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Thread: redundant at 62!
05/09/2020 18:54:16

Sorry to hear of your problems but there is always a silver lining ! I was made redundant at 58 and it is the best thing that could have happened to me. I was giving everything to the job, overtime, shifts, covering sick leave and more - and I was going downhill. I left my job, after a little pushing, and was able to take a deep breath. THEN I started my own business and have not looked back. I truely mean it, it was the very best thing that could have happened and now at 64 my business is doing well and I have no intention of stopping, in fact it would be nice to employ someone to do the work lol. My advice therefore is take that deep breath and look for opportunities.

See you smiling on the other side.

Thread: RAAF Avon Sabre
23/08/2020 17:30:59

Great R.A.N. story, love the humour. I confess I did a double take when I saw a Sabre in navy colours. EVERYONE knows a Sabre would be **** on a carrier and you need Fury's

Welcome to the build, its been fun so far and there is a wealth of information in the blogs. So many innovative ways that people have approachd problems. Will you fit the sidewinders as per pics ???

I am hoping we will get more videos of early fliers on the PSSA facebook page (wholly unashamed and delliberate promotion of the fb page plus a hint to the early birds!!!!).

Thread: Sabre made in Belgium
04/07/2020 23:19:45

So many fantastic builds, so many different solutions. Well done to you all, and Pete and Dirk - you have been our 'Pathfinders'.

(This is where I should insert a piccy of a Lanc or Mossie !) What the hell - have a link instead:

My effort still lacks ....... well quite a lot actually (Captain Grey remains concerned) . But as I do not expect to leave our small locked down Welsh hamlet for some months yet I remain optimistic she will not be a 'Hangar Queen' when we do get to fly.

Thread: Sackys FJ3 Fury
04/07/2020 23:00:15

Excellent Roody, loved it! With all these learned articles I think we should rename our club the 'Power Scale Soaring University' ?? I have a couple of stories about the Smithsonian which I will endeavour to share with you on another occasion.

It has been difficult to find pictures of the mounting and the best images were in a video which I am sure everyone will enjoy - follow the link

29/06/2020 23:50:30

While all the other bits and pieces are coming together I decided to turn my attention to the drop tanks and Sidewinder installation. I made the club generic drop tank and found it was the incorrect shape for the FJ3 but it was a learning curve and taught me some new tricks. The sidewinder is also very different from our genernic plan. So using photos, models and more photos I designed a mounting for the AIM-9B as carried by the Fury's.

aim 9b mount plan draft.jpg

My prototype is made from a plasticard frame with foam surround and a final layer of balsa. It may sound heavy but the weight is currently 20g with the missile attached. The missile is made from A4 paper rolled around a 12mm knitting needle. My wife owns a wool shop so it was easy to source ! The paper was glued with pva and allowed to dry. There were two coats of polyurethane varnish allowed to dry and harden. Next a coat of white primer again allowed to dry. The fins were cut from 3mm balsa and secured with cyano. The missile is attached to the mounting at three points on the Fury FJ3 and I have emulated this with the fixing on the model.

So this is where I am at at the moment. Great fun ! ( where's that MIG ??)


Once this is done I will make the new shape drop tank, and that is going to be a challenge ! If anyone has any plans or drawings for the naval version I'd be glad to hear

09/06/2020 23:15:23

Brilliant pictures Sir, thank you very much I believe the aircraft is one of the VF-84 'Vagabonds' squadron. The squadron was established 1st July 1955 and equipped with FJ3/3M Furys. The squadron was deployed twice as part of 'CVG-1' aboard the USS Forrestal. The FJ-3Ms deployed on the USS Randolph between 1958 - 1959. The USS Independence may have been used during the sixth fleet operations in the Med in January 1957, I cannot find proof of this though -sorry

The Fury's were later replaced by Crusaders, Phantoms and Tomcats.

Are you going to build the boat ?? ( asks he who has a loft full of unmade airfix kits)

Glad you are back in the saddle in your workshop and looking forward to more of your build. Cheers.

