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Thread: Testing
04/07/2020 13:48:37


As kc suggests, I use a battery made from 4 rechargeable NiMh cells for bench setup of receiver and servos, prior to installation in the model.

A meaningful test of a plane's readiness for flight needs to be with everything you intend to use installed. (Except the prop if indoors!)

Familiarising yourself with how your LiPo's behave is part of testing. LiPo's are expensive, wear out with use, and subject to damage. Don't think you can somehow keep them pristine.

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Thread: FrSky X-lite Pro OTX2.3.9
03/07/2020 15:53:15

Ron, your USB port must be capable of sustaining suffiicient current. Had I plugged into a different port first time this thread would not exist.

03/07/2020 15:45:32

Having cleared my head with a cycle ride in 25mph winds, a solution.

A standard USB port cannot supply enough current to charge Li-Ion cells in the shortish time I observed so how can this work? Careful reading of the NUC spec. sheet revealed one of it's USB ports is a 'charging port' which can provide additional current. How do you know which one? Intel do not tell you. The plastic inside the USB connector is colour coded yellow.

FrSky supply a very short USB cable with the radio. I think there is logic here. For charging, the voltage drop in a long cable is a problem.

Rewiring my PC connections (the dust down there!) to get the very short USB cable into the charging port and arranging a space on which to stand the radio, reliable PC to radio comms (No USB error messages so far). Yippee! The true test will be what happens next time I plug in the radio when it's batteries are significantly discharged.

No documentation to explain any of this, you just have to know.

03/07/2020 09:53:50
Posted by Bob Cotsford on 03/07/2020 09:29:34:

Martin, does the X7 use the same socket both for charging and for connecting to a PC?

Bob, yes, same socket for charging and PC communications.

I have an X-Lite Pro, which appears to have the same interfaces as the X-Lite S. They have a single micro-USB connector. The LED on the power switch displays different colours/flashes/on and off to indicate what the radio is doing.

Completley new to FrSky and OpenTX my first step was to install OpenTX Companion and get it talking to the radio. When that did not work it confused the hell out of me. I created a model and bound a receiver using the on radio screen which worked giving me some confidence. I can now communicate with Companion too so things are looking better.

I am going out to clear my head!

03/07/2020 09:24:09

USB usage on the Taranis X-Lite Pro

I think the problems I am seeing relate to X-Lite Pro battery charging via USB and variations in capabilities of USB hubs.

I was working with the radio connected to my desktop PC (Intel NUC) via USB hub in the monitor (BenQ). A USB over-current condition warning from my OS (Debian) prompted me to stop using the NUC. I have a very old laptop (Acer, also running Debian), that I am less woried about damaging so transferred work to that.

I had only consciuosly charged the radio's batteries once so far, before initial use, radio off and connected to PC USB with the PC in 'suspend' mode, so not being used by me at the time. My assumption from the minimal information in the Taranis X-Lite S/Pro manual was that the batteries charged when the powered off radio is connected to USB. I now realise the batteries are charging any time the radio is connected to USB, whether off, on in bootloader mode, or on in normal mode. I say this after noticing the displayed radio voltage was increasing while I was testing.

Using the laptop things that failed on the NUC now worked, e.g. mounting SD card volumes, connecting the radio in HID mode for use as a simulator controller. My guess is the Intel NUC / BenQ hub could not cope with the current draw from the charging batteries and operate the radio's USB interface at the same time. When I initially flashed the radio with new firmware on the NUC, which worked, the batteries were freshly charged so prpbably drawing minimal current from the USB port. After fully charging the batteries via the laptop a quick, partial, test with the radio connected directly to a NUC port (not convenient) looks better.

I am not going to further document this here, probably the wrong forum, so will finish with the observation that the original X-Lite did not incorporate battery charging. Adding it looks like a bad idea as I see no easy way to disable it in the event it causes problems.

02/07/2020 21:12:29

What should happen if a powered on Taranis radio running OpenTX is plugged into a PC USB port?

Am I correct to expect to see two drives mount, the radio plus it's SD card?

In radio setup I can choose Ask, Joyst, SDCard for connection to USB.

If Ask is selected I am prompted to choose between USB Joystick (HID) and USB Storage (SD). Selecting HID returns me to the two option menu. Selecting SD brings up "failsafe warning", I hit the exit button which brings me back to the two option menu. I am then in a loop until I disconnect the USB cable. The colour of the flashing power LED changes during the process. Examination of "dmesg" (Debian GNU/Linux) tells me;

usb 2-4: reset SuperSpeed Gen 1 USB device number 2 using xhci_hcd

If I take away the option and set USB behaviour to SDCard, as expected I don't get a prompt to choose, just the "failsafe warning", (which I assume is behaviour as when returning to normal radio operation - I have not yet configured failsafe on my one model), then stuck in a loop until I disconnect the USB cable.

Clearly the radio responds to the connection of the USB cable but whatever is supposed to happen next fails. What is supposed to happen next?

Thread: OpenTX not displaying sticks
02/07/2020 15:21:50

Should any other confused new user land on this thread here is a photo of the X-Lite Pro with all switch states displayed. Rapid up or down push on joystick to scroll through display options.

The hole I fell into is display changes can be made while attention is on an overlaid menu, i.e. selection of USB connection usage.

p.s. I still have to work out why the radio would not 'talk' to the PC via USB outside of bootloader mode.

Edited By Martin_K on 02/07/2020 15:25:07

02/07/2020 14:43:12

Guys, I think I have found it. There is no menu selection as such. Changes depend on the duration (speed of push and release) of the multi-function joystick. This makes it very easy to change things by accident.

Thanks for listening! (Sorry to waste your time).

02/07/2020 14:28:19

Another observation. As well as the stick positions I think the switch and slider postions were also displayed. They have gone too.

