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Thread: Warbird Replicas Spitfire LF mk IXc
09/07/2020 19:49:09


Getting the 'correct' colours is difficult.

EG: do you want a 1940s 'factory fresh' scheme, a faded one, a probably colour inaccurate restoration, a faded one of those, which particular restoration, etc?

Then there is matt, satin or semi-gloss? Satin look weird, and after seeing service, with oil leaks, cleaning etc, they often ended up quite shiny, particularly noticeable on the darker upper surfaces.

Photos? Colour ones of that period are rare and won't be accurate, modern film colour balance varies, and digital varies again, different from film and different from one make of camera to the next.

Computer monitors vary a lot and the colour is created a different way, with colour created by 'emission' rather than reflection/absorption of daylight on dyed paper.

This may be useful. look an the1938 to 1945 section. It's got the proper colour references, the relevant model paint colours from Humbrol, etc, and click on the 'FS' column and you see the colour (with the monitor limitations above of course)

search for this. It's the Urban's  one you want:

colour reference charts - united kingdom

I admit I gave up on this stuff for ,my TopFlite Spitfire and just uses aerosols from a car shop and then sprayed on a matt coat.. It looked fine to me.


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09/07/2020 11:58:07
Posted by Graham R on 09/07/2020 10:57:45:

Thank you guys for your help.

I think it’s time I admitted something and get it out in the open. After doing a lot of research I have come to realise that I suffer with a form of ADHD - perfectionism. This is where very little is right and so what will others think. This leads to procrastination, anxiety and round we go again.

In the case of the WB spit, I have spent many hours looking at paint charts from different manufacturers comparing paint colours against pictures (of which non match) and so asking for help.

The same happened with my guitar playing which I have now stopped.

This condition seems to get worse as I get older.

Thank you for reading.

ps. Richard, The bf109 really did fall from a height and broke its back end.

Don't worry. It's common among modellers of all kinds. "Make sure you've got the correct number of buttons on the stationmaster's jacket"

As for the Spitfire Mk 9, the correct colour (though not always used) for the leading edge cloth gun  covers  was formally described as 'Pie dish brown' so not red or yellow. But I've long lost the superb 'Aeromodeller' 1/72 plan that gave the reference

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Thread: LiPo over-voltage
09/07/2020 11:31:51
Posted by Tim Kearsley on 09/07/2020 10:31:17:

If you are referring to the charger I used when I saw the high cell Voltage, it is a Graupner Ultra Duo Plus 60, which was not a cheap charger when I bought it (somewhere around £280) and I don't think is "poorly designed".

As for charging at 12C, well I wouldn't do it even if the manufacturer said it was possible. I'm never in a hurry as I prepare batteries the night before a flying session, so I charge at 1C.


It didn't pick up your problem though. The difficulty with some chargers is that they are designed and made in a country where the government can tell them to stop that toy plane stuff and start making plastic garden buckets from next week. It may well be good for the 'people' but it doesn't help us much as the manufacturer has no 'commitment' to what they are doing at any given time.

I wouldn't charge at 12C either, though I tried it once 'experimentally'. Usually I charge at 2C, both at home and on the field..

09/07/2020 11:13:39
Posted by Nigel R on 09/07/2020 10:40:11:


The manual for your charger states:

"The balancer can also further ensure that you’ve set the cell count correctly, and as a result
we strongly recommend keeping the balancing turned ON at all times. Please also note that
when balancing is turned ON you MUST connect the balance connector of the battery to the
balance connector adapter board (which must be connected to the balancer/charger) BEFORE
you start the charge process otherwise you’ll encounter a Battery Type Error warning.

However, if you understand the associated risks, accept full responsibility, and choose to charge
LiPo/LiIon/LiFe batteries without balancing/using the built-in balancers, it is possible to turn the
balancing OFF"

Emphasis is as per the manual.

Edited By Nigel R on 09/07/2020 10:40:42

Believe it or not mine came with a manual. Which I read at the time and still occasionally look at.

