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Thread: Lost radio contact - Spectrum DXe + Spektrum AR410
17/02/2020 16:56:16

I have come across this mechanism before but I couldn't make it out from the photo.

Perhaps having a receiver with external antennae would have prevented the fly-away.

16/02/2020 18:05:05
Posted by Sussex Pete on 16/02/2020 13:54:30:...

- The whiskers are connected to the on-off switch (recommended in the Wildthing instructions). ...

Does this mean you actually connected the whisker antennas to the on-off switch???

I'm intrigued to say the least.


16/02/2020 11:05:05

Four experienced members of my club had unexplained crashes with Spektrum gear and as a result all changed to Futaba. with no further incidents. It's not like they suddenly knew any more about batteries or installation after the change. So I will leave it up to the reader to make up their mind about the reliability of said gear.


Edited By Andy Stephenson on 16/02/2020 11:05:42

Thread: What weight cloth for Cowl?
11/02/2020 23:45:23

I made quite a deep a cowl for a patternship by taking the original ABS one and filling it and sanding it to a fine finish with filler primer. I cast this in 2 part silicone supported in a plywood box as the silicone sets quite floppy. This resulted in a negative mould. After several attempts and some success I found the combination of the first layer (outer) 81g twill GF with the second one of 180g this gave the best results. I used a good quality laminating epoxy. You can't actually paint a gel coat on to silicone as it doesn't stick. I layered overlapping strips of GF and stippled on the epoxy with a brush then using a miniature roller on a long handle I rolled the epoxy through the weave to give a smooth surface when set. To de-mould the cowl I removed the silicone from the supporting box, peeled it away round the edges and with some soapy water eased it out.

Thread: Twin TFR8 set up
07/02/2020 12:59:28

For large models I see more R/Cers using Powerbox as a redundancy system, it's more sophisticated than using a split RX setup, I'm not sure how it works but there is some processing going on to decide if a signal from one or another RX is getting corrupted. It does a lot more besides and is expensive so it may be outside your budget.


Thread: 6 Turning 4 Burning
03/02/2020 23:10:00

Acetone is a good solvent but it's ineffective on epoxy, cellulose thinners is what you need.


Thread: OS FSR engines
01/02/2020 10:33:53

If an OS engine has a ringed piston leave it as it is because the plating on a so called ABC regularly flakes on OS engines.

My OS 46FX had this problem twice as did my 1980s OS61RF. I still want to use it on a classic pattern-ship which is why I signed up to have a proper ABC replacement piston and liner made for it. There is a thread on RCG that invited people to sign up to a list for a guy in Australia who produces these. There are about 50 names on the list, I think this says it all about the nickel plating that OS uses.


Thread: Horizon Hobby not Responding
29/01/2020 18:09:21


Try shaming HH on RC Groups this forum has international coverage.


Thread: 6 Turning 4 Burning
22/01/2020 17:05:32


How about this, a model with twice as many engines as you are considering...

12 engine Dornier


22/01/2020 00:10:10


dag241 on RCGroups tried to make a giant scale B-36 but if I read his posts correctly he gave up in the end after spending inordinate amounts of time and effort. May be you should wade through his 900 odd pages of posts to see where he went wrong, I think it came down to just making it too big to take the strain...

Have fun.


Thread: Broken switch T10J
20/01/2020 12:18:57

The problem I find with the general electronic component suppliers is that the toggle switches they offer don't match up with the circuit board in the Futaba TX. The switch you need has the pins offset to one side of the body. The ones in the catalogues of the correct electrical type all seem to have the pins in the centre. The pins also have to be the square peg type. All this means that unless you can trawl all the suppliers to find the exact type that Futaba uses in their designs, the easiest way is to cough-up the money and order the genuine part.


Thread: 1980's Ripmax Trainer Plans Found
19/01/2020 00:20:17


I guess you would need to take the plans to a print shop where they have a large format scanner and get them to save it to a PDF file in a reasonably high resolution. Then submit it to the Outerzone.


16/01/2020 20:36:23

A club mate is trying to find plan for the original Ripmax Trainer, does anyone have a one to sell, lend or copy.



Thread: Hitec 81
13/01/2020 15:37:54

There's nothing basically wrong with HS81s that twitch only on switch-on, providing they don't continue to after the sticks are moved. It's entirely a power-up issue.

10/01/2020 16:50:31

HS 81 servos don't play well Futaba receivers at switch-on. I find they jitter until I move the sticks, then they are perfectly OK. It's something in the way the servo perceives the power-up and control pulse at the same time. I have noticed this going back to 35MHz PCM receivers but never had a problem flying those servos.


Thread: Propeller alternative chart
08/01/2020 14:19:25

Given pitch has a roughly linear relation to the volume of air moved and the area of sweep of a prop is proportional the square of the diameter, the rule of thumb I use is 1 on diameter is worth 2 on pitch for the same shaft load at the motor/engine.


Thread: Modelling Board / Pin Board.
03/01/2020 15:04:07

I have used Sundeala glued to a piece of 19mm thick MDF which keeps it flat enough. The stuff is expensive enough but the best alternative to this is a 2' x 4' suspended ceiling tile which appears to be the same as Sundeala. I don't know how expensive they are because it was given to me by a builder friend. If you can buy them singly I bet they are cheaper though.

Thread: Very heavy drones!
02/01/2020 23:01:49

Journos are all arts educated and therefore no nothing about science or engineering and the correct units the physical world in measured in.

Thread: Hobbyking
29/12/2019 12:18:22

I have just just surfed all the iron-on covering materials on HK, all but a few of the least attractive colours are in stock. The website is not the quickest but I am not experiencing the slow speeds some are complaining about. I use a Firefox on a desktop PC.

I have had an "alert me" request on some colours of film hanging around for months and still nothing yet. HK could at least stock a few of the staple modelling products then they could generate some turnover. I would buy for stock like most who build models not available in ARTF form.

I used to use Profilm but the price is now astronomic, other available films are inferior and what looks like the HK films on AliExpress etc are only available in limited colours.

If this goes on for much longer I will be exploring alternative perhaps even traditional finishing techniques.


Thread: C.A.A Reg number ,inside or outside ????
28/12/2019 15:17:05

I read somewhere there will be a phone app available to check CAA numbers, which seems to mean that you would be required to carry some sort of ID.


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