Thread: Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog
11/05/2020 12:09:46

Yay ... correct it was Albanian - 'good health to all'. I lived there for some years, lovely place and great people. Thanks again Chris, pics will follow

10/05/2020 20:48:43

Some great ideas there Chris, thanks for the inspiration and for remembering my request. For my throttle control I purchased a crochet marker from my wife's wool shop - yes she made me pay ! I am still working on the dashboard and have managed to get the colours toned down, I have also corrected some of the instruments. For the dash i've been using photoshop at the pixel level - amazingly satisfying but not for 'normal' people ........ hey - we arn't normal nerd The 3d effect using cutoutsof a printed board is not proving very effective but I shall persist. If I do not get satisfying results this week I'll move on.

Dirks cockpit mould is superb. My version using polyurethane is not as sharp but has enabled me to curve the frame a little as it is very flexible. I'll upload pics when I can.

Thanks again Chris, keep safe

Te githe te mirat.

26/04/2020 11:48:36

Thanks for that Chris. I know what you mean about the cutting at 1/10 scale and a 3d printer would certainly help! I will see how I get on anyway but may well end up as you have suggested. Its something to keep me amused during this lockdown. I will watch for your piccys of the handles and copy unashamedly.

Keep well and stay safe.

25/04/2020 19:47:30

Lookin' good Sir ! Any thoughts on modelling the joystick and engine power lever, my efforts so far have have failed to impress - helpful hints appreciated, Im looking for easy solutions that look the part

Will you be 3d modelling the dash ??

final dash and miniturised version.jpg

My effort is a combination of dials found across the net I could not find an accurate one for my plane I hope you have more luck with the 'dog' I will be giving each dial a 3d effect by cutting a frame for each dial - well thats the plan.

Thread: Sackys FJ3 Fury
23/04/2020 16:26:50

The North American Fury FJ3 Cockpit

Some of you may have noticed I am rather obsessive on the cockpit area. The Fury FJ3 variant has been a challenge in terms of identifying the correct dash and then sourcing the components. After some work searching my final design is based on the Fury Flight Manual downloaded from 'flight manuals on line'. My original dash had been made using cutouts and lacked precision and some details. For this work I scanned the image of the dash and then cleaned it up in photoshop.

Working images are tif files and the highest resolution I could obtain. The details will be lost on compression but the better quality you begin with the better the end result.

Step 1

step 1.jpg

Step 2 was to add some 'lights' using photoshop for the detailing. These could be detailed with holes cut into the dash and with thin coloured plastic glued behind. A light source would then be required to illuminate the dashboard. I'm not going that far just yet !

step 2.jpg

Step 3 was a bit more involved. Each instrument had to be either recreated in photoshop or copied from on line photographs and resized to fit. Again using tiff rather than jpeg files as a personal preference.

step 3.jpg

Step 4 was to complete the detailing. This next image shows the final version of the dash with my original - inaccurate - version for comparison. Several copies of the final dash were reproduced on photographic paper at the best available resolution for my printer.

original and new dash.jpg

The dash was cut to shape and tested in the 'office'.

the office 2.jpg

I'm good with that.

The next step is to create the other cockpit panels which is going to take some time, especially as they will have to be drawn, uploaded and then edited.

And finally a stand off picture of the 'tub' which is coming on slowly but nicely.

the office 1.jpg

As always comments for improvement will be hugely appreciated.

Before I close off, and for the benfit of the rivet counters and MIG pilots, I will add that the dash has been identified as the one on my particular aircraft, following some upgrades, including the fitting of air to air missiles

Keep safe and keep well everyone.