09/07/2020 09:48:27

Chis and Nigel,

All I can say is this:

I have used lipos in model planes  since day one, right from the time the Israeli military pure metallic lithium cells could be obtained if you were in the right sort of work (which I was). Long before balancing was thought of,  and have never had a fire except when I deliberately destroy them before getting rid of them, which I do as a matter of course. Because even a nominally 'discharged' one can catch fire if accidentally shorted.

So I DO bear the dangers in mind.


It was a balance charger that caused the problem. A poorly designed one. I mostly use a Thunder Power 1430C which will charge their own batteries at up to 12C rate and 14S. (They don't recommend you charge other makes of battery at such a  high rate)

You have to enter the number of cells, the capacity, the desired charge rate, and a time limit (all this can be stored per battery if you wish).Balancing is an option.

Normal charge end is 4.2 volts by default. This 4.2 value can be altered but if you alter it is not stored. as 'routine'. This is deliberate of course.

Connect the battery and press 'Check'. If all is ok it starts. Every ten seconds or so the charge stops and. everything, balance included, is rechecked automatically. This only increases the charge time by about 8% and there isn't an option to remove it.

If every charger was as well designed as this I would unhesitatingly balance every time. But as many customers appear to be mostly interested in low prices they aren't.

(PS: Many laptops used to have a facility that even when permanently plugged in you could lower the 'stop charging percentage. So the  battery would not  charge beyond, say, 70% full. Unfortunately this is not so common today  and keeping it 100% full all the time greatly reduces the service life.) 

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09/07/2020 07:23:20
Posted by Tim Kearsley on 08/07/2020 20:40:10:
Posted by Richard Clark 2 on 08/07/2020 20:06:34:
Posted by Nigel R on 08/07/2020 11:54:39:
Posted by David Hall 9 on 08/07/2020 11:23:12:

As will the charging current for all the cells (though it won't be the same for each) as they are connected in series.

Really? That's the first time I've heard of items in series having different currents through them. Physically impossible I believe.


You are of course correct. I was wrong.

But I'm still mostly not going to bother. Because as soon as you use it, completing the circuit with the ESC/motor each 'high' cells charges any adjacent low one so it self corrects.

Which is probably why yours measured in near perfect balance after flying it.

Thread: Mini flight stabilisers
09/07/2020 07:09:17
Posted by Ron Gray on 09/07/2020 06:25:30:

I assume that for each of the 3 axes there are a + and -, so for pitch there are up and down, yaw left and right etc I could be totally wrong of course!

You are probably right

09/07/2020 06:13:21

Why do some of these things have 6 axes in a 3 dimensional universe?

Thread: Rubber motor lubrication
09/07/2020 06:02:45
Posted by David perry 1 on 09/07/2020 00:03:30:

Funnily enough ive found myself watxhing a lot of ff rubber powered videos in yoochoob recently and ive begun to get an itch. I converted my ff rubber sapphire to micro electric and rc and its tremwndous fun. But rubber ff seems so pure...

They are really cute. And if you get to modern Wakefields (F1B) the sophistication of the technology you have to make and deal with outdoes any mere RC plane where you just go out and buy stuff, often including the plane itself.

But you have to chase them . And I'm getting a bit past running any great distance and while our field has a large chunk of WW2 concrete runway where we fly RC the rest of it is heavy scrub, gorse bushes, and bog. Though we do have an active free flight section.

Thread: 0.4mm spring steel wire
08/07/2020 22:16:57
Posted by Barrie Lever on 08/07/2020 08:52:52:


How did the Sirotkin Spacehound fly as an RC model?

I have not heard of Sirotkin much in the last 20 years but at best he was a formidable character at worst he was something quite nasty.


It's fine, very light too, which I don't usually achieve.. I enlarged it by about 10% and lengthened the tail moment slightly.

It flies exactly the same as the equally thick winged Wolfgang Matt Superstar RC pattern model - I've built three of them over the years.

