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Thread: Airborne Battery Pack Duration
22/09/2020 08:08:06

If you set up your tx timer to run when the throttle is above say 20% and set it at 8 minutes you will get a 10 min flight time if you a/ fly at less than full power most of the time and b/ climb high and do some gliding for a minute or two.

My Whizza is fast and climbs like a homesick angel but 10 min flights are normal with 20 to 25% left in the pack afterwards (4Max 2200 LiPOs)

Thread: Replacement Cowl
22/09/2020 07:46:58

Tony beat me to it,

I have had two cowls from FG specialities, price is reasonable but shipping can be expensive - c $20 however will be cheaper than an original bought in the UK. I did not have to pay duty on mine.

Thread: This really makes me mad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20/09/2020 16:05:09

I have found stock control at NEXUS and RC World Ltd to be very good, If it says its in stock it is!

Even at shows NEXUS know what they have available, which is just as it should be, Paul will not even open up his stall until his stock control is online.

Thread: Petrol or Glow?
17/09/2020 10:05:01

A petrol engine will need a good exhaust (canister) to be reasonably quiet, Probably cost c100.00 for header and can. Fuel cheap and easy to obtain, fuel consumption low.

Four stroke glow, great sound reasonably quiet but glow fuel is expensive - normally run on 10% nitro so c22.00 gallon - on the plus side they are frugal on fuel. 500cc will last a 120 4 stroke glow about 15mins

MVVS 30cc petrol two stroke- noisy if not on a pipe / canister. MVVS pipe and header will be over 100.00

Thread: Piano wire
15/09/2020 19:56:59

Piano wire is no longer the cheap product it used to be, good stuff is worth the cost, The three suppliers mentioned above are good but beware buying on Ebay.

Thread: The Dark Nights Fix-up 2020
15/09/2020 19:53:56

I always feel that a well repaired model is like having a FREE new model. I often leave wreckage in the corner of the workshop for ages while I cogitate how to repair it. Eventually it will get fixed (or dumped). I feel defeated if I have to scrap a model.

Thread: 4 motor watts
15/09/2020 08:34:47

I thought the OP stated he was using two batteries

Thread: The wee bit that joins the elevator halves
15/09/2020 08:31:44

Surely If you bind the joint with copper wire prior to soldering it would be strong enough??

Thread: redundant at 62!
12/09/2020 18:19:36

If you become "out of work" then if asked: you are now "Semi Retired" but available for projects of interest

Re Insurance - I have said I am Retired and this has been OK since I was 64. If I had regained full time or even part time employment I would have told the insurers but as my car insurance was and is Social and Domestic only it is not affected.

Get advice on what benefits you may be able to claim, I managed to get Pension Credits which entitles you to a number of other benefits should you need them.

Best of luck

Thread: Nearly that time of year again... AGMs
12/09/2020 17:41:39

What about the other business of an AGM. Receiving officers reports. Committee election etc.

My club has suggested the committee continue for now as is. Subs can be paid electronicly and members sort out there own BMFA.

BUT a large proportion of our members are in their 80s or close to it, have little knowledge or interest in using PCs and have a mobile phone purely for phone calls - they like paying in cash and are used to the club sorting out the BMFA stuff for them.Getting them all sorted out with the "Drone Registration" was a task and a half, 


Edited By FlyinBrian on 12/09/2020 17:43:57

Thread: Import and VAT
12/09/2020 17:32:29

I recently bought a glider carry bag from the Czech Republic, it was a custom made item for the TOPMODELCZ Element that I am assembling. It cost 99.50 Euros inc postage and Vat. No extras were charged and it arrived in 3 days.

Best way to import from the USA is to make friends with an American and have them forward stuff to you as a gift stating the value to be say $55.95 or whatever. Also US servicemen can import from home without duty and VAT,

Thread: Questions
12/09/2020 09:01:57

IIRC The Cardinal was for .75 to 1cc engines so, assuming you want it carry two channel rc you are looking for about 80 to 100 Watts of power. On three Lipo cells you will be drawing a max of 10A so a 500 mAh battery should do with a 15 to 20 A ESC.