16/04/2020 08:58:42

Hi Peter, thanks My sanding around the cockpit area of the fuselage is largely complete and the seating of the canopy has been tested all along so it should be okay. This earlier photograph shows the Mk1 canopy mould being aligned by the primordial fuselage

cockpit fibreglassing 1.jpg

The canopy and the fuselage marry up quite well despite the slight differences between the F-86 and the FJ3. As Phil Cooke has noted there are adjustments to be made. I have had to cut the supplied canopy in order to get a longer 'windscreen' and as a result the top has flattened by about 5mm so the curvature is slightly incorrect. This is the bit I am battling with. From a little distance I doubt anyone would notice but it irritates me no end ! In this picture the Mk1 frame and the cockpit tub are side by side.

Frame taking shape

This picture shows Capt. Grey looking out from the seated frame.

img_1834 in the tub.jpg


Lots more work to do but great fun. Having never done a build like this before I'm learning a lot and enjoying seeing how other peeps tackle problems - then unashamedly stealing their ideas. Hopefully we will have a presentable plane that flies. It would be my first since I was about 14 (Keil Kraft Swan and some jetex planes) some 50 years ago (gulp!!!!) when I was a young member of the Stevenage Model Aviation and Marine Society. Happy days.


Edited By David Sack on 16/04/2020 09:00:09

15/04/2020 23:05:14

Well I could not let a day go by without a posting appearing on our forum !

My work on the Fury FJ3 fuselage and tailplane at the moment is progressing but mostly its just sanding down. The canopy is at the mark 3 stage and getting close to how I want it, being diifferent from the Sabre it has required a bit of extra fiddling as I have already mentioned. Using a modified 'Dirk Technique' employing clingfilm and polyurethane varnish the frame is now quite firm and in the final shaping phase. I did spend some time on the ejector seat which is again different to the Sabre version. Getting good pictures has proven difficult and my seat is based on the few good ones I have found. Tbh I am really pleased with the look of the seat, its got that 'used' feel - Captain Grey is quite happy with it, and so am I.

Ejector seat

Thread: Rob's F-86F NASA 228 research aircraft build
29/03/2020 19:20:17

Superb, the lighting is critical in your photo and the shadows enhance the surface effect, making it look worse - in your opinion - but in fact I think it looks pretty darned good. Martin talks about the diamond hard which is a polyurethane resin. IMO this is the perfect way forward providing a lightweight durable finish. Follow Martins instructions !

Thread: Pete's Cavallino Rampante Italian Aerobatic Team Sabre
22/03/2020 23:39:53

Yours is coming on nicely. Glad to hear your not the only one with pilot problems, mine keeps moaning that I'm going to throw the plane off a cliff and he doesn't have a parachute!

The ADF antenna system used on the F-86 was used on the early FJ-2. The early FJ-2 had the clear dome mounted aft of the armor plate and a sense antenna on the inner surface of the sliding canopy, straight from the F-86; the dome was replaced by a wire loop on the FJ-3 with no sense antenna on the canopy (I seem to remember reading that this was applied to later F-86's but I may be mistaken). The area behind the ejector seat was simplified - not quite so satisfying from the modelling front but a lot easier.

Thread: Sackys FJ3 Fury
20/03/2020 20:44:42

My build has progressed slowly, largely due to paid real life work ! However my work on the cockpit canopy has been an enjoyable challenge and has come on quite well. I have not made the frame as tidy as Dirks (yet), but the fact I have a prototype frame that looks like a frame has made me smile.

Frame taking shape

Good show old chap

So more careful cutting is required and the pilot -Captain 'Stalker' Grey - is most impressed with the cockpit so far. But he remains concerned that he does not have a fuselage, tailplane or wings. The story continues ......

