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Thread: Advice for tail linkages
20/10/2020 09:48:12

With a conventional installation having servos in the radio compartment and with separate elevator halves my preferred solution is to use two push rods joined near the servo or even at the servo with two ball joints to link to the servo arm. This makes it much easier to thread the pushrods at the tail end and prevents any off-centre effects making one elevator half move relative to the other.

Thread: Site for sale ads
20/10/2020 09:35:31

When I have sold a popular item on the BMFA classifieds site I find it necessary to put SOLD in the title before it is collected to stop a storm of later enquiries. If the item is subsequently rejected on inspection (rarely happens) then it's much simpler to remove the sold notice from the title than relist the item from scratch.

Thread: Acro Wot ARTF (balsa) chat
19/10/2020 09:30:21


Many thanks, the price of the one from SMC is a of a shocker, it's only a pound less than the Carbon Copy one but that's the one I'd go for and I would lightly tint it with some smoke spray.

Ace, many thanks but the trouble with trying to find a canopy from the Vortex or Sarik ranges is, unless it is specifically for the model you want it's difficult to know if it will fit or even judge a suitable shape from the photos.

I also looked at Chris Foss' website but no mention of canopies as spares.


18/10/2020 21:57:17

I'm looking at my rather sad 1986 built original Chris Foss Acrowot and thinking of refurbing it but the only thing holding me back is the canopy which is yellowed and buckled.

Does anyone know where to get a replacement. I have looked at Carbon Copy but I would prefer a transparent one if possible.



Thread: Bullet and or Tornado Plans
18/10/2020 10:25:27

There is also Cloud Models for kits...


Thread: Unfairly vilified engines.
14/10/2020 17:01:10

Some Saitos even had plastic backplates but this didn't matter so much as there is no crankcase pressure on a 4 stroke.


Thread: Freebies
14/10/2020 16:55:20

I looks to me like the ring is stuck in the groove by the build-up of crud so it doesn't spring out against the cylinder wall.

I just resolved a situation like this on a Laser 75 by spraying liberal amounts of WD40 and gently rotating the rings around until they were free.


Edited By Andy Stephenson on 14/10/2020 16:57:35

Thread: Unfairly vilified engines.
14/10/2020 15:28:42

The Irvine 39 was the best of the bunch significantly lighter than the 40, it was bored and stroked from a smaller size until no more could be wrung out of it.


14/10/2020 09:36:34

MDS = Many Dead Sticks

OS went through a bad patch due to their nickel cylinder plating flaking off. After 2 replacement piston and liner sets on an OS 46FX I decided never to buy another OS.

I also had this problem with my OS61RF pattern-ship engine although after trying everything to get replacement parts, a brilliant engineer down under in Australia, Brian Gardner was persuaded to make a batch of proper ABC sets for these engines. I have fitted this set to my 61 RF and the fit of the parts was perfect. I now have to run it in using the prescribed method of short runs an near full throttle and absolutely no idling.


Edited By Andy Stephenson on 14/10/2020 09:44:31

Thread: New scam alert!
12/10/2020 22:27:02

Always float the mouse over any links in an email being careful not to click on any and observe the actual address on the bottom left of your browser (in Firefox this may vary in other browsers). You will almost certainly see some address that has a foreign domain or has a name that looks nothing like the organisation who claims to have sent the email, this indicates a definite scam.

Thread: Identification help needed
05/10/2020 10:21:57


It looks very much like a Clipper III. I am finishing one of these currently. As you can see mine has had the fin strake removed as I didn't like that feature though it was on the plan. Also I changed the construction to remove the need for the now unobtainable cockpit canopy and to considerably lighten it.clipperiii.jpg

There was one advertised on the BMFA website recently. clipper3b.jpg

They pop up occasionally so I guess it must have had some popularity when it was originally published. Designed by Chick Holland, it was featured in the Radio Modeller Jan 1971, RM Plan No 70.


Thread: Does the nominal C of G work for you?
04/10/2020 10:56:20

If you are not into aerobatics such as inverted flight or knife-edge then it probably doesn't matter too much to have a forward CG as you trim for mostly upright flight. Aerobatic models are designed so that the fight against unhelpful flight characteristics is minimised as far as possible so it's crucial to get the CG in the best possible position which almost always means being a bit adventurous.

Thread: Alternative (and very cheap) covering material.
03/10/2020 22:35:31

Paul D




Edited By Andy Stephenson on 03/10/2020 22:36:08

Thread: Does the nominal C of G work for you?
02/10/2020 23:07:11

I'm currently building a vintage patternship called Clipper III the CG on the plan is shown at around 65%, this is clearly ludicrous because it has trike u/c as the nose wheel would never touch the ground. It is safe to assume whoever drew the plans measured it from the trailing edge not the leading edge. I shall start with it at about 30% and work back from there.

The Acrowot I built in 1986 ended up with the CG set at 1/2" behind the most rearward recommended position where it was the most enjoyable to fly.


Thread: Replacing start capacitor for compressor - help please
02/10/2020 21:15:54


You are right it looks like 27k to me too.

02/10/2020 21:10:59

It's important that you get a capacitor that is rated at 250V AC. The AC it important as a normal decoupling capacitor is only rated for a small ripple current. It must not be a polarised electrolytic type.

Edited By Andy Stephenson on 02/10/2020 21:12:32

Edited By Andy Stephenson on 02/10/2020 21:14:20

Thread: Plan protection film
01/10/2020 00:18:36

Clear plastic bin bags some local authorities insist you put your recycling in are also good when cut down the sides and opened up they will cover even the largest plans.

Thread: Your face on your RC pilot
30/09/2020 15:39:53

He was such brilliant modeller that he would have made his pilot likeness by hand I'm sure. Here's the best picture I can find from his website. He obviously updated it as the original didn't have grey hair.


Edited By Andy Stephenson on 30/09/2020 15:40:13

30/09/2020 12:55:18

Mick Reeves did this back in the 70s without 3D printing in his award winning Fournier.

Thread: Best interference free 2.4 tx under ?350?
25/09/2020 11:14:24

Four members of our club had unexplainable crashes with Spektrum so they all changed brand to Futaba and as far as I know have been trouble free ever since.

My advice it to go with the brand that has the longest history in professional and hobby R/C manufacture.


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