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Thread: Scratch Build Twin
30/03/2020 12:28:41

Yes please keep posting. Good to see the CAD CNC route in action.

I flew to King George Island from Punta Arenas in a King Air 300 some years back. It’s about a 4 1/2 - 5hr flight with the point of no return 10 minutes from the island. A radio call to the Chilean base that operates the landing strip is made 20 minutes prior to eta to check conditions and if too windy to land the plane turns back to Punta Arenas. Thankfully our flight was good to land, otherwise thats nearly 10 hours flying with no toilet on board 😱. The top tip prior to our flight was ‘don’t drink anything until on terra firma’.

Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
29/03/2020 11:08:50

My daughter, a London evacuee, has been rummaging old photo albums and found this photo of my first Stampe. Haven’t found one with the wings on but I suppose it might turn up. Engine was a Laser 150. My son, in the hat, is now 28!


Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
24/03/2020 14:05:55

Slec Stampe recently finished and had two flights last week. Poor thing is going to be grounded for a while. At least the Laser 180 will be perfectly set up and fully run in before it’s next outingf5a8180f-cd0e-41f9-a4a3-1973821c2320.jpeg

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
24/03/2020 11:20:24

Re starters. I too have a pair of fully cowled Laser 180 models, so decided to buy a starter. The larger JE had been recommended but as it doesn’t come with a guarantee for what sounds like a regular switch problem I opted for an Align starter. First goes with it couldn’t turn the 180 and I was pretty disappointed as it is rated for up to 50cc motors. Well as I am new to Lipo batteries I read some stuff and then gave the new 3s 220ma battery a few charge cycles. Big difference and more than happy with it now. Also worth noting the day I first tried it it was only 5 degrees in the garden.

24/03/2020 10:43:21

‘Oh we all read it Jon, but there is the 200V sitting there tantalisingly out of reach with “out of stock” against it and there is us stuck at home itching to get a plane ready to fly and refreshing the page regularly to see if the “out of stock” sign magically disappears, hell it’s now my home page 🤡.’

Comforting to know I am not the only one.

Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
17/03/2020 22:31:37

'Bear in mind landing a Stampe is not a case of throttle chop and dive it in. A good steady decent circuit and a touch of power by blipping the throttle will help the round out into finals.'

Good advice and for sure I get that. First flight nerves, very rusty on the sticks and first time at a new patch meant it was all a bit 'get it done and over', so am now looking forward to the next outing.

17/03/2020 21:47:35

Video edit of first two flights.


16/03/2020 17:51:07

So weather finally played ball today and the Stampe had her two slightly nervous first flights, especially since my first flying of a powered model in over 15 years!

First flight started fine with a brisk take off from the very lumpy and soggy ground. A couple of up clicks on the elevator and all was as hoped for. I think I may have leaned the engine a tad too much as half way through the flight I had a few stutters and then a few mins later she went dead stick. Fortunately I was well placed to bring her in safely. Second flight I managed a few loops, stall turn, roll and half a cuban. A couple of low fly passes and another reasonable landing. The Laser 180 sounded great and hauls the model around with ease between 1/4 and 2/3 throttle. Was a good time to go home happy as I didn’t want to rusk damage from a further landing. Both flights ended in gentle nose overs caused by the state of the patch. It’s been too wet for the guys to cut and roll.

Have some movie clips and when I can will edit for YouTube and post. Sorry about the sideways picture.. still haven’t worked out how to rotate them


Thread: Laser 180 Petrol
12/03/2020 22:16:41

As someone who has recently come back after a long break to model making and flying, particularly power as I was almost exclusively a scale glider flier I would like to know what all the enthusiasm for petrol is about.

I have been researching engines for my next scale build which needs something in the 50-60cc size four stroke range of power to fit in a radial cowl. I have ruled out the petrol two strokes because they seem to sound louder and unrealistic. Then there are petrol 4 stroke radials, most of which sound amazing, but the price is eye watering. Further to that they appear to require a plethora of add on equipment like ignition systems, high capacity LIPO batteries, fuel pumps etc. All of which adds to price and complexity of running and maintenance.