07/03/2020 23:10:00

Well I am not just sitting on my hands watching you guys speeding ahead.Though I am conscious time is getting shorter. The last few days I have been obsessing about the cockpit canopy which was just wrong for the FJ3 Fury variant. So my first picture shows the Fuselage with the canopy, already cut but not shaped, being roughly positioned.

cockpit fibreglassing 1.jpg

Captain Grey was obviously concerned and has been keeping an eye on proceedings

cockpit fibreglassing 2.jpg

The Fury cockpit canopy was moulded to shape with some cutting and a little filler

cockpit fibreglassing 5.jpg

And for the prototype frame the canopy was covered in a layer of clingfilm. This is what I call 'The modified Tinck technique' as Dirk was the motivation for this effort. On the first attempt the film was not sufficiently smooth and so a couple of attempts were made to improve this.When I was happy that the surface with the clingfilm was smooth enough I painted a layer of water based polyurethane varnish and then the put the glass fibre onto the canopy and brushed it into place. I then brushed another layer of polurethane on top of this leaving little excess. For the clean up I washed my hands and brushes in warm soapy water

cockpit fibreglassing 6.jpg

When I left the 'lab' tonight the glass fibre was looking quite promising. Tomorrow I plan to get another layer of glass fibre and once it has dried remove it from the frame. Then I can confirm that the shape is correct and decide whether the prototype has been a success or not. All good fun.

The second canopy I purchased along with the first will provide the final finish inside the newly made frame.

My past picture shows the shaping of the nose which I think has gone quite well, though those of you with a forensic interest may spot that there were some cutting issues:-

nose shaping march 2020.jpg

My next update should come shortly - did the 'modified Tinck method' suceed ?? Will Captain Gray be happy with the results ?? Did Luton beat Wigan ?? ( darn, 0 - 0 draw ).

'Til next time.

Thread: Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog
11/02/2020 20:36:38

Captain 'Stalker' Grey (stalker - a person who hunts game stealthily) was produced by Real model Pilots:

I'm pleased with the quality and although surgery was required for his legs he does fit the cockpit quite well. There was a thread elsewhere regarding these pilots, I cannot find it at the moment.

Thread: Sackys FJ3 Fury
11/02/2020 17:56:50

Mid February looms and I have two fuselage halves that almost match. I have a pilot who is the right scale and correct uniform - and no longer quite so grey. Although the build is progressing slowly I am getting there and she will be ready for June. This has been great fun and I am thoroughly enjoying the ride.

fuselage halves together feb 2020.jpg

This model of the Fury is based on the Sabre airframe wih some small alterations. I found a plan for the Fury which I scaled up to 1:10 and this has been used to make the cockpit tub and other adjustments to the original airframe.

The nose of the Fury FJ3 is slighly larger than the Sabre F-86A and so has been remodelled, though obviously not as extensivley as Mr McG's outstanding Sabre Dog. The nose and rear sections make use of foam. The centre section is almost as original in order to maintain the alignment and strength. On a dry fit the two sides come together quite nicely and the tub for the pilot fits in well.

At the tail end the tailplane and jet pipe differs between The Sabre and Fury and using models, photos and drawings I have modelled the shape as close to the Fury FJ3 as I can.

I learned not to sandpaper my airframe in the house as this seems to initiate marital distress and anyway working in the garage is altogether quieter.

The wing has been remodelled to a 6-3 format just because once I started I couldn't stop myself - someone said in their thread they overcomplicate things Yep - Guilty !

grey surveys the build.jpg

So to date my build consists of a half finished wing, two half finished fuselage halves, a half finished cockpit and a half finished tailplane, and I am in a happy place !

I find all the posts on the forum hugely encouraging, there are so many skilled peeps doing this build giving us tips and guidance which I gladly apply.

When I get the chance I'll turn my attention to the drop tanks and sidewinders

Thread: Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog
11/02/2020 17:01:27

I'm watching too - Captain 'Stalker' Grey

captain stalker grey.jpg

Yes I have been entertaining myself painting my pilot and building a 'tub' for the cockpit. It makes a change from sanding the fuselage.

I have based 'the office' on an excellent Fury FJ3 plan by Joe Coles and available from 'Aerofred' The tub sits nicely in the airframe but requires surgery for the battery box.

Nice to see the 'Dog' coming along nicely, and motivational for those of us less technically endowed.Keep those posts coming Mr McG

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