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Thread: Futaba area code
17/03/2020 09:56:13

Jimmy, the area code adapts details when you software update your T14SG transmitter.

So, being America code even if it is updated to last software version your controller is not working on "Listen Before Talk" (LBT) protocol as is mandatory today both in Europe and UK.

For changing the area code from "America" to "Europe" you will mandatory have to reel on an official Futaba service as it is performed from a special service software, so I think you should contact Ripmax and ask if the may give you such service.

Thread: Thinning Araldite
13/03/2020 12:00:06

If it is not fast curing epoxy (30 minutes, 2-Tons, 2 hours and 24 hours) you may well heat it for pouring.

You may also use methanol mixed with epoxy but, really this will not give you a thinned epoxy but a suspension of epoxy on alcohol which is not very convenient as you have no control on epoxy distribution and also will degrade some of the epoxy characteristics.

Thread: Jim Davis Lancaster
13/03/2020 07:53:00

Alex, as an aside note, is your father Ian Peacock?


Thread: Is there a new breed of servo ?
11/03/2020 08:09:05

For those interested, in short time Futaba will introduce 2 new standar size servos to replace some of their popular and cheap servos:

- Futaba S-U300 to replace S148/S3003/S3005

- Futaba S-U301 to replace S3001/S3151/S3073HV

These two new servos will be cheap standar size plastic gear servos but with full S.BUS capability. This is you will be able to program chanel, angle, speed, reverse movement and a lot of other parameters individually, instead than from the transmitter software.

Of course advantages should be only for Futaba users; others or if you just do not want to tackle with new technology may use the servos as normal, no digital servos, as you take them out of the box.

Edited By Jesus Cardin on 11/03/2020 08:11:47

Thread: KLemm 35
03/03/2020 12:37:00

Chris, glad to see I am not the only one who like those "obscure" trainer planes aside of most popular Tiger Moths, Stearmans and Stampes!

I got the plans and cockpit for the Bestmann direct from Krick several years ago, although finally I went for the Modellstudio giant ready to cover one I hope to tackle some time soon.

I will check your photos, Chris, for if I may have a look at both your Klemm and Bestmann models.

Thread: Old Multiplex radio kit, any value?
03/03/2020 12:23:35

I think it has its value due to being from a major brand, having some years now and being quite well conserved!

On the contrary, I am afraid it is not easily convertible to 2.4Ghz as the trainer system is not based in control signal but on powering on/of from the master transmitter, needing supressing the original electronic boards and converting to Arduino control, aside the preferred 2.4Ghz signal module or board.

Anyway surely a superb find for many R/C vintage enthusiasts!

Thread: KLemm 35
03/03/2020 08:12:15

Thanks to you, Berd, for your consideration!

For the Klemm 35 I know of the old Krick classic kit but just like their Bestmann one it is no longer available and very, vry expensive if you are lucky to find any of them.

By the way, the Krick Klemm 25 kit is still available and from time to time even a Ready to Cover version may be purchased.

Now for the flying session and photos!

02/03/2020 07:53:27

Bern, congratulatios on the conversion!

I have been always a fan of trainer aircraft, being my favorite monoplane one the Bucker Bestmann but the Klemm 35 -.rather than the 25- is not far behind.

By the way, I think your conversion actually is from a Klemm 35 Spezial to a Klemm 35D. The Klemm 25 is a quite simpler and older airframe. Please, check designations and correct me if I am wrong!

Best Regards.

Thread: 1/6 Westland Whirlwind
20/02/2020 08:40:32

Timo, you are making an impresive job with the Whirlwind there!

Wish you the best with the project.

Best Regards,

Thread: Seagull Hurricane Laser
12/02/2020 08:16:54

Jut one question: Are you keeping with the instruction manual C.G.?

I have not read the entire thread but I know well the model from a good friend here in Spain. When he maidened his Hurricane he found it to be too sensitive on elevator just from the take off and, in fact, he damaged the model trying to land it!

He asked me to check the manual C.G. and propose other postion if I found it wrong. What I discovered is Seagull C.G. is calculated at 33% MAC, which is common to my own Seagull models (Gipsy Moth and Bucker Jungmeister) and, which for me is too far back for scale models maidens.

In my own models I switched to 25% and only the on the sweet Moth I have finnally left it at 28% but seeing your problems with your Hurricanes I strongly suggest trying with a 25% MAC C.G . for your next flights.

