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Thread: Pzazz E Wing Joint
17/10/2020 09:59:43

Hi Guys, quick question

Currently putting together a Pzazz E from Pheonix Model Products.
Not much info on this one, apart from a short thread back in 2012 about the Pzazz slope soarer.
This made mention of a weak wing centre section.
On mine, I have the same doubts.
The wings are joined by butt jointing the wing sheeting and spars, and adding a thin ply strip across the joint. It does add a shaped 6mm balsa piece across the spars, but this only extends for one rib bay, moving the stress point out a little.
Would it be an idea to glass the joint as well?
Anyone built one and has some hints and tips, they would be most welcome.



Thread: Receiver suggestions, please
03/10/2020 16:40:17

Hi Guys

I am looking for a small, light but full range 4 channel receiver.

I have FlySky and Frsky transmitters available, but the Frsky is home converted with a VHT module, so not sure if D8 receivers will bind.

Ideal would be a Frsky V8R4, but these seem to be unavailable and probably discontinued.

Other than that, any ideas?


Thread: Ebay sellers...
30/09/2020 16:56:56

Hi Robin

Could we have a link to that listing?


Thread: Future balsa supplies in UK
27/09/2020 19:32:56
Posted by Matt Carlton on 27/09/2020 17:32:30:

No more balsa sheet available from SLEC. Just tried to buy some and it all got removed from my cart at the checkout.

Hi Matt

Not quite sure what happened here, but I've just placed an order with SLEC and it's gone through fine.

Could it be that you tried to order a massive quantity?

If not, try again. Could just be a website glitch.

Good luck


Thread: Mini flight stabilisers
22/09/2020 18:49:24

Hi Guys


Yes, it does take a few seconds for the unit to initialise and it does signal that by cycling the controls once. Nothing you have described makes me think 'faulty unit'.

Not quite sure why you were having an issue running Eneloops, but seems to be working ok on the Ubec.

My advice would be to get it up high (three mistakes) and switch the unit on and see what happens.

good luck.


I have one fitted in a tail dragger, and I have always switched it on its wheels, and never needed to re-initialise at flight attitude.

Works perfectly for me.


19/09/2020 17:49:47

Hi Capt K

On the Pheonix I started with the pots a 10/2 as recommended, and also reduced the overall gain (ch5 atv) to 50%.

Been so good on those settings, can't see any reason to change.

On the Capiche I started with the pots at 3/9 and the overall gain at 60%. Nearly spot on, but I got a little wing wobble on hard turns, so reduced the aileron pot to 10/2.

Been fine on those settings


Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
19/09/2020 16:49:32

Hi guys

So much for quick build. Bought a Balsa Cabin mini-glider back in January. Idea being throw it together over the weekend and fly it the following week.

Well, best laid plans etc.

Finally finished it this week, hooray !


Looks pretty. If this wind ever lets up, might see how it flies.

Must mention Karl Jackson, who replied to my original post back in January, with loads of good ideas about the build, most of which I shamelessly pinched. Nice one Karl, thanks.


Thread: Which Glue?
19/09/2020 16:23:57

Hi Tom

Thanks for the quick reply and the wise advice. Por it is then.

On the same subject I notice the model has a carbon tube spar. This is fitted into a moulded channel in the wing, then a cover plate is fitted to complete to channel.

So, how about carbon to EPO, is Por still the weapon of choice, or would I be better with Epoxy?


Thread: Mini flight stabilisers
19/09/2020 15:58:16

Hi Guys

Seems like no-one has posted on here for a while, so I thought I'd add my impressions of the two NX3's I now have in use.

So, first one went in a Pheonix 1.6Mtr glider. Had this one for a while and it flies pretty well even without stabilisation.

Only two issues it had were a tendency to balloon up on opening throttle, and getting blown about by the wind on the landing approach.

Had tried to cure the first by changing the incidence of the tail, and adding some down elevator with throttle.

They provided a partial cure, but never could get rid of it completely, until I fitted the stab.

Now I can bang the throttle open at any speed and it keeps flying straight, just faster.

Good news

The other thing is particular to my field, because it has hedges on the landing approach. Any sort of breeze, and these cause turbulence just when you least need it, low and slow.

Now it just ignores the turbulence as if it wasn't there. Makes my landings so much better, although, if asked, it was down to pilot skill !!!!

So, on that model, results well worth it.

Second model was a Mini Capiche from the Malcolm Corbin plan.

This is a small light aerobat, which again flies very well, except in any sort of breeze, where the light weight leads to it being blown about a bit.

Fitted the stab and the difference was remarkable. One thing I noticed was that the aileron response seemed a bit slower. On the forums I read the stab makes the model fly like a much larger one, which is consistent with slower aileron response, so no biggy.

Main thing is its response to wind, it doesn't have any! Flying a few days ago in quite a stiff breeze, I was able, even flying crosswind, to take my hands off the controls completely and it still flew straight and level until I pointed it somewhere else.

So, taken a nice flying model and made it even better.

Win-win in my book.


Thread: Which Glue?
19/09/2020 15:29:15

Hi Guys

Just bought myself one of these, which is made from EPO foam. looking back through the forum seems like UHU Por is the glue to use to put it together.

That's fine, except the tailplane slides into a slot in the rear of the fuz.

Por is a contact adhesive, so obviously can't slide anything into place using that, so looking for an alternative.

From what I read, ordinary cyano is ok for EPO, so could I use that and wick it into the join?

what's your thoughts?


