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Thread: Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog
23/01/2021 18:22:04

Hey Chris, yes your album pictures were helpful, thanks for the heads up ! The back end of the Fury is quite curved and I have found it a bit problematic getting it right. There is the single light on the rear above the exhaust. Your comment regarding the 'numerous adaptions' is spot on - rather more than expected when this project began over a year ago !


I'm very impressed with the 'sauce'. It sands down so easily and 'sooooo smooooth!'



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22/01/2021 19:16:14

Many thanks Chris. Strangely, having run a half marathon in the desert, I can empathise Yes the Sabre dog is different from the Sabre, but quite close to the FJ3 so the curves are helpful Thanks and take care.

21/01/2021 22:59:26

Hi Chris, hope you are feeling better. Could you post a couple of pictures of your tailplane, rear view and front view ideally. My work in that area is driving me nuts and I need McG inspiration !!! To revlieve the stress I have used the 'sauce' on my freshly glassed wing and found the process to be totally therapeutic Your tip to use a fine brush was very helpful. I did a dry run (ugh!) on an old ME 109 airframe before I saw your advice, it became very streaky and required lots of elbow grease to tidy up. The fine brush eliminated the streaks on my fury wing, I am very happy with the results. Thank you Sir !

Thread: Leicester Model Center Harrier Gr1 / Gr3
15/01/2021 22:34:05

Looks like a nice model. Does it have exhaust nozzles ??

Thread: Slough Models ?????
27/12/2020 20:44:24

Sad to hear. Losing shops like yours is a great loss. Best wishes Andrew.

Thread: Cambrian funfighter spitfire as a slope soarer
23/11/2020 19:50:44

Thanks for the info. I'll strip the engine out of the 109's airframe and check the weight. I should get an idea of wingloading then.

The Cambrian site has some very tempting aircraft !!!!

23/11/2020 09:12:10

Hey Leccyflyer, fantastic and very complete reply - thank you yes Your Emil looks the biz.

The 109's are in my 'office' and I would like to get them in the air. Part of the motivation is that I have not flown PSS and wanted a 'trainer' before I launch my beloved Fury FJ3 into the skies. From what you are saying the 109 is not ideal but sounds just about passable. I must say though all of the Spitties in your piccys look superb and I wonder if I might get hold of one and have a go with that. Its so easy to be led astray isn't it !

Now where's the Cambrian website ............

Thread: Hirobo Huey
22/11/2020 19:13:42

Does anyone know why the Hirobo and Eflite Hueys disappeared ? They were affordable and fun and I would like to get hold of one !

Thread: Cambrian funfighter spitfire as a slope soarer
22/11/2020 18:36:07

I have a couple of very old Cambrian 109s, once Irvine powered, I now want to refurb for PSS. Any helpful tips would be hugely appreciated.

Thread: Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog
20/11/2020 22:42:26

Hey Chris, I am also fiddling with the tail section of my Fury. My solution is to build up with foam and then to sand back to shape. Very few, if any, have mentioned using foam on this forum - am I missing something question The foam solution is lightweight and easy to shape whilst also being quite strong. The shaping is being done according to photographs, a model and the mk I eyeball.

The Fury FJ3 is very different from the F-86 I have discovered...... and continue to discover crook


Curiously all of the photos I have found fail to detail the fairing closely and accurately from the front and side, and the best images are 'stand off distance'. The one above details the rear section of the fairing quite nicely.

But at least the beastie is beginning to look like an aircraft now.....

Keep safe and keep well.

Thread: Glass fibre woven cloth and epoxy resin
23/10/2020 08:37:31

Hi Chris,

As I understand it (having read lots and made little and therefore very happy to be corrected by people more knowledgable than me) the glass fibre resin adds no strength and therefore you cannot (must not, should not, don't!!!) alter the structural components of your airframe.

The glass fibre resin build has superb ding resistance and if done properly adds little weight - see Chris McG's thread for details of glassing and 'the sauce' which improves finish with little weight gain:.

I cannot recommend this highly enough, Chris McG has written, and illustrated, an eloquent account of the glassing and finishing process.

The glass fibre polyurethane build is 'probably' as good as the resin for ding resistance, and again will not add strength, BUT because the polyurethane is water based it will soak into your balsa and add weight, and will warp structures, UNLESS the balsa is sealed - this IS from personal experience. Capitalised because I really wanted to emphasise it !

I hope that is helpful and look forward to the thoughts and accounts of more experienced builders.

Thread: Tony's F-86 Sabre Build
22/10/2020 22:20:29

Here is the canopy light for the Fury, Im guessing the Sabre is similar but I have not looked yet. I was thinking to use a plastic cover from an aspirin or similar pop out pack.


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Thread: Sackys FJ3 Fury
19/10/2020 13:35:34

Many thanks Chris. Love the idea of mixing pva in with the filler, it should improve adhesion enormously. I will post piccys with progress shortly.

18/10/2020 23:00:21

Thanks Steve. I have a bit of work to do! I'll post pics when she looks a little more presentable

Thread: Tony's F-86 Sabre Build
18/10/2020 19:31:16

How are the navigation lights working out Anthony ? Are you going to fit a beacon in the rear of the cockpit fairing ? Looks very good indeed. I would certainly like to see your solution for the on off switch !

Thread: Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog
18/10/2020 19:23:15

Looking very tidy indeed Sir, I think your nelolithic tribesman would be blown away ! Watching with interest as I will need to follow suite. The more pictures the better, and don't worry about the camo paint yes

Thread: Alaskan Air National Guard Version
16/10/2020 18:45:04

Hey Steve, that looks great ! Did the P38 add much weight. My beastie is well overweight and I'm looking to achieve a good finish without adding too much more !

Thread: Sackys FJ3 Fury
15/10/2020 08:20:02

This is a bit of a call for help really. Have any of you preped the fuselage with sanding sealer before using epoxy for the glass ?? My idea is to get the surface as smooth as possible with not to much absorption of the resin - due to a raised BMI.

There is a lot of info on the web but I have not found anything from 'our team' and our airframe so I'd really appreciate your thoughts.

Polyurethane has been mooted as a good way to prep balsa but having had experience with warping I was going to avoid using it until the surface had been sealed with epoxy, and then moving onto McGee's sauce, using the water based polyurethane, to finish.

I was going to avoid using P38, Steve McLaren has an impressive looking surface on his Sabre see his thread here:

It looks great but with my plane already 'obese' I am looking for weight savings.

Keep safe and keep well everyone.

Thread: Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog
26/09/2020 22:02:30

Very tidy indeed Sir ! I shall copy that, with your permission

23/09/2020 13:57:16

Good question Chris .. 'Are sidewinders a therapeutic solution for loss of MOJO?'

fj-3 with sidewinder close up.jpg

......... OH YES !

For the model I used a blob of epoxy resin to provide the 'lens' the first results are encouraging ! And while my model may never look as good as the plane in this pic its darned good fun putting it together and those Sidewinders are REALLY good for my MOJO

Regards to both Iris and yourself and of course to Gaston.

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