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Thread: K3736- MkI Fury-Jose L.G.
23/04/2020 14:12:01

H I Jose, The V brass etchings if they are the same as mine need to be altered as the V is too shallow on the front one I just put a saw cut through mine and reduced the angle . If you look at Martians Fury thread he cut and soldered them. Check them against the plan.


Thread: Eric's fury.
22/04/2020 17:37:48

Hi all , more work done on the undercarriage. influenced by Martin Fane's method. Need to un solder one side as one wheel is slightly back. dsc_0519[242].jpg

Thread: K3736- MkI Fury-Jose L.G.
22/04/2020 17:14:48

Hi Jose, this was how my laser cut parts arrived it seems strange they have missed the on yours. I am looking forward to seeing yours finished it will look great in yellow and very visible when flying. great build so far.

Eric r.

22/04/2020 17:09:48


Thread: Eric's fury.
21/04/2020 22:31:11

Thanks Martin & Martian for your comments, today I made the other leg and set them up. Martin I am making the axle attachment similar to yours but using 5mm brass tube with the ends flattened and drilled for the axle. I have formed the part for the rear and plan to do the ends the same. On the screws that slide in the slots of the legs I am thinking of putting nylon washers behind the head of the screw to act as spring dampers and also assist the springs if needed. Just a thought at the moment and may not be needed.


Thread: Propeller Fitting
21/04/2020 12:13:08

For years the I.C. engines have had a fairly standard size shaft with a separate prop driver which has no shoulder for the prop to sit on. With the electric prop driver the shaft and driver are one piece and need to have a curve where the shaft ends to avoid a weak point. Unfortunately the prop manufacturers seem to have missed this point as I have had several where I have had to countersink the prop to get it to fit. I think it is worth contacting Master props on this issue. I mainly use APC but have had this with a using a Master I.C. on an electric model.

Eric r.

Thread: Eric's fury.
20/04/2020 21:41:17

Hi Martian, I did not anneal the cans as what I have done up to now has more or less been single curves I will try annealing when I come to the compound curves. Don't know what it will smell like when the print burns off. I have finished the oleo, tomorrow I will make the other side I had no drawings I just made it up as I went along so I will have to dismantle this one to measure it up. I see you have built a Spitfire on another thread that is what I am going to do next. It is the CAP .plan same size as yours 55" span there has been a lot of comments about the CAP plans lately about lack of instructions so I may do a blog on it . I made one many years ago off the plan the local model shop used to sell them for £2 I had quite a few I still have the Mosquito plan another project if I live that long . The thing with CAP plans is to use them for guidance as they build up like brick toilets I cut a lot of weight out of the Spitfire and flew it with an OS 35 and even had Goldburg retracts , It did fly well.


20/04/2020 19:34:26

dsc_0514[233].jpgAfter spending hours forming lithoplate, sorry lager cans I took a break and made an oleo leg well, just the slot to mill in. I used what was once the wing joiner for a large model 1/2" aluminium tube and turned the sliding part from acetal plastic the 4 mm piano wire goes deep onto the plastic to support it. I found two springs in my odds and ends box and fitted up it pushes the scales at 3 kg just before fully compressed so hopefully it will be ok for the Fury.dsc_0513[232].jpg

19/04/2020 18:22:28

Hi All, with the lockdown I have made progress on the Fury, the idea was to not go overboard with the detail. I took the decision to clad the fuselage with thin aluminium sourced from Fosters lager cans, this is my attempts to date. A bad decision was to try to replicate the dzus fasteners as it distorts the ali. I tried the foil from baking trays it is the same thickness as lithoplate but too soft and easy marked where marks should not be. I hope this will not affect the radio signal, Eric r.dsc_0512[230].jpg

Thread: MF's Hawker Fury Mk1
17/04/2020 19:40:41

Thanks Martin, I thought that was the way to go but did not want to buy them till I was sure. Just a thought I could be wrong but I one of the photos the oleo's look fully compressed and if the plane is not complete when the extra weight is added there will be a strain on the sliding screws at the top of the slot. Possibly stronger springs or packing to stiffen them. Echoing Danny's remarks ,Really nicely done I must try harder with mine.

Kind regards Eric.

Thread: DX6 problem
15/04/2020 23:41:09

Did you connect the battery the right way ? I changed the battery on a DX6E and connected it the wrong way It done what yours is doing I don't know if it can be repaired I bought a new Futaba set. after the lockdown I will see if it can be repaired. As a warning to anyone replacing the dry cells with a 7.2 lypo don't use the jst plug they can go either way.