So to get back to the Laser thread here and Jon’s comment about Laser being intrinsically a glow engine manufacturer.... Well I can’t think of a better choice of engine for my project than a Laser 360 V Twin. I know they are currently unavailable but the price they did sell for is barely more than an equivalent powered 2 stroke petrol, quality canister, ignition, lipo etc that probably won’t last as long or sound right.

Since I don’t have any model petrol engine experience I am quite prepared to be shot down on this post, but at least I should learn some stuff I don’t yet understand.

Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
10/03/2020 08:15:20

That's good to know Nick, and reassuring than you. I think metal may be the way to go with some felt washers.

I have run a tank of fuel through the engine and am awaiting an electric starter I ordered to arrive, as with the cowl in place I can't prime for hand starting. Wind just hasn't stopped blowing either but as soon as it does I will be off for some flying trials with someone to film the event.

26/02/2020 20:28:46

I didn't have any issues with my original die crunched Stampe, 23 years ago and I wouldn't have been any more savvy re incidences back then...just built as per plan.

Cymaz, thanks for the p.47 link as there are soo many pages to troll through I was getting dizzy...and a tad jealous of some of the other great builds and mods looking for it.

My bus built over the plan as per Martin, but the latest SLEC kit with lovely laser and cnc parts. Can't fault it yet.

26/02/2020 18:55:29

Good to know Jon. I have set up rates on the elevator. I haven’t measured any incidences and will just see what elevator trim I have used after the maiden.

26/02/2020 18:13:43

Thanks Martin, 6.2kg is a lightweight build! Yes thats a 18 x 8 I have for the first few hours of running but plan to change to a 20 x 6 later.

26/02/2020 17:30:37


The tailplane comes up level with a finger on each of the rear bolts.

The windshields were very decent quality/thick plastic so I simply drilled four pilot holes, held in place and drilled again into the model and used the little self tappers that Slec had put in the kit to mount the plastic strut brackets. Perfect size and plenty strong enough into the fuselage top deck due to the glass cloth finish. I had folded a strip of sticky backed foil tape around the bottom edge to add some bling.

26/02/2020 16:51:38

stampe 5.jpgstampe 2.jpgWell almost there now. Just waiting on two packs of clevises so I can attach the rigging wires and the aileron connecting rods.

Had a mishap yesterday trying to bend the first windshield as I made the grave error of scoring the fold line and off course it snapped! Should have heated the fold.

A call to the very nice people at SLEC and for the cost of £2.10 plus postage I had not one but a pair of replacements and two packs of white nylon bolts thrown in, next day, as the ones I had in the kit were red. Thanks SLEC.

So I put it on the scales and the AUW is a shade under 15lbs. At the moment it balances dead level with my fingers under the rear wing bolts. Suggestions please as to whether this needs moving forward. Also those nylon bolts really are a devil to screw in what with the cabana struts in the way and the general friction of them. Any tips on how to make that part of rigging easier much appreciated too.

With luck some better weather next week and I will spend some time running the Laser 180 up to check fuel lines and set the throttle; then no excuses.

stampe 1.jpg

stampe 3.jpg

Thread: DX6
22/02/2020 10:34:13

Thanks for the advice. All sorted now and as usual the radio smarter than I am!

21/02/2020 18:17:44

Thanks Denis,

yes I have noted this in the manual but it doesn’t go on to explain which channels to use and whether I still need to assign mixes.

21/02/2020 16:59:42

I have Googled this but haven’t found specific instructions for the DX6. I have been able to set up my Pilot Extra with twin elevator servos and aileron servos using p mix settings, however it is unsatisfactory as some of the switches then activate one aileron or elevator servo if inadvertently switched... clearly not safe.

if someone could give me some instructions how best to go about this I would be very grateful.

Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
20/02/2020 16:53:39

Well that is going to look very nice Steve. I seem to remember looking at some pictures of that aircraft.... black underside I think it was.

20/02/2020 15:35:32

Thanks Steve, Semi retirement helps the build time immensely, though I had a months break recently due to building a Sauna in our garage for my other half. What colour scheme are you planning? I like my mostly white but reckon it will be a pain to keep clean.

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