02/07/2020 14:13:41

Matty, Chris,

I have already got the hang of the user interface. I did so in the process of basic radio setup and creation of the first model plus bind to the RX. My problem is the absence of anything that looks relevant to the issue described in this thread.

Via the multi-function joystick I can access four configuration menus;
Information (Stats)

Of these only System seems relevant and within the seven screens (pages) available only Radio Setup (3 of 7) and Hardware (6 of 7) seem relevant.

Hardware includes a "Factory reset" option. I have not tried this as I don't know what it does?

Having selected a model do all Taranis radios default to showing the stick and trim positions?

02/07/2020 12:42:09

I am setting up a new FrSky radio (my first use of this brand and OpenTX). When working with the current model it used to display the position of the sticks and trims on screen. It now only shows the trims - see photo.

Is there a configuration option to select this behaviour?

The change occurred after I tried to connect the radio to my PC with USB cable. With radio powered on I plugged the USB connecter in. Radio prompted for HID controller or SD card (I forget the exact words). Which ever option I clicked on just returned me to the selection menu. My PC showed no new USB device. I gave up, disconnected the USB cable and the on-screen display of stick position had gone.

Radio still works, I can control the one RX I have configured so far.

My first actions with the new radio were to install OpenTX Companion 2.3.9 (on Debian GNU/Linux) and then flash the radio with opentx-xlites 2.3.9-otx firmware. Therefore I know the USB connection worked with the radio in 'bootloader' mode.

Where has display of my sticks / gimbal output gone?

Thread: Mini flight stabilisers
27/06/2020 16:15:22

This thread made we wonder what a 6 axis flight stabiliser is? (Given that I am in a 3D world of yaw, pitch, and roll).

I discover it is the combination of a 3 axis gyroscope and 3D accelerometer.

I think this means the gyro is detecting movement of the aircraft relative to itself and the accelerometer is detecting orientation relative to the earth.

If that is wrong please tell me.

Thread: Pug DLG kit build
21/06/2020 19:32:00
Posted by MattyB on 21/06/2020 14:01:53:
Posted by Richard Harris on 21/06/2020 12:17:06:

Thanks for the info Mark, nice job on yours. I am not familiar with the spring pull system?

.... It’s very lightweight, but (as per most things on DLGs!) rather fiddly to setup.

I saw many elaborate methods for doing pull-spring on-line so for my first DLG, which I am completing at the moment, used an adjustable hitch knot, specifically a Midshipman's Hitch. Under tension it holds, with tension relieved you can slid the knot to increase or decrease the length of the loop around the horn/servo arm.

Not fiddly, just tie the line loosely in place then with the control surfaces clamped 'straight' between pieces of scrap balsa take all slack out of the non-stretch thread by lengthening the loops. After inspecting control operation I put a drop of glue on the knots. Completely stable after two days under tension and testing.

Edited By Martin_K on 21/06/2020 19:33:25

Thread: Robin Fowler's Percival Prentice.
10/06/2020 07:36:41
Posted by Robin Fowler on 10/06/2020 00:07:45:

Martin K, Owen Thetford didn't give any more detail on the whereabouts of Feltham. Is there another?

I have some familiarity with Hanworth Air Park (Feltham). I am not aware of a Flying Training School there.

This reference could be a mistake for RAF Feltwell, Norfolk?

I am not certain.

08/06/2020 12:01:19
Posted by Robin Fowler on 08/06/2020 11:03:38:

..... it came from Owen Thetford's book 'Aircraft of the RAF since 1918' which also carried a black and white picture of the aircraft I modelled (VR230 at No.3 F.T.S. Feltham) .....


Is that a reference to Feltham, Middlesex? Hanworth Air Park?

Thread: Newbie ish
07/06/2020 18:16:07

Posted by Piers Bowlan on 07/06/2020 16:16:26:

.... I know that the HK Bixler, like the Easy Glider, is very popular with those new to model flying but I wonder how it compares to the Easy Glider, power off? .....

I've never flown a Bixler so I can't compare.

I like the tool free, friction fit of the Easy Glider wing but the penalty to be paid is an under wing bay only accessible via the front canopy.

You must be better than me at keyhole surgery down a tube with a blind end!

In the "4" version (only one I have seen) the ESC's choke 'doughnut' partially obscures the open end of the tube. Much careful connecting cable and aerial positioning required.

06/06/2020 19:21:50

Ally, I don't think there are 'ready to fly' electric launch gliders, other than very small models which may include a flight battery and USB charger. At the least expect to set Centre of Gravity, setup control surfaces, install receiver, plus purchase batteries and charger.

Piers, have you had 'hands on' with a Multiplex EasyGlider 4? The suggested receiver location is very awkward, forceps install? Likewise positioning the battery is a dexterity test (but one is good for long flights). Note also that the wired in battery connector on the 'receiver ready' version is an MPX multi pin component, almost certainly not compatible with 'off the shelf' batteries in the UK. I does glide very well however.

Thread: Radio Queen.
04/06/2020 16:54:35

Video working now thanks.

The TX aerial is so large the cameraman has to pan up to get it all in shot!

04/06/2020 14:44:19

Posted by brokenenglish on 04/06/2020 10:05:57:

Finally, something you'll enjoy. I've extracted a short video sequence ......

In confirmation of what Ernst says, YouTube reports that the video is "Private". I cannot play it. I have no YouTube account to sign in with.

Thread: Laser cutting
30/05/2020 15:20:35

Barrie, I agree that the 'investment' is not just financial. I already have the means to do 2D CAD so suitable source files should be easy to prepare. If I ever go down the laser route my inclination would be to pay a small business to do the actual cutting.

Thinking about it, probably the same with 3D printing. How much extra clutter could I tolerate at home? None.

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