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Thread: SWEET & SMART Acronyms meaning??
23/01/2020 11:36:15

Hi Peter, no problems with the BMFA joining, this was all fine & very quick/simple. It was the lack of communication with the club i joined. I think they are a little behind the times. They don't have a website of their own & use a subdomain on the BMFA website. Originally, they sent me a form & said fill it out & send back with a postal order or cheque. Now i have been with my bank for about 10 years & have never had or needed a cheque book, & the bank before that, also about 10 years & wrote one check to purchase my house as they wouldn't let me do a bank transfer for the house amount. So i phoned my bank & asked for a cheque book & the young lady said that she had been working at the bank for three years & it was surprised as it was the first time she had been asked for a cheque book.
But since this thread was started, one of the members at the club sent me the clubs rules via PDF.
It might be the club has a older generation of members & used to doing things the old way. Me saying this at 63 lol.

22/01/2020 16:05:55

Thanks for the links Peter. I will have a study. I joined the BMFA directly & the same with the club. I like to do things myself as i am the unlucky one when a third party is involved & it goes wrong.

22/01/2020 14:51:04

As i am new to all this, may be i have miss heard. I have sent an email to the club as i paid & have not received a membership card or rule book as yet, but the check was cashed in December, so maybe i am not used to things running so slow & me being a bit inpatient. I'm the sort of person that pays his tax on 6 April each year. lol But true.

22/01/2020 06:26:11
Posted by Peter Jenkins on 22/01/2020 00:51:17:

Chris Morris 2 - do you have an A Certificate?

Hi Peter, i have the new BMFA membership & passed the online test for operators joined a local club. I now need to get my A or B certificate. The club says that they tend to aim for a B. Its all good, but didn't realise the time it might take. My local club don't seem to start training until May & may need half a dozen lessons before taking a test.. So at worsted i thought i might take it some ware else , but reading the BMFA rules, my club do not have to except my certificate." Got to check on this" There is more to this than when i took my car/motorbike or PSV test. Admittedly, these was all a few years back.

21/01/2020 10:34:23

Sorry, got posted twice.blush

Edited By Christopher Morris 2 on 21/01/2020 10:35:33

21/01/2020 10:34:22

Ah! Thanks everyone. I was searching the BMFA site & it wasn't to be found. This was because it was in the hand book which was a download. But as mentioned/suggested, pages 42 & 44 was the answerer. Many thanks. It just came up on a BMFA quiz & i thought it was strange not being on the site.

Think S.W.E.E.T.S.

S - Sun

W - Wind

E - Eventualities

E - Emergencies (Inc. Fail safes)

T - Transmitter Control

S - Site Rules

Be S.M.A.R.T. with your transmitter.

S .... Switch on

M .... Model selected is correct / Meter in the Green

A .... Aerial secure / extended

R .... Rate switches all in correct positions

T ..... Transmitter voltage good and Trims all in correct positions

21/01/2020 09:18:26

Hi, was having trouble finding the meanings of the BMFA's SWEET & SMART Acronyms. Couldn't seem to find it on the BMFA site. Thanks

Thread: Do you remove your lipo from your transmitter every time?.
09/01/2020 19:44:49
Posted by Erfolg on 09/01/2020 19:42:30:

Just a thought, how does charging a Lipo battery in a tx fit with all the warnings we have received about charging Lipos, that they should be removed from models, not left unattended during charging, and should be charged in a area where any fire will not be an issue?

This is partly why i was asking.

09/01/2020 10:21:48

The new DX6e only comes with slandered​​​​​​ batteries, & for what ever reason Spektrum deem it very important to charge the public the highest possible price they can for a rechargeable battery pack. at £33.24 for a 2.0 ah. Yet a lipo that fits perfectly is £13 for a 4.0ah. Nearly a third/61% cheaper & twice the output/longevity. Its also fine to fit a lipo as the DX has a lipo setting for this.

09/01/2020 09:38:09

Ah! thanks for the feed back, you hear story's on lipo's that can damage circuit boards if left plugged in. I must admit that the 4x1.5 battery that came with a new DX6e lasted about 4 hours & finshed. The 4ah lipo has done about 8 hour & still showing a good 7.6 volts.

08/01/2020 19:39:20

Do you remove your lipo from your transmitter every time you turn off & put the lipo back to storage. I personally will make up a short lead of about 3" so i don't have to faf around trying to plug into DX6 awkward 2 pin plug.

Thread: Propeller alternative chart
08/01/2020 17:13:31

Thanks Bobyes

08/01/2020 15:37:14

Thanks everyone, it gives me a rough guide to work to without buying a mass of props. I will try the rule of thumbs mentioned & fit my watt/amp meter. I am also making up a jig with a set of pull scales to measure the motors pulling/power..


08/01/2020 12:54:36

Is there a brushless prop alternative chart about. I am using a motor that recommends a 12x6 prop & this is a bit tight & would prefer a 10-11" alternative. Anyone seen a convertor about. Thanks

Thread: Modelling Board / Pin Board.
03/01/2020 20:23:00

The only reason for the cork was to seal the plasterboard. It will stop a lot of the white/gray powder coming out every time you pull a pin out. Helps to keep it all clean.

03/01/2020 15:32:15
Posted by Andy Stephenson on 03/01/2020 15:04:07:

I have used Sundeala glued to a piece of 19mm thick MDF which keeps it flat enough. The stuff is expensive enough but the best alternative to this is a 2' x 4' suspended ceiling tile which appears to be the same as Sundeala. I don't know how expensive they are because it was given to me by a builder friend. If you can buy them singly I bet they are cheaper though.

I am a retired electrician, when i think of the thousands of tiles we have skipped years ago from all the office's we revamped & fitted new 24"x48" tiles as it was far quicker to change them, than paint them as they soaked up the paint & would need at leased 3 coats. Nowadays they are about £3 a tile for a 600x1200mm but are in boxes of 16. The place we used to get them shut down years ago.

03/01/2020 12:54:58

Some good helpful tips here. I am going down the route of 1500x600 12mm mdf with plasterboard glued to this & 4mm 300x300 cork tiles glued on top. Will trim the edges with gaffer tape. The cork tiles i had spare, so a good use for them as i have had them on a kitchen worktop for about 5 years & still like new, so i know they should work well on a plan board. Will pop some photo's up when done.


Edited By Christopher Morris 2 on 03/01/2020 14:00:59

Thread: Anyone used a Red Brick ESC ? Programing question.
26/12/2019 21:00:16

Ah! glad you have tried a programing card as i wasnt sure if to plug one in & end up damaging the ESC. I have a Hobywing one & will give it a try. Thanks

26/12/2019 19:48:21

Hi, just wondered has anyone used a Red Brick 80amp ESC ? as i wanted to check how it was programmed & wasn't sure if you can use one of the programing cards with this make. I have found some instructions, but these seem to rely on using my controller & relying on a series of bleeps as you follow some instructions. The programing card would be a lot easer.

Thread: DX8e wont menu scroll fully, any ideas.
22/12/2019 16:48:14

This will teach me to buy secondhand. lol. It seem like its an upgrade to fit an ally wheel, as the plastic one is common fault to ware out, so i will try this 1st. The cheapest one i could find was an ally one on ebay @ £10 inc p@p. Its a shame that hobby king discontinued it as it was only £4.00. Knowing my luck, it will be the roller board. lol

Thanks for the help.


Edited By Christopher Morris 2 on 22/12/2019 17:07:20

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