Thread: Rubber motor lubrication
08/07/2020 20:52:29

In their kitchen? Industrial chemistry takes a lot of expensive facilities. And a whole lot of elf and safety. Unlikely in Osbournby High Street.

And some of their stuff is excellent, some of it near useless. Their aliphatic glue was useless at first but is excellent now.

Thread: LiPo over-voltage
08/07/2020 20:35:34
Posted by Nigel R on 08/07/2020 13:29:55:

I rest my case.



No case to rest.

It's the excessive heat when using and charging the Mojo at the same time is the problem, though Chord say it is fine to do. Not the lack of balancing.

The two Bosch garden tools I've got won't even start to charge even if the battery is just slightly warm.

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08/07/2020 20:20:55
Posted by Tim Kearsley on 08/07/2020 19:50:29:
Posted by Richard Clark 2 on 08/07/2020 18:56:07:
Posted by Tim Kearsley on 08/07/2020 13:21:17:
Posted by Richard Clark 2 on 06/07/2020 21:10:54:

Actually I agree. It wasn't a good example. It also gets extremely hot if you charge and use it at the same time which Chord say is fine to do.

A question:

Do you own a Mojo or did you search specifically to cast doubt on my overall 'argument' without yourself trying non-balanced charging over a long period as I have done?

No, I don't own a Mojo. I'm open-minded about the pros and cons of balance-charging every charge, but on balance (no pun intended) I shall continue to balance every time. My search was to see what came up in respect of Mojo and the battery it used, and it soon became evident that there was a body of complaint about the short battery life. As you say, it wasn't a good example.



I'm open minded about it too. I just can't be bothered most of the time As at the field I usually charge them in place and I can't reach  the balance plug.  But I never charge them out of sight either way. I keep them and any Lithium powered tools in a near valueless shed away from the house.

Unattended laptops are more of a fire problem. I've removed the battery and run it from its charger as it stays in one place and its keyboard and screen are not used,

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08/07/2020 20:06:34
Posted by Nigel R on 08/07/2020 11:54:39:
Posted by David Hall 9 on 08/07/2020 11:23:12:

Please excuse my ignorance, but doesn't a LiPo battery charge to it's limit as determined by its chemistry, then generates heat rather than excess charge?

No, they just keep on going. Hence why you never trickle charge lithium.

The limit is a level applied by the charger.

The limit itself is a trade off between desired cell life and total energy stored for a single charge cycle.

The lipo charge protocol requires that ir is charged at constant current to about 80% charged then switched to constant voltage (normally set at 4.2). As each cell's voltage moves towards 4.2 the current it 'absorbs' will drop off. As will the charging current for all the cells (though it won't be the same for each) as they are connected in series.

So the 'better' cells won't reach 4.2. Thus the cells are limited by the worst one 'naturally'. though some won't have been fully charged. And the worst one (which has the highest internal resistance) can't go over voltage if you have entered the number of cells correctly or less reliably (so check), the charger has detected the number.

That is one reason I say balance charging is not strictly necessary.

08/07/2020 19:32:03
Posted by Wingman on 08/07/2020 10:55:03:

Yep BALANCE CHARGE AT ALL TIMES - No ifs no buts no maybes - anyone who says otherwise is talking out of their proverbial or is willfully attempting to discredit LiPo use.


I was one of the earliest UK adopters of Lipos (Thunder Power ones which were the only ones available in the UK) and which didn't have balance leads, and the chargers (Astro Flight) didn't have balance ports.. I have used Lipos ever since, And often the old Astro charger, which will do 9S batteries at 8 amps if required. From a 12 volt source.

So why would I want to discredit them?

Also take Tim's experience. He just balance charged the one he had the problem with and after flying it the cells were still within 0.01 volts of each other. Which is well within typical measurement error.

As I said, I believe once every ten flights or so is more than adequate but personally I often don't balance charge them even then,

We are all free to do what we want and offer differing opinions, Those differing opinions are a large part of what forums such as this are for.

