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Thread: Geoff's Jet Provost - Build Log
09/03/2020 18:43:38

Sorry Geoff, I put down the wrong name!! I might try getting some of that vinyl to try. My cutter does do a print then cut setting too.

09/03/2020 16:58:35

Mark, those decals look really good. I've not had much success printing on vinyl, the colours always seem dull when I print them. What vinyl did you use? My roundels I made by cutting red, white and blue discs on CriCut cutter and putting them together. The lettering was also cut on the cutter using the RAF font.

Thread: CAA ID number discussion
21/02/2020 22:10:33

I wonder if a modeller who is operating electric models could fix the label with their ID number onto their battery packs? Surely then, every model that used those batteries would be carrying their ID number. Just a thought.

Thread: Geoff's Jet Provost - Build Log
20/02/2020 21:43:46

Looking good, Geoff 👍👍👍

Thread: CAA ID number discussion
17/02/2020 19:59:55

Thanks Dick,

that's a relief 😊

17/02/2020 19:35:10

I received my Operator ID today but have just been looking into it a bit closer.

It says on their website that the operator ID number is just for owning a model. Apparently, we also need a Flyer ID number to fly the model. Anyone know any more about this? Will they send that number seperately or do we need to apply for that? Here is a list of what we need with the prices from their website

dont know if this link will work


Operator and flyer registration costs
How you use drones or model aircraft ID numbers needed Cost
You both fly and are responsible for them flyer ID and operator ID £9
You just fly other people's flyer ID £0
You’re only responsible and do not fly operator ID £9

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Edited By Steve Nash 1 on 17/02/2020 19:40:47

17/02/2020 15:17:41

I've just merged the operator ID number threads, just for neatness

Thanks David, good job you are keeping on top of us messy so and so's, posting threads all over the place lol

17/02/2020 14:50:20

Just received my Operator Number from the CAA.

How ridiculous is it that it says the operator number may change when renewed next year, so use removable labels.
Why on Earth couldn't we just keep the same ID number!!

that means taking all the labels off next year and re-doing them again.

I was going to paint the number inside the battery compartment of my edf models, as I don't fancy a label coming off and getting sucked through a rapidly spinning fan!! Will have to re-think that one.


You have been warned 😠😠

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Thread: 2 or 3 questions please, need some wise advice
17/02/2020 10:02:36

​​​​​​ the 'cream' colour was the colour I wanted for the plane.

Good choice of colour for a vintage model. The plane in my profile picture is covered in cream and blue solartex. The cream can be combined with a good variety of contrasting colours if required. My plane should be in the April RCM&E in the ‘All Write’ column, so you can see it there too.

16/02/2020 18:27:33

The best covering for a lovely big vintage model like that is Solartex iron on fabric if you can find some. Its hard to find now but very good. I stockpiled a hoard of it after they ceased production. It does come up on ebay now and then or at swap meets.

Thread: Lost radio contact - Spectrum DXe + Spektrum AR410
16/02/2020 12:54:33

That is a pretty worthless test as it is giving you the time for the transmitter to boot and for the receiver to do its full DSM2 signal acquisition routine. Cycling the power on the receiver would give you the receiver's signal reacquisition time.

I understand what you are saying, but I have done it with turning the receiver off and back on with the same results.
As I said earlier, I still use my old JR built dx7 and that has never had any problems.
Saying that, I also know of other flyers who have had no issues at all with newer radio's, so it seems the problem is random.

I only knew it was my TX due to the fact that I had three identical signal loss problems with three different aircraft each with different genuine receivers and different battery packs on three different days, so there wasn't any link to each fault except the TX.


Edited By Steve Nash 1 on 16/02/2020 12:57:01

16/02/2020 11:27:17

I really hope you get your model back, Pete. Hopefully the reg. number inside will work to your advantage and help it's return.
I had three losses of control with a Spektrum dx9, all with different models and setups which resulted in the total loss of one model. I ended up getting rid of it and going back to Futaba 14SG with no problems since. I still have one of the old Spektrum dx7 transmitters that were built by JR and that TX is faultless. I use it on the bind'n'fly models that are readily available.
One difference between Futaba and Spektrum that I have noticed is that With Futaba, if I sit my model in front of me and turn off the TX and then turn it back on, the radio link is re-established almost instantly, whereas if I do the same with Spektrum, the link can take 3 to 4 seconds to come back, which, if the model had been flying, is the difference between being able to save the model or reaching for the bin bags.

Edited By Steve Nash 1 on 16/02/2020 11:30:16

Thread: Forum 2020 Mass Build discussion.
31/01/2020 23:13:22

Wow, that's a long time. I ordered two from Bangood last Year and they arrived in 7 days, which I wasn't expecting to happen!

Thread: Geoff's Jet Provost - Build Log
20/01/2020 20:39:05

Hi Geoff,

looks like a nice neat build coming along there.

I love the CNC cutting equipment, just a bit beyond me I think. I have built the Provost too but had to use my trusty bandsaw and scalpels for cutting out. Started on the Gnat now as well. The equipment you have would be a great help for some of the parts of these jets as they are a bit fiddly and delicate to cut by hand, just have to take it slow.

I'm thinking of getting one of the SLEC building board kits like you have. Are they any good?

I use a magnetic building board at the moment with modified lego blocks that are very versatile as they are infinitely adaptable.


Thread: Forum 2020 Mass Build discussion.
30/12/2019 23:23:37

The Gnat is my choice.

probably do the Red Arrows colour scheme or the silver/dayglo orange scheme like in Martins post above.

Having already built and flown the Jet Provost and done the red, white and black colour scheme, I'm leaning towards the Red Arrows scheme on the Gnat as it's much simpler.


Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Jet Provost & Folland Gnat
29/12/2019 09:46:31

Yes I agree, it's definitely built by me when I cut them out. Did that for the Provost too. And it's a lot cheaper.

I've just made a vacuum forming box too, so I can hopefully make my own canopies and intakes etc as well.


Edited By Steve Nash 1 on 29/12/2019 09:47:53

28/12/2019 20:31:15

Looking good, Tim.

been cutting out the formers and fuselage sides for my Gnat. Took quite a while, maybe I should have paid out for the Laser cut set from Tony. I brought the canopy though.

23/12/2019 10:42:15

The Provost needs a good launch to get airborne, so what I have done is to glue a small piece of coarse sandpaper each side of the underneath just where my fingers grip it. This gives a good grip, and the sandpaper can be painted a matching colour if required. I hold it as shown with one finger just inside the cheat hole to give good leverage when I throw it. I get a really good chuck doing it like this.


Edited By Steve Nash 1 on 23/12/2019 10:44:06

22/12/2019 15:51:09

Tim, very interesting results. The best approach with these models I think is to keep them light and make the cheat holes bigger like you gave done. Its great that you have achieved almost 100% of the thrust quoted in the specs for the fan.

Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Hunter & Phantom
22/12/2019 12:01:10

I`ve already built the Provost and started building the Gnat. The hunter plan is next on my list. Then the Phantom. Then the Mig 15. I`m gonna need a crate full of FMS fans at this rate! Love a Bae Hawk plan one day,Tony (hint hint)


Edited By Steve Nash 1 on 22/12/2019 12:01:37

Edited By Steve Nash 1 on 22/12/2019 12:02:14

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