Thread: Bowden cable as an elevator push rod
15/04/2020 23:30:03

Hi Russ, as I said in the text it flew very well. the mods to the wing worked ok it was fairly aerobatic and quite stable. I have the plans for the Brian Taylor version which is true scale though more complex than the CAP one. Some day if I live that long I may build another with electric power.

15/04/2020 17:25:42

This is one from a CAP plan much modified The cowl and canopy were from Brian Taylor, the wings were from a model kit which was out in the 70's. It was called a Hawk Moth loosely looking like a Tiger Moth. the wings were foam veneer and swept back after a crash the fuselage was fuel soaked the wings were slightly damaged. I cut out the centre section and made a built up one also rounding the tips. It flew very well but at the time I had problems with my eyes and again I piled it in. I had my eyes operated on 20 yrs ago and they have been good ever since, still manage the odd crash. I would like to build another but at the moment I am busy with a Hawker Fury biplane.dsc_0508[228].jpg

15/04/2020 11:06:58

Hi Russ, my latest model is a 65" M.E.109 built from the Cambrian kit. Bowden cable was included in the kit for the elevator which pushes up and pulls down. I was a little apprehensive of this, however it works well the main thing is to keep the exit as short as possible both ends to stop it flexing and have the outer well supported through the fuselage. Hope this helps.

Eric r.

Is this the CAP kit ?

Thread: MF's Hawker Fury Mk1
14/04/2020 11:41:40

Hi Martin, my build will be stand well off scale yours puts mine to shame. I will not be going down the same road as I fly (don't know when again) only at the local club field. I would like to fit oleo's and looking at yours are they the standard type which have the stub axle hole in the bottom at right angles? with the grub screw hole drilled out to take the lower part of the u/c leg or are they made that way. All the ones I have seen advertised show the stub axle at rt. angles.

Eric r.

Thread: Eric's fury.
02/04/2020 08:52:20

Hi Martian, that should have plenty of power. A long way from the early days of electric, 2-3mins. flight after a javelin type launch. When Aerotek was selling off I bought a profile mosquito kit and fattened it up looked pretty good, I fitted two brushed 600 motors in it and launched it from the top of a small hill, it immediately headed down and I thought it was going to land when about 6" off the ground it levelled off and flew at that height for about 30ft. then gradually lifted and I managed a few circuits before the battery faded. I later put 2 Axi motors in and it was ballistic.

01/04/2020 18:18:18

Thanks Martian, I have been looking at your build thread and see you have went electric. What size battery will you be using? I am planning on the same set up as my M.E109, an Overlander 5055/06 with 5s 5000 I get 7 mins. flight with loads of power, run on 1/2 throttle mostly. I hope mine turns out as good as yours having said that I will not be going over the top with detail as it will probably spend its life flying from our club grass strip, so stand off scale is the order of the day.

How is your health? I hope you are well and getting over the big C.

01/04/2020 09:52:02

After 4 weeks on and off, (off due to 4 flying days before lockdown and two weeks of winter bug) I have reached this stage with the Fury. Today I hope to complete the lower wing. I had a Homer Simpson Doh moment gluing the right aileron, after joining the 1/16" profile to the leading edge and leaving it overnight to dry I found I had 2 lefts, now sorted. Many thanks to Ernie for the etched sheet that has saved a lot of messing around with fiddley bits. And thanks to all contributors to the build thread. Eric r.dsc_0505[220].jpg

Thread: Pin Holes
31/03/2020 10:24:30

I always pull out the pins with a pair of pliers, twisting the pins to release the glue then a straight pull out generally only leaves a small pin hole. Not sure of the spit method these days, could be a lot of covid 19 carrying planes flying about, wink sorry by the time we get to fly again it should have worn off.

Thread: Complete a pack swordfish
28/03/2020 09:58:17

Hi Dougie,

The original C.A.P. kits came without instructions, they came out at a time when rtf was buying something someone else had built from a kit. Most modellers were builders at that time and were used to working from plans. I have built some CAP models from plans and 2 from kits. I found that they tended to be very heavy if built as plan so I reduced the thickness of the ply and balsa where possible. I know this is not a lot of use to you but unless the later producers of these kits (I believe Flair made them for a while) included instructions you are on your own.

Eric r.

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