I do not know if I keep my calculations on the Seagull Hurricane C.G. but I will check and, if so, I will publish them here for your reference.

Thread: Hitec Flash 14 radio is coming?
04/02/2020 08:05:25

Seeing FCC application for the Hitec Flash 14 is from August 2017, I am afraid it was a droped project.

Thread: The RCM&E 60th Anniv' Fly-in 2020 at BMFA Buckminster
01/02/2020 20:53:00

Alan, see it just the other way: you have lived to see these full 60 years of RCM&E!

And I wish you to see new issues for many years more.

Thread: OS FSR engines
01/02/2020 20:46:01

I also own an OS .40 FSR ABC with liner flaked, althought it is a 40 years old engine and passed through 3 Omega model planes (old F3A aerobatic trainer), 2 Embraer Tucanos (semiscale model), a RCM&E Gerald Curd´s Bucker Jungmeister and an a Jack Stafford Ercoupe! So I can´t complain about engine longetivity.

I, like "FlyinBrian", also believed that the liner flaking problem was far more recent, from the mid 90´s FX models but it seems clear now that it comes from some years before!

Edited By Jesus Cardin on 01/02/2020 20:47:03

Thread: Peel Ply Issues
31/01/2020 07:32:05
Posted by Alan Gorham_ on 30/01/2020 10:13:40:

After I remove the Peel Ply I just rub the "nobbly" finish flat with 60 or 80 grade Ali Oxide paper and then brush on a thick coat of high build primer and start from there.

Alan could you, please, explain which high build primer do you apply by brush?

I only know of 2 compounds sets intended for professional automotive bodywork and which are for spray painting. I sincerely do not know if they could be applied successfully by brush!


Thread: The RCM&E 60th Anniv' Fly-in 2020 at BMFA Buckminster
28/01/2020 16:05:33

"Dad_flyer" thank you very much for the discovery and the info!

It may be I also go for one. I think the occasion well deserves it!

Thread: Druine D.31 Turbulent
26/01/2020 12:30:49

Congrats, Timo, for the design, the model and the plans being published!

You sure deserve it!

Thread: Futaba T14SG chat
22/01/2020 21:48:07

Michael, the 617 is a FASST 7channel receiver and with this modulation B.F/S is only available for channel 3 (as well as for nornal F/S, while other channels keep on last position received, this is in "Hold" mode).

For FASST receivers you are not able of programming the B.F/S voltage, so the default 3,8V applies.

Sure going the Ni-MH route solves the problem, but go for no less than 1.200-1.500mAh for 4-5 normal servos and no less than 2.000 if your models mount more than 5 units.

22/01/2020 16:30:52

Michael, as you describe the problem it is for sure a Battery Fail Safe activation (no throttle control but normal on the other channels).

Default B.F/S voltage in Futaba receivers is 3,8V and in 14SG you ONLY may change that on FASSTest receivers.

For changing the B.F/S voltage in FASSTest receivers you have to go to "SYSTEM" menu and just to the right of the "LINK" option you will find the B.F/S value. If you change the default 3,8V value, you will have to link again the receiver to refresh this on the receiver memory.

Futaba suggests the following safety voltage values:
• 4 cells NiCd or NiMH (Normal: 4.8v) = 3.8 v
• 2 cells LiFe (Normal: 6.6 v) = 6.0 - 6.2 v
• 2 cells LiPo (Normal: 7.4 v) = 7.2 - 7.4 v

Anyway with a BEC there is no logic on programming a B.F/S as the BEC shoud safely power the receiver and servos even after cutting the motor if the power battery goes too low. If you are getting B.F/S from a BEC unit, sure it is short for the power and number of servos you are using in your model. Be careful!

Edited By Jesus Cardin on 22/01/2020 16:33:58

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
21/01/2020 14:14:17

Thanks to you both sirs, Peter and Tim, for your considerations!

21/01/2020 09:11:36

Although not purely "new" (it was built by my uncle Pepe Cardin during 2010-2011), I have been tasked lately to overhaul, repair some damages and test fly this Berkley Custom Privateer, also known as McGovern´s Monster.

Model is entirely built in wood and covered with white and orange silk. Power is from an AXI brushless outrunner motor and a 6S 5.000mAh Li-Po battery. RC equipment is all Futaba with control from a Fasst T7C. It has no more than 30-35 flights although it has never been flown from water yet.



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