m wingspan and was told nobody would be measuring models as long as pilots were behaving well.

I am guessing there is no definitive document, just renewed impetus to manage activities in the park. For example, changes have also been made to road use.

So it looks like, 'keep your nose clean son', until the anticipated new national laws as set out by the UK government come to pass. (I am thinking of things like sites where 'uninvolved' people roam, proximity to 'recreational areas', and in the case of Richmond Park not disturbing wildlife).

Thread: Is/could this be an expansion of the surveillance state
20/09/2020 14:42:38

The recent publication of CAP 722E: Rotary Wing Swarm Operations (Visual Line of Sight) Requirements, Guidance and Policy may indicate a future arm of the surveillance state. The CAA are obviously concerned with safe operation in the civilian sector but development of UAV swarms also has military / state actors.

A swarm of drones operating autonomously in a co-ordinated fashion was demonstrated a few years ago by the Perdix project but now work is accelerating, in the UK and abroad.

Thread: Richmond Park, new flying restrictions
11/09/2020 16:13:48

Thanks Ben,

You have got me thinking about what is really a "law".

Frequently, on this forum, there are comments along the lines of, 'who is going to enforce this stuff, no officer is going to come down the lane to our field'.

Richmond Park has dedicated police officers and, as you have clearly experienced at Wormwood Scrubs, we are under scrutiny.

11/09/2020 14:42:19

I cycled to Richmond Park today, camera in pocket. Click photo for larger image.

Until a police officer tells me otherwise I am going to assume a 2 meter electric launch glider is allowed. I went to the park office to ask but it was closed to 'protect staff from Covid-19'. On reflection, better not to get clarification in case I don't like the answer.

I would like to know who was consulted when formulating the new rules. The 'south west' line is consitent with a helpful wind direction, so shows some understanding, but I doubt anyone would want to fly a 4 meter glider when limited to maybe 200 meter range and 100 meter height. I have never seen such a large 'plane on site however.

The Flying Field is best for hand launch and belly landing, no 'strip' as such, so the fact that 1.5 meter powered trainers appear to be banned may not be a big loss.

There were no fixed wing flyers on site while I was there today but a quadcopter was buzzing overhead in the designated flying zone. The wierd thing was I scanned around looking for the pilot. As I cycled away I spotted who I think was in control, I reckon outside the 75 meter radius, head down looking at a screen while the 'drone' was in the air but not wearing a headset. It showed me just how difficult regulation is.


Edited to add;

The biggest issue is probably the defined flying area, much smaller than the field boundaries we used to go by.

Edited By Martin_K on 11/09/2020 14:48:38

10/09/2020 13:42:33

This morning I took a DLG to The Flying Field in Richmond Park (Richmond upon Thames). New restrictions had been posted on the noticeboard, under the banners of The Royal Parks and The Metropolitan Police.

Key items (from memory);
Maximum wingspan of powered planes - 1 meter.
Height limit - 100 meters
No flying after 13:00 on weekends and Bank Holidays
FPV goggles - completely banned

I did not have a camera with me, or anything to write with, and assumed I could confirm details on the Richmond Park website. Not so, the only change I can spot in the Royal Parks Drones Policy refers to a '300ft ceiling beneath helicopter routes in London'.

A couple of summers ago I met an old boy who walked slowly out to the field carrying his 'planes and radio gear. He told me he was 90 and had been flying models in the Park since he was 10. The end of an era.

The rules did allow me to fly my DLG. (I never found much lift).

Thread: GPS jamming trials
18/08/2020 11:07:39

I discover GPS jamming trials have been going on for a long time. Report from The Register, June 2007.

17/08/2020 18:36:36
Posted by Frank Skilbeck on 17/08/2020 18:02:38:

Does this affect line of sight flight? or just automated BVLOS operations?

I guess if you have a model plane with 'return to home' or 'holding pattern' functions they may not work. If the plane expects to 'see' GPS before it initialises then it may not take off at all.

I have never had such a model, or previously heard of GPS jamming trials, so hopefully the ramifications are documented somewhere.

Thread: Looking for an electric glider
17/08/2020 15:26:20
Posted by Martin Hodgson on 17/08/2020 11:37:30:

These guys have a good reputation

Thanks for that.

I also found the Modellbauservice Schuster WoodRay, which with the rs-aero Rock4K shows there are designs for wood gliders more dynamic than a 2m RES sailplane. Both suppliers look like tiny (one man?) operations. German language sites, without a full on-line store, so not found with a casual web search.

Thread: Extension Leads Problem
15/08/2020 14:44:10

Unlike other electronics components, no servo I have bought came with a datasheet describing the requirements for connecting to the device. It would be nice to know what to expect in advance of testing.

15/08/2020 13:41:44
Posted by Chris Bott - Moderator on 15/08/2020 12:45:06:

Some radios (maybe most) provide a servo pulse voltage of only 3.3v .....

I do not understand what you mean by that? Are you referring to the logic levels used in the RX? (In consumer electronics typically 3.3 or 5V).

Servos are actuated by the pulse width (duration in milliseconds) of the signal, not by the signal's amplitude.

Thread: Replacement Bungee Rubber
14/08/2020 08:51:20
Posted by Tosh McCaber on 14/08/2020 07:36:02:

Just wondered if anyone has purchased any recently?

Tosh, I suspect the answer to that is, no. Using a Hi-Start is a niche interest rarely discussed on this forum. When I came to model aircraft a couple of years ago with a high start launched balsa glider I was met at the field with incredulity.

In the absence of suitable lengths of latex tubing I made my first Hi-Start with silicon rubber tubing bought from HobbyKing. It was far too viscious for my light weight 'plane, more of a catapult than a smooth pull skyward. I found something I think came from Graupner, a sort of thread covered elastic that was intended for models up to 500g weight. I still use this.

The supplier of choice for the 'money no object', off the shelf solution was emc-vega in Germany. They have a range of products.

Thread: Looking for an electric glider
13/08/2020 17:13:50
Posted by David Still 1 on 10/08/2020 12:47:58:

I'm looking for a plan or kit for an electric glider I need it to be able to handle a breeze my 2m RES glider struggles above 10mph which is a regular accurance on our field.


I have been considering the same question. Having built 3 light weight, unpowered, flat field gliders I find myself limited to the few days when winds are not gusting above 10mph at ground level. The answer seems clear, a bigger glider strong enough to handle heavier wing loadings when ballast is added. I also want to move to electric launch. There are many expensive moulded carbon models that address the requirement. What has surprised me is the absence of plans/kits for the home builder. Any number of floaters for 'those warm evenings', nothing for my typical day of variable breeze with a surprise when you climb above the tree line!

If adding a motor to a 3m RES sailplane, I fear that motor plus optional extra ballast may leave an airframe that is not strong enough.

The other complication is airfoil. An electric launch RE glider sounds great but for penetration into the wind a relatively thin, low camber, airfoil may be needed, but then variable camber for extra lift becomes desirable and the wing build just got complicated.

My number of own design builds to date is zero so any feedback from your efforts would be of interest.

Thread: EPP Foam Availability
05/08/2020 11:56:59
Posted by Bob Cotsford on 05/08/2020 11:20:55:

Isn't Styrofoam just a brand name for an EPS sheet?

Many years ago I bought something I am sure was described as Styrofoam (closed-cell extruded polystyrene, which I used to sculpt a model railway landscape) from Panel Systems.

Looking at their website today the thing I think I bought is now called Craftfoam and they carry a product Ravatherm XPS - formerly known as Styrofoam.

It looks like tradmarks and re-branding has confused matters.

Anyone using a supplier to the building trade had better want a large quantity!

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