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Thread: Warbirds Replicas P51 Mustang
14/10/2020 10:41:53
Posted by Paul Johnson 4 on 14/10/2020 10:06:36:

Hi guys,

I want to thank you for all your good wishes, this has been quite a ride...... I hope, health allowing to get back on this fictitious pit pony in a few weeks.

Again thank you all.


Nice to hear you are on the mend, don't know about the pit pony I thought the illness may leave you a little hoarse.

Thread: Warbird Replicas Ju88 Night Fighter build
13/10/2020 23:35:15

Not a very good photo but this was my Roy Scott Ju88 , no laser cut parts thendsc_0562[295].jpg

13/10/2020 23:28:28

Thanks Maurice, and Graham, not much done today, too many interruptions I have not went into great detail about the build as this has already been covered and if your like me I don't watch T.V. much because of the repeats. I had intended to cover the wings today but decided to make up the servo boxes and fit the servo's before covering. hopefully I will have a better day tomorrow and post some more pictures. Graham I followed your Tempest build that was quick work, it has always been a favourite of mine I had a 1/48 scale model just after the war that I carved from balsa pre plastic kits, I put a lot of detail on and it lasted well into the sixty's then my 4 year old son got his hands on it. Later I made the Brian Taylor version it looked great in the air spoiled by having a fixed undercarriage. I have the laser cut parts and fittings from Sarik for another one , that will be my next build so look out for it.

Cheers Eric.

13/10/2020 10:29:11

Thanks Richard, if I had built it as per kit it would have been finished now. My original Roy Scott flew very well until the dreaded engine failure, I actually repaired it and fitted a 60 and flew it as an early night fighter the single prop was almost invisible. Now with electric flight engine loss is not much of a problem I will have more confidence when flying. There are 2 members of our club who have Mosquito's and I have yet to see them fly, both have 52 4 st. motors one is about 3 yrs. old and has not flown, the other has been flown but only manages one flight then he quits while he's ahead as most times I am told he damages the undercarriage on landing mainly due to the weight of the aeroplane. I want to fly as much as possible and don't see the fun in bringing a plane up to the field and setting it up for one flight..

Cheers Eric.

Thread: Spitfire factory
12/10/2020 21:08:11

Just found out ,programme started on More 4 tv at 9.00pm

Thread: Ebay sellers...
12/10/2020 20:10:41

He won't be posting to me either! must be a Blur fan.

Thread: Warbird Replicas Ju88 Night Fighter build
12/10/2020 20:05:14

Elevators and rudder covered, the rudder should be sheeted ,the plan I was working off showed3/4" balsa but I made it built up to save weight. it's a long fuselage so keeping the back end as light as possible. dsc_0672[1056].jpg

11/10/2020 23:38:03

dsc_0666[1052].jpgAfter a break from the Ju88. due to good flying weather I have made some progress over the last two days on my night fighter to bomber conversion. Thanks to Richard moulding me a glazed nose cone it went better than planned, the bomb aimers compartment was a copied from the Roy Scott plan for outline and as no sections shown due to the fact he was producing a fibre glass moulding, I guesstimated it from photo's. The fuselage is now covered with brown paper, one motor is fitted but the cross mounting supplied fitted the motor but the holes for mounting it on the bulkhead did not fully extend beyond the circumference of the motor. I have countersunk the holes and used 3mm countersunk Allen screws but only have enough for one motor. I think Richard could be persuaded to produce some more kits if there was enough people interested .dsc_0665[1053].jpg

Thread: Grammar, punctuation, spelling
10/10/2020 16:18:23

I think too many people buy Chinese products and accept the spelling in the instructions which are in very poor English. Many years ago I was in the motor trade and continental cars were making inroads into or market almost all of the drivers hand books had breaking when braking was the correct term.

Thread: K5682 - Martyn's Fury
10/10/2020 10:58:44
Posted by Danny Fenton on 10/10/2020 10:16:19:

I guess it may depend on the amount of tension. If you are just using clevises then you will need to check them regularly.



Especially after a heavy landing or nose over. That doculam covering looks good, then again it it down to the skill of the person doing the job. Looking forward to seeing another Fury finished.

Cheers Eric r.

