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Thread: Mystic 64
19/01/2021 19:17:18


I remember the Trenton website and I wish I'd got a back-up copy of it before it went.

On the Facebook thing, It was strange because when I went back to look a day or so after I made the comment, the UKCAA FB page suddenly had all the images available again and not greyed out either. Also I noticed the extra comments added were also not available for a while but now are.


PS the UKCAA website is now back on line as of a few seconds ago.


Edited By Andy Stephenson on 19/01/2021 19:18:27

Thread: Where Did I Buy This?
19/01/2021 16:43:36

They also sell them in garden centres for irrigation.


Thread: Cutting carb holes in cowls
19/01/2021 14:59:35

I have a cheap one we use for exercising the cat. I'm going to use it next time I have an awkward job like that.

Thread: Overseas purchase
19/01/2021 14:55:55


I was never given the option to select anything by the supplier, this is how it arrived.


Thread: Mystic 64
19/01/2021 14:50:45


The UKCAA website is still down. If you need plans I have downloaded some of the more interesting ones to me. If there's one you want I might have it so I could email it to you.

I'm not sure what has happened with Martyn, he hasn't posted anywhere I can see for about a week now, let's hope he is OK.


Thread: Overseas purchase
19/01/2021 14:08:16

There was no prompt to suggest a value and I made no request for one and I'm sure the HMRC have better things to do than chase up a tiny amount of duty.

18/01/2021 16:39:16

They obviously didn't care enough to check into it.

Thread: Mystic 64
17/01/2021 15:23:43


How's the Mystic build coming along. I tried to check on the UKCAA FB page but it gets more restrictive to see the full content every time I visit without a FB account. As the account holder could you change some settings to give more access or is this force majeure by FB themselves to encourage new members.

Thread: Film over tissue
17/01/2021 15:05:30

It can be difficult to strip tissue dry without ruining a balsa structure. I have achieved this by making up a large polythene bag out of film backing and putting the airframe and several layers of kitchen tissue soaked till dripping in cellulose thinners all in the bag together and sealing it up. This will soften the dope assuming it was a solvent based dope and not a water based type. The tissue should just slide off after about an hour or so of this treatment.


Thread: Overseas purchase
17/01/2021 11:48:07

I'm prepared to take the risk, after all who would want to steal a package if they thought it contained only $1 worth of goods.


17/01/2021 11:28:38

I just bought some specialist foam cutting wire from the US which came direct to me via the postal system and there were no extra charges applied. The total value invoiced including postage was $34. The package did, however, have a customs label which said "Value $1.00" Naughty or what but I'm not complaining.


Thread: Panic! Damaged prop shaft threads - can't fully unscrew retaining nut. Help please!
12/01/2021 22:59:19

After some necessary vandalism I made a prop driver look like new again. I removed, it found a bolt that fitted the bore then spun it in the chuck of a drill and sanded it smooth again QED.

Thread: Buyer Beware
12/01/2021 14:32:28

AFAIK Nikasil plating can only be used with a ringed piston, Correct me if I'm wrong!

Laser announced the use of Nikasil decades ago, I bought one of the first 150s to use this process.


Edited By Andy Stephenson on 12/01/2021 14:33:58

Thread: Panic! Damaged prop shaft threads - can't fully unscrew retaining nut. Help please!
12/01/2021 12:08:45

The first thing I would try is to use a lubricant because if there is any galling between the nut and the crank it may just be enough to get past the problem.

The second thing I would do is to remove the prop by cutting into the hub and breaking it out. This would give you access to the non-threaded part which could then be gripped or alternatively screw the nut on further to allow you access to the damaged thread.


Thread: Buyer Beware
11/01/2021 22:10:26

I lost patience with OS because I had stripped liners on OS46FX and OS61RF twice on each.

OS thought nickel plating would be a good replacement for chrome due to the pollution chrome plating causes but it seems they never got it quite right.


Edited By Andy Stephenson on 11/01/2021 22:12:42

Edited By Andy Stephenson on 11/01/2021 22:13:20

Thread: Chris Foss Acrowot (KIt Built)
10/01/2021 10:57:27

When I built mine back in 86 I had to wait 6 weeks for the Laser75 I ordered to arrive so I temporally installed an HP61 2 stroke. I could get all sorts of crazy aerobatics out of it but after conversion to the Laser it was more sedate and a different plane altogether. Moving the CG to 1/2" behind the most rearward point recommended helped with inverted flight and made the elevator nicely responsive.


PS, A Saito82 or a YS63 would be the best choice for a modern 4 stroke engine.



Edited By Andy Stephenson on 10/01/2021 11:00:23

Edited By Andy Stephenson on 10/01/2021 11:01:12

Thread: What is the most useless thing you have bought
06/01/2021 21:25:53

+ another one for the Permagrit cut off wheel, not only far too coarse but horribly out of balance so useless in a Dremel multi tool.


Edited By Andy Stephenson on 06/01/2021 21:30:13

05/01/2021 22:17:49
Posted by Basil on 05/01/2021 14:01:52:

Andy, you say you use a band saw to strip balsa. What blade do you use. Never thought of that as I thought the speed/coarseness of the blade would just make mince,eat of the balsa.



I use a 32TPI blade it looks like a junior hacksaw type. The manufacturers say it's for wood and the like but it cuts steel no problem. It cuts balsa OK but it leaves a slight fuzzy edge which is no problem to remove with a light sanding. I made the mistake of running them at too higher tension to start with and kept breaking them. Only tighten it as much as you need to grip the pulleys.

The Bandsaw Shop


05/01/2021 00:33:51


I use a band saw, it actually strips balsa and other things and it's all straight.


Edited By Andy Stephenson on 05/01/2021 00:34:38

04/01/2021 22:53:54

The SLEC balsa stripper never worked for me because as soon as the cut goes wavy (and they always did) then all the other following cuts go the same way.

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