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Thread: Answer Smash
19/01/2021 22:34:33

On moving to Northants I found they called a book a buk a hook a huk a nail a nile and rain rhine ,among other things

19/01/2021 22:20:17

In 1966 we moved to Shropshire from Gateshead, at the time there was still a lot of local accent , the new town of Telford was in the early stages and it became an overspill for the black country. Our next door neighbour was from Birmingham. We became great friends, My wife and June next door went up to the town shopping on a Friday and on one occasion went into a small cafe . The waitress asked what do ee want my love's! June a broad Brummie said oyl av acup of tea and a downut! my wife asked for a cup of tea and a trifle The waitress looked puzzled and asked ,you want a cup of tea and a doughnut and you want a cup of tea and a try (tray) full of doughnuts. They both collapsed laughing.

Thread: Warbirds Replicas P51 Mustang
19/01/2021 11:00:30

Hi Jon, I assume it is the the tip where the aileron is , have you got the piece that broke off? if so stick it back on and add a piece of balsa to reinforce it make sure it is in the right place. it has to come off eventually for the aileron end rib. Or do as you said and make a piece out of balsa. You can glue the sheets together for the wing by laying them together on a flat surface and running a length of sellotape over the join, open them up like a hinge and run a bead of glue down the join, bring them together and put the taped side down wipe off excess glue and let them dry The down side is you have a large area to glue before you put them on, I put them on separately from the spar, make sure they are a good fit before gluing and check the joints as you go.

Thread: Depron Availability
17/01/2021 19:35:36

I made this Seafury from foam board , balsa and covered it with grey depron. it is 57" wingspan due to lockdown it has only had 2 flights but fly's well. The firm that was a big supplier now only sells grey depron and the 3mm is round about £84 for 40 sheets the 6mm is about the same price for 20 sheets . There is one Ebay seller asking £55 for one sheet that is quite a mark up if he is getting 40 for £84. One thing to watch for is the depron bend one way and cracks the other so I always take a small piece noting which way I cut it from the sheet and bend it gently either way that gives an idea which way the grain is it will snap easily in one direction.  Graupner vector board is out of production now as Graupner  are no longer trading. dsc_0764[1206].jpg

Edited By Eric Robson on 17/01/2021 19:39:17

Thread: Warbirds Replicas P51 Mustang
17/01/2021 13:57:31

I think Richards P38 will come out after his Lancaster and that is due the 12th of never. What no balsa! use foam board.surprise

17/01/2021 10:12:05

FW 189 ?

Thread: My HERMES
16/01/2021 18:42:11
Posted by Erfolg on 16/01/2021 15:53:19:

Wasn't the Ark Royal built at Cammell Lairds on the Wirral?

If so, many years ago I used to visit an engineering company that pictures of the ship, under construction towering over the nearby housing.

I may have been on the Ark Royal, I assume on Navy Day, where many of the then Fleet open to the public. If it was the Arc Royal or the Eagle or not, they certainly were incredible impressive. It would not surprise me if the current carriers are not much bigger, say 10?

I used to work with a chap from Liverpool on Ironbridge power station. He was always talking about his days at Cammel Laird, one of the young locals asked what they made there he replied coats, have you never heard of Cammal laird coats.

There was also an aircraft carrier named Hermes. As with Ken I have had good service from Hermes, must be they are happy working for less money up here, as there was a case last week of a disgruntled delivery driver in Essex who packed in after two days because he did not get paid loading time .

Thread: Warbirds Replicas P51 Mustang
16/01/2021 09:59:15

Another way if you are flying electric from grass is to make a wire skid. This is my depron Seafury and to save weight at the rear I used a skid which is almost invisible in the air .dsc_0808[1545].jpg

Thread: Fouga magister 1/4.5 moulded from scratch
16/01/2021 00:04:19

A lesson in patience Dirk. great work.

Thread: Warbirds Replicas P51 Mustang
15/01/2021 23:55:35

Ron, if you want to have a scale position for a steerable tail wheel I would do it before the side sheets are on as the piano wire needs to go through the top hole for stability therefor you would have to make up an arm to fit securely on to the wire. when the sides are on you can only get to it from the underside before sheeting , I used a castoring tail wheel and found it awkward to fit the retaining collar as it is quite away from the end of the plate. Let me know if you decide to do this if you need any further advice .I don't know if Paul has a steerable tailwheel as he has not given any details of his fitting.

15/01/2021 14:34:32

Hi Ron, The simple way is not scale but the tail wheel can be attached to the rudder and move with it. On an earlier flying picture on this thread  page 10 I think it is one of the prototypes with this set up.

Eric r.

Edited By Eric Robson on 15/01/2021 14:38:09

Thread: Home brew diesel
14/01/2021 10:47:01

Re. the nanny state, when I was 13 back in the late 1940's I used to buy my ether and castor oil from the local chemist( no questions asked) and the paraffin from the hardware shop. I believe it was equal measures. It worked ok on my Frog 100 and had no ill affects on meeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzz.

Thread: Warbirds Replicas P51 Mustang
14/01/2021 08:31:41

One more thing Jonathan, the wing servo locations are designed for the mini or micro servos. a standard servo is too big for the location.

Thread: MF's Hawker Fury Mk1
13/01/2021 23:40:08
Posted by Danny Fenton on 13/01/2021 16:47:02:

Now I will have to redo mine

The exhaust stubs were fun, you will enjoy those



Looking at Martins I will have to redo mine. The whole plane not just the wheels

Thread: Warbirds Replicas P51 Mustang
13/01/2021 23:25:41

Just over 3 weeks on and off and its ready for the fairings and final sanding. No real issues

Gordon I can't comment on your servos as I am not familiar with them ,I would always use the most powerful on the ailerons and elevator. Unless you plan to do a lot of knife edging the rudder is used less than the ailerons. If you are planning to use a steerable tail wheel then a stronger one would be an advantage, mine are all 3kgdsc_0805[1541].jpg

Thread: Warbirds Replicas P51 Build
12/01/2021 22:48:56

Not sure how you got it like that, it looked like it was clamped together on the previous page with nothing between the ribs, I fold a piece of card which is approx. 1/2 mm thick and hold the ribs with the card between them with a couple of pegs. You know what to do for the next one now

12/01/2021 20:57:54

Hi Jon, not the end of the world, two options leave it as it is and when you glue the bottom sheet on let it overhang and trim it to the right size the add a piece to the end of the rib and sand it flush with the sheet. Or depending on the glue used it may loosen if you dampen it and you will be able to re position it in the right place.

Thread: Warbirds Replicas P51 Mustang
12/01/2021 15:53:58

Just a little tip. When shaping the block of balsa for the intake scoop I 0ffered it up to the former it buts up to and cut a piece of 1/4" square to fit in the former and glued it to the block. this was done before the bottom was sheeted. after sheeting I was able to hold the block firmly in place while blending it in to the fuselage.

Regarding smoke. my Son bought a tuned brushed motor for a Ripmax Spitfire half way through the first flight there was a smoke trail that would do the Red Arrows proud. He managed to land it ok and found the motor had burnt out no other damage thankfully.dsc_0803[1534].jpg

Thread: Warbirds Replicas P51 Build
11/01/2021 22:23:47

Hi Jon, did you put a spacer between R2&R2a it calls for a gap of1mm between them to stop them binding in use.

Thread: Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog
10/01/2021 21:43:52

Still following Chris, Happy new year.

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