Thread: Mannock Biplane nearly loses Top Wing
09/10/2020 23:59:29

That saves a lot of time rigging a biplane Cliff, I always keep a roll of pvc tape in my box. handy for keeping hatch's on and other things

Thread: Dom Smith F7F-3 Tigercat
06/10/2020 22:59:02

Hi Martian, great progress a lot of formers , they should give good support for the sheeting ,no starved horse there. Good luck with the retracts, That's a lot of travel to get the wheels up there.

Cheers Eric.

Thread: Design & Build Junkers F.13
03/10/2020 19:58:11

I like it a lot, back in the 1980'sPeter Neate I think I have the name right built a Ju52, he made rollers and formed litho plate panels for the whole model . He said the worst part was that the full size had different widths of corrugation which he copied , the wings being the hardest to cover. I don't blame you for not going down that road it looks great as it is now. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

Eric r.

Thread: Veneered foam vs traditional built up construction
03/10/2020 13:15:24
Posted by leccyflyer on 03/10/2020 13:08:25:

Personally I think balsa gives a nicer surface on hot wire cut foam wings and possibly stands up to storage a bit better. I have had a number of veneered foam wings on which the veneer has lifted and split - not something that I've seen with balsa skinned wings.

The current problem Brian is the shortage of balsa. I have used this method and do prefer it but if it becomes scarce then alternatives need to be found.

03/10/2020 13:06:17

Purists look away I was half way through a CAP Gladiator build when my Hawk Moth crashed not to bad the foam wings were fine, the fuselage was oil contaminated so I looked at modifying the wings. The top one was swept back so I cut it in half made a built up balsa centre section with ply spars let into the foam. round tips were added to all wings the span came out correct the chord was about 12mm oversize. it flew well on an S.C. 60 TS. The wings had strips of paper to simulate ribs and Solartex covering . The lower picture was as built the warpaint was added as a whim. I am all for foam veneer and recycling balsa anything to keep the hobby alive it has kept me happy for over 70 years now.dsc_0508[228].jpgdsc_0661[1040] (2).jpg

Thread: Depron B52H
03/10/2020 12:03:16

Nice model John, pity Depron is in short supply especially with the impending shortage of balsa.

Thread: Future balsa supplies in UK
28/09/2020 10:46:19

I drew up and made this Seafury in 2015 the basic structure is 1/4 balsa sides with 1/4 balsa sq. going to the tail with 1/4 balsa tailplane supports ,all which could have been made in light ply the formers are 1/4"depron which could now be foamboard the tail plane ,fin and rudder are 1/4 depron , the wing is 1/8"light ply main spar with some depron ribs some light ply and the aileron spars balsa the fuselage from the start of the stripes rearward is 1/16" balsa as I could not get the depron to form without cracking , wing fillets are stiff card.. The cowl is 1/16" balsa wrapped around light ply formers and the front is layers of depron . It is 48" span electric powered with 3s 2200 lipo and fly's great hand launch no u/c. Pity depron is no longer available but I am sure there is an alternative waiting to be found. my biggest worry is for the suppliers of balsa and the few kit manufacturers we have left they have served us well for many years I hope they can do so for many more.20150220_105650[917].jpgdsc_0657[1032].jpg

27/09/2020 20:29:28

Is the E bay sellers thread now  going to have balsa at silly prices? I shall continue to build but look for alternative materials.

Edited By Eric Robson on 27/09/2020 20:29:49

Thread: Warbird Replicas Ju88 Night Fighter build
27/09/2020 11:54:56

dsc_0655[1029].jpgdsc_0654[1026].jpgI have made up the early fin and rudder, depending on how I get on with the front glazing depends on weather it will be a bomber or early night fighter. The nose glazing and underside bomb aimers gondola are the awkward parts, I can get away with the single gun main canopy as some were fitted with single guns in the centre and some had two guns, the twin gun canopy is quite complicated so worth avoiding. I have found a block of pink foam which is big enough for the gondola don't like working with foam very messy and creates a lot of static but it is probably the best option . the Roy Scot plan had it formed in fibreglass but long out of production.

Thread: Brian Taylor P-51
26/09/2020 20:44:53

Drifting off subject again Mr. Fenton wink lovely aeroplane the Chippy but so is the Apache, the Nimrod/Fury and the P 51. Must admit I used to do that now I concentrate on one at a time as I would hate to leave my family a heap of unfinished projects to sort out, not that I am planning on going anywhere for a long time .

Cheers Eric.

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