Thread: Questions
12/09/2020 08:45:36

Hi Guys, couple of questions if that's ok.

First of all, in my spares box I have some snakes. These are thinner than normal, od about 3mm, made of what looks like nylon rather than plastic, but the main thing is they have a thin piano wire rod down the middle of the inner.
The pieces I have are too short, so I am looking for some new ones.
Anyone recognise the type and can point me to a source?

Second, it is common practice to use a short length of fuel tubing to secure plastic clevises.
I have some tubing but it is thick walled and splits when I fit it. Is there a source of thinner wall, but still silicon, tubing?

Finally, among my stash of kits still to build, I have a Vintage Model Works Veron Cardinal. This is a lot smaller than the models I normally play with, so I'm stuck for what electric motor to power it with.
Any suggestions?



Thread: Mini flight stabilisers
02/09/2020 11:12:04

Hi Guys

Got a reply back from BG, nice and quick.

Guess what?

They asked me to photograph the fault. In my previous post I asked the question, how do you photograph a buzz'.

Since I was not flooded with answers I assume that still remains a problem.

However it does prove what I have long suspected.

Given that I told them all this in my first e-mail, pretty obvious they didn't read it through.

Ho hum


01/09/2020 22:28:53

Hi Martin

Running off an esc with a 5v bec, exactly the same as on the first one I converted. Even if it was a voltage problem, still doesn't explain why it's only the aileron servos that are affected.

Rudder and elevator work fine.

Still convinced it's a faulty unit. Wait to see what BG come back with.

Bet they ask me to photograph the issue. How do you photograph a buzz? Answers on a postcard please.


01/09/2020 21:29:41

Hi Denis

Thanks for the thought, but that doesn't cure it.

First of all, the servos are on separate outputs, ch1 and ch6 on the rx. Tried unplugging one at a time and the other still buzzed.

This even with the stab turned off.

Tried switching to digital servos, just in case the stab doesn't work well with analogues, but that made no difference either.

Convinced as I can be that the unit is faulty.

Got a couple more coming from BG, so i can try substitution when those arrive but I'm worried that once I prove that, BG might be out of stock, and can't replace it.

We'll see


01/09/2020 21:01:22

Hi Guys, just a general note.

Back on 26th July I posted a question whether a stab would correct a problem with Pheonix gliders of ballooning upwards with throttle.

I have one of the old 1.6mtr V1's which had this so severe that it would sometimes loop when applying throttle.

Changed the incidence of the tailplane and mixed a little down elevator with the throttle. Didn't completely cure the problem , but at least made it manageable.

Used this as a test bed for an NX3, and can now confirm it works a treat.

With the stab on, I can open throttle in level flight and it stays level, just faster. Score one for the NX3.


01/09/2020 19:32:15

Hi Martin

Well ahead of me as usual. I only added that bit to show the manual was incorrect.

Mind you for real modellers the manual is a last resort.

Sorry to hear of the demise of your Limbo Dancer. I have one and it's one of my favourite models. Is it repairable?

Out of interest, the first one I installed is working perfectly, but the second one seems to have a fault. When I power it up, both aileron servos are buzzing and twitching continuously.

I have e-mailed Banggood about this, see what they come back with. My worry is that they only have a limited number left. Hope they don't agree it's faulty, then can't replace it.

We'll see


31/08/2020 22:45:43

Hi Murat, you're very welcome.

Let us know how you get on.

Moonraker, is that the old Howard Metcalfe one? Plastic fuz and foam wings? Always looked ahead of its time.

Interesting subject for stabilisation

Good luck


31/08/2020 21:48:39

Hi Guys

Finally managed to get my NX3 airborne in something. Fitted it to an old, well worn, Phoenix 1600 V1.

Have to say the model flies pretty well as is, but with the stab enabled seemed subjectively to be much smoother,

Noticeable improvement in two areas.

Most of these models, my V1 included, want to climb steeply when throttling up. Not so with the stab enabled. Open the throttle and it flies level, just faster.

Also, on landing.

My field has hedges all round it, which generally leads to some turbulence on the landing approach. Not so with the stab. Just flew straight through every thing, and down to a 'greaser'.

Best landing I have ever done with this model, although if you ask, it was all down to pilot skill (ahem).

Would like to try it on a windier day, and maybe play with the gains a little bit, but so far very pleased.

One thing.

In the instructions it says if you only have a two position switch you can't switch the stab off in flight.

Not so.

True, you can't have Rate mode, HH mode and off, but you can get either Rate and off, or HH and off, merely by reducing the atv down to zero on the side if the switch you don't use.

Given I only wanted to try it out in rate mode for the maiden, this suited me fine.

So far, so good


Thread: Phoenix 2000 V2
31/08/2020 21:29:43

Hi Guys

Wind and rain relented enough for me to maiden my 2000 V2, and I'm very impressed. Bigger motor and prop gives me vertical climb with ease, but no sign of it wanting to flip over on its back, as other ones do. Glide performance is pretty good, but may need a little tweaking as I fly it more.

I have flaps in two stages down to about 60 deg. Slowed the model up nicely, but no trim change when deployed.

All in all, no issues. Maiden kind of boring, which is how I like it.

Good news


Thread: Your Hacked charger PSU's.
31/08/2020 21:19:11

Hi Guys

Another one joins the club.dscn0002#1.jpg

Conversion was simpler than I thought, and works perfectly. Can't imagine I'll ever need the full 47a but it makes a handy back-up for my existing led psu.

Thanks for your help.


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