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Thread: First full size electric aircraft flies.
13/12/2019 15:07:51

I thought it would be fun to apply the same methods we use for evaluating electric power trains to the full size version. Unfortunately the Magnix product pages do not provide details for battery and speed controller to go with the motor. A few bits however.

Motor and drive electronics are liquid cooled. The magni500 has a power rating of 560kW and nominal voltage of 540V, implying peak current exceeds 1000A - that would get hot!

Propeller bolts direct to the rotor, so no gearbox, with a base speed of 1900 RPM.

It seems Magnix are taking the one big motor, not multiple small motors, path.

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
05/12/2019 15:45:57
Posted by Cuban8 on 05/12/2019 14:06:37:

.... I and virtually all the BMFA members are grateful for what's been done on our behalf to deflect the worst of what could have been an immediate sessation in our activities and make the administering of all the new regs as easy as possible ....

An immediate cessation in our activities?

The objective of the EASA proposals, as adopted by UK government, is to encourage 'drone' use. They reduce the restrictions on some operations, e.g. commercial use via the Open Category, low speed mode, C2 UAS.

I have been careful when voicing my concerns to reference privately built models, my own interest and a category which will be changed unless we get exemptions.

It will be interesting to see what the likes of Horizon Hobby, Multiplex, and HobbyKing do with regards to ARTF fixed wing models, once the FAA and EASA finalise their new rules.

04/12/2019 11:20:48

Posted by Nigel Heather on 04/12/2019 10:58:25:

.... five quad pilots - they all seemed very competent ....

If they fly today the way they flew then they would all be breaking the law

Competent pilots / breaking the law.

Are those two statements compatible?

29/11/2019 14:21:28
Posted by kc on 29/11/2019 12:41:59:

Perhaps its time to end this thread tomorrow with a summary of the rules that will actually apply from tomorrow! End the opinions on what should apply or could apply and give us a clear statement of the legal requirements.

This thread has a long way to run. Registration and testing is the first part of the new regime expected to come into force from 1st July 2020.

27/11/2019 11:32:56

If you have upset your neighbour, and the neighbour follows CAA advice, they will make a non-emergency call to the police.

Thread: Full size aircraft displays
23/11/2019 20:47:41

Ron, I think the film I have in mind may have featured Harriers, but I'm not certain.

23/11/2019 19:50:37
Posted by Ron Gray on 23/11/2019 13:49:36:

Many years ago I seem to recall watching a film of some RAF (Buccaneers?) doing some very low level attack manoeuvres as part of a joint exercise with the USAF somewhere in the US. The thing I remember most was that the US were filming it but the crew were so amazed at the flying that they got out to stand and watch it. Does anyone else remember or have links to this bit of film?

My recollection is of a TV report from an exercise in America where the British were acting as the target for the US to attack but the evasive flying 'surprised' the USA team.

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
23/11/2019 12:49:43

Focusing on registration and testing is to miss the point.

International standards (FAA plus EASA and others) for Air Traffic Management, including low level airspace are on the way.

Remote ID of UAV's is required by the drone industry to enable autonomous operation beyond line of sight and over people. Remote ID is part UTM (unmanned traffic management, U-space in EASA speak).

We can scoff about feasibility, we still have to somehow accomodate model aircraft within it.

Thread: Solar powered shed
22/11/2019 21:39:48

Depending on what you mean by 'some tools' (low votage DC or something with a 13A plug), a luggable power pack that you recharge in the flat and carry to the shed may work.

I have no first hand experience of the products in the link.

Thread: Graupner SJ close down German office
22/11/2019 15:16:52
Posted by Capt Kremen on 22/11/2019 11:50:32:

Only AeroNaut and Krick (the later in a limited way), seem to be uphold the finest tradition of German balsa/ply kit manufacture now.

There is still also;

Grüner, from Der Himmlische Höllein, and
PM Soaring (ex Andreas Decker),

unless you are not counting product ranges which are mainly gliders.

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
21/11/2019 16:57:39
Posted by Nigel Heather on 21/11/2019 16:43:57:

As I said, most of the FPV flying I have seen and most of the UK drone videos I have seen uploaded has apparently been done illegally and yet the Police have done nothing about it.



Edited By Nigel Heather on 21/11/2019 16:44:18

Nothing? Maybe not at your flying field.

