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Thread: Warbirds Replicas P51 Mustang
14/11/2020 20:24:57
Posted by Nigel Dell on 14/11/2020 17:43:45:

Well Chaps hospital food is no too bad and I have only a couple of breakages but not too bad I guess, she did say I am going to solve your flying site problem and has given me 2 acres to start me off😳🙄🤪😂

So now you have a small holding just over two acres

12/11/2020 19:13:07

Martian, i hope you have a quick recovery,. My P51 D. kit arrived yesterday and like you I was thinking of ali. covering. I remember one American claiming the Mustang was the greatest due to the ease of replacing battle damaged panels as they were easily formed without special equipment. Mine will probably be covered with brown paper as I did with the Spitfire and Ju88.

Paul be careful, a paper hankie is easier to throw away than washing a pair of underpants.

Thread: Flair SE5a restoration
12/11/2020 08:01:15

Hi Geoff, one of our club members has a Magnatilla with a cheap motor in a large prop and 2s 4000 battery. It fly's sedately around the sky, I asked how long a flight he gets from a battery as I had two flights while he was still on his first, he said on a calm day he can get 40 mins. I get bored after 5 mins. flying my cub in a scale manor and start doing things the full size could not do.

Cheers Eric.

11/11/2020 19:59:14

That's a lot of power there Geoff, mine screams around the sky like a Pitts with a Propdrive 40/48 650kv. I never use more than 1/2 throttle the good thing is I get flights of around 12 mins on 4s, I have a 5055 590 kv in a 9lb Hurricane on 5s and it pulls it round at a good scale speed, only get 6 -7 mins. duration with that one.

Thread: My late lamented Sea Fury
11/11/2020 19:26:32

Martian. This is the centre section up to now , I will use balsa or depron for the half ribs behind the wheel well I think the centre section will be strong enough as is without adding too much weight.

How are you getting on with the Tigercat I hope you have all the balsa you need for it.dsc_0717[1130].jpg

Edited By Eric Robson on 11/11/2020 19:28:48

11/11/2020 19:08:16

Hi Martian, I have slowed up a little being full of cold has not helped. I have the parts from Sarik for a Brian Taylor Tempest and thought I would shorten the wing span but as the two are different scales volume variations i.e. wing thickness created problems . The one I based mine on was from a book and I drew it out to come to 57" span enlarging the sections but only using the outlines as the construction is entirely different. After checking and double checking the enlarged wing was the wrong shape so I redrew it. I will have to rework the B. Taylor wing as it is an old plan and only shows a fixed undercarriage. Today I have cut the centre section ribs from 1/8" birch ply and started gluing them to the main spar. As I am a computer dinosaur I have had to do it all by the old way , having learned how to enlarge using the printer has helped only trouble is thick lines.

Cheers Eric.

Thread: Swann Morton blades
11/11/2020 08:48:52

How can we encourage young people to take up modelling when Expo put on their razor saw pack . Not to be sold to anyone under 18 yrs. . I was building models from the age of 6 using my dads Ever ready single edge razor blades. My friend's dad used Gillette double sided blades so he made a holder out of two 6" lengths of Meccano strip with the blade clamped between.

Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
10/11/2020 20:15:42

I think this could be for the benefit of Trump, not quite disinfectantimg-20201110-wa0000[1125].jpg

Thread: Fixed wing Beginner
09/11/2020 14:12:35

Last week I ordered some items from Banggood, 5 were marked from CH, 1 item was marked from CZ . All arrived today one parcel from Coalville, Liecs. the other from CZ a small pack arrived later through the post from Germany. The day after I ordered some items from Balsa Cabin I had a message from My Hermes they had been collected, I am still waiting although I have been messaged they will be delivering today..

Thread: My late lamented Sea Fury
08/11/2020 12:07:31

Progress to date.dsc_0715[1117].jpg

08/11/2020 12:05:02

I drew up this model from a plan in a book for a 60 ic glow motor. I used the outline and former shape and enlarged it to 45" span, it was supposed to be enlarged to 60" for the glow engine. Despite a crash and rebuild due to a TX fault it has given me a lot of pleasure, it is over 6 years old and made mainly from depron painted with home mixed acrylic paint the markings are felt tip pen the white is the white depron. On Wednesday gone the last day before the latest lock down I went to the local club field, there was only 3 members there despite it being a nice day I had a good morning session flying a Fw 190 and when I used all the 4s batteries I changed it for the Seafury which uses 3s. Hand launched no problem, turned and started a high speed run down wind only one other plane in the sky BANG we hit almost head on, his was a Cessna Agrowagon foamie which carried on flying . The port wing on mine showered down like confettie. We picked the pieces up and I took them home, next day started putting them together and thinking of a rebuild the stbd. wing was intact the port wing was so bad there was not 1 rib to take a pattern from. At that point I decided to dig the book out again and build a new one at 57" span again mainly from depron as I had some sheets of the 1/8" black depron for the formers I had some sheets of foam board I had bought for another project. The fuselage was drawn out on some lining paper and the formers enlarged on the printer as the construction is entirely different to the on in the book I had to modify the fit of all of the formers only using the out lines for reference. My intended lock down and winter project was a Brian Taylor Hawker Tempest so I am going to use the Tempest wing plan minus the centre section for the new build Seafury.. So far I have the fuselage made less sheeting and intend to start on the wing today. RICHARD WILLS has thrown a spanner in the works regarding the Tempest build. after seeing the build on the forum and boxes with glossy label's I could not resist it and ordered one , having built his Spitfire and Ju 88 , great kits. dsc_0704[1119].jpg

Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
08/11/2020 11:00:40


Thread: Fouga magister 1/4.5 moulded from scratch
05/11/2020 08:25:39

I've seen car bonnets that would have been better for a finish like that.

03/11/2020 23:59:27

Amazing work.

Thread: Future balsa supplies in UK
03/11/2020 23:55:35

During the war they made cardboard replicas of tanks and aircraft to fool the Germans into thinking the invasion would be from the Kent side. We should build cardboard replicas of wind turbine blades to fool the Chinese into thinking it is better than balsa and we can then exchange it for a load of balsa .

I think spent to much time listening to the Goon show.

Richard I can't get into the spirit of being a ghost writer.

Thread: DB Major Mannock
03/11/2020 19:00:03

Mixture adjustment?

Thread: Future balsa supplies in UK
03/11/2020 18:45:43

Hobby Store prices could kill off hobbies altogether. Richard an interesting book title would be "How to start a Balsa Plantation in Deepest Essex".

Thread: Laser Engines development.
03/11/2020 16:18:51

Nice engine for a D.H.9 .

Thread: New scam alert!
02/11/2020 15:34:54

Just had a call from a Liverpool no. asking for confirmation of the car accident I had . I said I was drunk at the time so there was no chance of a claim. She then asked for details I said get off this phone and get a decent job instead of trying to trump up false claims and increasing my insurance. Undeterred she then went on to ask if I had been hurt at work or tripped on anything, after a long silence I replied I caught my finger in a propeller a few weeks ago and it is still painful. Can you give me details she asked ? I said I am waiting for the paint to dry on a model aeroplane and I am going to check on it now goodbye.

Thread: Curtis Condor biplane twin
02/11/2020 13:55:31

Hi Jon, My question was a little tongue in cheek, as in my working days the company I worked for produced two machines for a dairy firm. One was a little troublesome and on asked by the project manager why, I replied these machines are like a Rolls Royce individually hand made and can vary. His reply was unprintable. We did not have the benefit of CNC machines at that time so the machined parts were mainly down to the skill of the machinist and the the fitter who had to make them fit.

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