Search Hobby King or give George at 4Max a call (recomended)

Edited By FlyinBrian on 12/09/2020 09:03:20

Thread: OS 40 FSR
09/09/2020 07:59:17

OS 40 FSR, what an engine, a leap forward from the herd. I used one in a CF "WotKNOT" a 46" span shoulder wing model. It really shifted - even more so when I fitted an ED pipe.

Good luck with your hunt.

Thread: New limit on groups in England from Monday?
09/09/2020 07:52:59

Went flying last Sunday, six at the field on a calm overcast warm day, four went home after about an hour (What did I say?) little danger of breaching the rules.

Flew my GP Super Aeromaster after rebearing-ing the OS91 Surpass in it, had two great flights and four more with my WHizza.

Great Day!

Thread: Wing damage repair advice wanted!
07/09/2020 08:29:36

Cut out the damage so that you have a sensible shape to work on, rectangular is easiest

Remove about three cm of wing skin either side of the cutouts.

Make up replacement foam rectangular sections to fit and insert into the cutouts.

Mark the wing section onto the new piece/s of foam then trim to shape.

Fit foam pieces using PVA and give a final sand to shape.

Use 25g/cm glass cloth and cut to fit between the wing skin, use regular 15 - 30 min epoxy or even PVA to lay this in place and leave to dry.

Cut new piece/s of wing skin to fit, lightly sand underlying glass cloth and glue skins in place, if you used epoxy for the glass cloth use it also for the skin, PVA for glass cloth? then use that to glue skins in place. Use sellotape or similar to hold all the skin tight to the wing and leave to dry, ( for a couple of days if using PVA. )

Remove tape and using a sanding block smooth and blend the repair into the wing,.

Cover and decorate


Thread: Whizza - odd behaviour
31/08/2020 12:12:24

I built a Whizza a few years ago and I liked how it flew but a year or so ago I managed to crush the fus when it was in the boot of my wand wife's convertible and I lowered the roof.

Built new fus I could not get the plane trimmed, upon checking I found my wingbolt was causing the wing to bow slightly causing slight negative incidence. I sorted this but and am have trouble getting it to fly straight for any length of time I have played with the CG by moving the battery back and forth but this just seems to alter the trim at low speeds

The only thing I can think is that the thrust line must be wrong as eventhough it has a little up elevator trim it dives when I give high throttle.

Before trying to alter thrust does any one have other theories?



Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
31/08/2020 11:54:30
Posted by cymaz on 30/08/2020 22:37:57:

I’ve never eaten elephant. Although I’ve been told, once you have, you’ll never forget it.

If you do then make sure its African because if its Asian you will be hungry again in two hours.

Thread: 'Great News' !
31/08/2020 11:38:48


I suggest its not right.

Can you provide some photos of the model and the equipment. Dimensions of the model too = Wingspan, Chord, weight and such. What make of WHATMETER are you using,

If you have the instructions for the ESC please send a link or a photo, 5,5 to 22v seems strange perhaps the BEC IS 5.5Vand ESC will handle up to 6 cells (22 Volts)


Edited By FlyinBrian on 31/08/2020 11:42:30

Edited By FlyinBrian on 31/08/2020 11:48:13

Thread: Extension Leads Problem
17/08/2020 00:24:11

I noticed a query earlier asking if the ext leads were twisted or flat, if flat then there are two possible issues.

1/ The leads are picking up interference from each other due to the signal wires laying parallel to each other over a long(ish) distance. This is why telephone cables are not only twisted but when cable joints are made pairs get cross connected to minimise pickup of signals from adjacent wires.

2/ the cables are picking up other signals ie R/C transmissions or if you are on a workbench rather than out at the field it could even be mains interference from Fluorescent lights.

Dependent on the electronics in the servos some servos will be affected more than others by either form of pickup.

Have you tried twisting the extension leads?

Also very valid points mentioned about knock off servos, Fake Tower Pro and Futaba servos are rife on ebay.

Get MG90s from Steve Webb (Servo Shop) they are genuine. I use quite a few.

Thread: Orange Rx
11/08/2020 23:57:14

I have not used Orange rx with Futaba but have used them with Spektrum DSM2 systems without issue. For Futaba FAAST I use FrSKY rx, c 23.00 or so. They work well

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