08/07/2020 18:56:07
Posted by Tim Kearsley on 08/07/2020 13:21:17:
Posted by Richard Clark 2 on 06/07/2020 21:10:54:

(I recently replaced the 2 cell 1600 lipo inside a British made £400 Chord Mojo portable digital to analog 'hi-fi' converter. It's intended to be charged from near enough any USB charger (I mostly use the Apple iPhone charger) and it's not got any facility for balancing at all, so Chord, which is a very reputable company, think it's safe enough.)

Having just read through some forums and seeing the number of people complaining about the short life of the LiPo in their Chord Mojo I don't think Chord, who might well be "reputable", are a good example of how to charge a LiPo battery!


Actually I agree. It wasn't a good example. It also gets extremely hot if you charge and use it at the same time which Chord say is fine to do.

A question:

Do you own a Mojo or did you search specifically to cast doubt on my overall 'argument' without yourself trying non-balanced charging over a long period as I have done?

Thread: Multiplex Cockpit Sx 9
08/07/2020 18:17:42
Posted by Doc Marten on 08/07/2020 16:30:21:

No, I just find you opinionated, abrupt, rude, condescending and quick to offer advice which is usually questionable, I thought that was quite clear, didn't you?

Edited By Doc Marten on 08/07/2020 16:32:35


But I fail to see why accidentally posting the same post twice, as mentioned by Andy Palmer and  which mention  obviously 'triggered' you  invalidates my post.

Edited By Richard Clark 2 on 08/07/2020 18:35:29

Thread: Rubber motor lubrication
08/07/2020 17:14:34
Posted by Lima Hotel Foxtrot on 08/07/2020 16:18:43:
Posted by Richard Clark 2 on 08/07/2020 15:15:51:
Posted by Lima Hotel Foxtrot on 08/07/2020 14:59:47:

Addlestone Models have some specific silicone based lube for rubber power.

Silicones may be 'inert' but they aren't notably good lubricants for anything.

So why do Deluxe Materials make a specific silicone based lubricant for rubber motors? Hmmm? I'm pretty sure the chemists there know what they're doing.

It's just an advert.

Do they have any chemists? Do they actually make anything, or just repackage stuff purchased in large quantities and sold at much higher prices per 'quantity'?

Thread: Need some help please
08/07/2020 15:48:48
Posted by Chris Pearce 3 on 08/07/2020 15:22:12:

I managed to get photos taken and uploaded of the boxed engines and thanks to being pointed towards Gilding's I think my next step will be to contact one of their valuers if there is anything interesting in this collection.

There are also probably around 50 unboxed engines that I still have to deal with but one step at a time

In case anyone is interested in seeing the pictures of the engines the Album link is below.

Boxed Engines

Thanks once again for all your help chaps.



Your father was quite a collector.

The Taplin Twin could be worth a lot. maybe as much as £1000

The 'Nano' is interesting. It was never a 'production' engine, It was a design for home building from a drawing published in a model engineering magazine so the quality varies enormously and the price will vary. similarly. But yours appears to have been be made by the designer.

The 'CS' engines were rather poorly made Asian copies of (mostly) UK engines so wont be worth a lot.

I suggest you get Gildings opinion rather than just put them on Ebay, but bear in mind the 'value' of something is what someone says he will pay for it and actually does. Not an auctioneer's or anyone else's estimate (including my estimate of the Taplin above).

PS: I just noticed that the Taplin Twin  box says 'Airplane'  rather than 'Aircraft' or 'Aeroplane' so it might well be made later,  somewhere in Asia, where they are  known to have made some after Taplin and his company Birchington ceased production,  If so it would be worth less.

Edited By Richard Clark 2 on 08/07/2020 16:02:49

Thread: Multiplex Cockpit Sx 9
08/07/2020 15:19:02
Posted by Doc Marten on 08/07/2020 14:51:20:

He lost credibility some posts ago Andy which culminated with his 'Fanboy' ranting nonsense, he loves to give an opinion on most subjects, mostly questionable, very often abrupt, condescending and rude but he continues regardless.

I must have once disagreed with you on some trivial point.

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