I just posted a link referring to the UAV team at Lincolnshire Police.

I have previously posted about the Met Police arriving at flying sites. (Proximity to Heathrow and the London Helicopter Lanes may mean the law is more 'on the case' in my district).

As has been said umpteen times in these threads, pilots with a Flyer ID will no longer be able to claim ignorance of the law.

21/11/2019 16:28:59

Arrest for FPV offence, 7 May 2019.

Thread: Building Board Cover
18/11/2019 10:59:32

Be warned, kitchen cling film can be glued.

I have started gluing a wing this morning, my first use of Deluxe Rocket Hot super thin cyano. Working direct from the bottle a bigger drop than I anticipated came out. Penetration of the joint was excellent, right through to the film, from which a patch tore when I tried to lift the part.

There is no way the cling film is coming off. It has crinkled where the glue made contact. Best I could do was sand down the peaks of the crinkles.

I have some applicator nozzles and tube which I will try in future, to limit glue flow.

Thread: Svenson Mini Boy
16/11/2019 17:30:42

Looks like the kit was from French speaking Belgium.

Thread: BMFA numbers. Is this true, or a gross exaggeration?
12/11/2019 17:47:21

Association membership may not be the complete picture. It would be useful to have some information from UK distributors - sales trends for kits, ARTF's, RTF's.

It is easier to get a 'plane in the air than ever, (off the shelf RTF's with electronic aids). If numbers in the hobby are dwindling it cannot all be due to a loss of craft skills.

Thread: Non parallel wing ribs - Terminology?
12/11/2019 16:05:08
Posted by Martyn K on 12/11/2019 12:05:52:

Warren Girder for V Ribs

Geodetic for X with straight ribs intersecting the cross and also a straight rib where the X ends.

However, it appears that the term geodetic is also widely used for any diagonal load bearing wing rib now.


Conventions of how models are described may not have kept up with the introduction of composite materials. A carbon fibre tube as the main spar with a hybrid mix of balsa rib styles attached.

I have previously done all wood construction, assembled with PVA / Aliphatic glue. A first attempt at carbon / wood glued together with cyano looks to be an interesting next step.

12/11/2019 10:59:10

Thanks Bob,

I just tried 'geodetic' in a search term and produced many hits.

The web is great, if you already know the name of what you are looking for!

12/11/2019 10:42:01

What is the name for the style of wing construction where the ribs do not run straight from leading to trailing edge?

I have seen two variations;
V ribs, which do not cross
X ribs, which do cross

see photos below.

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
10/11/2019 09:46:21
Posted by ken anderson. on 10/11/2019 09:23:03:

i don't understand what i'm reading on some of the you register and pass the test(if you need to) you are registered for 3 years......But its only valid until June 2020....8 months!.... which will be the one we take note of...?

ken clarification needed dept.


If you take the CAA competence test (free) you will be given a Flyer ID valid for 3 years.

If you have a BMFA 'A' certificate you have an exemption from needing a Flyer ID until the end of June 2020.

Some people are equating having an 'A' with getting a Flyer ID. There is nothing I have read that supports this. Having an 'A' does not get you a Flyer ID, only an exemption from the requirement to have a Flyer ID until the end of June 2020.

09/11/2019 13:38:32
Posted by Peter Christy on 09/11/2019 11:47:56

Nigel makes a very good point here. If you register via the CAA, they will have no idea if you are a "drone" flyer, or a model aircraft flyer. If you register via the BMFA (or one of the other associations), it should be a simple matter to determine what percentage of registrations are independent drone operators compared to model flyers.

If the vast majority of registrations are for model flyers - association members, whom the CAA admit are not a problem - then the scheme can be shown to have failed in its intended purpose quite quickly, and to the benefit of us all.

I will be registering via the BMFA, and will be recommending that our club members do the same.





This is the first sentence from the home page on;

"This website is for members of the British Model Flying Association,
the premier UK association for those that operate and fly model
aircraft and drones."

Don't forget that the BMFA wants to represent 'drone' pilots too.

For calculations, total number registered with CAA, minus combined membership of associations, will equal? I'm not certain what. (edit - Not certain what that number would represent).

The first interesting point will be when/if that number changes from negative to positive.

Edited By Martin_K on 09/11/2019 13:47:12

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